It is not known when exactly House Teague was founded, the royal family would have you believe that they were founded during the age of heroes by Lyonel Teague, a man who was so fierce and strong that he made Brandon the builder quiver in fear, their enemies though would have you believe that they were founded by a craven and trickster who managed to trick the maiden daughter of Lord Qarl Volmark thus claiming their lands and titles for his own. Of course we shall never truly be able to know for certain when House Teague was founded, but what is for certain is that they have been around for many thousands of years, long before the Andals came to Westeros, they served as the champions of House Mudd for many years, but when King Tristifer IV the hammer of justice died on a bloody field outside Oldstones, House Teague bent the knee to the Andals and became the most loyal bannermen to House Fisher who replaced the Mudds as rulers of the Ironborn. House Teague is noted for producing good and honourable men and women, some famous members include Ser Loren Teague known as the Warrior of the Trident, Lady Eleana Teague who ruled well and long and produced many famous children who influenced the course of the Riverlands for many centuries.

House Teague has always had an important role to play, they fought long and hard beside House Fisher during the wars against the Storm Kings, though when House Fisher died, they submitted and gave over hostages to the Storm Kings and their bannermen though they plotted rebellion. And when Lord Donnel Justman Lord of the Blue Fork raised his banners in rebellion, House Teague joined him and provided the bulk of the Justman force that defeated King Durran II at the battle of the Green Fork in 1200 B.C. After this House Teague became House Justman's most fierce and loyal supporter doing all they could to help their kings and queens ensure the security of the realm. Many a Teague and Justman were wed to one another over the four hundred and seventy years that House Justman reigned as kings of the riverlands. This continued until the Ironborn came calling, with their longships and quick fire tactics and the traitors amongst the riverlords who had grown angry and greedy. House Justman's hold on the Riverlands ended with King Harrold II on the banks of the Green Fork where his ancestor had gained his throne, the man's sons were taken back to Pyke for torture, the boys named Harrold and Edmure's remains were found in the cells of Pyke some twenty years after the event. The Ironborn though received a dent to their aspirations and under the command of King Goren Hoare, they retreated back to the Islands to plot their next move.

The Riverlands left without a king, erupted into open civil war with House Teague, House Tully, House Mooton and House Mallister, all of whom had a claim to the throne of the riverlands through their grandmothers, who had been sisters to the grandfather of King Harrold I. The principal allies of House Teague were House Bracken and House Darry whilst the other houses found their support divided into the smaller and lesser houses of the Riverlands. Whilst House Tully had the fiercest warrior in the riverlands as their lord in Lord Hoster Tully, House Teague led by Lord Tristifer Teague had in them the biggest army of the four houses and the most experienced commander, for Lord Tristifer was twenty and two and had fought in three wars before then, whilst Lord Hoster and the other Lords were all green boys. The war lasted for two years with separate kingdoms providing aid at different times, but eventually due to a tactical move by Lord Tristifer, the other lords began to die off one by one, with Lord Tristifer eventually killing Lord Hoster in single combat during the storming of Riverrun in 725 BC.

Their enemies defeated, Lord Tristifer was formally anointed and recognised as king of the riverlands by the High Septon, during his coronation at House Teague's seat on the banks of the Trident, where he became King Tristifer VI. King Tristifer was a hard man but just, and he pardoned those houses that had risen against him though he took lands and hostages from them. To those who had fought loyally for him he rewarded them fairly, giving House Bracken lands that had once been part of House Blackwood's domain. Ser Walder Frey, the King's personal bodyguard was rewarded with lands in the northern riverlands that bordered the Neck for his service and hard work. King Tristifer became known as a fair and just king, working hard to ensure that peace returned to the riverlands after many years of war, and though he faced two minor rebellions from House Vance he ended crushing them and wiping them out completely in the process. All in all peace was largely back to the Riverlands by the time our tale starts in 700 BC.

Before we take to our tale though, we must also assess what had happened in the rest of the kingdoms whilst a civil war had been waging in the Riverlands. In the north King Harlon Stark faced yet another Bolton rebellion, this time led by his own goodbrother Lord Jonnel Bolton who hoped to claim Winterfell through his marriage to his king's sister. This rebellion saw the Boltons allied with various minor northern houses and a civil war that lasted for four years before it eventually ended once more with the Dreadfort dipping its banners. And because the King's own sister was wed to the rebel lord, the Bolton's lived though Lord Jonnel lost his head and the king's nephew lost some of his lands.

In the very south, the Rhoynar arrived in Dorne fleeing from Dragon fire and Valyrian anger. Led by Nymeria that hardened warrior woman, they arrived in droves and found common cause with the people of the south eastern part of Dorne and began to settle and integrate into Dornish culture whilst bringing some of their own ways into Dorne. House Yronwood so often at loggerheads with their neighbours declared this unacceptable and began waging war, a war that as yet was undecided.

But that is a tale for another time, for now we must look to House Teague and the Riverlands, for King Tristifer VI Teague has grand plans for his kingdom and for his heir Prince Edmyn. Let us see what games shall come from this.