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For Want of Family

Chapter Fourteen

"Wait, so, let me get this straight," Harry interrupted Lee as the Son of Apollo was catching the Firstborn up on what had happened during the time Harry was at Hogwarts. "Someone stole Lord Zeus' Master Bolt?!" the older Demigod nodded firmly as they sat next to the Campfire, Harry absently reaching into the flame to shift a log every so often, not even twitching whenever he did, despite the bizarre looks a few of the newer Campers were giving him (a Daughter of Aphrodite, a Son of Hephaestus, two Undetermined, and a Daughter of Demeter).

"Exactly, and it happened when all the Olympians were together, so Lord Zeus believes it that Lord Poseidon did it to try and one-up him, because it's happened in the past." Harry frowned, the idea of family members being so suspicious and wary of each other making something uncomfortable settle in his stomach.

However, as Lee launched into a description of a brilliant prank Connor and Travis played on the Aphrodite Cabin with a gold-painted pear, that uncomfortable feeling curled and coiled anxiously in Harry stomach, until, with an abrupt movement, Harry found himself on his feet and moving, Lee calling after him, unheard. As he began to move, Harry found his hands in his pockets, pulling out his sword, which was immediately incased in flames, and his mother's Map, which showed a pair of footprints with water around them, running next to a set of hooves and another set of feet, which were completely normal. Behind them, a massive red triangle, with bull-horns on it, was closing in.

As he topped the Pine Tree Hill, Harry was just in time to see a freaking Minotaur turn what seemed to be a mortal woman, to gold dust, while the Demigod, who had blood dripping from what looked like a head wound, screamed.

"Mom!" the boy shouted, blue-green eyes huge with horrified denial, as he struggled to his feet. Before the massive Minotaur could take more than a single, menacing step towards the woozily standing Demigod, Harry acted, flinging his sword-hand forward, causing a gout of Sacred Fire to roar erupt. The Minotaur bellowed in alarm as a wall of Fire rose up between it and the downed Demigod. With a low roar, the Fire continued, until it encircled the entirety of the Camp, and Harry fearlessly stepped through the Boundary Line, fire dancing in his eyes and under his skin, his wild dark brown hair rippling like the flames as he stopped beside the younger boy, eyes locked on the Minotaur.

"You will not harm those who seek Refuge at my Hearth, Son of Pasiphae!" He spoke, voice soft, but with a strange, echoing quality, before he lifted his chin with a grim smile. "Alika!" He called; from within the Camp, an eerie, echoing howl began. Harry lifted a hand and pointed at the bull-headed man, watching his nostrils flare as his dark eyes rolled nervously at the sound. Harry's grim smile grew colder.

"επίθεση." There was a horrible, terrifying snarling sound, and a shadow briefly flew over the Firstborn, before the six-foot-tall, black-metal form of Alika appeared, eyes glowing sinisterly as he growled at the Minotaur, who let out a low, rumbling noise, kicking the ground challenging. Leaving his Protector to his fun, Harry turned and went to the ashen-faced Demigod, and the unconscious Satyr next to him.

"Wh-who…?" The boy tried; Harry reached forward and pressed a hand filled with flickering flames against the boys forehead, smiling soothingly as his Sacred Fire gently drifted from his hand and into the younger Demigod, making the boy's eyes roll as he fell unconscious. There was a bellow, followed by a crunching noise, as the Minotaur broke off his own horn and proceeded to impale himself before Alika could destroy him, exploding into gold dust as he purposefully returned to Tartarus. Alika snarled, disappointed, and Harry let out a soft whistle. With a grumble, the Stygian Iron Cerberus walking through Harry's Sacred Fire without a flicker of hesitance, ears perking up and forward attentively as he turned his three pairs of eyes toward Harry.

"Let's get them inside, boy," the boy said; the Living Statue huffed in agreement, and laid down so Harry could carefully lift and shove the unconscious Demigod and the bleating, unconscious Satyr onto his back, patting the Cerberus on the shoulder as he huffed and stood without strain. The circle of Fire was beginning to slowly die down as Harry lead his Protector through the Boundary Line and towards the Big House, nodding to Chiron as the Centaur and a large portion of the older Demigods greeted him just past the Line, ready for battle.

"Minotaur," Harry told the Centaur simply, and continued to guide Alika through the Camp towards the Big House, where Argus silently lifted the two unconscious forms and carried them towards the Healing Rooms, Lee and one of his half-sisters quickly following to begin healing the two.

"Henrico Praver, what did you do?" Mr. D complained as he appeared in the doorway, bloodshot eyes peering after the many-eyed Head of Security, before glaring at Alika. Harry, exhaustion dragging at him as his Flames began to fade away.

"I rescued a Demigod on our doorstep?" he managed; the God glared at him silently for a minute, before, with a huff, he disappeared to brood back in his office. Harry rolled his eyes and patted Alika once more before the Cerberus yawned and shrunk back to his normal, statue-self, and Harry lifted it into his arms before shuffling off to the Healing Rooms to check on the two unconscious boys and maybe grab a bed for himself.

~(Line Break)~

Percy went in and out of consciousness, head and heart aching. The only thing he knew was that the boy made of fire was there by his side, the smell of burning wood soothing his heart as the gentle movements of a damp cloth on his forehead soothed his head. Occasionally, he heard the boy talking, muttering to himself about someone called Mr. D and their lack of organization, followed by the rustling of papers and occasional scratch of a pen. Sometimes, the boy would coax Percy to drink something that tasted like his Mom's chocolate chip cookies, and, afterwards, the pain in his head would fade back and he'd sleep more soundly.

Today, his brief waking wasn't brief, and Percy found himself peering groggily up into the flickering green-fire eyes of the boy from before, who smiled softly at him and offered him a gold drink, which Percy couldn't help but obediently drink, blue-green eyes fascinated with the other boy.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," the boy greeted him kindly. "I'm glad to see you're finally awake." Percy swallowed the chocolate-chip cookie drink and nodded at the boy when he took the empty cup back. "My name is Harry, Son of Hestia, and you're at Camp Half-Blood." Percy nodded slowly, continuing to stare.

"Percy Jackson," he introduced himself, clearing his throat when his voice proved a little scratchy. Harry's eyes glowed briefly as he grinned brightly and nodded, and Percy cleared his throat again in embarrassment as he felt his cheeks flush, only to twitch slightly as he suddenly found a lightly-calloused hand on his forehead, and looked over into concerned flame-filled eyes.

"Hmm," Harry said, brows furrowing. "Your fever broke last night, but you still seem flushed... May just be the Ambrosia, though," he told himself, nodding as he pulled his hand back, and Percy shifted, looking around the room, desperate to find something to change the subject.

"What happened to Grover?" He asked; Harry blinked, and tilted his head in confusion, before realization lit those green-flame eyes again and he smiled.

"The Satyr, right?" he asked; Percy nodded mutely, watching the other Demigod's expressive face. "He's alright, and was released from the Healing Rooms the next morning after you're memorable entrance. You've been here for three days, because your head wound and a fever you developed, probably brought on by stress and shock..." Harry trailed off, and the fire in his eyes dimmed with sorrow as he stared directly into Percy's eyes, and Percy felt his heart clench and his throat tighten.

"I'm so sorry for your loss, Percy," the other boy told him sincerely, reaching forward and resting his hand on Percy's knee. "If you ever need to talk to anyone about it, or even just need a quiet place to sit, my fire-side is always open, alright?" Percy nodded, and, as the older boy left to go and get someone named Chiron and give Percy some alone time to compose himself, the twelve-year-old let out a shaky breath.

He may have just gotten his very first crush, and he's absolutely lost on how to deal with it.

~(Line Break)~

Harry thought Percy was adorable, honestly, and found the younger Demigod's clinginess, yet shyness, cute... Though, he could do without the knowing grins and snickering of the older boys, and the "D'aw!" looks the girls sent him, especially the Aphrodite Cabin. The Nymphs would just giggle and smile fondly at him when he asked what it was all about.

"You'll find out in a year or so, dear, don't worry," Aster told him, stroking his hair affectionately as Harry pouted.

So, Harry ignored it, and focused on working on Mr. D's paperwork and organizing the continued work on the Hade's Cabin, which he found Percy helping out with, the younger Demigod eagerly volunteering after Harry explained why he was building the Cabin.

"Maybe we can build onto the Hermes Cabin, too?" the twelve-year-old had offered as he helped Harry hold some of the blueprints open for the Architect Goblins to peer at and mutter over. "I mean, it's just really crowded, you know?" Harry nodded thoughtfully, and sent the other boy a smile.

"Those were my thoughts exactly, but we'd have to petition Lord Hermes to have it expanded, because it was brought up with his own Power. Until we have his permission, or until he interferes himself, the most we'll be allowed to do is clean up the outside. We could also petition for more sleeping bags or bunk-beds, with how many kids are forced to sleep on the ground..." Harry had to stop talking for a moment, in order to argue with the Head Architect, Stonemoulder, that no, they were not going to use slate instead of lapis manalis just because Slate was easier for the Goblins to get, and was he trying to insult Lord Hades?! Percy just watched from the sidelines, with a strangely fascinated expression, which Harry just pushed off as the younger boy still getting used to the Goblins.

"Anyways, Percy," Harry said, turning to the twelve-year-old, who jumped and blushed slightly, making Harry smiled fondly. Ah, the distraction of something new, he thought affectionately, smiling at the younger boy, and pointing back to the blueprints. "What do you think of using Nuummite as a companion stone to the onyx inlays?" As the younger boy stuttered his way through the discussion, Harry wondered why he was being reminded of Ginny Weasley, but put that thought away in order to focus on what the boy was saying as they looked over the small sample-stones.

~(Line Break)~

"Your child is completely clueless, Auntie," Dionysus muttered in exasperation as he watched the Firstborn chat with the younger boy, who was obviously so deep into his Puppy Love that it was almost embarrassing.

"I think it's cute," Hestia informed her nephew with a soft, fond smile as she sat next to his fireplace, tending it lovingly; Dionysus huffed and threw himself into his desk chair, eying the neatly organized piles on his desk, beginning to file them appropriately as he sipped some Diet Coke.

"Perry Jasper is going to be a bad influence," he muttered, and Hestia laughed brightly, the Fire crackling merrily in response, making Dionysus' own mouth twitch as his muscles relaxed.

"Now, that on is definitely his Father's son," she announced mirthfully, and Dionysus chuckled softly as Hestia finished up with the Fire, and stood, absently dusting off her dress, before gracefully wandering over and giving the God of Wine and Madness a loving hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Remember, dear Nephew," she told him as she affectionately fiddled with his messy curls. "If you should ever need me..." Dionysus smiled at her, his face looking far younger than before as she cupped his face with her small hands.

"I know, Auntie," he murmured; with one last loving smile, Hestia disappeared with a warm glow of Flames. Dionysus sighed softly and, still smiling faintly, turned his focus back to his paperwork, and wondered, briefly, what his Uncle thought about his Son having the same problem he did.

~(Line Break)~

Artemis was neutral when it came to her Aunt Hestia's Firstborn. On one hand, her Aunt hadn't broken her Vow, in the traditional sense, but she'd still had a child with a mortal. On the other hand, it hadn't been a man who had tempted her Aunt, which, honestly, had Artemis a little out of her depth. She could understand and even respect a useful Man, but she'd never truly understood the appeal in them outside of procreation. However, that didn't mean that she understood how two women could engage in such... Proclivities as well.

Sex just, honestly, didn't appeal to her.

At all.

So, she was neutral of the boy, though her first meeting with him, she could admit she'd been standoffish and cold, but that was more for the fact that her Father had sent her on such a ridiculously easy Hunt. It hadn't even been a challenge to locate the Oath Breaker.

Still, she hadn't treated the boy any different than she had any other male Demigod she'd run across while on a Hunt, and the boy had actually reacted better to her than most male Demigods did.

So, she supposed that was a point in the boy's favor, at least.

~(Line Break)~

Capture the Flag started off like every other game Harry had been in since he joined Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse grabbed him to guard the Flag, which he did, and this time, Percy was grabbed by Luke's team.

However, what he'd never seen happen, was a new Camper give Clarisse such a strange fight.

At first, it looked like the Head of Ares Cabin was going to win, using her spear to toss the younger boy to-and0fro with ease, not holding back just because the younger boy was new... Though Harry thought that her extra, ah, zeal this game was because of the Swirly Incident a few days before, where Clarisse and two of her half-brothers caught Percy and tried to give the new-comer a standard swirly, only for the water pipes to apparently burst or something and send the three Ares Children flying, soaked head-to-toe in toilet water while Percy himself remained completely dry. It was funny, but, since Clarisse had taken it upon herself to get Harry at least novice-level with his sword, he made sure not to laugh at her. Training with an Ares kid could get mean, after all.

Anyways, it looked like Clarisse was having a relatively easy win. She'd drawn first blood on Percy, and shed knocked him easily into the brook...

And that's when the game changed, rather drastically, because, somehow, Percy got his second wind times ten. Water not hindering his movements, in fact assisting him, the twelve-year-old was suddenly grace and speed and ruthless intensity in motion, giving Clarisse an honest run for her money, and only improving while doing so. Every other Camper drew to a stop from their own battles, watching the two battle it out.

It was beautiful.

It was menacing.

It was...

Abruptly over, as Percy broke Clarisse's spear and had her on the ground, his sword point to her neck, and everything fell still. Harry watched the younger boy, eyes wide, as Percy seemed to stand tall, blue-green eyes gleaming and expression exhilarated and confident as he stared down at Clarisse, who, mouth thin, acknowledged her loss with a tight nod. Pulling his sword slowly back, the Demigod looked around, eyes intense and just daring anyone to challenge him.

No one did.

It probably had something to do with the symbol that appeared above his head, a blue, glowing trident, with what looked like a spiral of water surrounding it. Harry didn't even twitch as his Fire Circle died down to low embers in his distraction, and Luke scooped up their flag, winged-shoes fluttering, and effectively ending the game, though Harry was pretty sure it had ended during Clarisse's battle with the newly Determined Son of Poseidon.

"Hail, Percy Jackson," Chiron's low voice echoed out as he stepped through the trees, Mr. D stepping out next to him, expression a mix of annoyance and resignation. "Son of Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, Earthshaker, and Stormbringer."

Well, then, Harry thought as, like the other Demigods, he knelt, Percy staring around at them all with bewilderment, his body still thrumming no doubt, from the thrill of Battle. That was unexpected...

~(Line Break)~

"Oh, my," Hestia murmured as Zeus threw an absolute hissy fit in the background, accusing Poseidon of trying to overthrow him. "My Harry is going to have an interesting summer, hmm?" Turning her head, she gave the tiredly smiling Hermes a loving smile as the God shifted to lean against her, breathing her scent in deeply as his aching heart healed a little bit beside her Fire.

"He will," the God murmured in return, and, staring through her Flames, he took in his own Son's narrowed eyes and calculating expression, feeling something like a mix of pride and despair in his chest as he watched that expression change back into a friendly smile when Hestia's Firstborn congratulated him on getting the Flag with a warm smile, just like his Mothers.

"We all will," he murmured as thunder cracked and waves roared while the two brothers argued.

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Q: Will Harry ever forgive Hermione if she asks and makes an effort to earn said forgiveness?

A: While, technically, the way I made Harry would almost make him forgive her, no, he will not. It is part of the Challenge that he doesn't forgive Hermione or Ron, so, yeah.

No Happy Hermione Party, srry.

Q: Why was last chapter so short?

A: Because I didn't really know what EXACTLY I wanted to happen, so I jumped and time-skipped through Third Year, which is what I TOLD y'all would be happening.

Q: Why would Zeus even bother helping Sirius & the other innocents in Azkaban?

A: He's the God of Honor and Justice too, you know, and, once an injustice has been pointed out to him like it was, then he almost HAS to interfere, because aiding in justice and honorable trials and such, gives him power... Also, helping the Son of Hestia will earn him some brownie points from Hestia, so (Shrugs)



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