One time, At Alren Fun Center around early 2000's.

Where joseph is having an 12 year old birthday for see those Robotic bear pirates and being an kid for one more time, Where someguy who maybe one of employee of Fun Center, Ask him to touch Robotic bear pirate captian faric for "Winning an Prize from touch the captian", Joseph said sure.

He and an seemly possibly employee of Fun Center walk to the Captian so to get "The prize".

As joseph touched the fabric, He ask that guy he touch it, that he win it. Put the guy ask them to get soft drink for free, Joseph angerly that win something better than free drink.

Later as Joseph and everyone else leave that outside of Fun Center, His legs is slowly growing fur and mostly clearly black fur as his real dad mistake as "Growing so fast" fur. Later at Dale's van Joseph tell Bobby see him later and hand shake with bobby leave the Fun Center.

At Gribble House, Joseph's clearly black hairly legs is now smelly like from wolfs. Joseph really thought he turning those "Type" of Werewolf and his parent thought mostly same except his father think he turning into human-wolf hybrid and both the parent that smell is going away soon.

In two hours later the smell is mostly gone for now, Joseph ears is now mostly sharp of look wolf-like during taking shower and his human tail bone is slowly growing out and almost get Joseph in pain. While his parents are starting to going taking sleep at their bedroom for rest of night, Joseph is quickly stop taking shower and running into his room as his "wolfism" is now quickly taking over as his new wolf-like tail is growing liner by 6 feet wide and slowly stops the pain with his legs now bended into more wolf.

And he now must keep it an secret as he starting sleep at his bed for rest of night.

While at Hill's home Bobby Hill was watch TV as his belly is getting bigger for some no reason and start thinking of eating food of everything from meat into vegtables within after they left from Fun Center for Joseph's birthday. And his ear's are now mostly bear-like and calling his dad Hank to explaining his not make sense as he touch the bear-like ears as Hank feel acutally bear ears from his own son.

Hank is calling 911 to doctors so tell was going on, As he attempt to wash his hand from any infection if Bobby is coming with.

Hank ask Peggy and his Cousin Luanne Platter to get out the building as one police came to come the whole family down as Booby (Bobby) come out the house look fatter with some clearly black fur and his ear's bear black with Panda claws at his feet, The cop unintended shoot Bobby two time and take him down for thinking he "Thief" by mistake as Hank and Peggy crying that cop shoot their son dead.

As Dale, Nancy, Bill and Boomheur go out to was going on and few look hank and peggy hold an dead bobby on ground as cop is going inside the Hill house for more furries inside the house.

Bill take Hank up from Bobby's corpse and Dale was try grab Peggy put she won't let it go put that Mostly rotting Panda smell ruins the movement and left put still misses Bobby.

As Medical and Police cops finally come to around the Hills house for any more furries infection, As everyone and mean everyone is must leave the area from Furries infection, Put Joseph is nowhere as his parent find him and now an "Werewolf" Furry and try to attack put instead run away from Cops. As they think we never see him again along his clothes and some stuffs is almost gone from his room.

So this is now Furry Outbreak of Texas is begin...