Summary: Sawada Iemitsu left the Sawada household for work, leaving his lovely, loving yet airheaded wife and three brilliant kids behind. He returned to their home with Reborn years later, only to discover that his wife became distant with him, and his three kids became two teens.

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Wide Skies

Stage I: Childhood Days

Chapter One: [3 Years Old]

Sawada Yukinari scowled fiercely at the bully in front of her, shielding her older brother protectively.

She cannot understand why they are mean to Na-kun. Na-kun is shy, soft-spoken and kind. In her very young mind, her older twin brother is the best in the world. So, they should not have been mean to him.

"Why are you being mean to Na-kun?!" she asked angrily, her young face glaring at them fiercely.

"Dame-Tsuna is a dame!" one of the mean boys said. She didn't understand what a dame is but she just knew they are insulting Na-kun. She felt herself getting hot all over. She wanted to do something to them. She wanted to wipe those ugly smiles on their faces. She still didn't understand what she is feeling but one thing is for sure, she didn't like it because she can't control it.

But she really wanted to get those smiles off their faces. They have ugly smiles.

Someone touched her shoulders and she turned to stare at his older twin brother behind her who was looking at her warmly while he smiled. She bit her lip when she saw the purple color on her brother's face. That color doesn't look good on Na-kun.

"Ki-chan, it's okay." Na-kun said softly. She chewed her lip, feeling upset at the now very visible purple on the soft cheek of Na-kun. It's unfair. Why do big boys like to pick on Na-kun? She is sure Na-kun didn't do anything wrong. Na-kun is good. Na-kun didn't like fighting. Na-kun is the best.

"But-" she protested but Na-kun just shook his head and smiled that warm smile at her. Even with that ugly purple, Na-kun's smile is still the best in the world. Na-kun leaned towards her and spoke softly in her ear.

"Hi-kun is coming with Maman. Maman will be here." Na-kun said. She beamed at that, feeling something inside her loosening up. Yes, Hi-kun did run towards Maman earlier when Na-kun asked him to. She knew Hi-kun wanted to be with them but both she and Hi-kun had sworn to always do as Na-kun says because Na-kun is the bestest brother they have.

Both of them will protect their fragile and good older brother.

"Yukinari-chan should not be with a dame. Tsuna is a dame." One of the boys said again. It was the trigger for the others to say the word dame over and over again. She looked at her older brother, saw how his eyes are still warm despite being called by a mean name and felt herself finally knowing what the emotion she cannot control is called.

She felt herself getting angry.

They are being mean to Na-kun even though Na-kun didn't do anything to them. Her tiny little hand coiled and turned into a fist. She is really angry. They call Na-kun a dame when they didn't know anything. They don't have the right to call her precious brother a dame when they didn't know him.

She felt her hands swinging but before it continued on its course towards one of the mean boys, her hands were enveloped into soft and warm hands. She didn't have to look up from her bowed head to know that the hands belong to Na-kun.

Only Na-kun, out of the three of them had that different warm on his hands.


"But they are being mean Na-kun!" she whined but the shouts of 'Dame!' continued. Na-kun shook his head and continued to smile.

"Hi-kun is coming."

And yes, Hi-kun did come, along with Maman and several adults. She smiled smugly when those adults Hi-kun dragged with him were the mean boys' Mama's and Papa's.

"You okay Na-kun?" Hi-kun asked while he checked Na-kun all over, ignoring Na-kun's protest and reassurances that he is fine. She huffed. As if she'd allow anyone to harm Na-kun when she's around! Although…

"Maman, Na-kun has ugly purple on his cheeks." She stated. She knew she didn't have to say anything, what with Hi-kun staring at the purple color with narrowed eyes and Maman's worried face.

"I just fell Maman." Na-kun said. Hi-kun stared at Na-kun in shock. She knew she is also looking at Na-kun in shock. Na-kun didn't fell! He was punched!

"Na-kun! It's bad to lie!" Hi-kun said with a concerned frown, making her nod her head. Na-kun blinked before bowing his head and suddenly, she felt guilty.

"I'm sorry." Na-kun murmured. She and Hi-kun looked at each other before crowding around Na-kun. She patted his soft and fluffy hair while Hi-kun rubbed Na-kun's back.

"Tsu-kun." Maman said sadly before Maman kneeled and looked at them. Maman touched Na-kun's chin and raised his head up. Hers and Hi-kun's eyes widened at the tears on the corner of Na-kun's eyes.

"I'm sorry Maman, Hi-kun, Ki-chan. I just don't want you to worry. Are you… are you mad at me?"

"No!" both she and Hi-kun shouted at the same time before hugging Na-kun. She would never be mad at Na-kun. Na-kun is their precious and bestest big brother. Na-kun would always do what he thinks is good for them. He always worries for them and not to himself. So, both Hi-kun and her vowed that both of them would protect and worry their brother since Na-kun doesn't do it for himself.

"Tsu-kun, Hide-kun, Yuki-chan and Maman would not be mad at you. We would never be mad at you. Just don't lie to us okay? We will worry more." Maman said softly.

"Sorry Maman. Sorry Hi-kun. Sorry Ki-chan."

"So, where did you get this Tsu-kun?" Maman asked. Both she and Hi-kun already know the answer because they saw it. But Maman asked Na-kun so they kept quiet. Na-kun mumbled softly but they cannot hear it.

"Tsu-kun?" Maman asked again. Na-kun paused before speaking again in a slightly loud voice than he had used before.

"Daiki-kun punched me when I wouldn't give Ki-chan's baby bear to him." Na-kun then raised the baby bear she gave Na-kun earlier. Her eyes widened and then she glared. They wanted to take baby bear from Na-kun?!

"Oh, the keychain Yuki-chan bought with me?" Na-kun nodded.

Maman sighed before she stood up and then held her hand. She and Hi-kun held Na-kun's right hand and gave it to Maman so that she would hold Na-kun. Maman smiled along with Na-kun – making Hi-kun and her to blush - before all of them walked towards their home.

She knew Maman would go to Daiki's home and tell Daiki's mom. Maman always do that when someone hurts them. And she knew their Mama's would punish them, because as Na-kun and Maman always says, hurting others is not good.

But even though she knew that, she would not hesitate to hurt those who will hurt Na-kun.

She looked at Hi-kun and saw him looking at her. Both of them smiled.

Mission accomplished for the day.


How was that? Part I of Wide Skies will be featuring the Sawada triplet's childhood life with their mom. To those who hadn't yet got it, the Sawada's had triplets. The eldest being Tsuna. The youngest being Yukinari, the one who's POV was shown here, a girl and is one of my OC.

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