Chapter 1

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*Clary POV*

I can't believe I'm back in New York. When my parents found out what had happened that night, they sent me to Oregon to live with my Aunt Charlotte. They said that they wanted to send me to her because they thought that it would be good for me. I knew that they wanted to maintain that perfect family image that they have. I will never forget how my parents reacted when I had told them about what happened that night. My mom was crying her eyes out, and my dad couldn't even look at me. I had made some stupid decisions in my life, but what happened that night topped all of it.

I was the queen bee of the school. I ruled it with an iron fist alongside my group of friends Aline, Kaelie, Sebastian, and Magnus. Out of all my friends I was closer to Magnus. He was a very flamboyant guy who had an outstanding fashion sense for a guy. Everyone else in my group called themselves my friends because they wanted to have a high ranking at the school. Of course I didn't care at the time. All that really mattered to me was that I maintain my high status.

The only person I told about that night other than my family was Magnus. He was shocked at what I told him. He couldn't believe what my so-called "friend" did to me. When I told him that my parents were sending me to my aunt, he understood but he was sad that I was leaving him alone with and I quote "these dimwits". I told him that we would keep in touch while I'm in Oregon, and that he could come and visit me during the breaks. We both kept our promises over the past year. We called, texted, skyped and Magnus even visited every break that he had. I was grateful that he still saw me as a friend, and he didn't abandon me. When I told him that I was coming back to New York, he couldn't be happier. He practically screamed my ear off when she told him the news over the phone.

Nervous doesn't even describe how I feel about going home. Not only will I have to face my parents, but also I will have to face all of classmates. Magnus told me that when I left, everyone was asking where I went and if I was coming back. He just told them that I wanted to stay with my Aunt for a while. It was semi-true, she enjoyed being around her Aunt Charlotte, but she didn't leave so she could have aunty-niece time.

Here I am sitting down in my old room trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I have to go back to school. I already know that I'm not going to hang out with my old clique again. I changed while I was away, I am not going back to the Clary I was. Not caring what I did and making dumb decisions. I have more responsibilities now. I was going to focus more on school instead of going out every night, and maybe even try back out for the cheerleading squad. While I was trying to plan out what I was going to do, there was a knock at my door. I sat up from my bed and opened my door revealing a very glittery Magnus.

"Hey biscuit. Whatcha up to?" Magnus asked as he strode into the room.

"Nothing much, Just over reacting about going back to school." I said as I sat down in the desk chair.

"You know I heard that homeschooling is totally in now." Magnus said while examining his nails. I giggled and threw a pillow at him.

"I'm pretty sure a couple of people already saw me when we went to the mall the other day. Besides, I'm going to have to face everyone sooner or later. Also if I stayed home, I won't be able to meet this amazing boyfriend of yours." I said while smirking. While I was in Oregon, Magnus's boyfriend had moved in a couple weeks after I left. Magnus would call me every night telling me about how good looking he is and how much he liked him. It took him a month to build up the courage and ask him out, and soon after the two of them were a couple. Magnus always talked about his boyfriend. He also always mentions that his boyfriend has a "hot" brother. Magnus loves playing matchmaker. He says it's his calling in life.

"Of course my biscuit." He said with a smile. Then his smile disappeared and his facial expression became serious.

"So, What are you going to do about everyone at school? I already heard many rumors about you being back. Kaelie isn't to pleased you're coming back. She thinks that now that you're back, you will take you spot back as queen bee." I scowled at this. Of course Kaelie wouldn't be happy I was back. Even if we were "friends", I knew she didn't like me. She only hung around me because my status would help her status.

"Well first of all Kaelie can suck it, and I have decided to just hold my head high and not let all the gossip get to me. Besides Kaelie can keep her spot has head bitch and keep all of those two faced wannabes. I have you as a friend and I won't need anyone else. I learned a lot while I was away. Now that I am back, I have a lot more responsibilities than I did before." I sighed. Magnus was wiping away fake tears.

"I know it was hard for you at first Clary, especially with theā€¦" Magnus trailed on, and I looked down at my feet. Magnus continued with his little speech.

"I know you don't want other people to know about your situation either, but I just wanted to let you know that I am always here for you. Even if everyone else abandons you, I will be at your side helping you out." I couldn't help it. Tears started to pool in my eyes and run down my cheek. I pulled Magnus into a tight hug and cried into his shoulder.

"Thank you Magnus. You don't know how much that means to me." I said while wiping away my tears.

"Don't sweat it. How about we head over to the mall and get our shop on huh?" Manus said while shimming his shoulders. I couldn't help but giggle and roll my eyes.

"Yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun. Just give me a sec to change my clothes and tell my parents where I'm going and we should be fine." Magnus just nodded his head and walked out of my room, into the living room. I sat up from my desk chair and walked over to my closet. Right now I was in sweat pants and my one of my brother's football shirts. Magnus would not let me out of the house looking like this. So I decided to throw on a red crop top, black high waist jeans, and my red toms. I just made my hair into a messy bun and did my make-up simple. After I was okay with my outfit, I grabbed my phone and wallet and headed down stairs to meet Magnus. I found him sitting on the couch texting someone. It was probably his boyfriend. I cleared my throat so that he would now that I'm in the room. He locked his phone and turned towards me.

"Gosh Shortcake, I thought you died up there since you were taking forever." He said with a small smirk. Being the immature person I am, I just stuck my tongue out at him and grabbed the keys to my car with Magnus in toll. The two of us got into my red BMW convertible and drove off to the Mall.

We finally found a parking stall after driving around in circles for five minutes. Magnus and I jumped out of the car and walked into the mall. The two of us started to walk into Stores, trying on new clothes, and soon later coming out of each store with at lest one bag. Something that you should no about Magnus is when he shops, he goes to every single store and he buys at least one COMPLETE outfit. After we covered the entire mall we walked over to the food court and placed our bags down at a table. Magnus sat down with a huff and wiped off the imaginary sweat at his forehead.

"This was a successful shopping trip wasn't it biscuit?" I just nodded and looked around to see what I was going to eat. When I finally decided on sushi, I told Magnus to watch my stuff. He just nodded and whipped out his phone. I walked over to the sushi place and placed in my order. After a couple of minutes my food was ready and right before I was about to turn around, a familiar voice rang behind me.

"Hey Clare! I didn't know you were back." I turned around to face the she devil herself, Kaelie. She did not change at all. She still has a fake tan, her face is still caked with tons of make-up, and her clothes look like they were going to burst soon.

"Hi Kaelie. I just came back a couple of days ago." I said in a monotone voice. I was about to walk off but she reached out and yanked my wrist back.

"Listen you whore, just because you're back doesn't mean I'm giving you back your pedestal. I'm top dog around here now, so you do what I say." I yanked my wrist out of her gripped and glared at her.

"You don't own me Kaelie. If I want to do something then I'll do it-" Before I could finish my sentence, she cut me off.

"I didn't want to have to use this Clary, but I know the real reason why you left for Oregon." I was about to cut her off but she just kept talking.

"Don't give me the I wanted to spend time with my Aunt crap. I know the reason why you left was because of that night." With that she smirked and my face paled. How did she know? The only person I told was Magnus and my parents. Hell not even my brother knew why I left.

"Well Clare, it was nice seeing you. I can't wait for school on Monday." She winked at me and walked away. I sped walked to the table and plopped myself into the chair. Magnus noticed me as I was sitting down and his expression became worried.

"Biscuit, you look pale are you okay?" He asked with concern. I just looked down at my hands.

"Kaelie knows why I left. How did she find out about it Magnus?" I whispered. Magnus's eyes widened.

"I thought the only people you told were me and you parents?" I just nodded and rubbed my temples.

"Yeah, I didn't even tell my brother Magnus. How does Kaelie know?" I said with my voice shaking. Magnus grabbed my hand with both of his.

"Listen Clary, I will get to the bottom of this. I won't let that bitch use what happened that night against you." I squeezed Magnus's hands and said a quiet thank you.

"Magnus can we just go now? I need to get home already." Magnus just nodded and the two of grabbed all of our belongings and walked out to my car. Magnus said I wasn't fit to drive so he took my keys and drove me home. As soon as we got to my house, I grabbed all of my bags and walked into the house up to my room. Magnus followed me upstairs. I put all the bags into my closet and collapsed onto my bead face first into the pillows, and I did something I haven't done since that night. I cried my eyes out with Magnus rubbing circles on my back