Before starting, I wanted to inform you about the ages I'm using for the Second Gen:

Victoire: 17 Dominique: 15 Louis: 13

Fred II: 12 Roxanne: 9

Molly II: 13 Lucy: 9

Rose: 11 Hugo: 9

James Sirius: 12 Albus Severus: 11 Lily Luna: 9

Scorpius Hyperion: 11

Teddy: 19

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Every Rose Has its Thorn

This is a story of a certain Rose. A Rose whose thorns were rivaled only by a Scorpion whose sharp fangs dripped faux venom. It is a story of the Rose and the Scorpion and the pain that they refused to shy away from. A story of bravery and love; of honour and beauty; of how two people as different from one another as a thorny Rose and a poisonous Scorpion, can come to see that their differences were not quite as different as they thought they were.

Chapter 1

An Unexpected Trio

"Al! Wait up!"

Albus Severus Potter paused to look over his shoulder. He watched as his wheezing cousin came to a stop behind him, her wild, fiery hair tumbling over her face as she bent down to straighten her brand new robes.

Albus eyed her with mild amusement. "When did you change into your school robes?"

Rose Weasley looked up, her pale, freckled cheeks flaming red. She tugged on the sleeve of her robe uncomfortably. "Just now, after I got on."

Albus couldn't help snorting in laughter. Leave it to his cousin to change the minute they were on the School Train. Rose's face turned redder, if that were even possible.

"Hey, you two!" an overly familiar voice called from behind the two eleven year olds and they turned, both suppressing groans as they saw Albus's older brother stick his head out of a compartment and wave at them.

"We'll be there in a minute!" Albus called back, hurriedly grabbing Rose's hand and dragging her in the opposite direction.

"Hold on, Al, where are we going? James already found a compartment for us!"

"I am not sitting with my brother on my first train journey to Hogwarts," Albus said indignantly, continuing to drag Rose away. They heard a loud 'Oi!' behind them, which belonged to Albus's older brother James Sirius Potter, but they continued to push forward, both looking left and right for an empty compartment.

Finally finding one that was empty, the duo let out sighs of relief and threw the door open, hurriedly pushing their trunks in and shutting the door behind them.

"Oof," Rose exclaimed, as she sat down—only to spring back up with a startled shriek, immediately followed by an enraged yell.

"Watch it, you blind bat!"

Albus instantly reacted to the insult, spinning around and yelling, "Who are you calling a blind bat—" only to stop abruptly, suddenly realising that the compartment hadn't been empty after all.

The two stared down wide-eyed at the rather slim, pale, petite boy sitting in front of them. He was straightening out his robes – Albus regarded him with a mental eye-roll - and pushing back his already slicked-back platinum hair, an angry red welt blooming on his nose where Rose had obviously collided with him.

Albus eyed the boy for a moment and then glanced at his cousin, fearing the worst.

Rose looked absolutely mortified. Her previously scarlet face was completely drained of colour; so much so, that the slight freckles on her nose were standing in stark contrast against her translucent skin.

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there! I thought the seat was empty and I sat on it and—oh my, this is horrible! I am terribly sorry, I really am!" Rose spoke extremely fast, the words gushing out of her mouth as her hands made apologetic gestures.

But the person on the receiving end of the apologies looked none too pleased.

In fact, he looked so furious, Albus had a sudden urge to tell him off simply for that fact.

"Stop apologising. I got that you're sorry without you blubbering like the blithering idiot you are," the boy bit back venomously.

Both Rose and Albus stood there dumbfounded, absolutely taken-aback by the boy's rudeness. Suddenly forgetting the nervousness that had been threatening to overcome him since he got onto to Hogwarts Express, Albus glared at the boy, moving to stand over him.

"She said she was sorry, there's no need to be a git about it," Albus all but spat. The boy made a disgusted face and very slowly raised a hand to wipe it across his cheek and then rub it on Albus's robes.

The blood boiled in Albus's veins and his ears were ringing. When the boy stood, he didn't bother stepping back, causing their faces to be inches from each other's.

"Oh yeah," the blond drawled, raising his chin haughtily and looking down his nose at Albus, even though there was barely any difference in their height. "What are you going to do about it, then?"

And Albus shoved him, hard. The boy fell back onto the seat with a startled yell and hit his head. He blinked for a few seconds and Rose gasped.

Albus stepped back, suddenly realising what he had done, his eyes going round in horror.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean—" he started hurriedly, reaching out to the boy to help him stand up. But the other simply slapped his hand away and focused his metallic eyes on Albus, shooting him a withering glare. He made to stand up, but Rose was in between the two, her back to Albus.

"Please stop," she begged, unshed tears thick in her voice. "Please don't fight, I'm really sorry!" and by the end of the sentence her voice broke and she began to cry, her face turning a deep shade of crimson that clashed horribly with her reddish-brown hair.

Whatever the boy was going to say was dissolved in Rose's loud sobs and a look of panic crossed his face as the sound escalated. Albus felt just as horrified as the boy looked and tried to pacify his cousin, his eyes frantically darting to the door, hoping nobody had heard the noise.

But just as luck would have it, the door slid open and James stepped into the small space. His eyes widened at the sight of Rose crying, then flickered to Albus and finally stopped at the blond boy in the seat. He immediately began to move forwards, a furious expression on his face.

Then a lot of things happened simultaneously, creating complete havoc in the narrow compartment.

A pair of hands grabbed James from behind, just in time; Albus had let out a startled yell at the look on his brother's face; causing Rose to stop crying and look up; causing her to bang her head into the boy's, who had suddenly gotten to his feet when he sensed he was in danger; causing the two of them to yell in pain at their heads having collided; causing several more shouts from an extremely panicky Albus and a still furious James; causing several doors to open and for people to stick their heads out curiously at the all the racket.

"You little prat! What'd you do to her—"

"James, will you calm down—"

"Wait, it was my fault—"

"That's right, it was all this idiot girl's fault—"

"Who are you calling an idiot you little—"


"What in Merlin's name do you think you lot are doing, screaming your heads off!"

The ruckus was immediately replaced by silence as all heads swiveled around to land on an extremely harassed looking older girl.

James' face immediately split into a boisterous grin. "Why, if it isn't the beautiful Head Girl, our dear cousin Victoire—"

"Yes, that's quite enough, James," Victoire Weasley snapped as she folded her arms and looked around sternly at the bunch of them.

James finally managed to unhand himself, looking back at his red-faced cousin. Fred Weasley grinned back at him and the two exchanged high fives, much to the older girl's chagrin.

"Really!" she huffed, pushing the two of them down the corridor and back to their original compartment.

Albus sighed unconsciously and Victoire shot him a scathing look, making him gulp.

"I did not expect you of all people to follow in your brother's footsteps, Al," she said in a mildly disappointed voice, turning her head sharply, causing her long blonde hair to flip onto her back.

Albus shrank back into the compartment and shut the door quietly behind him, wincing when it snapped shut.

He sat down next to a trembling Rose, who had now simmered down to softly sniffing into her white handkerchief, and then promptly turned to glare at the person sitting opposite him—who returned the glare back in the exact same way, grey eyes dancing with repressed anger.

Rose must have noticed the electricity crackling between them, because she immediately sat forward in her seat, and when she spoke, her voice was shrill and extremely high-pitched. The two boys winced and she blushed and began again, "I'm sorry for what happened, my cousins can be rather… feisty at times."

The boy simply shifted his glare from Albus to Rose, causing her to shrink back into her seat. She continued anyway, trying not to let his steely look faze her.

"Well, I suppose it's a bit late, but I'm Rose! Rose Weasley," she said brightly, smiling at the boy like he hadn't just abused her.

When he didn't reply, she shifted her bright smile to Albus, who cringed and immediately muttered, "I'm Potter."

The boy's eyes seemed to widen slightly at that and he looked between the two as though seeing them for the first time. Then he suddenly sighed and flumped back in his seat, as though thoroughly exhausted from the day's happenings.

Albus and Rose shared identical looks of confusion, before Rose exclaimed and pointed at the boy, eyes going wide with realisation.

"You're that boy!" she said, as though that suddenly made the whole situation clear.

He simply frowned at her, his slightly pointy face scrunching up in obvious dislike. But Rose had already turned to Albus, shaking his hands excitedly. "He's the boy we saw on the platform! You know, the one dad pointed out to us!"

She was speaking as though the one they were talking about wasn't sitting in the compartment and Albus could clearly feel the death glare directed their way. He frowned at his cousin, choosing to ignore the glare, but having absolutely no idea what the girl was going on about.

Seeing that Albus wasn't catching on nearly as fast as Rose expected him to, she tutted impatiently and began bouncing on the spot, her wild curls bouncing with her.

"You know, dad was telling me to beat him in all the—" she suddenly stopped and glanced at the boy, as though finally realising he was still there, and bent closer to Albus, speaking in a hurried whisper, "It's him.. the Malfoy boy!"

"I am not the 'Malfoy boy'!"

The duo jumped at the sudden outburst and turned to look at the blond, surprised that he had spoken. The boy, of course, seemed to have realised his mistake but seeing that he had already started, he cleared his throat and continued.

"I'm Malfoy," he started haughtily, gaining looks of 'we know, we just said that', from both Albus and Rose. His cheeks tinged pink and he continued, "Scorpius Malfoy."

Albus turned to sit facing Scorpius and leaned against his seat, staring at the boy. After a moment, he suddenly questioned loudly, "What kind of a ridiculous name is that?"

It seemed like Scorpius had exploded; he made an enraged sound, rising to his feet and glaring down at Albus angrily. But this time, Albus only looked up, curious as to why the boy had reacted so violently.

He suddenly grinned, throwing Scorpius off and the blond teetered, unsure of what he was supposed to do with the sudden change in the atmosphere.

"I'm Albus," Albus declared happily, grinning up at Scorpius with a look of achievement.

Scorpius eyed Albus wearily, as though wondering exactly how mental he was, until his eyebrows shot up, realisation finally dawning on him. He slowly sat back, a smirk tugging at his mouth, as he mimicked Albus's posture.

Rose, on the other hand, looked thoroughly confused as to what was transpiring between the two boys and glanced from one to another, unsure of what to say.

"What's the rest of it, then?" Scorpius said snobbishly, raising his chin in the same spoilt-brat sort of way he had before.

Albus's grin only reduced a bit as he answered Scorpius. "Severus. Albus Severus Potter."

Scorpius made a face and leant forward; the smirk on his face was very smug and self-important. "Too bad, Potter, I've still got you beat."

Albus frowned and sat up straighter, crossing his arms. "Let's hear it, then."

"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy."

Finally catching on at long last, Rose giggled as the two pulled faces at each other.

"Now that's more like it," she said happily, sitting back and crossing her legs. She shot another brilliant smile at Scorpius, causing him to duck his head, apparently embarrassed at being dragged into having a ridiculous conversation with two people he'd just met and gotten off on the wrong foot with. He opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the Sweets Trolley.

"Anything from the trolley, dearies?" the plump old witch asked cheerily, smiling warmly at the three of them.

Scorpius grumbled a half-hearted no, but both Albus and Rose jumped up excitedly and bought a bunch of sweets from the trolley.

Once the door was shut and the witch had rattled on to the next compartment, Albus and Rose began opening up their sweets, talking happily between themselves.

Rose suddenly looked up, just as she finished opening a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. She leaned forward and tapped Scorpius – who was staring sullenly out the window and mumbling under his breath – causing him to jump up and stare at her wide-eyed. Rose simply grinned and held out the box, shaking it when he continued to stare at her.

Scorpius eyes the box for a moment and then making a face like he would regret what he was about to do, dipped his hand in and pulled out a single, pale, lavender coloured bean. He grimaced, eyeing it apprehensively. He looked up to see Rose and Albus's expectant expressions and swallowed the candy, trying very hard not to taste it.

He immediately made an extremely sour face, sticking out his tongue and diving around Rose to grab a handful of Apple Rings from the pack in Albus's hands. Shoving a couple in his mouth, he scrunched up his eyebrows in concentration as he chewed on the sweets, trying to get rid of whatever flavoured bean he had eaten.

"Well?" Albus asked excitedly and Scorpius shot him an annoyed look. Unfazed, Albus leaned forward and even Rose looked at the blond eagerly. Sighing, Scorpius muttered as softly as he could, "Owl pellets."

He had hoped the two wouldn't hear it, but Albus threw his head back, roaring with laughter. Rose giggled, bringing a hand to her mouth.

Scorpius's cheeks turned furiously pink and he sniffed pompously at them. "Why don't you two try it. Go on, then."

Albus grinned at Rose, who smiled back half-heartedly, both rummaging in the box till they pulled out a bean that didn't have a ghastly colour. Rose's was a blood red and Scorpius hoped it tasted nearly as horrible as it looked, but her face lit up delightedly as she sang, "Bean soup!"

Scorpius shot her an indignant look and turned to Albus, perking up at the way his face was twisting.

"Eargh, snot!"

Rose chortled happily and even Scorpius smirked with satisfaction. When Albus finally looked up, his cheeks were stuffed with sweets, making him look like a chipmunk.

"Gross!" Rose yelled, smacking his arm and Scorpius scrunched up his nose in a dignified way, although he began laughing when Albus threw a toffee at him.

Soon the small compartment was full of boisterous laughter, the kind of sound expected from a group of eleven year olds. The gales of laughter finally subsiding, the trio settled back in their seats, chuckling quietly. Albus absentmindedly tossed a wrapper on the floor and Rose squawked angrily, sending the two boys into another fit of choking and spluttering as they tried to hide from Rose's furious glare. She bent down, picked up the wrapper and plopped down beside Scorpius.

He looked at her wide-eyed, shocked that she would sit beside him as though nothing had happened between them. Rose smiled shyly at him and then looked away, focusing on her cousin, who was now falling asleep - the exhaustion of the day's activities and the stress from all his worrying finally getting to him - his head lolling onto his shoulder. The girl smiled fondly at him and the two sat in silence for a long time, Rose watching Albus move and mumble in his restless sleep and Scorpius staring out the window.

"So," Rose finally said, clearing her throat. Scorpius glanced at her, mildly curious. Glad that he hadn't ignored her, Rose perked up and positioned herself cross-legged so she was angled toward Scorpius. "Which house do you think you'll be Sorted into?"

From the look he gave her, she knew it had been a really dumb question to ask and she flushed, ducking her head so her bangs fell across her eyes.


Rose looked up, once again surprised that he had answered her. He frowned at the expression on her face and looked away, his ears turning pink. Rose smiled at that and waited, knowing he had more to say.

"But I would rather not be in it," he said so softly, Rose had to lean in closer to hear.

Noticing how close she was, Scorpius stiffened and pushed himself flat against the window, sniffing disdainfully at her. When she simply looked at him with those curious, round eyes, he sighed and continued, knowing she wouldn't give up till he said something.

"I would rather not be in Slytherin," he started again, slightly louder than last time, but still unsure of why he was telling such personal things to a girl he had just met, who had very ungracefully sat on him and humiliated him and to top it all off, was a Weasley.

"Why not?" her voice cut into his mental dilemma and he shrugged a shoulder, not looking at her.

He didn't answer and the silence kept growing steadily, but Rose knew there was no point in questioning him further because he wouldn't tell her any more. So she made herself comfortable and said, "Well, I suppose I would be sorted into Gryffindor."

It was only after Scorpius looked at her and asked her why, with slight annoyance, that she continued, "Well, because I'm a Weasley."

She looked up, twirling a strand of her reddish hair in her fingers as if to emphasise her point. Scorpius sniffed at her and turned back to look out the window.

Knowing the conversation wasn't going to continue anymore, Rose got up and sat down beside Albus, pulling his head onto her shoulder.

Even after the sky darkened and nothing was visible outside the window, Scorpius continued to stare out of it, as though only he could see things that were otherwise invisible to the naked eye. When the Hogwarts Express finally hooted loudly, signalling their arrival at Hogsmeade Station, Rose was snapped out of her daze and hurriedly shook Albus awake.

The boy simply mumbled incoherently at her, but when she said they had arrived and he was yet to change into his robes, Albus snapped awake, stood up and began awkwardly pulling his robes and hat over his normal clothes.

They bustled outside and joined the sea of students waiting to depart from the warm train. Rose looked back, meaning to say goodbye to Scorpius, but he had disappeared and she turned back around, slightly miffed that he had left without saying anything. When she told Albus of this, he simply shrugged offhandedly and rubbed at his eyes, mumbling something like, "Of course he did. What, did you expect us to become friends or something?"

Rose frowned at her cousin and Albus began nervously pressing down on his hair, trying to keep it in place. After about the fifth time he breathed into his palms and tried to get his hair to obey him, Rose lifted her hands to his head and said with irritation, "Here, let me."

Just as Rose was losing patience with Albus's hair - which absolutely refused to lie flat – James' familiar voice called from the Platform; "There they are! Oi! Rosie, Al, over here!"

Albus groaned at his brother's wide grin while their cousin Louis helped Rose down.

"There we go," Lois Weasley said, smiling at Rose. She grinned back at him, glad that at least one of her older male cousins was responsible.

"This year is going to be so much fun!"

Albus was looking despairingly at Rose as James swung an arm around his shoulders and chortled happily. Before Rose could wean him away, Victoire took control of the situation.

"That's quite enough, James. The first years are being called, so you two should go," she added, smiling at Rose and hugging her.

"All the luck to you, dear cousin," Louis said sweetly, folding Rose in a bone-crushing hug. Fred and Dominique Weasley followed suit, with a "Don't let that ruddy hat tell you what to do!" and a "Hurry or you'll have to swim across!" Last but not the least, her dear cousin Molly Weasley pinched her cheeks and hugged her swiftly, patting her on the back and telling her to hurry along.

Just as she moved to join the crowd of first years who were heading toward the lake, James grabbed Rose and crushed her and Albus together, whispering slyly, "Don't worry if you get Sorted into Slytherin, Al, we'll still love you."

"James!" came three frustrated female voices and Victoire had to bodily pull him off so the two could run away before he grabbed them again.

They could hear him yelling to them until they reached the lake, both of them ducking their heads and blushing furiously at being publicly embarrassed.

"Firs' years this way!" called a loud booming voice and the two grinned up at the huge, burly man holding a lantern.

"Hi Hagrid," Rose and Albus chorused and Hagrid grinned down at them, the grey hairs in his bushy brown beard glinting in the lantern light.

"Alrigh' there, Rosie? Al?"

"Alright," they chorused, beaming up at him and he chuckled, patting them into the first boat.

As he got into the rickety, small wooden thing behind them, they could hear him muttering to himself, "Getting' righ' ol' fer this, I am."

And off they were, sailing across the Black Lake like all the first years before them, gasping and pointing as the enormous castle atop a hill came into view, groaning as they missed their footing and got their shoes wet and marching toward the Entrance Hall, talking excitedly amongst themselves.

When Rose turned to ask Albus whether he was doing OK, he saw that his face was scrunched up in concentration and extremely pale, like he was trying very hard not to fall sick.

"Al," she whispered, edging closer to him as a tiny old wizard appeared the top of the stairs and began the traditional speech given to the first years before the sorting. He puffed out his chest and squeaked down at them,

"All first years, as you know, will be Sorted into the four Hogwarts houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin; before you join the rest of the students for the welcome feast—"

"Who is that tiny man?" someone giggled behind Rose and she immediately spun around and found herself snapping at the wide-eyed girl, "That's the Charms teacher, Professor Flitwick."

The girl gave her a weird look and Rose spun around, her face turning beet red. Filius Flitwick was still squeaking down at them, "—remain a part of them until your final day here and hence the members of your house shall be like a second family to you. As you know, any rules broken will lead to deduction of points and any achievements will lead to—"

Albus began muttering under his breath and Rose ignored Professor Flitwick again to bend towards him, hissing under her breath, "Al, will you calm down?"

"B-But what if… Slytherin… I get Sorted… What will my parents say…"

"Your parents will not care whether you're in Slytherin or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw!"

Albus looked at Rose with wide-eyes, knowing what she had said was true, because his father had said the same thing to him before he had boarded the Hogwarts Express. "But.. what will James say! I won't hear the end of it!"

Rose rolled her eyes and shot him a stern look. "James is going to have something to say even if you became the best Head Boy and Quidditch Captain Hogwarts ever had."

Albus nodded more to himself than Rose, going back to muttering under his breath. Rose shook her head and concentrated on Flitwick, but he had already finished his speech and was leading the students up the Grand Staircase and into the Great Hall.

As Albus and Rose entered, they momentarily forgot all about their worries and nervousness as they took in the sight in front of them.

The Great Hall was everything they had expected it to be and more; complete with the four long tables, the bewitched ceiling that shone with billions of stars, the house banners hanging over each respective table, the teachers' table at the back with the Hogwarts chest of arms hanging behind it; it was perfect.

Someone to the right of Rose whispered something about the ceiling and she once again opened her mouth to tell whoever it was that it was bewitched, but someone beat her to it and she turned around, wide-eyed, at the familiar snobbish voice.

Scorpius glanced at her for a second, before looking at the stool in front of them—where an extremely old and ragged hat sat. Rose tried to find her cousins at the Gryffindor table and they all waved at her, and she returned the wave with a small smile.

Professor Flitwick began reading names from a piece of parchment longer than he was tall and slowly, student after student sat on the stool, pulled the hat over their heads and scrunched their eyes shut as the Sorting Hat gave them its verdict.

Rose started, when Flitwick squeaked, "Malfoy, Scorpius!" and Scorpius sat on the stool; pulling the hat over his head and staring right in front of him with a dignified expression on his face.

Rose noticed how a hush had fallen over the Hall when Scorpius's name had been called and she noticed that every single teacher and student were staring at him, knowing looks in their eyes.

The Hat took a little longer with Scorpius than it did with the others, muttering to itself. Finally, it called a loud, "SLYTHERIN!" and Rose let out the breath she didn't know she was holding.

Rose watched as Scorpius marched upto the Slytherin table and sat at it, nodding politely to the people around.

All too soon, Flitwick was calling, "Potter, Albus!" and Albus cringed at the sound of his name as he shuffled up and slid onto the stool.

Once again, there were some hushed whispers and the Hat took the same amount of time with Albus as it had with Scorpius. Rose noticed that although Albus was clutching the stool for dear life and had his eyes clenched shut, his lips were moving, as though he was conversing with the hat.

Finally, the hat looked up, stared around at the four houses and bellowed, "SLYTHERIN!"

There was an absolute and complete silence that engulfed the entire Great Hall and everybody was staring at Albus as he stood up shakily, cast a terrified look towards the Gryffindor table and ducking his head, nearly ran to the Slytherin table. The silence continued for a few moments until Albus took the seat beside Scorpius – who shot him a weak, half-hearted smile – and was finally broken by Flitwick calling the next name.

Rose was so filled with dread and worry and didn't take her eyes off Albus, she almost didn't hear her name being squeaked; "Weasley, Rose!"

Rose gasped and rushed to sit on the stool, clutching her hands in her lap and staring forwards as Scorpius had done, as the Hat started muttering around her head. She was so focused on not getting sick and not breaking down into a puddle of tears, that she didn't hear the dilemma that the Hat was apparently having about whether to place her in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

She caught it saying something about her having her mother's genius but unfortunately her father's looks and genes as well, and Rose felt the doom settle on her as the Hat bellowed "GRYFFINDOR!"

Rose's stomach dropped and her eyes instantly flew to the Slytherin table where – her heart dropped as well – Albus was nearly half hidden in his seat. Blinking away tears, she swallowed, jumped off the stool and ran to the table where all of her family – except Albus - her mind supplied helpfully – were cheering and welcoming her.

She was immediately engulfed in a huge bear hug as everyone started shouting and congratulating her all at once and she could only bring herself to smile weakly as she kept glancing at the other end of the Hall.

Soon, all the first years had been sorted, the Headmistress's speech had been given, the overflowing platters of food had slowly disappeared and fully satiated students were leaving the Hall, Prefects leading the way towards their respective Common Rooms.

Rose was standing on her tiptoes, trying to spot Albus, her heart beating painfully in her chest, pity welling up inside her for her cousin, as she was carried out of the Great Hall by the moving crowd.

"Rosie," Molly said, grabbing her hand and leading her up the Changing Staircases, giving her a small smile, "Al is going to be okay."

Rose simply looked at her cousin, knowing the girl meant well, but finding herself unconvinced. When they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady, behind which was the Gryffindor Common Room, she noticed none of her male cousins were around.

"I don't see Louis and Fred," she said to Victoire and Dominique as the Gryffindors began climbing into the hole behind the portrait of the Fat Lady. Victoire smiled at her and gently pushed her towards the opening. "Nor do I see James," Rose exclaimed hurriedly as she disappeared into the warmly lit Common Room.

It was only the next day that she found out the whereabouts of the boys. They had gone to make sure Albus was OK, and when Rose went to the Great Hall early the next day, she saw him sitting at the Slytherin table, chatting quite relaxedly with Scorpius – who was eating his breakfast rather sullenly.

Rose had gone and sat with them – ignoring the absolutely horrified glares from the rest of the then present Slytherins, who weren't many to begin with – refusing to go back to the Gryffindor table because she would rather be there with them.

Albus and Scorpius had exchanged stunned looks and then Albus had grinned gratefully at her.

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