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During Naruto's fight with Kaguya he dies but is reborn as Naruto Baratheon, the trueborn son of Robert and Cersei
Born after Joffrey. He won't have chakra but instead the ability to increase his agility and strengthen his body.

And to let you know, to the people who know nothing of Game of Thrones
Naruto will be a bit of a wimp in the beginning because Robert Baratheon is an asshole father
Deal with it
But as time progresses, Naruto will become more like he is in Naruto
I just hope that none of this deters you from continuing to read

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Chapter 1: A Fight to Remember

Fire. There was nothing but fire. Flames flickered and danced, flames jumped and pranced. Naruto was in fear, nothing was going as planned. Sasuke was hurled away like a ragdoll by the woman they were trying to defeat. She was a monster, a complete horrid monster compared to all the other enemies they'd faced. Obito was tough, Madara was another level, but Kaguya, was a monster. She tossed them around like children and even punched through Kakashi's Susano'o like it was paper. She glared at Naruto, her sharingan-rinnegan hybrid blaring a vivid color. Veins tightened and grew on her temples as the byakugan came to life.

This fight was something else entirely. He hasn't been able to land a single hit on the woman. He phased through her every time he thought he was about to land an attack. Sasuke would phase through her every time his attack would almost meet its mark. This was infuriating and now, she had the upper hand. Sakura was dead, Kakashi was dead, everyone was dead. Naruto slammed his forehead against the ground feeling the heat of his tears trickle down his burned skin. He was in pain, unfathomable pain. Sasuke was struggling to push himself off the ground. The fires wouldn't stop raging around them.

Sasuke wobbled to his feet, his chakra burning around him as his Susano'o sprang to life, dark as night with wings spread for all to see. He wasn't about to let his plans fail because he couldn't beat this woman. His sharingan-rinnegan combination sprang to life as did his Susano'o. Naruto was still on the ground struggling against this enemy. The Susano'o rushed through the air, ramming Kaguya, catching her off guard. She growled at him though and channeled her infinite chakra to her palm, slamming her hand against the face of the Susano'o. Sasuke froze in mid-air before shooting off towards the ground once again. He crashed through the cracked earth, shattering the terrain around him.

Naruto called out his name, but a large boulder fell over, crushing his legs, keeping him in place. The golden blond gritted his teeth and clenched the earth below. He wasn't about to scream. All around, he could already see the destruction of his home, his world. Everywhere, the flames engulfed everything, his joy, his happiness. The gudōdama that surrounded him shot out and defended his crippled body. Blood coursed from his mouth, trickling onto the rocky ground below, splashing softly. Naruto's palms rested against the rough ground in regret. He could hear Sasuke fighting Kaguya again, only to hear him get tossed around once again. He could hear her laughing, he could hear her punches and her kicks.

The ground shook every time Sasuke hit the ground. It was making him uncomfortable. He pushed hard against the ground, trying his best to escape from the prison the boulders had him in. He sighed and channeled his chakra to his legs, shooting them in all directions, freeing his legs from their weight. He groaned though when he realized that he couldn't feel his legs. They looked like powder. He bent down placing his right hand on the shattered bone and shut his eyes, channeling his own chakra on himself. The energy flowed within, taking a piece of him and reforming what was lost. Once he was done though, Naruto felt a thick, warm trail of blood fall from his nose.

He shot his hand to his face, surprised by the amount of blood. It was no matter right now. What did matter though, beating Kaguya and saving the world. Naruto rushed forward, feeling in his legs back to normal. He stumbled for a bit, but he was managing. It wasn't long before he ran full speed ahead with power radiating within his body. He jumped over a few boulders and made a full length leap over the ocean of lava below. He floated softly and took to the air just like he did before she plucked him from the sky. Two gudōdama extended into small staffs as he closed the distance between him and the raging goddess.

He swung for her neck, but the woman weaved between his attack and rammed her foot into his gut. He of course disappeared into a puff of smoke. Kaguya glared and brought her elbow back with lightning fast speeds, ready to take the blond out of the sky. He dodged at the last second, bringing his staff back around slamming the gudōdama against her shoulder. She groaned and rammed her fist into Naruto's face, shooting him away, only for him to return like a persistent fly. Behind her, Sasuke rammed his Susano'o fist into her back, sending her towards Naruto at lightning fast speeds.

The two boys looked at one another with knowing looks and rushed forward. Sasuke had his left arm exploding with a black chidori while Naruto rushed ahead with his rasengan glowing with wind chakra and sage chakra. They were about to close the distance with Kaguya but she quickly phased through the dimension leaving Naruto and Sasuke on a path towards one another. The Uchiha activated his rinnegan, disappearing as soon as possible. They two glared at one another but were ultimately aggravated with their opponent. She was too elusive and knew their strengths but better yet, knew their weaknesses.

She was fast and smart with the way she handled the two of them. She'd learned from her fight with her sons and was intending to defeat their reincarnations. She was intending to defeat Indra and Ashura once and for all. She returned to the dimension with a darker look and a darker intent. She threw up her hands shooting large spikes from her sleeves to the two unsuspecting boys. The first volley was deflected by the thick armor of Sasuke's Susano'o, but the rest made it past him and a few even dug into his body. She turned her gaze to the flying ball of gold and before long she channeled her chakra for another attack. Spikes sped forward aiming right for Naruto's chest.

But what she didn't expect, Sasuke shot back up, this time taking the brunt of the attacks. Behind the massive darkness of his Susano'o, Naruto was in shock of what he saw. Sasuke took the hit. Images of Wave flashed in his mind. The blonds body ran cold as anger took over him. Sasuke though jumped up, still in Susano'o and sped through hand seals, firing off fire ninjutsu as fast as he could, trying to catch Kaguya off guard. Sasuke looked to Naruto almost as if he was begging him to join him. Sasuke was crying in front of Naruto, a first at that.

The blond shook his head from his stupor and rushed forward standing next to his best friend while forming a rasenshuriken. The two gave each other quick glances. Naruto could easily see that there were at least five large spike impaled into Sasuke's chest. Sasuke coughed blood but had his chidori spring to life. He was glaring with a newfound intensity as the tears dried up. Naruto could tell that Sasuke was dying. But before Naruto could do anything to help the Uchiha, another nose bleed happened. Blood cascaded down his lip and drenched his neck and collar. He nearly broke the concentration for his rasenshuriken. But before long, it was completed and Kaguya was still recuperating and building her chakra for her next attack.

"We can't delay any longer, Sasuke!" Naruto roared.

"Then, come on!" Sasuke roared back.

Naruto hurled his rasenshuriken along with two more from his shadow clones. Kaguya watched in wait since Sasuke didn't move. She narrowed her eyes at the two boys and wondered what they were planning. She dodged the first two rasenshuriken and smirked as they exploding behind her, a bit too close. But the third was coming straight for her. She bent back as the rasenshuriken zoomed above her and exploded as well. She was about to start laughing, but realized that Naruto was nowhere to be found. She turned around to see the boy already coming in close with chakra exploding off of his hands. Her head turned back around to see Sasuke already touching his palm with her shoulder.

With a quick movement, Kaguya shot her arms together, shooting out two blades impaling the two boys. Their hands were still outstretched. Blood coursed down the blades and cascaded down their backs as the blades exited through their spines. Naruto and Sasuke coughed out blood nearly feeling the effects of her sudden attack. Naruto grunted softly, clenching his teeth. Sasuke did the same, the two of them digging the blades deeper into their bodies. Sasuke grabbed her collar with his right hand and Naruto grabbed her collar with his left. Bringing their dominant hands out, Kaguya realized that they'd caught her.

"Take this, bitch!" Naruto howled.

The two boys rammed their palms into her shoulders; chakra exploded in all directions. The ground began to crack and shake. Earth shot up and began to build around her. She felt the jutsu build around her, filling her with an all familiar dread. She released the blades from her grasp and the two reincarnations fell from the air, chakra spent and strength lost. This jutsu was unstoppable and Kaguya feared that it was over. She'd defeated the Uchiha but Naruto was still waiting to die. She rose into the air, flying up into sky and started to lose sight of that damned Uzumaki. With a quick thought, a clone appeared a few meters below, safe from the chibaku tensei. She smirked as the rocks and boulders wrapped around her.


Naruto dragged his wounded body over to the dead Uchiha. Blood pooled around his body. The blond looked back to see a large trail of his own blood following after his own body. The boy winced as the blade dragged against the rocks and earth below, digging the blade deeper into his body. His muscles clenched tightly as the blade went half-way through. Blood sprayed from his mouth and spattered onto the ground, splashing softly. He pulled his body with the last remaining strength he can muster. Sasuke was dead, his eyes were lifeless. Naruto looked at the man he called his brother and felt the tears sting. There was nothing he could do now.

He was on the verge of death and he was already running low on his near unlimited chakra. Naruto collapsed onto the ground as the new moon rose up into the sky. Kaguya was sealed once again and they'd won. But he was suddenly kicked over onto his back by a very angry person. The blade slid out of his chest eliciting a scream from the wounded blond. He stared at his assailant with exhausted eyes. It was Kaguya. His body was covered in a cold sweat. He struggled to move his arms to fight back, but the woman placed her feet onto his wrists, cutting the circulation. She dug her foot into the bones bringing more screams from the boy.

"You think you saved this world?" Kaguya asked. "Think again!"

She sped through a few hand seals, faster than Naruto had ever seen. She glared at him as his eyes made a skin-freezing connection with the sharingan-rinnegan hybrid in her forehead. She smirked wildly as the energy spiraled within Naruto, building in his body, almost making him explode. But before she knew it, he was gone. All that was left was the corpse of the Uchiha and the collapsing dimension they'd fought in. She smirked at her job and dispelled, leaving the earth to its own devices.

Elsewhere…centuries later…

"Push, your Grace!" The handmaiden cried out.

The castle bells tolled, bringing life to King's Landing, or rather, annoying that life away. People looked in annoyance towards the Red Keep, the imposing castle of the Targaryen Kings since Aegon the Conqueror first stepped foot in Westeros. The Westerosi people of King's Landing dreaded these bells. Once, they rang from dusk till dawn almost a year prior, but now, these bells seemed louder and whoever was chosen to ring the bells seemed to love his job. People walked across the cobblestoned streets, trying their best to escape the echoing noise. But of course, no one stated their discomfort. No one dared to.

Everywhere, gold cloaks and soldiers of the crownlands ran about, doing their best to keep the order. Already, the bells had rung since well into the early morn and now it was a few hours past midday. Some had to admit though, this bell-tolling was starting to get annoying. Over and over they rang, echoing into their ears, digging into their eardrums. They fought through it though and made sure that no one would get into the castle without proper identification. The Queen was giving birth, which meant that there could be people coming to kill her newborn. But instead of would-be assassins, a different kind of killer arrived.

From the back of his high horse, a powerful man arrived with a smirk on his face. His hair was black and his eyes were a powerful sapphire blue. He was strong, muscled and carried a spear and warhammer on his broad back. How he carried both had many in awe. This was their king for a reason after all. Robert Baratheon arrived after hearing the news of his wife being in labor. Behind him, Jaime Lannister, the twin brother to the Queen and Barristan Selmy, dismounted their horses and followed after their king. Their armor and chainmail shivered together, ringing over and over mixing with tolling bells above.

They walked with a hurried pace following after their over excited king. It was understandable of course. Selmy could only imagine how the King felt, but Jaime thought otherwise. Jaime was ecstatic to see his new child. Jaime was sure it was his. There was no way that Cersei would allow the disgrace that King Robert was impregnate her with his seed. Jaime tried his best to keep his steps from flying him forward. The birth of his child was something he'd been wanting to be present for, since he'd missed the birth of Joffrey. He followed close behind Robert as the man tried his best to reign in his breaths.

They stopped in one of the halls and felt their blood run cold when her wails could be heard. She was in pain and could be heard screaming with a pitch none had ever heard before. Jaime and Robert took off towards the sound, Jaime of course getting ahead of the muscled King. Jaime pushed through the army of handmaidens and practically burst through the doors with sweat pouring down his brow. He looked left and right and felt his smile grow when Cersei was seen clasping yet another blond haired baby boy in her arms. Jaime smirked softly and found that the child was his after all. But that smile dropped when he locked eyes with the newborn.

Those eyes weren't green like his. Those eyes were different, like sapphire. This wasn't his child. This was Roberts; Roberts legitimate heir.

"Cersei…" Jaime smiled but was pushed out of the way by the imposing king and his monstrous size.

"Gods…" Robert looked at his child, completely seeing past the blond hair. "He has my eyes, Cersei…"

Robert's breaths were suddenly calmed and reserved. He was no longer running on adrenaline and rage. He was surprised by his child and knelt down next to his wife, his queen. The two of them sat in silence and stared at their child with nothing but love. Jaime was pulled from the room by Barristan and forced to stand guard of the room. Cersei felt something in chest when she stared at the little baby in her arms. There was something powerful within him; everyone could feel it. Robert looked to her and gave her a small smile while rubbing his finger against the little baby's chubby cheek.

"Do you have a name for him yet?" Robert asked softly, eyes never once leaving the little baby in Cersei's arms.

"I do…" Cersei smiled softly. She was about to say some normal Westerosi name, but there was something growing in her gut that told her otherwise. This voice spoke to her, echoed in the depths of her soul and everything that was within her. Her mind pounded and soon enough, heat rose to her face as she thought harder and harder at what she'd been told. Was it the gods? She'd asked, but she decided to answer her King. After a few minutes of silence, she locked her green eyes with Roberts sapphire blue.

"I'll name him…Naruto."

His name will be Naruto Baratheon.

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