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Wanderer of Time: Silence Begins

Chapter 1: Death


Charles II could be heard screaming from the other side of the door. The doors rattled of the painting room as the man tried to force his way into said room. He finally managed to burst the doors open to see a bashful looking Matilda standing next to a rather large painting of a practically naked Eleven. Only a red cloth in the painting covered him. Some clothing of said Doctor were seen scattered around. A tweed jacket, red braces, and matching red bow tie hung on a chair. Charles II glared at Matilda with sword in hand and two guards standing behind him.

"Where's the Doctor?" he demanded. Matilda laughed nervously.

"Doctor Who?" she replied innocently. Suddenly, a rather loud sneeze could be heard coming from underneath the large skirts of her dress. Charles II lifted the skirts to see the Doctor underneath them, as naked as the picture. The Doctor grinned nervously as Charles II shook in rage.

"You know, this isn't nearly as bad as it looks," the Doctor said carefully, trying to calm the situation down.

Out of nowhere, there was a flash of white light from underneath the skirts. A woman's head popped out next to the Doctor's. They could see how she had short raven hair which swung around her face as she stared around in confusion to the sight before her.

"Um . . . why exactly am I underneath a woman's skirt?" she questioned to the room. She looked next to her to see herself practically pressed up against a very naked Doctor. Her whole face lit up bright red. She blinked rapidly in surprise and shock, but glared at him in annoyance. "Naked? Naked?! Why the bloody hell are you always naked?!"


The raven woman lay squished against a fellow escapee as both of them lied on their stomachs. Both were rather filthy, covered in dirt and wearing worn clothing. They lay on a wooden board as they stared up towards the large hole above them. The woman stared up to the hole with less anxious features as the man held. She actually appeared rather bored as she leaned her chin against the palm of her hand, looking to the hole as if waiting for the real fun to begin.

"Doctor?" the man called up quietly to the hole. "Doctor, what can you see?" The Doctor's face suddenly popped down the hole at them. He wore similar dirt and clothing as the rest of them. He smiled somewhat nervously.

"Is the Commandant's office painted a sort of green color with a big flag on the wall?" he asked them. Lights and alarms appeared from above him. They could hear dogs beginning to bark.

"Does that answer your question?" the woman responded with a humourous tone, giving the Doctor a playful smirk.

"Yep. I think that's probably a 'yes,'" the Doctor replied. He gave a quick grin before hurriedly disappearing again. The woman smirked cheekily.

"And you're an idiot!" she called out to him.

"Love you, too!" the Doctor cheered happily. They heard him laughing loudly as people shouted above and gun fire rang out.


The woman and the Doctor sat above a cliffside, staring off to the horizon. The Sun slowly set in a fiery orange and red, the colors bouncing off the white clouds hanging above. She leaned against the Doctor as he held her close to him. He kept kissing the top of her head every few seconds as they watched the Sun sink down into darkness.

"It's coming," she whispered, staring sadly at the horizon.

"I know," he spoke quietly. They remained silent for some time, watching as the sky grew dark and the stars began to appear.

"It was fun . . . while it lasted," she said gently, sadness laced within her words. The Doctor frowned heavily, shaking his head slowly. Not liking what he heard.

"Don't talk like that," he scolded her. "Everything is going to turn out fine. You'll see. I promise."

She laughed halfheartedly. "Don't make promises you can't keep."

He stared down to her sadly. "Hey, things are going to turn out fine for you as well. I won't ever let anything bad happen to you. Everything will be fine. I promise. Cross my hearts." He smiled, giving her a light and tender hug.

She remained silent, staring up to the stars. She spoke up again after a while. "I love you. You know that, right?"

He smiled warmly. "Of course. And I love you."

She smiled at him, misery within her eyes. "But not for long."

He only sighed heavily, leaning forward to kiss her deeply in response. She returned the kiss passionately. Almost seeming desperate, as though she knew it would be their last.


Amy and Rory hopped off a San Juan school bus in the middle of the Utah desert. Each had a large pack on their backs as they stared around vast landscape. The bus moved away, continuing down the long stretch of road on its journey. They stared around, wondering exactly where the heck the Doctor had sent them to.

"Howdy!" came a cheerful voice from behind them. They both turned to see the Doctor lying on top of a classic, red, station wagon with a Stetson upon his head. A raven haired woman laid next him, with her arms wrapped around him and leaning her head against his chest as he had one arm wrapped around her shoulders. Both Amy and Rory smiled brightly upon seeing Second Wanda there with the Doctor.

"Doctor! Wanda!" Amy called out cheerfully. The Doctor and Wanda got up quickly from the wagon as the Ponds ran over to give the Time Lords delighted and cheerful hugs. They all laughed at receiving a warm welcome.

"Hey, nice hat," joked Rory, snickering some at seeing the Stetson on the Doctor's head.

"I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool," the Doctor said coolly.

"You know they are," remarked Wanda. She smirked some, staring at the Doctor cheekily. He smirked back. They all jumped in fright when a shot rang out. The Stetson went falling off his hand and the Doctor grabbed Wanda upon a panicked reflex. He pushed her down and held his body protectively over her, staring around in fright as he had a flashback to Cobb.

"It's fine, sweetie. It's only River," Wanda said gently, trying to calm him as she knew how touchy the Doctor could be with guns around her. He slowly let her back up, turning around to see River with a hostler on her hip and blowing at her gun.

"Don't you ever do that," he scolded harshly her. River smiled guiltily.

"Sorry. Forgot about the gun issue," she replied. She walked up, smiling slyly at Wanda. "Hello, sweetie."

"Hey, River," Wanda said brightly, giving the woman a warm hug. River returned it happily. Wanda pulled back, pouting at River. "But did you have to shoot the Stetson? What did the poor Stetson ever do to you?"

"It looked horrible on the Doctor," River said as if it were obvious.

"No, it didn't! It looked great on him," Wanda countered. She walked over, picking up the shot Stetson. She pouted some more at the sight of the large bullet hole on the Stetson. "I'll have to buy another one now."

"We can get me one later," the Doctor chuckled to her, finding her pouting over the Stetson to be amusing and adorable. She turned, smiling brightly.

"How about a whole wardrobe of Stetsons?!" she said cheerfully. "And fezzes, too!"


They all lay on a picnic blanket next to the beautiful Lake Silencio. They laughed some when the Doctor spit out a sip of wine he had taken. He would not stop making funny faces of disgust. Amy laughed, and then paused to think about what he had said earlier. Thinking back to the age he declared himself to be.

"A thousand-three?" she wondered aloud. "You were nine hundred-eight the last time we saw you."

"And you've put on a couple of pounds," retorted the Doctor. Wanda smacked him in the back of the head, making him wince and rub at the sore spot.

"Rude!" she exclaimed, scolding him sternly. Amy laughed, turning to look at Wanda.

"How old are you, then?" she questioned.

"Ninety-eight," Wanda declared proudly. "I have been travelling with you guys for over seventy-five years now."

"Looking good for a ninety year old," Amy snickered some. Wanda rolled her eyes.

"You're just jealous. You only wish you were this old," Wanda responded.

"Don't women usually not like being old?" Rory asked her jokingly.

"I'm very proud of my age, thank you very much," Wanda stated happily. "It means I get the senior discounts now!" She smiled brightly when they all laughed.

River laughed along, but trailed off some when she noticed something odd. She had noticed it in the diner and now again here. Every time Wanda would smile or laugh, it looked strained. As if she was forcing herself to. It never quite reached her light, grey eyes. Those eyes . . . they spoke of sadness and heartbreak. Something horrible was troubling Wanda, River just knew it. She would have to question either Wanda or the Doctor on it later.

Amy looked over after the laughter had quiet down. Something had caught her eye off in the distant. A figured stood on a hilltop. Tall and slender, hard for her to make out with being such a long distance away and the sun being in her eyes.

"Who's that?" she questioned aloud.

"Hmm? Who's who?" responded Rory. Amy looked away from the figure to answer her husband. She blinked. What had she been talking about? Did Rory say something? Funny, she must have spaced out there.

The Doctor glanced over worriedly to Wanda. He seen Amy's blank stare to Rory. He knew the signs by now to know what that meant. He saw how Wanda stared anxiously at the hilltop, her thumb being pinched behind her back. The one habit she tried breaking, but never could. He rubbed her knee gently getting her to look at him.

River watched them closely, seeing how the same look remained in Wanda's eyes as she faked a smile to the Doctor. She observed as they stared at each other for a while, having their own private conversation. It was one of the closest bonds they shared: the ability to go into their own minds, and let themselves be the only ones in the universe. Together within their own world as they talked. River knew how powerful that bond of theirs was when it came to the silent communication between them. It always put a warm smile on her face when she would catch glimpses of them sharing this link. Oh, how much she envied the Doctor for being able to share such a connection with Wanda.

The Doctor and Wanda continued their internal conversation as a truck pulled up on a hill behind the group. Amy questioned its arrival and the elderly man who stepped out of the vehicle. The Doctor blinked and Wanda stared away sadly. He stood up as Wanda stayed sitting, raising as hand in the air to greet the man. The man returned the gesture. Then River shot up from the blanket as she saw a figure rise out of the waters of the lake.

"Oh, my god," she breathed, stunned by the mysterious presence. The others stood up as well, Wanda rising up last as she moved slowly. She stared solemnly to the figure standing in the shallow waters. The impossible astronaut had come at last.

"You all need to stay back," the Doctor ordered them. "Whatever happens now, you do not interfere. Clear?" He stared at the figure for second longer before turning back to Wanda. He pulled her in for a strong kiss. She did not return it, only staring blankly at him. He moved away, giving her a smile. "I promise."

The Doctor turned around, walking towards the astronaut determinedly. The group stared at the astronaut in astonishment as Wanda merely gazed on evenly. River could see how much the Time Lady seemed to be holding back her emotions. Though they remained blank from her face, they swam strongly around her eyes.

"That's an astronaut," Rory spoke up, clearly just as confused as the rest of them. "That's an Apollo astronaut in a lake."

"Yeah," Amy nodded in reply.

They continued to watch as the Doctor seemed to be speaking sadly to the astronaut. The figure lifted up its visor as the Doctor continued to speak. Then, without warning, the astronaut lifted its arm and shot the Doctor straight into the chest. The shot rang out loudly, ringing throughout the area.

"NO! NO! DOCTOR!" Amy cried out as she rushed forward. Rory and River rushed after her, holding her back.

"Amy, stay back!" River ordered her. "The Doctor said stay back!" They watched as the astronaut fired again, making the Doctor be thrown back to the ground. Amy struggled even more. River tightened her grip. "You have to stay back!"

"No! No!" Amy continued to cry. They watched as the Doctor stood back up, his hands beginning to glow a golden light. He stared somberly at them.

"I'm sorry," he said sadly. His face began to glow as well. Then . . . another shot rang out as the astronaut stopped his regeneration. His last hope for survival. He fell to the ground in a heap.

The trio rushed forward after that. They fell to the Doctor's side. River scanned him with a device, checking to see if there was any sign. Any hope. The device flatlined. The Doctor flatlined. His hearts had stopped beating. His life had already left him. The Doctor was dead. Amy sobbed as River stood up and whipped out her gun in rage. She shot at the receding figure. The astronaut going back into the waters it had come from.

River stared at the lake, her eyes beginning to well up. How could the Doctor have let this happen? Allow someone to kill him, just like that? No putting up a fight. No trying to solve the issue. Just walk right into death. He had promised. He had made her the one promise that he must always keep. The only thing she made sure for him to remain true to his word. It was the only thing that mattered to her in the universe. And he had broken it, just like that. He had allowed it to happen without a care to that promise he had made. What would happen to Wanda now?


River spun around to see Amy had cried out upon the sight of Wanda back at the spot where they had left her. River's eyes widened in horror as they saw the Time Lady lay on the ground and clutching at her chest. They all rushed forward, momentarily leaving their precious Time Lord to save their treasured Time Lady. They dropped to Wanda's side to see her fist tightly at her chest. Her whole body twitched madly as blood came out of her torso. Her breathes came out ragged and spurting as some blood leaked out of her mouth.

Rory ripped a large portion of the picnic blanket while River tried to pry Wanda's hands away from her chest. She managed to remove the Time Lady's bloody hands as Rory pressed the folded material into Wanda's chest, trying to compress the wound. Amy sobbed, holding onto Wanda's head and pleading for her to stay with them. Rory shook, watching how blood continued to rush out of the dying woman's body.

"Why isn't she regenerating?" he cried in dismay.

"I don't know," River replied shakily, still holding onto one of Wanda's hands tightly. Tears streamed down her face as she watched Wanda shake and sputter. She seemed to be trying to say something. "Just hold on, sweetie. You have to hold on."

"R-r-ri-v-ver," Wanda choked out, more blood trickled out of her mouth. She reached a trembling hand up, touching it to River's face. Her fingertips left a smearing blood trail on the woman's cheek.

They watch in horror as the white light surrounded Wanda's body and she disappeared. Rory's hands fell down onto the ground with her no longer underneath them. Amy's hands cradled empty air as she continued to sob. River lifted a trembling hand to her cheek, pulling it away to see Wanda's blood upon her fingertips. She madly started to wipe away sticky residue, feeling disturbed by the sight and knowing the Time Lady's blood was on her. As River rushed off to the lake to wash the blood off in a right state of unnerved revulsion, Rory shot up from the ground when he realized the elderly man from before was still there and standing close by.

"What the hell did you do to her?!" he yelled at the man. The man seemed just as in shock and horrified as the rest of them.

"I didn't do anything. She just collapsed out of nowhere," the man explained. "It was as if . . . some unseen force had stabbed her."

"Then, why are you here?" asked a broken Amy. Tears flooded down her face as she stared up to the man. The loss of her two Time Lords, her Raggedy Man and her Wanderer, was too much for her. Her dearest and closest friends . . . gone in an instant.

"I've come here to bring you this," said the man. He sat down a large, red, gasoline container on the ground next to them. Next to the pool of blood still lingering behind from where Wanda had just been. "The Doctor said you'd need it."

"Gasoline?" Rory asked in disbelief to the sight of the container. He heard sniffling coming up towards them. He turned to see River walking back up, her face and most of her shirt wet from lake where she had scrubbed away the blood.

"A Time Lord's body is a miracle, even a dead one," River explained solemnly, her voice thick with tears. She continued to sniffle some more as her face contorted. She looked as though she were trying with all her might to keep herself together. "There are whole empires out there who'd rip this world apart for just one cell." She sniffled once again. "We can't leave the Doctor here."

"Are—are you saying . . . he knew this was going to happen?" Rory asked, horrified by the very idea. "He knew that he and Wanda were going to die?"

"There's . . . there's always a chance Wanda could have made it out all right," Amy spoke up hopefully. "She—she could have . . . teleported to somewhere else? Somewhere where the Doctor . . . the Doctor is still alive? Where he could have saved her?" River shook her head sadly.

"I don't know. She didn't regenerate right away like she should have," River explained. "Something could have gone wrong, and she . . ." River could not bring herself to say the words. It was one thing to already have a confirmed death like the Doctor's. But to not know for sure and give oneself false hope . . . it was a horrible feeling. Especially, in knowing any hope was slim.

"Then, what about the Doctor? Maybe he's a clone or a duplicate or something?" Amy cried some, not wanting to believe that either the Doctor or Wanda could have possibly died.

"No, that most certainly is the Doctor. And he is most certainly dead," the elderly man said gravely. They all grew quiet, letting the dreaded information sink in. River sucked in a breath, walking up and grabbed the gasoline.

"We can't leave him here. Or anywhere," River said evenly. Amy began to sob even more, shaking.

"What do we do, Rory?" she sobbed out. Rory stood beside her, seeming unable to think of anything to say or how to comfort his wife.

"We're his friends," River spoke for him. "We do what the Doctor's friends always do . . .," she sniffled some, "as we're told." Rory stared off to the Doctor's body, still lying near the shore of the lake. Then his eyes wandered towards a distant bank, an old canoe pulled up on the ground. He stared back to River.

"If we're going to do this, let's do it properly," he said to her.

They worked together to get it set up. The Doctor's funeral. They placed him gently into the boat, spreading the gasoline all over, and set the boat aflame. Rory pushed the boat out, letting it drift out as it burned. As the Doctor's body burned. None of them really seemed to grasp what exactly they were watching. What exactly had happened. What exactly they were doing now. It was as if all were nothing more than a terrible, terrible nightmare. All of them were in shock, numb to their emotions and today's events.

"Who are you?" River finally asked the elderly man after the day's light grew dim. Only the burning boat lit up the coming night. "Why did you come?"

"The same reason as you . . .," he said, pulling out the TARDIS-blue envelope of the invitation they had all received for this day. River pulled out her own, staring at them both in amazement. She compared the two, only seeing one difference. His had a number four stamped on the back, while hers had a two.

"Dr. Song, Amy, Rory," the man said slowly. "I'm Canton Everett Delaware III. I won't be seeing you again, but you'll be seeing me." Canton gave them a nodded, then walked off back to his vehicle. Never once looking back.

"Four," River said quickly. Both Amy and Rory stared in question to the woman.

"Sorry, what?" asked Rory.

"The Doctor numbered the envelopes," River explained tensely.


They all went back to the diner, hurriedly going over the new information they had discovered. Looking over their envelopes, each saw how they had a certain number. Canton was four. Amy and Rory a three. River a two. Which only left one. However . . . where was number one?

Amy started having a small breakdown, no longer wishing to care about any of it. She saw the Doctor and Wanda as dead. So, why bother? It all seemed hopeless to her. Pointless to even trying to figure out the mystery. River tried calming her, making her see reason to the Doctor's clues when Rory spotted it. On a far off table, laid the TARDIS-blue envelope with the number one, a coke bottle sitting next to it. River rushed over looking at the invitation, deciding that all of this must have been the Doctor's way to calling out to those he trusted the most. But who was number one?

Suddenly, a door behind River opened. They all looked to see the Doctor walking out with a straw sticking out of his mouth. He gazed at them in confusion, just as they did at him. He grinned at them happily, seeming delighted that they were here. The rest of them only looked on in horror.

"This is cold," River said disbelief. Then, her gaze hardened into a glare and her voice sounding harsh. "Even by your standards, this is cold."

"Or 'hello' as people use to say," the Doctor countered, not quite sure what to make of River's words.

"Doctor," Amy spoke in uneasiness, looking about to be sick at the very sight of him.

"I just popped out to get my special straw," the Doctor told them. "It adds more fizz." He went to grin, but River stormed up and slapped him cross the face with all her might. He stumbled into the door behind him.

"You promised! You gave me your word, and you broke it!" she screamed in rage at him. "Because of you, she . . . she . . ." River could not say it. And even if she could, she knew she must never speak of it. She turned around, refusing to look as him as she fumed silently. The Doctor only stared on stunned at her back.

"I'm assuming that's for something I haven't done yet," the Doctor said, bewildered by the looks everyone kept giving him. He rubbed at his cheek sorely. Not a bad arm. But still not as good as Wanda's.

"Yes, it is," River responded harshly.

"Good. Looking forward to that," mumbled the Doctor.

"I don't understand," Rory spoke up. The Doctor turned to him. Rory poked him slowly in the chest, much like the Doctor had done to him during the opening of Pandorica. "How can you be here?"

"I was invited," stated the Doctor. He grabbed the invitation from River, looking it over. He noticed immediately that it was the same as his own, save for the different number stamped on it. "Date, map reference. Same as you lot, I assume, otherwise, it's a hell of a coincidence." Amy stared at the Doctor in disbelief.

"River, what's going on?" she asked the woman next to the Doctor.

"Amy, ask him what age he is," River responded evenly. The Doctor frowned at the woman.

"That's a bit personal," he mumbled. River simply glared at him harshly.

"Tell her. Tell her what age you are," River gritted out.

"Nine hundred-nine," the Doctor answered curtly, giving the woman a confused and disproving gaze as to why exactly she was treating him so harshly. Amy fell into great denial, shaking her head, not wishing to believe what was happening before her.

"I don't understand," she stated.

"Yeah, you do," Rory said to her, trying to get her out of denial as to what was happening. The Doctor stared in suspicion to them all.

"I don't! What are we all doing here?" the Doctor asked them sternly, feeling agitated by their strange behavior. They all looked to each other in nervous fright before staring back at him.

"We've been recruited," River explained quickly. "Something to do with space, 1969, and a man called Canton Everett Delaware III." The Doctor turned away from them, pacing some feet away in thought.

"Recruited by who?" he asked her with his back to the group.

"Someone who trusts you more than anybody else in the universe," River answered him.

The Doctor blinked in surprise, turning around to stare at her. "Wanda?"

River shook her head slowly. "No, other than her."

"Then, who's that?"

River gave him a strained smile. "Spoilers." He frowned heavily, giving her a skeptical stare.

The Doctor bit on his straw some before walking past them. Going back into the room where he had parked the TARDIS. "Might as well get started then!"

The Doctor hopped inside while the others followed. He began flipping around switches and levers on the TARDIS console. He glanced around to see how they all stared off distantly. None of them really looked at him, refusing to meet his eye. River seemed to still be fuming. Rory looked simply emotionally drained. Amy stared off blankly as if she were in a state of shock. The Doctor's frown deepened. None of it was a good sign. Not one bit. He had no idea what could have caused them to act in such a way. He almost felt as though they were being forced by someone dangerous to act upon this matter of 1969.

If only Wanda were here. She might help him figure it out, or even give him a sneak peek for a clue. He wished she were here just to have her by his side. Whether to help him with a task or not. He missed her. It had been almost six days now. That is the longest she had ever been gone. It was driving him mad. He could hardly stand the quietness of being alone. He had become so used to her constant presence, so used to having someone there and no longer having solitude surround him. Gone were the days of his lonely travels. With Wanda not there by his life, any longer than a day of her being gone he would feel edgy. Especially whenever he would glance at the old scan the TARDIS had saved for him all those years ago. He knew it was getting closer for the times to match up for Wanda and him. Soon, they would be happily starting their plans.

"1969, that's an easy one!" he said loudly, trying to drown out the quiet of the ship. He was sick and tired of quiet. Plus, he hoped to lighten the mood by talking their ears off. It might get them all back to normal. "Funny, how some years are easy. Now, 1482, full of glitches. Now, then, Canton Everett Delaware III. That was his name, yeah? How many of those can there be? Well, three, I suppose."

The Doctor glanced over to see that Amy had gone below the console, underneath the glass floor. River went after her. He felt a twinge of guilt, even though he had absolutely no clue as to exactly he had done. He turned to Rory for help.

"Rory, is everyone cross with me for some reason?" he asked curiously. Rory looked nervous by the Doctor speaking to him. He glanced anxiously to the stairs.

"I'll find out," responded Rory. The man quickly went down the stairs with everyone else. The Doctor furrowed his brows as he stared to the scanner. Whatever he had done, it must have been pretty awful to get such a reaction. Even from Rory.

The Doctor fiddled with the scanner for a moment, bringing up the old scanned information and image. He smiled tenderly to the screen, gently touching the image. Yes. Soon, he and Wanda would have to start making the arrangements. He flipped the image away onto another scan of what time they were heading to. He frowned, realizing that everyone still remained down below. The quiet was very unsettling to him. He began to wonder after a few minutes if he should interrupt them when the screaming began.

"No! No, not again! Please, not again!"

The Doctor whipped around and rushed down the stairs upon hearing Amy screaming hysterically. He turned to see them all looking in horror to a certain spot by the support structure. His eyes widened along with the others to the sight of First Wanda, Young Wanda, laying on the ground and bleeding. He had been waiting for this day. For some time now, he had been anticipating it. And now, he could finally save her.

The Doctor sprinted forward and skidded on his knees next to her. She was so pale. A thick mess of blood spread around her chest from the bullet wound. Her clothes stained from it. Her hair tangled in a mess around her face. She did not move, did not speak . . . and was not breathing. The Doctor shot his hand out and grabbed onto one of her own. He squeezed it tightly, pushing their palms together. He held his breath and waited. Was he too late? No, it had started. The brilliant white glow began to form around her.

"Doctor, get away from her. She's regenerating," River breathed out, hastily going forward and yanked him back. His hand slipped away from Wanda's. The glow stopped instantly.

"No! River, you don't understand! I have to hold onto her hand!" the Doctor cried out in a panic. He pushed her away roughly, crawling forward swiftly to take Wanda's hand again. He pressed their palms together and made sure to keep their hands in a vice grip. The white glow started up once more. River backed away in alarm, making sure that Amy and Rory backed up as well.

"Doctor, you have to get away!" River yelled at him. She knew the man was insane, but never by this standard. "You know how dangerous regeneration energy can be. It could kill you if you're too close!"

"Not with Wanda's," the Doctor spoke softly.

"Doctor, what's going on?" Amy asked him quickly. "What's happening to First Wanda?"

"She's regenerating, Pond. Isn't that obvious?" the Doctor stated easily. The white glow around Wanda began to build up. "There's a thing to Wanda's regeneration. She's missing a key part to her process. Without that part, she can't regenerate at all."

"Then, how is she regenerating now, Doctor?" River questioned him, clearly confused by what was happening.

"Because now, she has her missing piece," the Doctor replied, smiling warmly. "With me here, I can fill in the gap, and can complete the process."

The white glow had reached its peak. It did not burst out violently as his regeneration would have, as other Time Lords' would. It flowed out gently around the room, giving the area around them streams of white light rolling softly around. The Doctor smiled and watched on with happiness, while the others in astonishment. Especially River, since she knew what regeneration was meant to be like. They all watched as Wanda's features began to change. She grew slightly shorter. Her chestnut hair receded into a short haircut and shifted to raven instead of chestnut. Her lanky features disappearing and her face became more rounded.

Eventually, it stopped. No longer lay First Wanda, the young girl they once knew. Now, lay Second Wanda, the much older looking woman who they had seen only hours ago. The same woman they had witnessed die before them.

And now, they witnessed her birth.


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BlueFlam27: Hello, and welcome back! :) Sorry about the cliffhanger, it was the only way I could see ending the first story well enough without making it into a mess. I'm so happy to see you enjoyed the rest of the last story. I hope the same joy will be found for this story. :) I'm also glad you liked how Nine acted. I was going for more of a realistic approach to what he had been still going through since the Time War, so I happy to see I conveyed it well. Really? Not many other fics save Jenny? That's strange to me, I thought everyone would save her because I mean how can you not save her! lol Glad you like the title as well. :) And if you read onto the next chapter, you'll finally get to see Second Wanda. I really hope you like her.

Sah: Sorry for the cliffhanger. I went ahead and posted up the next chapter to make up for it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will like the second one, too. :) Glad the ending was a nice surprise for you. Also glad that you enjoyed First Wanda. I hope you can find the same joy with Second Wanda. :) I'm also so, so happy to hear how much joy you find in the story. Aww, thank you so much! :) I think you're an amazing and wonderful person, too! *Hugs!*

DarkPhantom101: Hello! It's been a while since I've seen you. :) I'm so glad you liked the story, and I hope you will enjoy this new segment of the story and new Wanda. :D

CalicoKitty402: Sorry you're not happy with the cliffhanger. :( I hope the two new chapters will make up for it. :)

grapejuice101: Wait no further, for here's the sequel. :D

Blinked310: lol There should be a name for that. I'll try thinking one up. ;) To answer about Jenny, check out chapter two. It will be explained there. I'm so happy to see you enjoyed the story so much. I hope the enjoyment continues on with this part two of the story. :) And I always love receiving reviews and responses from you and all other readers. I like responding to everyone to make all readers feel welcomed to the story and bring up a community of sorts. :) I hope the messy intro was not too strange or odd. It will sort of be brought into closure and make more sense in a way with the next chapter. But sorry to say, I will not be placing in any paragraphs from last chapters or stories. It's just a writing style that I'm not really comfortable with. I hope you don't mind. And don't worry about long reviews. I actually prefer them. :)

ElysiumPhoenix: lol I guess I am kind of evil by doing that. lol Glad you enjoyed the kiss. :) Just letting you know now, though, they might not be kissing again for a while. But not too long of a while, so you won't have to wait much longer. ;) Yep, Jenny is alive and will be around within the Doctor and Wanda's lives. But just not within the story itself, more of they mention her once and a while. Hope you're not disappointed by that.

Kayla: Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the last chapter. :) And glad to hear I'll be seeing you again within this new part, too. :D I hope you will enjoy both it and Second Wanda.

little101: lol Well, I hope that doesn't mean a bad thing. Thanks for the review! :D I hope you will enjoy this second part of the story.

Squidtastik: I'm so glad you loved it! :D I hope you will like this next part, too!

thedarkness15: Glad you liked the ending, and part one. :) I hope you will enjoy this next part and Second Wanda as well.

Queenylime2: Yep, very crazy twists with the kissing. lol I'm happy that you enjoyed the part one of the story. :) Jenny will not actually be around for very much, only once and a while. It will be explained more why that is in chapter two. I hope this wasn't too long of a wait for this next part. lol Hope you enjoy! :D

AxidentlGoddess: Yay! Glad to see you'll be joining the next part of the story. :D Glad you're looking forward to it. As well as that you enjoyed the ending and the last part of the story. Yes, the Doctor will be pretty torn from where Wanda left him, but as you will see in the next chapter to come, it will be explained briefly what happened afterwards of her departure.

Jesuslovesmarina: Yep, I thought it might be a good twist. ;) But it's actually a special thing about Wanda in injuries, close calls, or dying with her jumping away. Can't say anything more as to why. Spoilers for now. ;) No, Jenny will be remaining alive and well. It was more of Wanda was having memory issues. It's an side-effect of when she goes into the possibilities for too much or too long. Plus, she was also sort of frazzled from the events she had just undergone.

firedog1235: Yay! I'm so, so happy that the story has brought you joy. :) Aww, thank you so much. I'm glad you think so. And thank you so much for sticking around with the story and giving your support. It truly means a lot to me. :) I hope you will enjoy this next part of the story as much as you enjoyed the first segment. As well as Second Wanda. :)

Fireball221B: Hello! And welcome to the new part of the story! :D I really hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much, that truly means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate that. :) Thank you so much for the support you have been giving to me and the story. You are totally awesome! :D

ELLI 1773: Yay! I'm so happy that the story makes you happy! :D Yeah, it's really pretty bad on many things as to why the Doctor is worried. Let's just say, you almost don't want to know what secrets he knows on Wanda. Oh, and sorry on the cliffhanger. lol I'm posting up the second chapter to make up for it. ;)

Thanks to everyone who sent a review in the last chapter of part one. And to everyone who gave the story a favorite or follow. :D I hope everyone will enjoy this new part as much as you enjoyed the first one. :) Have a totally fantastic day!