It was midnight and Clara felt so alone despite Madame Vashtra, Jenny, Strax and the Doctor being in the same house.

Clara stared at the sleeping Doctor and shook her head in disbelief.

"This couldn't be him; it has to be a mistake." She thought.

Her Doctor looked young and he was sweet and affectionate but this one was older, grouchy and frustrating.

"I don't think I can stay with him." She muttered.

"But you should." A voice from behind said.

Clara turned and saw a blond woman dressed in modern clothes smiling at her.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm you." She replied.

"I'm sorry?" Clara said confused.

"Well, I used to be just like you. My Doctor regenerated and I thought about leaving him, too."

"You've been through this?" She said.

The woman nodded. "When he regenerated I was scared and it was hard to accept that he had changed."

"Really? That's exactly what I'm going through" Clara smiled sadly.

The woman sat on the bed and gently stroked the Doctor's fingers.

"My Doctor had big ears, blue eyes and wore a leather jacket then he transformed into a tall, thin man with brown eyes and Converse sneakers." She smirked.

"What did you do?" Clara asked.

"It took time but I accepted him and you will, too." She said.

Clara scoffed and went to the window.

"Easy for you to say." She said looking outside.

"All I've done is trying to accept and I can't" Clara said softly.

The woman rolled her eyes. "Well, don't expect me to feel sorry for you."

"Excuse me?" Clara replied.

"This isn't about you just like it wasn't about me. It's about him." She said.

Clara glanced at him but didn't reply.

"Just like my Doctor he's scared and confused." She said.

"Well, it wasn't a picnic for me either." Clara bitterly replied.

The woman sighed.

"Then imagine getting a new face, new body, new everything right in front of your dearest friends and the first words you hear isn't "Are you okay" instead it's "Who are you" "Can you change back"." The woman explained.

Clara could hear the pain in her voice.

"I almost abandon him when he changed then his regeneration went wrong and I was the only one that could help him." Her voice started to break.

"What did you do?" Clara asked.

"I got over my doubts and I stayed with him and I'm so glad I did." She smiled.

Clara sniffed. "I know I should stay but I don't I think I know him anymore, he's so different."

The woman smiled. "When he starts to sparkle and shine that's when you know he's your Doctor."

Clara looked at her with tears running down her face. "What do I do in the mean time?"

The woman placed her hand on her shoulder and smiled. "What you've always done just believe in him."

Clara looked back at her older Doctor.

She carefully traced her finger along his new features and profile then cocked her head to one side and stared at him.

Clara smiled at him and knew what to do.

She turned to thank the mystery woman but she was gone.

"Where she go?" She muttered.

Clara looked around confused then she heard the Doctor speak.

"I am alone." He said softly.

Clara sat beside him and took his hand.

The Doctor gently grasped her hand and Clara smiled.

"No, you're not Doctor. As long as I'm here you'll never be alone." She whispered.