The phone slammed down, probably for the sixth time in the last fifteen minutes. "Why can't they just get a damn life already...!" Celina softly grumbled to herself as she rubbed her eyes, trying to pull away her irritation. That same idiot had been calling for hours now... Every time it would be the same damn thing over and over. Celina had memorized it by now that she didn't even need to listen to what the man said before it would pop out of his mouth.

The buns are coming out of the oven, the oven's on fire and the water's broken, and he can't wait very long until he has to take them out himself.

What could this stupid prank mean this time... The man had claimed to be a servant to Kaname several times, but she wasn't one to be fooled. Celina knew too well that servants do not call Kaname to disturb him at work, and any issue could be easily solved. Plus, there was the fact that she was nearly sure that Kaname had no servants... Leaning back into her chair as she tried to gather her thoughts and knowing that there were still many tasks she still had to do before the meeting was over, she stared down at the notepad on her desk.

When the pranks had become a little humorous, she had started to keep a tally of how often the man would call back... Needless to say that when the tallies have started to near triple digits that she had stopped counting. It was just annoying now, something she would rather not listen to... And as the phone started to ring away again and the same number popped up on the screen, she simply grumbled and pushed the phone away. She wasn't humoring this asshole any longer, not when she feared she could be punished for not taking care of better work that her leader needed done...

Plus, his meeting was already nearly over. She would need to work fast to get it done and she wasn't about to let any prank caller stand in her way now. Pulling over the paperwork that she knew needed to get done, she quickly started to scribble away, trying to ignore the continuing ringing phone. But as she worked, she soon realized that a couple minutes later that the phone had finally gone silent. Good. Now she could return to work without any distractions...

The meeting had gone on far longer than Kaname had ever thought to suspect, originally he had planned to be out of this room hours ago. Zero would surely be beyond aggravated that he was going to return late today, something that made the pureblood shiver. It seemed that his lover was one of the only people able to bring out such a response from him, though it wasn't undeserved.

When Zero gets angry it would make anyone tremble, especially now that the pregnancy hormones would be playing a part in these moods. Kaname just hoped that he was in an affectionate mood like yesterday when he returned home.. Perhaps then they would be able to stay in a better place.

Raising his head slightly to get a better view at the clock, he could barely stifle back the groan that caught in his throat. It was seven am... The sun would be up soon, and he hadn't been able to get home in time to cook for Zero. He must be starving by now... All he could hope was that Zero had enough energy to take something from the kitchen. Tearing his eyes away from the time, he couldn't help but try to speed along the process as best as he could.

Half way through the closing paperwork, a loud clash of thunder sounded, shaking the building with the force of it. It seemed that storm that had been threatening to bombard them decided that now would be the perfect time. Of course Kaname couldn't voice such discomforts, it wasn't in his position to complain about mediocre issues such as these.. Though it would make getting to town to buy some items for Zero all that much harder.

Luckily enough Kyoshiro seemed to take the initiative with that, hissing and swearing about the noise and how it definitely wouldn't put Celina in the mood. Though shortly after that he had hissed out something that made Kaname jolt upright in his seat, his head swinging to the side to view his colleague.

"Not only do I have to listen to that damn phone ring for hours on end, now I have to listen to this crap too? Great!"

And that was when all color drained from Kaname's face.. He was so used to phones ringing in the background that he had played that off as nothing, but to have Kyoshiro complain? It would have needed to call far more than usual. So sitting up from his seat and flinging the meeting door open with a mere look, Kaname narrowed his eyes and called out loudly for his secretary.

"Celina! Get in here, now!"

Kaname's voice alone shook the room much better than thunder ever could and more than enough to stir Celina. It was enough to make her jump out of her seat, her face turning white for a moment as the pen fell from her hand. But then soon enough she gained control over herself, knowing that it might just be Kaname requesting something in particular...

Swallowing a little hard, the young vampire adjusted her shirt and skirt to make sure she looked appropriate before she picked up her notepad and her other notes to bring with her. Sometimes she had to write down notes from the meetings, notes to call certain vampires for Kaname, other things that secretaries were known to do. But why was Kaname so upset... It was probably Kyoshiro pulling a fit again.

Celina didn't hesitate as she rushed through the door, holding the pad to her chest as she quickly approached Kaname, but with a reasonable distance. She could already feel how angry Kaname was... But even Kyoshiro seemed surprised. It must not have been him... Trying to force her eyes to look up to her leader, she gave a soft bow before asking, "Yes Lord Kuran?"

All she hoped was that she hadn't somehow managed to do something wrong. She had barely been able to do anything other than that damn prank caller annoying her all night...

His aura was tight, angry.. Something he had tried to reign in. The last thing he needed was to slip and reveal why he had been so angry in the first place, for all he knew the calls weren't Zero. Then again why would the phone be ringing non stop for the entire day? It was a question he had been about to find out.

"Did I not request that you forward each and every call to me? So why is it that I have not been notified from the calls coming through this morning?" Trying to grit his teeth a little in an attempt to not to sound as frightening, Kaname stepped from behind his desk and looked at the clearly frightened female. He didn't want to scare her to the point of lying.

Though once getting the answer of yes that he wanted, his eyes narrowed into dangerous slits, causing him to step forward once again. Even Kyoshiro looked nervous at this point, not really wishing to have a fight in the room, especially with Celina. "What were the messages that had been left for me, Celina?"

Ohhhhh she was in trouble.

Swallowing hard as she tried not to take a step back, she could only duck her head down to stare onto the floor. Kyoshiro wasn't exactly happy with what was going on, though... Especially as Kaname looked more like he was going to attack her with every sliding moment. Frowning slightly as she slowly took a step back, she forced herself to stumble for her pad.

"...I-it was only regular things, and... A prank caller was annoying me all night. I wrote it down, if you'd like to s-see," she stammered as she flipped through the pages on the yellow pad until she found the words that the prank caller had given her. Trying to keep her hands from shivering, the vampire eventually lifted out the pad to Kaname.

Meanwhile Kyoshiro was slowly starting to slide himself over to his 'mate', knowing that he would have to make sure Kaname didn't attack... No matter what kind of an ass that Kyoshiro was, he at least wouldn't stand for a woman being hurt because Kaname had started to get out of hand.

He didn't hesitate when reaching forward and grabbing that pad, his eyes scanning through the messy scrawl Celina had managed to write down. But what he saw there made his worries even worse, the context of which these messages were written..

Buns coming out of the oven, removing them himself... The water breaking... This would definitely of been Zero, there was no doubt in the purebloods mind at this point.

Trying not to loose all control and kill the female on the spot, Kaname's now angry crimson eyes darted to her once more. "When was the last message received?" It may have been a simple request of course, but Kaname once again managed to place enough anger in those words to make an average human soil themselves.

Crunching the notebook up in his hands without worry for what else might have been on there, Kaname stepped forward, almost close enough to reach out both her and Kyoshiro. Though having Kyoshiro there was slightly aggravating.. He could easily kill him of course but he never would, regardless of his outlook on hunters he was quite a valuable member of the team.

A soft hiss slipped from Kyoshiro the moment Kaname started to step closer to Celina, his seeing eye narrowing back at him as he let his fangs expose. But he also was trying not to quiver... Purebloods had too much strength compared to any other aristocrats. If he wanted to at any moment, he could wipe out any vampire within a few miles' radius in a second.

"Kaname, take it easy, it's just a stupid prank call," Kyoshiro tried to talk sense into his leader as he started to slide himself in front of Celina. But just as he thought that maybe he could keep Celina from getting hit or injured at all, that was the time that she decided that she needed to open her damn mouth.

"...F-fifteen minutes ago. They stopped, he must have just got tired of it," she stammered as she tried to slide away from Kyoshiro. Her own instinct on avoiding her suitor was starting to bite her in the ass... Kaname had never physically punished her, after all. Kyoshiro getting in front of her and probably irritating Kaname would not help anything...

Fifteen minutes.. Does that mean that Zero was delivering their child right at this moment? It was a possibility.. The aggravation he was feeling through the bond had subsided, though he was sure what he felt earlier was just another mood swing.. Work had distracted the pure blood much more than he should of hoped. He also decided that perhaps it was too late to even speak to Celina any longer, the damage was already done. Of course that still hadn't stopped the rage rushing through his system for her defying specific orders he had given her. That would of course require punishment.

And what was the best way Kaname punished someone?

With narrowed eyes the pureblood raised his hand, the exact moment Celina had decided to step out from behind Kyoshiro. It wasn't long before his hand had fully extended to push forward in a gush of wind, a backhand that would surely make anyone fall from the blow. The question was did she get hit or did Kyoshiro save her from the hit?

Blood specked onto the floor as claws swept across a hard cheek, a grunt of pain coming until a body fell onto the floor from the force of the hit. Well it was obvious that Kaname wasn't about to hold back for a moment... Not even as the claws had sank into flesh, the wrong flesh to hit at this moment.

"...Fuck," the soft swore slipped from Kyoshiro's lips, though it was followed by the sound of crunching bone and a hiss of pain. His hand was pressed against his exposed jaw bone, trying to fight off the pain of claws sinking into the bone and breaking it with the force... He could almost feel the fragments breaking off into his palm.

This is apparently what he gets for trying to protect Celina...

But after a frightened gasp from the young female, she too had knelt down beside the fallen vampire, pressing her hand against the bleeding scratches on tendons and whatever flesh and muscle he had left. It seemed that one blow had managed to get both of them to at least clear the door... And while Celina was busy trying to tend to the man that had protected her, it gave Kaname his chance to escape.

After all, he had a baby on the way.

Or a baby that was already here.

He truly didn't know what had happened or if he was even going to arrive on time. It was obvious by the way Zero was speaking that he hadn't been able to get hold of the doctor. Then again had he even left the number for him to call..? Regardless of those facts, Kaname fled from the room without so much as a second glance towards his friend fallen to the floor.

Pureblood never had to apologize after all, Kaname was no exception to that rule. And like a bat out of hell, he was gone.. It had only taken him a split second to get to his car and out of the lot, though the rain proved that even for a pureblood it was difficult to see. Kaname had been squinting out the window as soon as he had hit the accelerator.

But perhaps he should call Zero, it would be the best thing to do before over exaggerating, or so he hoped. So it was with a little nervousness that Kaname pulled out his phone, all while speeding down the private road and onto the highway.

Three dials had passed before the other end was picked up, though he was greeted with nothing but silence...


"...YOU FUCKING ASSFUCK. Do you have ANY fucking idea how many times I tried calling your ass because she's fucking coming and she's not waiting and now you decide to finally respond?! Or was having your god damn baby interrupting your precious WORK and your precious MEETING. IF you don't get the fuck down here, I will go down there and rip off your dick myself! And then-"

"I'm sorry, Zero! I-"


Before the pureblood even had the chance to say anything more, it seemed that another contraction had struck the young hunter. Judging by the muffled groans and grunts and the hisses of pain, there must not be that much time left... A chill raked down Kaname's spine as he heard the pained noises from his partner, forcing himself through labor pains without Kaname beside him... Kaname's mind was flickering at a break-neck pace, trying to keep his panic from rising to the surface...

Kaname didn't know how long Zero had been in labor, after all, or how close the baby was to being born. But no matter what, he had to get the doctor there... He couldn't take the chance of Zero being strained or something going wrong, even if it meant he wasn't there right away.

Trying to speak loud enough to where Zero could still hear him, he tried to soothe his mate. "Zero, honey, I'm going to call the doctor. He will be over there soon, I promise. Now I'm going to hang up and try to get in contact with him, alright? Do you think you'll be alright for a few more minutes?"

"...You fucking bastard...!"

Zero's voice almost seemed to be a choking sob wracked with pain, making the pureblood cringe. His hand gripped harder on the steering wheel and he couldn't help but press down harder on the gas pedal. He needed to get home as soon as possible... He had to be with his mate.

"I love you, sweetheart. I'll be with you soon, I promise."

Kaname didn't give himself a moment to let Zero respond, knowing that it would only tear his heart to bloody strips to hear him in so much pain. After he called the doctor, he would more than likely pick up the phone and try to call again. Hanging up before he allowed Zero to respond, he quickly was pulling up the doctor's number next and pressed the call button, placing it to his ear while he tried to squint through the pouring rain.

Luckily enough the phone only ringed once before it was answered, the doctor probably keeping it close because he knew how soon Zero would be having a child. So Kaname immediately barked into the other end of the phone, telling him to get there immediately. Even if the doctor got there before Kaname did then at least he would be sure their child would be safe.

Hanging up to the phone and pulling off to the highway that would get him home quickest through the plummeting rain, Kaname pushed his foot down further still, only to come to a screeching halt...

It seemed the rain had caused a traffic jam, one in which he couldn't move his car an inch.

Perfect, now Kaname was going to take even more time... All Zero was expecting right now was the faint hope that at least someone would get to him before the baby came... But at this point, that hope was being wasted with every moment that passed. Right now out of all, he seemed to be losing a hell lot more hope...

"I'm gonna fucking kill you K-Kuran...!" the moan slipped from his lips as the hunter squirmed onto the bed, trying to fight the fire of pain in his hips and in his stomach. His hands clutched onto his swollen stomach as his face contorted into one of pain. He never expected labor to hurt this much... But maybe there were added facts that the mother currently giving birth was a man. That probably made things a little more difficult...

Grinding his teeth together, he was forced to wait until the contraction passed. Phew... They were two minutes apart now, and closing in. He wouldn't get much time to catch his breath... But the more he was trying to catch his breath, the more he knew that he had to prepare himself for what was coming. She was coming and she wasn't going to wait any longer... Maybe Zero would really have to do this by himself.

Fighting back another groan as his head fell into the pillows he had managed to take from the couch to help support him, he focused on leveling out his breathing before anything else. Maybe if he had Kaname... talk him through it. He had to know something, the doctor probably has talked to him about it... And so as Zero sat himself up onto the bed, trying not to grunt out in the pain of his hips, he finally stared down at his soaked pants.

Those were going to have to go...

And within a few minutes, a ring was starting to tune on Kaname's phone. And the name on the screen was none other than Zero... Hopefully it wasn't calling that the baby was here and that Zero was threatening to leave Kaname if he didn't come home soon to apologize.

Panic surged through Kaname as soon as the phone had started to ring, the first thought popping into his head was one where he was too late.. The baby had arrived and he had missed everything. But that would kill him, to know his first born would be born into the world without her father.. He would never get that chance back, it would be gone for a life time.

"Zero? Are you alright? I called the doctor and he is on the way, he wont be any longer than fifteen minutes I'm sure of it" Of course that was probably a lie, the storm looked as though it was hitting harder the further he crept to home, the doctors house had also been in that same vicinity.

But as soon as he didn't hear any screaming child or Zero abusing him, he let out a small gush of air. Maybe he wouldn't be too late. Then again with the way the traffic was going at the moment he wouldn't be there until tomorrow, something he dreaded most of all. He was running out of options.

Zero wasn't quite having their baby just yet... But by the sound of Zero's harsh breathing and him desperately trying to catch his breath, it was obvious that there wasn't going to be much time left. And as the cars were moving at a snail's pace, and the idea that the doctor was moving just as slow wasn't helping them in this situation... But hopefully they would have a little bit more time.

The hunter on the other line swallowed audibly as he tried to keep his dry mouth moist, wishing that he had gotten more water when he could still walk. "...I-I'm fine, I think we're okay... B-but I need-" A gasp of pain slipped from the hunter before a low moan, but he forced himself not to drop the phone this time. maybe only a minute in between now, and the time was dropping.

Managing to catch his voice even as the contraction had not yet passed, the hunter finally managed to speak again. "...K-Kaname...! I... I think I need to push."

...Well fuck. This was the worst thing that could have been happening at this moment... It was to the point that Zero could feel the baby trying to nudge her way to freedom, but she needed help. And Zero just didn't know if he could wait any longer.

"No wait! You need to tell me how far apart these contractions are, don't push until it is absolutely necessary or you will cause her stress" That was one of the main issues he had read about, Zero didn't want to harm himself or the daughter if he could help it after all.

Letting out a frustrated groan at the slow pace of the cars, Kaname revved his engine, though it wasn't heard from anyone but himself, the rain was just far too loud. "Zero.. I.. I cant move anywhere in this traffic, I don't know if I'll be able to move let alone get there in time." What could he do? It seemed as though he would only be able to run there.

In fact he was tempted to leave his car where it was and simply run home, then again he could use his bats to fly over. He didn't wish to be seen running at vampire speed throughout the cars, it would cause more than enough problems. But if he needed to keep talking to Zero, that would be his only way... If he needed to talk Zero through all of this, if their child was that close to being born, he had to do it.

"Why the fuck do I need to tell you how far apart when she's almost fucking here and I can feel her!"

What had first flashes as anger, probably even felt by Kaname through the bond, soon turned into a broken sob. Pain flared into Kaname almost through the phone as Zero almost cried out the words, feeling more than enough pain to wish for him to die already... Every thought of support that he had dragged up inside him had vanished in an instant, and Kaname saying that he can't get home don't help.

A sob managed to wrack Zero before he could stop it, audible onto the phone. He wouldn't dare admit it but he was... Afraid. Kaname wasn't coming home fast enough, the doctor was caught in the damn storm, and the baby was coming right now. "You gotta come home... I can't do this by myself..."

Maybe the pain had almost driven Zero nuts at this point. But he also knew of the very real danger of giving birth by himself. Not only was there the danger of tears or the baby not responding or being stressed but there was the idea that anyone around could smell his blood... He at least didn't want to be here defenseless. It was such a horrible feeling that it too a few moments for Zero to control himself.

"...a minute or less apart. Kaname, I need to push, I know I have to...! S-she's almost here...!"

...It didn't seem like Kaname had any choice now. Their daughter was clearly on the way, and Kaname was amazed that Zero hadn't just gone ahead and pushed. Less than a minute, the baby was nearly here!

He felt the color drain from his face as he was forced to listen to Zero's broken pants, sometimes turning into soft sobs. Though before he knew it, Zero cried out in pain again as another contraction took hold of him. If Kaname had to decide something, he had to do it now. Their baby's life was on the line, as well as Zero's...

He was going to have to help Zero through this over the phone.

Swallowing hard, Kaname eventually forced himself to open up the door of his car. He was going to have to run there like this... Of course not any faster than a human while he was still within sight, but with the cars at a standstill, there was no way he could drive there. Grabbing his bag, knowing that if any human found it that it may lead to chaos with vampire documents inside, he stepped out and slammed the car door shut.

"...Okay, Zero. You have to listen to me," Kaname began, pulling as much strength as he could into his voice. He was Zero's rock, after all, his sanity and his strength. Hearing Zero's voice fall down to a slight whimper instead gave him a little bit of hope that his mate would listen. As long as he could guide Zero through this, he would be safe...

He hoped.

"If you haven't already, you need to sit up as much as you can, but slouch so she can be able to be born freely without being... sat on." It was blunt, but it was going to have to be that way. Kaname was already beginning to run, dodging between cars and hearing the blast of horns but he did not care. They didn't know what was happening, that his daughter was being born, that his mate was in danger...

His nerves were tense as he heard a bit of shuffling followed by winces and curses of pain.

"...O-okay. Now what?"

Good, at least Zero wasn't going to yell at him yet. Still in the sight of the humans, he knew that it would take some time to get into the woods lining the highway, to be able to go to full speed... It may be twenty minutes away from home if he was free to run, but until then, he was only wasting time.

"Now take the blanket, or whatever you can. Use your shirt if you have to. You're going to use that while she's being born so you can catch her, alright?"

"B-but Kaname-!"

"Zero, just listen to me!" Kaname was trying his hardest not to let his frustration through, reminding himself that he wasn't the one in pain, currently birthing their firstborn daughter without anyone to physically help him. Hearing some more pants but more rustling sounds, Zero's voice eventually came back.

"I-I got the blanket, b-but I still need to push!"

Zero's breathing was a little less labored, a break between the contractions perhaps. Throwing another gaze around himself before finally realizing he was out of sight, he prepared himself for the yelling he would receive. Zero wasn't going to want to do this...

"I need you to reach down between your legs and see if you can feel her at your entrance. If you feel her head, you need to push."

Zero stiffened on the bed, as if realizing now just how serious Kaname was being. He had still been preparing to smooth out the blanket, trying to make sure that he didn't get it too messy with his water or any of his other fluids so that his child could be born on the fresh blanket. But now Kaname was telling him that he had to... well, grab her.

"K-Kaname! I'm not going to fist myself to see if she's there!" Zero cried out, though pain was scrambling his thoughts at the moment. But at least for a moment he was distracted from the pain... Though that wasn't long as not more than a few seconds later, a blistering pain shot into his stomach. Unprepared, Zero couldn't help but let out a screech, his hand tightening into the blanket and soon leaving tears. He feared for a moment that he would break the phone...

The contraction seemed to be making up his mind for him, as Kaname didn't even have to speak other than trying to encourage his lover by speaking stupid phrases like 'you can do it' and 'I believe in you'. If Kaname thought he could do it, then why not make him feel this pain when he got home...

"Okay, o-okay, I'll do it...!" Zero cried out as if the contraction was his punishment for defying Kaname. Sweat was already pouring down his face as he panted, hoping against hope that the contraction would end soon. But as he laid on the bed trembling, he knew that there was no time to waste... Gritting his teeth together and closing his eyes, he forced himself to let go of the blanket and slowly move his hand down, around his large stomach, searching for a sign of their daughter...

...Nothing yet. They still had time.

"S-she's not h-here yet..." Zero panted, pressing his hand instead to his stomach.

"Good. But you're going to need to push soon... Are you ready with the blanket?"


"Alright. When the next contraction comes, you're going to need to push as much as you can. Before that, put the blanket under your hips if possible. It's going to be uncomfortable, but the rest of your water is going to start... coming out." Gross. "It might be bloody, but that's normal. Don't be frightened."

Zero sure as hell wasn't taking that last sentence to heart as his heart hammered away. Blood?! The last thing he needed was to bleed everywhere! Sure there had been some blood in his water, but it wasn't horrible... If he attracted a vampire who was smelling his blood and they found him...!

"Zero? Sweetheart, I'll be right here, keep talking to me."

"...P-please come home...! I can't do this alone...!" Tears were starting to slide down his cheeks this time, though Zero wasn't sure any longer if they were from the pain or knowing that Kaname still wasn't home. Yet he did as Kaname told him and painstakingly moved the blanket beneath his hips, though spreading it out enough to catch his daughter if needed. But he had his shirt also, and thankfully other than some sweat, it was avoiding most of these stains.

Birth was disgusting...

"I'm right here, my love. We will see our daughter soon."

Any response Zero was about to give was cut off as another contraction struck him, but he had been preparing for it. As if letting instinct take over for him, he pushed his hand into the mattress and clutched tight, snarling out loudly as he tried to push. But the more he pushed, the more he realized that the contractions were lengthening. And she wasn't moving...

And of course there was blood.

"S-she's not coming...!" Zero hissed as he pushed his head back into the pillows, already beginning to pant.

"It's going to take a little while of pushing, but make sure to stop once the contraction is over. That means you can take a break and recover your strength."

Only giving Kaname a whine this time, the hunter resumed in pushing, though as the contraction began to end, he couldn't help but feel his strength sliding away. How much longer was this going to take...! "K-Kaname...!" Zero called out for his partner, trying to hold back another sob. He was stronger than this... He was Zero Kiryuu, a born hunter. He had stared death in the face and spat in his eyes. He could kill a vampire and make it tremble before him...

But all it took was childbirth to tear him down.

"It's okay, love, I know it hurts."


"...I'm sorry, love. I don't know, but I'll stay with you. I won't be long now, maybe a few more minutes... Just hang on."

This went on for what felt like an eternity. Zero would push, swear at Kaname, and the pureblood would try to comfort him as much as he could. At least Zero tried to keep his strength up, but by about ten minutes of pushing, he was exhausted. He had already been in labor since 3 am... Those stupid pricks must have been the start of it. Now he would have to wait even longer for this baby to get out of his body.

Though by the time that the next contraction had finished, Zero couldn't help but squirm at the unnatural feeling in between his hips, as if she was finally moving. Testing the waters just slightly, he forced himself to ignore the sticky mess he was laying in and moved his hand down, searching...

Then he felt the softness of skin, of sticky, curly hair. She was almost here.

"K-Kaname, I can feel her head!"

"Do you mean she's crowning?!"

"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT IT MEANS. All I give a fuck about is that YOU'RE not HERE yet!" It didn't take much for Zero to snap at his lover, but it was true that Kaname was still not here... Of course Kaname had to stop now and then when he would pass a road or highway, forcing himself to slow down. Kaname had already called the doctor once, who had responded with saying that he was still trying to get to Kaname's home... It seemed that this storm had caused more problems than necessary today.

"Okay, Zero. I'm almost home but this is important, it can't wait. Try pushing as hard as you can when the contraction begins, but keep your hand there. If you push hard enough, you can feel her move and you're going to need to catch her. It should take a couple of pushes, the head is hard to get out first."

When was Zero going to get a break from this... Giving a couple of softs pants as a response, all he could do was build up his strength as much as he could. Though as he tried asking a couple of questions to Kaname, he was once again cut off with another contraction. This time he didn't try to silence himself... He didn't care if Kaname thought of him as weak, he wasn't currently giving birth right now. He also intended to show Kaname just how much pain he was in when he got home...

Halfway through the second contraction, and managing to feel a little bit of movement and progression, he heard probably the best news he had heard all day.

"Zero! I can see the house, I'll be right inside!"

...Kaname made it. But it seemed like even getting inside the house was going to be an issue to being in time as Zero tried his hardest to finish the contraction, and felt their baby move just a little bit more... But it felt like she was moving at a snails pace compared to what had been happening half an hour ago. Snarling out loudly as he tossed the phone to the ground, he soon focused all of his attention on more important matters. Sitting himself up just a little bit more but trying to be careful, he grabbed his shirt and pushed it between his legs.

If she was being born right now, Zero was going to catch her. He wasn't going to let anything bad happen to her.

Cringing as he could feel the slight tearing of her trying to work her way to freedom, he clenched his eyes shut and tried to concentrate on his breathing once more... Until he felt a hand touch his own, trying to touch his baby.

A fire lit inside Zero he hadn't felt for hours, fury racing up inside him as his eyes snapped open. Words that were being spoken to him didn't matter any longer as he snapped out one hand and grabbed onto the wrist, sinking in his claws deep. Even as his eyes met surprised crimson orbs, he did not stop. It only fueled him...

Kaname was going to feel his pain.

In a second, sharp fangs and teeth dove down onto the flesh, savagely ripping in almost to the bone. He had been hoping for this moment all day... To make Kaname suffer for every single pain that he had put on him when he had gotten Zero pregnant. The back aches, the morning sickness, the kicks, the squirms, the contractions, everything... Into one bite.

Zero could almost feel his bone crunching between his powerful jaws, but he was also fueled by the pain. It was just as good as cursing... But he wouldn't even attempt to loosen his grasp, even as he heard Kaname cry out in pain. He had no idea just what pain was... Not as the hunter focused on trying to get this baby out from his body, to finally end this maddening pain...

He felt more movement, as if his pushing was getting progress. But he couldn't help but hear Kaname stammering something... That the doctor was almost here, that he could hear him opening the door and that he would be here soon... Of course the doctor decides to come now, right when he would start punishing his lover for being so late. But he only clenched his teeth harder onto Kaname, to make him pay.

And it felt exactly like that, their fights, the abuse hurled towards each other.. All of those little things had been piled up and put into that bite, the pressure of it making Kaname hiss. It had almost made his knees buckle too, to be surprised at the force and pained by it. Though he knew better, humans also took their anger out on each other with these situations, Zero was just a hell of a lot stronger than them.

Trying to ignore the fact that those fangs felt pretty close to his bone, Kaname used his other hand to move up and stroke through the silverettes hair, an attempt to calm him down slightly. It was probably useless and wouldn't help the hunter at all.. But then again Kaname was also doing it for his own sake, to calm his nerves. He knew that he should be helping the hunter in a more physical manner, but Zero was adamant that he was not allowed to touch.

Kaname couldn't exactly blame him... He had been in labor for hours and had gone this far. He didn't need help to finish it off... Though either way, the doctor was still trying to work his way through the maze of the manor. Hurried footsteps could be heard, though stumbling from time to time. It seemed the doctor was trying to haul up some of the things he needed while running at a quickened pace. Possibly not the best idea.

Though as he felt the teeth loosen on his arm, he could tell that the contraction must have stopped.

"F-fuck..." Zero groaned out, though muffled by the blood still pouring from his arm. He coughed before attempting to swallow the strengthening blood. Her head was almost out, just a couple more pushes...

And of course now the doctor chose to arrive.

He burst through the door, though stumbled to a halt as he saw the sight before him. The baby was well on her way to being born, her head cradled in Zero's palm. Not only that but Zero's teeth were sank deep into Kaname's arm once more, though it seemed not just to feed as he saw Kaname's teeth gritting together in an attempt to not voice his pain. All he could hope was that he would not be the next target to Zero's wrath... Every vampire knew the hunter's infamous temper.

Forcing a quick bow as was custom, though probably was unnecessary at a time like this, the doctor soon dropped his equipment on the counter, searching through layers of equipment. Many of this was now unneeded, as the baby was nearly done being delivered... It may only be minutes until she was born.

"...H-hurry the fuck up you piece of-" Zero's snap was cut off by a startled cry of pain before his teeth shoved into Kaname's arm once more. His body trembled as he tried to gather his strength for another push, but judging by the paleness in his face, there wasn't much left in him... There would be a reason to why the doctor was here after all, and Zero could not deny it.

Taking no hesitation, the doctor grabbed scissors and a towel, as well as a couple of clamps. There was not even time to put on gloves, as the baby was obviously being birthed at this moment. Soon standing on the other side of the bed, he delicately shifted his hands beneath Zero's, nudging them away just slightly. "Mister Kiryuu, you're nearly there. The head is almost out, and after the shoulders, it will be all over," he tried his best to encourage the hunter, but as he heard that dark growl, he soon realized Zero wanted nothing of that.

There really wasn't much the doctor could do, and he was very much surprised at how Zero was doing by himself... As a first time mother, there usually was panic and hesitation during birth but Zero showed nothing of that. Of course he wouldn't know about Zero's near break down on the phone with Kaname...

A little bit of movement quickly pulled him back to what was before him, quickly realizing that this was not the time to drift off. The next heir to the Kuran throne was being born, and there was no room for mistakes...

Kaname was really starting to despise having his arm attached right now.. He would much prefer it if Zero merely bit through and took it to bite on his own, at least that way Kaname wouldn't be feeling the pain he was now. Once again though he had no right to complain, Zero was obviously suffering far more than he was right now, Kaname had also been able to heal up as soon as he was able, unlike the hunter.

The doctor of course had reached forward and started to assist with the small child exiting her mothers body, the head was now out and it would take one rather large push or two small ones to get the rest of her out. It was up to Zero completely at this stage, depending on how much strength he could muster up in the space of a few short minutes.

"Here we go, try to do one big push now. It might be the last one.." From what he could see, the child looked healthy, though being able to live off of pure blood tended to do that to anyone. In fact both Zero and the child were looking incredibly well due to this fact, hence why the baby looked like she weighed on the larger side.

An irritated growl rumbled from between his teeth as he tried to take in the shallow breaths. But he didn't want to let go of Kaname's arm, not when he was making him feel every little bit of pain if not more... He wasn't the one on the bed pushing a baby through his asshole, after all. ...Even though it wasn't exactly like that, it was still the same concept.

And it was still the same pain.

"C-c'mon...!" Zero groaned out as he could feel the next contraction starting to come, and it was the biggest one yet... It would be the last one until he could finally have his daughter, or more importantly, be free of this damn pain. No more kicking in the middle of his sleep, no more vomiting for no reason, no more nothing... Instead he was going to have his daughter, after this last push of course.

And it was then that he took in his deepest breath yet, trying not to suck in some of Kaname's blood, before he sank his teeth down onto Kaname's arm, this time cracking down onto the bone, as he pushed with every ounce of strength in his weakening body. He wasn't sure if he would have anything left for another push... So he was going to do all he could to make sure there wouldn't be another one. That now, their daughter could finally be born...

All it would take was this one last push.

Of course Kanames fists balled up as soon as Zero bit in with all of his strength, the sound of his bone being scraped clearly heard over the sounds in the room. But surprisingly enough he didn't seem to care as much as before, because he knew he was about to see his little girl, to lay eyes on the one thing he had waited so long to meet.. It had felt like an eternity, and the time was already here.

The doctor though had prepared himself to catch the small child and as soon as Zero started to push with all of his strength, the body slowly began to move, then within seconds slid out with ease once the shoulders had been pushed through. The doctor had immediately caught hold of the infant, doing quick checks over all of her vitals to ensure she was perfect.

Though there was one problem... She wasn't moving.

Zero on the other hand was still panting after the last contraction was over, and he was desperately trying to scrape together enough strength to possibly push again. But then he started to realize that the horrible pain was... fading. Drifting. Slowly his eyes blinked open, and his jaws unhooked from Kaname's rather wounded arm.

Only then did he wearily look up from the pillow his head was rested against, and he realized one thing first. He wasn't as fat. Sure, there was still weight, but it wasn't the huge bulge like it was before... Was she really out? But then his next fear came, knowing that she wasn't crying yet... And as the doctor worked, he couldn't help but feel his start to rise up into his throat.

He did something wrong. She was dead. How could he have done something wrong! Had he waited too long to start pushing?! The heartstopping pain that clung onto his body had made the color trickle down from his cheeks, and tears rush into his eyes. He tried to sit himself up to let himself see, but the doctor's arms were around the little lump of flesh he had suffered so long to protect and give life...

Something that made the doctor's heart lunge up into his throat, dreading that she may have been distressed and that something had gone wrong... But as he grabbed the scissors to clip away the umbilical cord, the movement of her being pulled closer to the doctor seemed to have awakened her, as pink soon rushed into her skin, and of course then came the all too familiar cry of the newborn.

She was alive... And apparently had the same pair of lungs as Zero.

Zero's breath caught in his throat as the sound came from the tiny body in the doctor's hands, and even as he strained to get a look, all he could do was listen to the sound of her crying... Oh god, she was fine... She was here. It was a thought that almost tipped Zero off balance at the moment, to know that the damn squirming thing inside him was their daughter, their precious daughter...

"Congratulations Mr Kiryuu, Lord Kuran. She is very healthy and not a thing is wrong with her." Grabbing a towel from the nearby stand, the male quickly wiped the child over and stepped towards Zero. She needed to be held by the mother first, it was the bonding experience all children needed to go through. So it was with that that the doctor handed the wailing infant over.

The doctor couldn't bring her over fast enough as the hunter wearily outstretched his arms to take her, though a bit greedily. "...Oh god," he breathed as he felt the squirming warmth in his arms, almost overwhelmed by the sensation. yes, her crying was loud, but it was still their baby's crying... And as Zero started to pull away the blanket to let him get a better look at his little girl, he couldn't help but feel his heart drop a little.


Kaname on the other hand had completely forgotten about his injured arm, instead leaning over to see the small child. Of course Zeros little 'oh' was enough to confuse him quite a bit, why would he even say such a thing? Or had she not been as he was expecting? Frowning slightly at that, Kaname leaned a little further to view the child's face... There seemed to be nothing wrong except...

Kaname had realised what Zeros oh had been about by this stage, resulting in a small frown and a quick reach around with a bloody arm to get a damp cloth. From there he delicately wiped over the infants face, ridding her of the white sticky and bloody mess still covered on her face and hair. It seemed that Zero hadn't expected her to be covered in goo... Though her hair was something he didn't expect at all..

The doctor had began to move down to his previous position, letting the family bond as best they could given the circumstances. He still had to take the baby and weigh her, give her a shot and then perhaps even clothe her if the parents so wished it. So it was with silence that the male began to clean the silverette up, ridding the after birth and all of the other mess provided with child birth. He tried to do so without disturbing Zero too much, knowing that the hunter's emotions were still high...

Well... Zero hadn't been expecting her to be a sticky mess when she came out.

Then again, the hunter should have known by now that she wasn't going to be perfectly clean once she came out of Zero's body. But to be covered in blood and mucus? And she was all... wrinkly. Yet she still squirmed and wailed her little heart out in his arms, something that made him frown. Did she not want to be held? Or was she upset that she had to come out so soon...

Well, then she could be upset at Kaname for that. It was his fault, after all. While Kaname started to wipe away the mucus a little more off of her face, he couldn't help but notice that her hair was darkening... It wasn't white, but then again, he had doubted that to begin with. He was almost sure that Kaname's dark brown would overtake it... But then he frowned again.

Delicately he used the edge of the towel she was wrapped up in to start wiping it at her hair, trying to wipe away whatever was coloring her hair... But even as he rubbed a little bit harder, to the point that she cried out and tried to squirm away, he finally realized that it wasn't mucus... She had... Blonde hair?

"...I swear to god, I didn't cheat on you," Zero breathed as he looked at her with some confusion. But as he looked at it, he couldn't help but think that the hair was a little darker than normal blond hair... Now if only she would open her eyes so he could see just which side of the family she decided to take from.

Kaname believed him, he hadn't even suspected that he had been cheated upon more than they already knew. Kaito had dark hair so it was obvious that it also wasn't a factor. Not to mention they had gotten the test to say the child was indeed Kaname's, leaving everything Zero had said useless. It was a bit satisfactory to know that Zero worried about what he would think though.

Glancing down at their beautiful child for a long moment, Kaname gently moved over and pressed his lips to Zeros head. "The hair.. It's like your mothers, Zero" the soft breath would have only been loud enough for the hunter to hear, he didn't want the doctor to really listen in on their conversation any more than he truly had to.

But before he could say anything else, the child began squirming once more, but this time she opened her curious eyes to look up at her parents. The wailing had stopped for a short moment, though Kaname was sure she would start again. She would be hungry after all of that ordeal.

But the look of her eyes.. They had rendered the pureblood speechless. They were beautiful, a color that was hard to describe.. It was as though they had been a mix of Kaname's own as well as Zeros, though it did favor lavender more than any other color.

Of course. How could he have thought of anything else... Zero softly blinked as he looked down to their precious daughter, watching her as her crying eventually stopped. He was still trying to wipe away the rest of the goo from her body, feeling his stomach churn at the scent of it. Who knew that childbirth was this... disgusting. Then again he had more than enough things happen to him today to support that...

But then she finally let her eyes flutter open, and Zero couldn't help but take in a sharp breath at the color. Deep violet... He could almost see the tone of red, darkening the violet, but it was as if they were violet jewels in her eyes. They were... beautiful. It had taken his breath away for a few moments as her beautiful eyes looked up at them, a few whimpers coming from her.

They weren't quite focused at them, but they probably were blobs... And as she tried to blink away the light that she was seeing for the first time, it seemed to be a bit too irritating as she started to cry once more... Wincing slightly at the sound, Zero couldn't help but let his instincts take over and delicately pulled her to his chest, letting her rest into the crook of his arm to keep her head supported.

"Oh sweetheart, it's okay..." Zero cooed to her as he started to delicately rock her, though wearily. He looked like a complete mess, and that was exactly as he felt... He didn't even care as the doctor worked to attempt to clean him up under the sheet, he was too tired to complain...

Kaname had never been so happy in all of his existence, in fact he had never remembered feeling like this, so alive and so happy. It was all because of both Zero and their tiny little girl.. She was perfect in every way, features from both himself and Zero, though he was glad majority were from the Kiryuu side.. Zero was perfect after all.

Meanwhile the doctor had finished cleaning the hunter as best he could, a bath being the only thing able to do the rest. After looking through the cabinets, he soon found a couple more blankets, knowing that the one Zero had used was now saturated. Draping the blanket over Zero's body to help cover him up, he allowed Kaname to finish tucking in the weary hunter. Everything had happened quite smoothly so there hadn't been much for him to do luckily enough. But it was strange.. Usually hunters found it difficult to survive past this point, this may in fact be the only case where the mother had lived.

He was indeed working with miracles.

Clearing his throat and looking up at the very happy family, the doctor smiled and stepped forward slightly. "I must take the child to be weighed and other things, but first Zero to complete the bonding between both mother and child you will need to feed her. Don't be alarmed if it is only a small amount before she sleeps, newborns are known to sleep straight after birth for up to two days without feeding or anything else."

Well she did still have some smudges on her, but other than that, she was perfect... Though as Zero tried to figure out just what was wrong with his little angel, already feeling as if this parenthood was going to be a hell of a ride from the start, the doctor then decided to step closer. OF course, Zero wasn't going to give her up without a fight...

As amethyst eyes, even as tired and dulled as they were, stared up at Kaname with a piercing glare, he couldn't help but pull his baby closer to his chest to shield her away from the doctor. He was already a bit too protective of his daughter, but then again, he had worked too hard to let just anyone touch her and pick her up... Who knows just how Kaien would be able to touch her at all when he would come to visit.

A growl rumbled in his throat as he shifted himself on the bed to slide down the bed to get closer to Kaname. But then he said that he wouldn't take her, and that he would have to... feed her. His eyes softly narrowed back at the doctor, but he knew that it was to be done... the only thing that frightened him was the fact that she may soon be sleeping for days on end.

"...Okay, fine. Where's the bottle."

Once again the doctor cleared his throat uncomfortably, glancing towards Kaname in hopes he wouldn't be scalded in what he was about to say. It would be rude to correct a purebloods mate after all.. But he had no choice in the matter, it was obvious Zero had no idea what was meant to happen and it was his job as a doctor to tell him as soon as possible.

"Well, you see Mr Kiryuu.. Your body has been lactating and the milk your child needs will be from you. Formulated milk wont give her everything she needs" The child needed to get everything the mother had to offer her, Zero was the only one able to provide such a thing at this time.. So it was with a suggestive glace to the males breast that the doctor tried to give his last hint.

Kaname also realized what was happening and smiled a little in sympathy. He wouldn't know how Zero would react to such a thing, it wouldn't be the proudest of moments but then again he was a mother and it was to be expected. Then again what about this was typical?

It unfortunately took a few moments for Zero to realize just what the doctor was saying... But then again, as the doctor soon looked down to his chest and back up into his eyes, it quickly made everything click into his head... And unfortunately enough, he knew that there was no use denying it... That didn't mean he wasn't going to do it anyway, though.

A red blush pushed itself into his cheeks as he stared up at the doctor, his mouth dropping. What the hell! "No! No way in fucking hell am I doing that! This is such a stupid joke, you can't really tell me I have to do that! You're getting me a bottle a-and..." Zero stammered out in the end, knowing that he couldn't escape the fact that he really would have to do it...

He might as well give his pride a stab in the back now as he looked down to his crying daughter, probably still hungry. Biting onto his bottom lip a little, he couldn't help but look back at the doctor, then his daughter, then glared at the doctor. "...Y-you're leaving. You're not going to fucking watch... pervert," Zero grumbled, his cheeks hot with embarrassment and a little shame that he would have to do this.

Kaname nodded his head towards the doctor as he backed out of the room a little shocked at Zeros words but knowing that his hormones were still running very high. "I will retrieve you when he's done" And like that the doctor left the room, leaving the family to their own for a short period of time.. Though Kaname wondered if his partner would want him to leave too.

"It's alright, Zero.. She needs this the most right now, you are doing the right thing" Placing his hand upon the hunters shoulder in a reassuring gesture, Kaname glanced down at their crying daughter with a gentle smile. She was everything he had ever wanted.. Zero was everything he had ever wanted. in fact thanks to this bond, Kaname had never found himself to be happier.

She's beautiful you know, you have done an excellent job with her." Crouching down to a little to be on the same level as the hunter, Kaname glanced down and waited to see what he would do. He hadn't been sure wether Zero would truly go through with this or not.

With the heated blush still on his cheeks, he couldn't help but look down at his little girl. "...I didn't do anything, it's all her," Zero sighed as he tried to tuck a little bit of her still sticky hair to the side, trying to get a better look at her face. She was still sticky and wrinkly, but at least now he was starting to see past it... Delicately he adjusted his arm around her tiny body, moving her closer to his chest...

Then as he started to tuck the blanket down to reveal his naked chest, he soon realized that he wasn't... quite sure about just what he was supposed to do. Trying not to bite too hard on his bottom lip as he looked down at his slightly swelled chest. "...Um..." Zero mumbled to himself as he looked down to his daughter, who was still crying freely.

Wasn't she supposed to... know that she could nurse from him? She would have to do something, wouldn't she? Swallowing a little hard as he tried not to think about it to much, he tried to lift her up a little closer, only for her to quickly wail and cry as she just wasn't close enough. What else was he supposed to do? Rub her face into it?

This was perhaps where Kaname stepped in.. It seemed Zero didn't really know what to do, though he was still young, Kaname had quite a few years up his sleeve at thus stage. So with a little bit of movement, Kaname moved behind the other and situated his arms so he was supporting his daughters head a little.

From there his other hand moved to go underneath the others swollen breast, lifting slightly at the same time. It was awkward of course but if Zero seen it this way then perhaps he would be able to do it himself in the future. Moving his daughters head just slightly so the childs lip brushed against the nipple, immediately causing her latch on.

All she needed was a little encouragement, to know that Zero was able to feed her at that moment. Dropping his hand from the others breast and moving it back up to Zeros shoulder, Kaname allowed the hunter to move his hand on his daughters head instead of his own hand. "There we go"

Swears had been breathed underneath Zero's breath through out the entire awkward exchange of motions, though the bright red on his face hadn't faded for a moment as he even touched his breast to make sure that it was close enough. He didn't even want to think of what people would say if they saw him right now... But it was something that he was going to have to get use to. She was going to need this for more than a few days, after all...

It was more than slightly awkward at first as he felt his hand slowly touch against the back of her head, even though there was still the towel delicately wrapped around her small body. Trying not to let his stomach churn at the soft sucking that he felt against his chest, he focused instead of letting his thumb softly move through her golden hair...

"...She really is beautiful," Zero softly murmured as he finally allowed himself to fully lean into the pillows that supported him up, wanting nothing more than to rest. He ached all over, and he felt like he was on the last ounce of strength within his body... A little silence took over the two as they both watched their little girl drink from Zero, finally satisfied to get what she had desired for so long. But as their silence continued as they watched her drink, Zero finally drew in a breath and let a word escape.

"...Amaya. Amaya is beautiful."

Kaname was quite content with resting his head against Zeros as he relaxed back into the pillows, though soon a soft murmur escaped the others lips, Amaya.. "Night rain.. It fits her perfectly, beautiful.." It was a rare name, not many children being given it. Though it was perfect for her, the situation on which she came, the beauty of it.. Zero had really thought of something wonderful.

"It's perfect, Amaya.. Though i had been thinking about last names, it wouldn't be fair to choose either of ours. I thought that if we perhaps put our names together then it would suit her best. What do you think of Kiryan?" It wasn't that bad of a name, in fact Kaname was sure it would suit their daughter perfectly.

Also it would probably get rid of all doubt Zero may still hold for Kaname taking the child. If she didn't have his last name then it would prove pointless for Kaname to take her as his own.. Then again Kaname had never wanted such a thing, he just wished to be happy with his family.

It was better than nothing... As she continued to feed from him in complete innocence to her parents' decision, he couldn't help but rub her back a little as she feverishly drank. Kiryan was about the best thing that Zero could think of... It would sound like both of their names, and with a slight twist of pronunciation, it would be used well in a twist to hide their link to each other.

Then again, their link was now as obvious as the baby resting in his arms... "...Amaya Kiryan," Zero softly sighed as he let his tired eyes close, focusing on the sensation of her getting everything she desired. It would take some use to dealing with, but it was something he was willing to learn...

Though soon enough a slight smirk found his face, though his eyes were still closed. "...I'm not apologizing for your arm, but... there are a couple messes in the living room. Sorry," he murmured, knowing that the broken plate and also where his water had broken probably were still in the living room... But for the mess of his arm, he still wasn't going to apologize. Kaname deserved it.

"I was late, i understand why you did it. I'll clean everything while you and Amaya sleep, you're going to need as much rest as you can get. Though you may wish to bathe both her and yourself before going to sleep." It would make Zero feel much better and it would allow them to clean the gunk off of their daughter, fully letting them see her beautiful face.

Watching her greedily drink away though was quite peaceful, in fact Kaname didn't really understand just why staring at her could make the day fly past, after all she was only a few minutes old by this point. "Amaya Kiryan seems to suit her perfectly, a combination of both races, both proud names"

Looking towards the door and sensing the doctor still waiting to be allowed back in, Kaname glanced towards his lover. "Shall we allow him back in? If you need privacy i can pull the blanket up a little higher so you wont be seen feeding."

Zero didn't want to go bathe when he was about to sleep right here... Any other time when he felt this disgusting, he absolutely would try to get to the bath and hopefully rest after that, but not now... he wanted to sleep. And he wanted to sleep right now... Not bothering to open his eyes as he let her nurse away, though making sure to keep his arms to support her, he let out a heaving sigh.

"...Fine, just... pull up the blanket a bit," Zero grumbled wearily as he let the tiredness fully crash over him. It wouldn't be long until he could finally sleep...He tried to keep himself just awake by letting his thumb slide over her back, rubbing it to help the milk go down. But he couldn't help but feel the warmth underneath his touch, her tiny body so warm...

And it made him feel just as warm at this moment. Delicately he shifted a little deeper into the pillows, resting his head down to the side to keep himself from getting uncomfortable. It was obvious that Zero was close to falling asleep... He needed a nice long sleep after all. It wasn't every day that he felt this exhausted...

If Zero fell asleep then Kaname would be more than happy to bathe him and their daughter, it would probably ensure the hunter kept as much energy as possible by this point. Such would be his duty for the next few days, tending to both Zero and Amaya as much as they required it.

Pulling the blanket up and allowing the door to open with a simple look, Kaname allowed the doctor to enter the room. Stepping inside of the room and noticing Zero was still feeding, the doctor moved over to one of the side tables and set up everything required for weighing and immunising the baby.

"Once she is done i'll be able to do these small tasks and take my leave. If you have any questions at all please ask me, my cell will be available at all times" Dipping his head at the males before him, the doctor simply waited until the pair were ready.

He was going to leave already...? But right now, in Zero's fogged head, he really couldn't care less... It had been a very long time since he had been able to get a full night's sleep and he was more than willing to do that than any other time or waiting. His breathing was already starting to soften as he could feel himself slipping into sleep, but then soon he was pulled right out...

Because his daughter was done drinking, and now was whining instead.

Grunting softly as he opened his eyes wearily, he eventually glanced down at his little girl. Her soft eyes were looking up towards him, in a little discomfort... Of course, she still needed to be burped. But Zero wasn't going to be able to do that lying down, and not when he was too tired to sit himself up... So with a slightly guilty look, he glanced up at Kaname and slowly shifted her above the blanket.

"..Can you burp her?" Zero sighed as he looked back at him through halfclosed eyes. She was still a little grumpy as she squirmed into the blanket, about to break out in another cry. After all, she hadn't been forced out of her comfy and warm home inside Zero just to only be fed and then have gas the rest of time... He attempted to move his arms out a little to hand her over to her father, to let him hold her, but hopefully he can grasp her fast.

Surprisingly enough Kaname had expertly taken Amaya into his arms, resting her little head on his shoulder as he began to pat her back with gentle movements. It seemed the wind was stuck slightly but it didn't deter him and soon enough she let out a small gust of wind, immediately stopping her whining as soon as it passed through her lips.

Not caring that his clothes were getting dirty from the mess still on their baby, Kaname stepped towards the doctor and handed her over, being careful of her head all the while. She still couldn't support herself after all, her weak little body hadn't grown enough muscle to be able to do so just yet.

The doctor had been quick to take the child within his arms, placing her squirming body down onto the weighing table. Allowing the needle to settle on the specific weight, the doctor quickly scribbled down his measurements and moved to give the small child an immunisation.

After a moment of crying and squirming, Kaname picked up their girl and cradled her to his chest. "Congratulations once more, Lord Kaname, Master Zero. Your daughter weighs a healthy nine pounds seven ounces, a very healthy weight. Now if you would excuse me.." With another bow the doctor turned to leave, allowing the new family to come to terms.

She was bigger than he thought. Blinking his eyes as he heard the weight of their daughter, he couldn't help but sigh a little in despair. No wonder he had been getting so fat... She had gotten chunky inside him. Though hopefully those almost ten pounds were shed off of his body now, and he would be able to get himself back in shape soon enough without too much effort.

He still was weary as Kaname held their precious girl in his arms, watching as she still cried and whimpered about getting a shot. It would be the first of many, knowing that she would need more immunizations soon enough... But that was something he would worry about later. Right now he was more than willing to stay in the moment, knowing that his daughter was perfectly healthy...

As he watched Kaname out of the corner of his eyes as he did his best to sooth their crying daughter, he couldn't help but smirk. He couldn't believe that a week ago, he had doubted that Kaname could ever be the right father for her... "...Kaname?" Zero eventually murmured as Amaya started to settle down in his arms. All he wanted right now was to rest, but he just had one thing left to say...

"...I love you."

He had been happy to gently bounce their child around, rocking her back and fourth to soothe her as a quiet hum left his lips. She seemed to be settling down enough so that Kaname could step closer to Zero, though that was when he decided to address the pureblood, making their little girl whimper at the noise.

Though that was the least of his worries.. Because as soon as Kaname was ready to ask Zero what he could do for him, he said those words. The words he had been wanting to hear for so long, the ones he was sure he would never hear for many more months. Zero loved him.. Everything they had suffered together over the last few months had all been worth it because of those three words.

Stepping closer still, Kaname couldn't stop the huge smile that spread over his lips, though that was soon removed as he pressed his lips lovingly to Zeros own for a split second. "As i love you and i will do for the rest of my existence.. Forever and always, Zero.."

Zero couldn't help but faintly shiver at the warmth that rushed into the body through that one little kiss, one that he desperately would have wanted to take farther than just a simple tiny kiss... But he needed his rest. And as Kaname let himself look down at his lover and the hunter look back up at him, he couldn't stop the slight smirk on his face slowly start to twitch its way into a slight smile.

It was slight, as if Kaname was imagining it... But slowly the hunter leaned himself up just enough to catch Kaname's lips again, only to almost drop onto the mattress moments later. Trying not to sigh a little hard at it, he let his eyes close again. It was a peaceful silence for a little bit as Zero let the thoughts sink in, knowing that he finally was accepting what he felt to the pureblood for so long...

But sooner than he wished, he felt the draw of sleep start to come across him. "...Can you go clean her up?" Zero wearily murmured as he started to slowly tuck the blanket up over his shoulders, and he could already feel his mind slipping into sleep... He probably would be asleep by the time that Kaname would respond, but at least he knew that Kaname would take care of their daughter...

Stepping back a little to smile at the silverette, Kaname glanced down at their still goop covered daughter with love in his eyes. "Of course..." Kaname murmured as he leaned down and gave a small kiss on the top of Amaya's head. Their little girl only squirmed and whined in response, her little hands tightening as she curled into the blanket. She would need to be cleaned and dressed quickly, as who knows how much Zero would abuse him if she caught a cold...

But soon leaning down and giving his lover yet another kiss on the forehead, he couldn't help but give him a smile. "Try to get some sleep, I will be back for you soon." Though wishing to stay by the side of his mate longer than he could, Kaname soon turned and quickly left the room. Amaya would be wanting to sleep soon, she would be exhausted by this point. Dealing with child birth and then having her immunisations and being passed around like a prized possession.

Long moments passed as Kaname bathed Amaya, wiping all traces of foreign fluids from her small frame. Kaname looked everything like the proud father that he was, tending to his little girl with love. She had been more than fussy in her first bath, wailing at the touch of the water. But eventually enough, she calmed down to soft whimpers, squirming sometimes as if to attempt to leave the water. But Kaname kept her still enough to get her properly cleaned up, something that Zero would also be relieved to see.

Only after the bath did the pureblood soon lift his precious child up from the water, making sure he had cleaned every inch of her tiny body, before he reached over to grab a towel. Though just as he looked back at her, he couldn't help but notice her crying stopped and that her little hands tightened... Until he felt a warm liquid starting to crawl down his chest.

...She couldn't have waited a few more seconds for a diaper.

Judging by the amount of fluids that soon stained his shirt, he couldn't help but think that Zero shouldn't have drank so much water to make her own bladder that full. But parenthood would be full of messes, and at least this one wasn't as horrid... Though now it was time to start the process all over again, though now included washing himself. Heaving a sigh, Kaname soon set down the towel once more and lowered his now cranky daughter into the water once more.

After being sure that she was once again cleaned, and Kaname washed off any traces of fluid on his chest and changed his shirt, he tucked his daughter into the soft, fluffy blanket and took her into the nursery. Flicking on the low lights to not irritate her delicate eyes, he hummed softly to his little angel while picking up the small, pink outfit that Zero had laid aside for this moment. It was the same that Kaname had given to Zero all those months ago, when he had first been at the manor... They felt like years.

And now their daughter was adorning the outfit that Zero had been holding in his hands maybe four months ago. Looking at her now, she was far more beautiful than they originally thought, her sandy blonde hair had slight curls in it, something she had gotten from Kaname. Her skin flawless and the color of ivory..

She was indeed perfect.

Tucking the baby into her already made up cot, Kaname pressed a gentle kiss to his daughters head. This would be the beginning of their new life... Him and Zero, side by side with their daughter to protect. Making sure that everything was perfect for their daughter, he soon realized that Amaya had already fallen asleep. Poor sweetheart...

Chuckling softly to himself as his soft eyes remained on his resting daughter, he eventually forced himself to step back to the doorway, a hand reaching for the light. As it flicked off, he couldn't help but think...

That this... Was the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

The end.

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