James T. Kirk prepared himself to be beamed down to Earth. But not the Earth of the 23rd Century. He was on a secret mission to the second decade of the 21st Century to uncover some anomalous readings that his Science Officer, Mr. Spock, had detected in the northeastern portion of the United States.

"Have everything, Jim?" Dr. McCoy asked, as Kirk stepped up to the transporter pad. Kirk nodded. "I think so, Bones." He looked down at the authentic early 21st Century garb the Quartermaster had drawn for him. Including a communicator disguised as an early personal communication device known as a "smart phone."

"Captain?" Spock began, from behind the transporter console, "It is vital you do as little as possible to interfere with the time-line." Kirk nodded. "Energize, Spock."

With the fading of the transporter beam, Kirk found himself standing in a quaint sea-side town in the state of Maine. Fortunately no one had seen him "beam in" and he was able to take a quick look about the place. It seemed quite ordinary.

Suddenly from behind him, he heard a voice. "Where did you come from?" He whirled and saw a tall, attractive blonde woman in slacks and a red jacket standing before him. It was Emma Swan. Kirk's mouth fell open and he asked a one word question…