This all takes place in The Sims Vacation. I am not making this up!!

Day 1

I am beginning a betting thing. Place your bets, folks! Kikyo and Kgaome and Inuyasha are all moving into the same house! bet on whatever you want. I am NOT going to cheat; they have to live on what they earn. They start out with $20,000. I built them a house: one main room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. They now have $1,256. Who will Inu end up with? How long will they be able to survive? Should I make Naruku, Sango, Miroku in another house? Miyu? LArvea? Shippu? Demona? Psiona? Kerrigan? ALdrea? WHO?!?!?!

BTW: they have no floors yet.

oh yah: They have an electric gutar, 3 beds, a toaster oven, a toilet, a urinal, a fridge, aboput 4 floor lamps, a coffee maker, a loveseat/couch, a black-and-white TV, a shower, 2 pink trash cans, and a table w/ 4 chairs.

Just now, I cought Inu and Kagome cuddling on the couch while Kikyo took out her fury on the electric guitar!

They've been at this for HOURS!!!! Jeez!! Kikyo has 3 creativity points now!

After 1 more creativity point, Kikyo made dinner and the lovebirds got up.

They finally got to bed at 10:29. Kagome is now a hacker! YAY!

BTW: I made Kikyo using a Kagome skin.


KAgome's off to her first day of work, and she's NOT in a good mood. :-(. Inuaysha... takes...a...SHOWER!! Halelugia!
Oh, and I bought a cheap bookcase. Kikyo is going to learn how to cook. After all, the way to a hanyou's heart is through his stomich! (And i have never won a spelling bee!)

Sheesh! Now Inu's cuddling up to Kikyo! Oi Vey! Make up your mind already! Ah! But she pushed him away! Strange new development.... VERY strange.

One of my other neightborhood peeps, Farmess, just came over. She wants to tease Inu. But he is watching TV with Kikyo.
WOAH! When Farmess Test teases Inu, he LIKES it! But when he teases her, she cries!
Kagome arrived home, and Farmess walked in on Inu in the bathroom! Gack! @_@
Farmess's husband, Farmer, came over today. He and Kikyo immediatly began to tease each other. Oi vey!
they were awakened by the phone telling them they won $150. Woo-hoo.
Today's new purchases: a sink, a phone, a maid.

On little sleep, they all awoke with Kagome's alarm. Kikyo made breakfast, and Kagome tried to get ready for work. Inu took another shower! YAY!
Kagome again went to work with one red bar. Inuyasha found a job as a Test Subject! Perfect for a Hanyou!
Kikyo is a Psychic Phone Friend in the PAranormal Career! OMG... she Is paranormal!!! @.@
Inu has now sprayed roaches 5 times since move in.
Kikyo leaves for work at the same time KAgome gets home. Inuyasha had to fix the sink.

I think end of day 3 is a good enough place to stop for now. Make your bets by reviewing! I will post winners of any bets at the end of each chapter. The reviewer who wins the most bets wins a spot in one of my fanfics!