Author's Note:

This is a one-shot. What if Kelly Gibbs was actually alive, kidnapped at age 8. This is her passage from being rescued to getting back to her Dad. Set in season 11.

Thank you for reading, all reviews valued and appreciated.


Kelly Gibbs, aged 30, was sitting at her desk working out how to override the computer code which she had been given. At first glance everything looked fine, however if you examined the situation, you would realise it was not. Her jeans were very faded and had gone out of fashion years before, her shirt was a faded sick green which was too big for Kelly. Her hair was shoulder blade length, although it was not straight at the bottom but looks like it had been cut recently. Probably at the same time she last washed her hair, which was a mouse brown and looked as if it was covered in oil. The main indication that something was not right, was that she was in a room with a bed, desk and stool. The room was no bigger than 10 feet either way, and she had a chain clawed around her right leg, which gave her access to every inch of the room, but no further.

Kelly looks up in shock when the door bursts open and lights are on her face, blinding her.

"Put your hands up!" A strong voice demands.

Kelly instantly obliges, putting her hands up high and remaining still. She blinks, trying to see behind the lights, she doesn't need to try hard, as two of the men disappear and the other two lower their weapons.

"What's your name?" One of the soldiers asks as he walks in.

"Kelly… Kelly Gibbs" she replies, feeling slightly safer when she realises the men are wearing American Army clothing.

"You're going to be okay, Miss Gibbs" the soldier promises her.


Kelly's mind was racing, she was sitting in an army base in an unknown destination. She had been rescued, and it appeared that nobody knew she had been taken. It wasn't a rescue mission to save her, which Kelly was certain off. An army doctor had wrapped up her leg which had been severely cut, bruised and damaged by the constantly restraints for the last 22 years.

22 years. That is what Kelly could not believe, it felt longer, and it felt shorter. It was 2013, 22 years since she was in the car crash. 22 years.

Kelly looks up as somebody approaches her, she goes to stand up.

"Stay seated ma'am" The young soldier tells her kindly, pulling up a chair and sitting across from her, "You told us that your name is Kelly Gibbs?" he asks.

"Yes, Kelly Shannon Gibbs" Kelly confirms.

"Kelly Gibbs died 22 years ago, ma'am" he replies.

"I…" Kelly starts, not knowing what to say. She sees the same doctor who patched her up with a cotton swop, "You want my DNA? You can take it, you can take my blood, scrapings under my nails. Whatever you need. I will answer all of your questions" she tells him, with complete honesty, she completely trusted those in the army. It was probably one profession she did.

"If you had been locked up for all those years, why are you so trusting?" he asks her skepically.

"I… My Dad is in the army. Or was…" Kelly says, looking down.

"You Dad being…?" he prompts her.

Kelly looks up, "Leroy Gibbs" she replies, her parents names going through her head repeatedly. "And my Mum is Shannon Gibbs" she adds.

The man nods, "We need to confirm your identity through DNA, then we will proceed." He informs her.

Kelly nods, "Thank you, Sir"


Kelly felt more nervous than she has in a long time, the last 22 years she had complete structure. Get woken up, eat goo, read or do whatever she is told to do. When she is finished, get spicy goo, bread and water, go sleep. Sometimes she would be left in there for what seemed like days or weeks before she was 'woken up'. But now, she is waiting, waiting to know what is going on, waiting to know if they believe her. She had already ate twice, both tasting a lot better than anything she has had in the last 22 years.


Kelly had fallen asleep on the chair after a few more hours, exhaustion taking over. She woke up when she felt a needle in her arm, but barely saw who was around her when she felt herself into a forced sleep.


Kelly woke up, felling groggy and very comfortable. She slowly opened her eyes, squinting at the bright lights. When she focuses she realises she's in a hospital, she looks around and notices she has a drip in her arm.

"You're awake." An older man states, "I'm very special agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS"

"I'm…" Kelly starts.

"I know who you are, Kelly Gibbs" Tony tells her, "How are you feeling?"

"Fine" Kelly replies shortly.

"You should be able to leave in an hour or so, now that you are awake" he informs her.

"Why are you here?" Kelly asks him.

"To keep an eye on you, protect you if needed" Tony replies, smiling at her, to reassure her.

"Why? What does NCIS have to do with me?" Kelly asks him.

Tony smiles a bit wider, "Because your Dad works there. And you need to be questioned about everything" he replies.

"Where is my Dad?" Kelly asks instantly.

"He is out of the country, he is on his way back" Tony replies. "Let me get a nurse to see if you can leave" he says, walking out of the room.

Kelly sits up, she takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes. She couldn't help but smile slightly at the fresh air, clean sheets and whole situation at the moment.


Kelly listened to 'Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo' talk about some movie. She couldn't help but smile at how passionate he was about it.

"Have you ever seen it?" he asks her.

Kelly shakes her head, "The last thing I watched was Scooby doo…. I was 8" she informs him.

"Oh that is torture, depriving you from TV" he says, without thinking.

Kelly looks down slightly, "It wasn't that bad, you know." She tells him, trying to convince herself. There were some things she wished she could forget, but knew that as soon as she was cleared to leave the hospital, she would probably have to tell some people every single thing that happened. She wasn't sure how she would cope.

"Right, all you need to do is eat your jello, then we can go. I have another agent bringing some clothes for you" Tony tells her, smiling.

Kelly smiles back and picks up the green jello, she takes a bite and nearly spits it out, "I don't like jello"

"You… how can somebody not like jello. That is… I'll get you some different pudding" he decides, walking back out of the room.

Kelly watches him leave and puts the jello back down. She remembers her Dad trying to convince her into eating jello before he was deployed.

"Right, I have got lots of chocolate puddings, don't worry, they're not all for you" Tony says, grinning. He hands Kelly two and keeps two for himself.

Kelly smiles and picks up a clean spoon, "Thank you for saving me from so much chocolate pudding" she jokes.

Tony grins and opens the pudding, eating it whole.

Kelly's eyes widen, she eats both of her chocolate puddings a lot slower than Tony did.

A blonde women walks in.

"Perfect timing Bishop! I'll wait outside" Tony says, walking out.

Kelly's eyes widen at him leaving her alone with a stranger.

"I'm Bishop, I work with DiNozzo. I've brought you some clothes" Bishop tells her, a soft smile on her face.

Kelly nods, she would have to get use to new people and trusting them again, "I'm Kelly"

"Nice to meet you Kelly. I didn't know exactly your size, all Tony said was, that you were similar to my size." Bishop confesses, before emptying the variety of clothes onto the bed, "Have your pick, they are all clean"

Kelly looks over the clothes intensely.


Gibbs still couldn't believe what he had heard several hours before.

Kelly is alive

His daughter, was alive. He had calculated that she was be 31 years old next month. He didn't hesitate to return to DC as soon as he heard those words. He was doubtful and sceptical about who was saying she was Kelly. What if it was a lie, what if Kelly really had died? He buried her, she was killed.

Gibbs was getting agitated, he had been back on NCIS base for an hour. McGee told him to be patient that Kelly was on her way, but that didn't matter. He had just shouted at McGee to call DiNozzo again when the elevator opened and DiNozzo walked out, followed by two women. One was Bishop, the other was Kelly.

Gibbs stared silently for a few moments, there was no doubt in his mind that that was Kelly. He slowly took a few steps in the direction of the elevator, his face cleared of all emotion. His breathing stopped for the last few steps before he hugged her, he started breathing again when she returned the hug. Gibbs closed his eyes momentarily before pulling back and looking at her, "Kelly".

-x-x-x-x- END –x-x-x-x-