You wonder why I hurt you,

Why I terrorize you,

Why I mutilate you,

Why I scar you.

Do you really have to wonder?

I was once like you,

Innocent and sweet.

I was an orphan of the deserts,

Forced to steal, just to eat.

Do you think that did not effect me?

I came to curse the pharoah,

And all that he stood for.

Power, glory, riches, freedom,

He offered all of that, and more!

But not to the likes of me.

So I turned to the tombs.

For the dead accepted me,

In a way the living never did,

And tho blinded, they could see.

Yet they could do nothing.

So you dare to call me bitter?

To mock the "life" I lived?

Does it really matter what you think of me,

Past the lessons of pain I give?

And the truth is...

I do not want you to turn out like me.

Never grow bitter, never lose hope,

Keep your eyes on the light in the tunnel,

Even as I sever the rope.

A yami within a yami...

I have an even darker side,

You do not want to meet.

You think that I beat you so badly Ryou?

Well tell me,

Who is it that beats me?


WSJ: O.o; I dunno where that came from... *shivers* I think it was partly from Sunfalling's poem Tomb Robber and partially from White Angel's The Ring, the Theif and the King. Anyway, I don't own YGO, and I would appreciate any reviews you can chuck my way. ^_^