Back in time,

To stop a crime,

And halt a bloody war!

But I know what the past has in store...

Old friends I see,

Not knowing that it's me.

And even though I try,

Why did they still have to die?

I see myself, I taught me what I know.

Was the real John Keel only for show?

The bloody battle rages, the lilacs bloom,

Bringing us closer to a known doom.

Will it ever make sence?

Will we make it out of this mess?

Why can't I pop Carcer in the nose,

Or grind my heel into the Sweeper's toes?

Sure, I saw it all twice,

But I paid a price.

And I went through a certain hell,

Because I saw my friends die twice as well...

All the little angels rise up, rise up,

All the little angels rise up...


WSJ: ^_^; Don't ask me where that came from! Quite obviously, I just finished reading Night Watch, and, also quite obviously, this is from Vimes's POV. *shrugs* Reviews please!

God bless minna-san!