The Journey to a new Home

The First step

They had been traveling for a while now, two or three hours at least, while getting to know each other, The Guardian learned about the world and about the last few centuries, about how humans had made it to Mars, and how they found the Traveler, about how with its help the human race entered a Golden Age where all things were possible and it all ended with the collapse, finally he learned of the last act of the Traveler, Who saved what it could and created the Ghosts to give the human race a chance to survive the Darkness.

The Ghost Learned the Guardian did not remember his past though past knowledge seemed to slip out making the Ghost believe the memories were there but that the Guardian would need time acclimate them.

"But you think I died even before they found the Traveler?" The Guardian asks jumping over a fallen log Yes the Ghost sent him through their current connection the clearing alone predates the Mars landing by 50 years or more and you have been there just as long.

Humming to himself the Guardian wondered why only his remains were in that clearing and why they had been untouched for so long. He also tried to remember his name Harold Harrison or something, finally just deciding to call himself Harry since it seemed familiar Guardian? The Ghost asked are you ok? As if sensing that Harry had decided something

"Yes everything is fine but call me Harry from now on" He replied Harry why Harry?

"It feels familiar even though I don't think it's my True name" Harry explained ah maybe a shortening of your full name. That does make it easier to figure out you real name though.

Nodding Harry ducked under some low branches soon coming to small stream fed by the snow off the distant mountains "do you have a name?" Harry wondered suddenly, Well no not really I am Ghost. That is both my name and description the ghost replied as they followed it.

"That won't do everything deserves a name of their own" Harry said determinedly really? I for have never needed one

"really and how many people did you actually speak to while searching for me?" Harry asked sarcastically not many and I never needed to introduce myself to them…. I see what you mean but what name could I have Ghost asked quietly

Harry thought to himself for a while before thinking of a name "How about Qwydion" Qwydion? Qwydion! What does it mean?

"It doesn't mean anything I think, though I could be wrong, it is the name of a great wizarding Hero his full name is Qwydion fab Don and he was both Just and a bit of a trickster" He explained. Hmm I think I like it I am Qwydion Harry could feel the elation from the ghost and smiled.

It was then that Harry saw something through the trees across from them. It was an old Hunters hut, "we should head over there, there may be something of use in there" while he starts looking for a crossing point because though the stream is not to large it is still too wide to jump easily and the water flowed very quickly.

Agreed though I can't see any areas where it will be easy to cross. I have an Idea though" demerging from Harry mid sentence "I think it's time for you to learn something of the gift you received as a guardian" Qwydion explains. It floated over the river "Inside every Guardian there is light; it is the Travelers gift to us the Ghosts and from us to you. It will heal you if you're, hurt power the Armor you will receive even the abilities you will learn, it guides us if we listen though guardians take a long time to hear its voice. Can you feel it?" As Qwydion continued his explanation Harry started to feel something moving in him, something warm as the ghost finished

"yes, yes I feel it, it feel warm and I can't really explain" Harry replied

"good some guardians take days to feel even that much, but for now focus and the light and then try to guide it to your feet once there jump slightly and push the light out of your feet, careful though to much and you will go flying" explained the ghost as he returned to Harry quickly merging with him again I will monitor you while you try it he continued.

Nodding Harry focused and slowly guided the light towards his feet good now gently jump and release it out of your feet jumping lightly to get use to moving while holding the light Harry then jumped a bit harder also releasing the light just to knock his head into a branch and collapse onto the ground afterwards a bit too much Harry the Ghost said chuckling slightly but that was the right idea

"now you tell me" Harry groused rubbing his head and getting back onto his feet

ready to try again Qwydion asked but Harry all of sudden started to run for the edge of the stream Harry what are you doing wait aren't you going to practice first wait, wait, wait WAIT! Qwydion becoming more panicked as Harry finally reached the edge and jumped pushing the light out of his feet and hurtling over it landing on the other side and rolling to lose some of the momentum finally rolling to his feet

"what's wrong Qwydion you seemed stressed" Harry chuckled.

Quickly demerging from him and turning and glared at Harry "very funny Harry, you almost gave me a glitch" grumbled Qwydion

"lighten up" Harry replied still chuckling "and a glitch?" he asked moving to the hut

"closet thing we can get to a heart attack" says Qwydion as he follows Harry into the hut.

"Anything useful here Qwydion?" Harry asks as he looks around

"maybe let me check" Qwydion replies as he starts to scan the inside of the hut soon exclaiming victory "here under the skins here Harry, there's a knife here" Harry quickly starts moving the skins away some of them almost completely rotted away before cutting himself on something sharp

"ahh" Harry exclaimed "it's still sharp" as he starts sucking on the cut on his finger

"hold out your finger, you will see another benefit of the light within you" Qwydion replies, shrugging he did so and noticed a small light under his skin " the light also heals you, though it depends on the severity of the damage and the strength of your light" Qwydion explained before merging with Harry again now while I am merged with you I can improve the way the light heals you speeding it up slightly as the cut quickly closed.

Harry nods while carefully lifts out the Knife that is a very nice Knife it will be very useful later if you become a hunter "a Hunter?" quizzed Harry one of the three classes of Guardians though each class has three path it can take 2 normal ones and a final elite one, we will find out which one of the classes you belong to when we get to the city. For now though I think we should rest till morning we still have a while to go before we reach our first destination "where is that" Harry asks as he starts making a resting area for himself a place where we can hopefully find some weapons and mass for armor, one of the last bastions to fall during the collapse

It's called Fort Williams.

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