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By the time Harry returned to the hotel room he was sharing with Ginny, Ron was there and refused to let him into the room. Harry tried pleading with Ron, but he refused to budge until Lavender and Pansy came out of the room and announced Ginny had gone home. Once Ron knew his sister had left the island, he let Harry into the room while he and Lavender went and packed so they could also leave.

After hastily packing his own stuff, Harry left the island in search of his wife. Arriving home he found wards around the house preventing him from entering the property. After spending hours standing outside the house, trying to get Ginny to talk to him, the wards abruptly dropped. Thinking Ginny had given in he rushed inside, only to find all trace of his wife gone.

For weeks Harry tried to talk to Ginny, but none of the family would let him near her. All the Weasley's made it perfectly clear that he was no longer welcome in their family, not after breaking Ginny's heart. Harry however wouldn't give up, and he vowed to get Ginny back.

Getting Ginny back proved easier said than done, as the rest of his life was also falling apart. Within weeks of returning home Harry got legal documentation ordering him to pay child support to Amelia and his unborn child. Harry asked for tests proving the child was his, once they'd returned positive, he agreed to give her whatever she wanted. He did however stipulate he wanted no contact with the child, if he was to get Ginny back he couldn't afford to have his love child running around the place.

As well as his private life falling apart, Harry's career also suffered. The terrible season he'd just endured, carried over into the next one and he promptly lost his place as seeker on the England team. He was even dropped by his domestic club when his form got too bad towards the end of the season.

Slowly though things started to get better for Harry. After almost six months Ginny agreed to speak with him. Harry professed how sorry he was and vowed that he would never cheat on her again. Ginny admitted to still loving Harry, and she decided to give him a second chance, despite everyone telling her to walk away.

The couple moved slowly, but eventually Ginny moved back in and things looked to be back on track. Harry's relationship with the rest of the Weasley's was non-existent as they refused to forgive him, and his past indiscretions were never mentioned by either him or Ginny. For a while everything seemed to be looking as though it would work out, and Harry even suggested they try for a baby of their own. Despite being slightly hesitant at first Ginny agreed they could start trying for a baby.

However the first time she took a test it was negative and the relief she felt at the result told Ginny everything she needed to know. Sitting Harry down she ended their relationship once and for all.

"Don't Ginny." Harry pleaded when Ginny told him she was leaving again. "I love you, we can work this out."

"I love you too." Ginny replied. "But we can't fix this. We tried and I just can't get past what happened."

"Tell me what to do to fix it." Harry begged. "I'll do anything."

"You can't fix it." Ginny sighed. "I just don't trust you anymore. Whenever you're playing a match away from home, or I'm away from home, I'm constantly worrying what you're getting up to."

"I would never do it again, Gin." Harry replied.

"You say that, but I just can't be sure." Ginny replied. "I'm sorry Harry, but without trust we have no relationship. I can't be with you, if I don't trust you."

"But we were going to have a baby." Harry said sadly.

"You've already got one." Ginny replied softly. "And as much as I've tried to forget it, I can't. You have a child out there that you don't see, because of me. Do you have any idea how bad I feel knowing that there's a little boy in France who doesn't have a father, because he picked me. You grew up without a father, don't let your son do the same."

"I want to be a father to our children." Harry whispered.

"That's never going to happen." Ginny stated sadly. "I'm sorry Harry, but it's for the best."

In tears Harry watched as Ginny left him for the second time, only this time he knew there was no way back. They'd tried so hard to make things work, but their relationship had just suffered too much damage. This time Harry and Ginny's split was final, and less than two months after she'd left the second time they were officially divorced.

After his divorce Harry turned his attention back to his career. In a bid to mend his broken heart he threw himself into Quidditch and re-found the form that had made him a star. He regained his place on the England team and managed to hold onto it until he retired.

As well as regaining his career he began to forge a relationship with his son, Jake. Despite her initial hesitance Amelia let Harry into Jake's life, and he was a good father. However Amelia met someone and got married when Jake was seven, and while Harry still saw his son, he backed off slightly and let Jake enjoy his newfound family. Within a year Jake not only had a stepfather but he had a baby sister. He also still had Harry, who ensured he was there for Jake whenever he needed anything.

After Ginny, Harry didn't date for a long time. It was only when word reached him that Ginny was in a serious relationship with her former boyfriend, Dean Thomas, that Harry decided to finally move on with his life. Despite dating a few witches Harry could never find someone he loved as much as he had loved Ginny, so he never remarried.

Much to his disappointment he also never managed to patch things up with Ron. His best friend had never forgiven him for cheating on his sister and even during their reconciliation Harry never saw Ron once. Instead Harry had to satisfy himself with reading Ron's Quidditch columns and occasionally seeing him at matches. He also had to find out about Ron's private life through mutual friends and acquaintances. Through them he knew that Ron and Lavender had a set of twin girls, and a little boy two years younger than the twins.

Whenever Harry was having a hard time with his life or was sad, he always thought about the fateful weekend that wrecked his life. If only he'd never played in that charity match, he might still have had his wife and best friend. As much as he loved his son, he wasn't really enough to make up for losing Ginny, Ron and the rest of the Weasley's.


After the weekend on the island, Daphne dumped Blaise and moved out of the penthouse they shared together. Blaise spent a few weeks trying to get his fiancée back, but too much had happened and Daphne refused to forgive him.

For a few weeks Blaise moped around and vowed to change his ways. However his good intentions soon flew out of the window when he was propositioned by a busty blonde on a night out. One quick fling was enough to reignite his passion for women and within months it was as though Daphne had never been a part of his life. Blaise easily threw himself into his new lifestyle as a single Quidditch player and he took full advantage of all the groupies that came his way.

Blaise enjoyed the single life for years, until one trip to Italy changed everything. Blaise was on a night out with some of his England teammates, which didn't include Harry who at the time was back with Ginny and trying to behave himself. The night out had eventually led them to a casino for the rich and famous, where he met a stunning Italian singer named Izabella, who was immune to his charms. Blaise was instantly smitten and set out to woo the witch, who unfortunately for him refused to be wooed before his return home.

Once back at home Blaise couldn't get the witch out of his mind. In one rash move he abandoned his career and moved to Italy to be with Izabella. Izabella however wasn't falling for Blaise's charms and refused to fall into his bed like so many other women. In a desperate attempt to prove himself, Blaise proposed to Izabella. She agreed on the conditions they got married immediately and signed a pre-nuptial agreement that promised his fidelity. Blaise was so smitten he agreed, signing the pre-nup and marrying her all in one afternoon.

Blaise soon discovered that Izabella was a demanding and fiery witch, which often led to some blazing arguments. It also led to the most explosive sex Blaise had ever had and despite the arguments he was content. Izabella was exactly what he needed, she kept him in line and did what no-one else could do, she tamed the womanising Blaise Zabini.


Unlike the complicated lives of their former friends, Draco and Hermione's life ran pretty smoothly after the island. They returned to France with Draco being hailed as the next big thing in Quidditch. He hadn't only impressed the French people, but Quidditch experts around the globe were saying he could become a superstar, which is exactly what he did do.

Despite numerous approached by the English Quidditch Association Draco remained playing for France. He was tempted once Blaise abruptly quit the game, but by then he'd been playing for France for years and his loyalty was very much with them. Over the course of his successful career with France he won two world cups and never once regretted the decision to play for them rather than England.

Two months after the island, Draco and Hermione got married in a lavish ceremony in Paris. With Draco's new-found fame the press hounded the event, but all they received was a short statement saying how happy the couple were and a gorgeous photograph of the bride and groom taken just after their vows.

After much deliberation the couple had settled on the Caribbean as their honeymoon destination. They rented a villa on a private island and spent three weeks enjoying the sun. Most of that time was spent naked as they made the most of their remote honeymoon destination.

A few weeks after returning home and settling down as a married couple, Hermione discovered she was pregnant. After making Draco a romantic dinner, which ended in them falling into bed, Hermione broke the happy news to her husband.

"You're pregnant." Draco repeated, his eyes nearly popping out of his head. "Are you sure?"

"I did three tests and I'm a healer, yes I'm sure." Hermione replied. "Are you not happy about it?"

"Happy, I'm thrilled." Draco grinned, scooping Hermione into his arms and giving her a searing kiss. "I love you."

"I love you too." Hermione smiled, pressing herself closer to Draco. "Now how about we celebrate our news some more." She suggested, nipping at his neck.

"Is that wise?" Draco asked cautiously. "I don't want to hurt the baby."

"You won't." Hermione reassured her husband. "Besides, we've already had sex twice in the last couple of hours."

"Yeah, but I didn't know then." Draco argued. "I wasn't too rough, was I?"

"No." Hermione rolled her eyes at Draco, something was telling her this was going to seem like a long pregnancy and her husband was going to drive her crazy with his overprotective ways.

Hermione was spot on with her deductions and by the time she was giving birth she was ready to strangle Draco. She knew he was just being caring and he fussed because he loved her, but he was driving her crazy. Luckily she could use the birth as a way of taking out her frustrations on him and she spent almost the entire fourteen hour labour squeezing onto his hand and vowing that he wasn't getting another chance to impregnate her again.

However that all changed when she was holding their new-born son, Scorpius. Within minutes of meeting their new baby, both Draco and Hermione were wondering when they could add to their family. That occurred three years later when Hermione gave birth to a little girl, Carina.

While Draco still played Quidditch professionally the family lived quite happily in France. However once he retired they decided to return home to England, much to the joy of both his parents and hers. Not only would Scorpius and Carina have their grandparents closer to them, but they would be able to attend Hogwarts when they were eleven.

Upon their return to England, Draco went into the family business with Lucius. Despite playing Quidditch for years he was very clever and picked everything up in no time. Just over a year after they had returned, Lucius retired, leaving Draco in sole charge of the family business.

Hermione meanwhile had decided to set up her own medical practice. Over the years in France she'd focused more on paediatric care and was now one of the best child healers in Europe. The family money helped her set up, but within a couple of years it was a thriving practice and she'd opened up several clinics up and down the country.

With two lovely children and two successful businesses between them, Hermione and Draco couldn't have been happier. Back in school they never would have thought their friends would abandon them the way they did, but as a result of their friends actions they had found each other, so they really weren't complaining. Things were said to happen for a reason and if the reason was to bring them together than they were more than happy with that. Losing their so called friends was worth it because they had each other and their children, and that was what was really important to Draco and Hermione, their family.

The End.