Yami Naruto: The Gamer 2.0

Author's Note: Greetings everyone, been a big fan of the video game plot type stories and have wanted to try one myself. I wanted my story to stand out a bit, and I believe I figured out a way to do that; most game stories are centered around the hero, the good guy, so let's see what happens when a villain gains the power of the gamer. Enjoy.


Chapter 1

He had done it, after years of careful planning a subtle aid from the Kyubi, the dark side of Naruto Uzumaki had gained control of his body. It hadn't been easy, his light side had been so naive and optimistic; Kyubi had to use its power to magnify all the instances of doubt and overall negativity Naruto felt for the darkness within to have a chance to take over.

The straw that had broken the camel's back so to speak had been the failure to graduate from the academy. Specifically it had been a concerned parent asking one of the instructors if they needed to worry about his passing and becoming a shinobi; the instructor had laughed and answered that between all of the instructor's efforts to sabotage his education and all the time Naruto spent cutting class, he wouldn't graduate even if he had double the number amount of tries. The woman had joined him in laughing, quickly spread the news to the other parents, and the laughter had spread further.

It had been too much for Naruto. The boy had run home and curled up in a ball on his living room couch, wallowing in self-doubt and shame. From there it had been a simple matter to convince the lighter half to sleep and let him take care of things. Overwhelmed, the boy had agreed and slipped down into their subconscious. It was then the darker half made certain the light side would never surface again.

The dark side of Naruto Uzumaki had struck fast, tearing into its lighter half's mental capacities. Dark Naruto had quickly stripped the lighter side of all happy memories and absorbed all the relevant knowledge he possessed; mental maps of the village, the few things he'd learned at the academy that was trust worthy, who were friends and who were enemies, and most importantly, his experience from training and pranking the village. Taking all that from the lighter half, he'd then shoved it into the Kyubi's cage in their mindscape, where the Demon Lord had happily devoured it while Dark Naruto merged the memories and experiences he'd stolen.

Despite the successful take over and assimilation of his lighter half's experiences, the new Naruto was bothered by the object that now hovering over his head. Naruto was certain it hadn't been there before the merge, and could not see why it would be now, or how it could even be there in the first place.

Yami Naruto

The Gamer Lv. 2

Naruto slowly expressed his thoughts on the matter out loud. "What...the...fuck?"

A 'ding' rang through the apartment, and a semi-transparent blue screen appeared just inches away from Naruto's face. Not expecting either action, Naruto leapt backwards, intent on gaining some distance and landing in a defensive stance, but instead tumbled over the living room couch and landing in a heap on the floor.

Grumbling to himself, Naruto pushed himself upright, rubbing his head briefly before noticing the screen was still just inches away from his face. Instead of reacting, Naruto examined the screen.

[Yami Naruto, you have been chosen to try out the new and improved Gamer Lifestyle 2.0. With this design you will gain the powers of a true video game character! You can improve your various attributes with each level you gain, increase your effectiveness through practicing your various skills, and gain titles for various actions you perform! Gamer Lifestyle 2.0 also comes with several new features:

-Save File: Don't like the outcome of a mission? Wind up being backstabbed by someone you thought you could trust? Not to worry, the GL 2.0 now comes with one save file slot, allowing you to return to a prior moment in time. Remember, save smart and save often!

-Achievement Bonuses: Ever feel like you deserved more then what you got for doing some ridiculously hard or insane task? Well now you can! After close observation of the Gamer's world, the programmers have determined a number of events and objectives for you to aim for that you may now benefit from. Each achievement comes with an exp. bonus, while some grant titles, bonus attributes or skills, or even rare or one of a kind items! Some achievements may seem insanely impossible, but you will benefit from each one and all are possible to complete, we promise.

-Relationship Status: Ever wonder where you stood with someone? Now you can tell! The GL 2.0 allows you to see what your relationship status is with others. Want to romance a pink haired banshee? Looks like she's repulsed by you, so you'll have to devote a lot of time and effort to change her views of you. Relationships can result in attribute bonuses, skill bonuses, discounts in stores and food venues, and even the occasional gift! See where you stand, and see if you care.

-Party System: Are your allies horrible stats holding you back from improving? Well now you can add them to your party and control their growth with each level gained! Note: player can choose to add or invite other characters into their party. While adding a characters keeps them unaware of your improvements to them, inviting a character to your party allows them minimal access to GL functions; distributing attribute points and viewing stats and skills. Choose wisely who you want to invite though, because you'll have to literally give them the boot if you want them out of your party.

-Pause Function: Getting to many pop ups at once? Need a minute to think? Well now you can with the Pause Function! While active, the world around is frozen until it's manually deactivated. Note: While paused, player has limited mobility, but cannot affect the world around them nor exchange items in their inventory. Addition Note: Complete certain Achievements and tasks to gain items/titles that can improve Pause Function's abilities.

We the programmers would like to wish you the best of luck in trying out the Gamer Lifestyle 2.0. Enjoy.]

Naruto's eye was twitching by the time he was finished reading the screen. It seemed that someone had turned his life into something of a video game. The only reason he even knew what a video game was, was because the old man Hokage had gifted him a hand held system and several games not too long ago. These games had been chosen to help challenge and grow Naruto's mental abilities, but had been of little interest to his lighter half.

It was at that point that the original had done the one thing Dark Naruto could honestly say he respected; Naruto had stolen an RPG type video game for his hand held, and had not been caught. For a kid trying to be a ninja, the old Naruto really hadn't understood what it entailed; theft, torture, murder, and a dozen other unpleasant things the lighter side would not have enjoyed.

It was only because of that action that this Naruto had any idea what a video game was and what these messages implied. Given the fact that his soul was sharing a room with a demon of near infinite power, there were few things Naruto would consider to be truly in the realm of 'impossibility.' Speaking of...

"Are you seeing this?" Naruto asked out loud.

The sound of grumbling answered in his mind. "See what brat? Your shitty couch?"

"No, the screen three inches in front of me!" Naruto retorted.

"I don't see any screen." The Kyubi grumbled. "Are you sure you didn't take your lighter half's stupidity when you assimilated his knowledge?"

"Of course not." Naruto nearly snarled.

"Then how about the next time you have something important to speak of, you actually think what you want to say to me instead of speaking to yourself like a loon! It's bad enough I'm stuck in here with only whatever you see of the outside world, the last thing I need is you getting locked up in a white padded room for the rest of your life...Stupid human."

Naruto sighed. 'Yeah, I love you too Kyubi.'

A grunt was his response. "Just don't forget our agreement brat. When you made the deal with me it gave me some room to work around this accursed seal. I can make your life miserable far more easily now if I think you're going back on your word."

'Thanks for the heads up, but don't worry; before my life on this planet ends, the Hidden Leaf Village will be wiped off the face of the Earth! They will pay with blood for the indignities they've bestowed upon us!'

Another grunt answered his declaration, however this one had an approving undertone to it. 'You may not be the worst container I've ever had brat. Succeed and I may give you a reward, provided you impress me.'

Before Naruto could respond, a new screen popped in front of his face.

-Quest Alert: Destroy the Hidden Leaf Village!

-Reward: 20,000,000 exp points, +500 Reputation Kyubi

-Bonus Objective: Destroy the village without being identified as the culprit.

-Bonus Reward: +150 Stealth Skill, +100 ? Skill.

-Bonus Objective: Impress the Kyubi.

-Bonus Reward: +10,000 exp points, +500 Reputation Kyubi

-Quest Failure: Death by Kyubi extraction.

-Bonus Quest Failure: Negative reputation Fire Country, Raised Ranking in Bingo Book's Most Wanted.

-Bonus Quest Failure: 250 Negative Reputation Kyubi.

-Accept Quest? Y/N

Naruto smirked, it seemed this game was giving him free rein of the world instead of forcing him down some scripted storyline. Raising his fist, he bumped the 'yes' on the screen.

-Quest Accepted: Destroy the Hidden Leaf Village!

Get up from the floor, Naruto stretched briefly before sitting down on the couch. Not a second later, Naruto leapt from the couch with a yelp, a hand holding his backside. "What the hell!?" He examined the couch for the source of his pain. "A stupid spring? Damn it, I need a new couch!"


[Though a unique action, a new skill has been created!]

[Observe Lv. 1 Effects: Gain a read on an object or character's most obvious information. Are you trying to become Captain Obvious? Skill Upgradable.]

Naruto's eye twitched again; what was up with the game insulting him? Still, the tail end of the skill explanation caught his attention. "The skill is upgradable." He mumbled to himself aloud. Turning to his couch, he decided to test his new skill. "Observe."

[Shitty Couch: A neglected piece of furniture beyond repair. Broken springs, questionable stains, and a mysterious odor; even the homeless would hesitate to rest on this couch.]


[Observe Skill Level increased by 1]

Naruto blinked at the new alert. He quickly examined the skill again.

[Observe Lv. 2 Effects: More information is available now when using this skill. Upgradable Skill.]

Naruto frowned, it seemed there wasn't much difference between level one and two of the observe skill. Maybe if he leveled it up more it might become useful. Putting it out of his mind for the moment, he tried to called up his stats screen.

Name: Yami Naruto

Class: The Gamer 2.0

Title: Academy Student (+10% exp for all skills training)


Next Level: 450 exp.

HP: 499/500

CP: 5000/5000


-Str: 20

-Dex: 34

-Agil: 24

-Con: 36 (+25)

-Cha: 240 (+500)

-Int: 20

-Wis: 20

-Lck: 4 (+500)

Points saved: 20

Ryo: 200,000

Naruto frowned; he only understood about half of what was on the screen. HP likely meant his hit points, the amount of damage he could take, while CP were likely chakra points, how much chakra he had. He also recognized some of the attributes, but at the same time didn't recognize others at all. Knowing he had points he could spend, he decided to examine them all.

-Strength: This attribute measures the physical power the character is able to use in and out of combat. Additional calculations may be made with use of various equip items or weapons, allowing the character abnormal bonuses for physical feats or stacked damage bonuses. Strength also calculates the probability of hitting a target with close range attacks and melee weapons.

-Dexterity: This attribute measures the character's defensive power and range attacks. A high dexterity rating will reduce damage taken as well as improve accuracy for projectile weapons and jutsu.

-Agility: This attribute measure's the character's movement abilities. Specifically this entails; physical speed, evasion ability, and the speed the character can make handsigns in. The higher the agility rating is, the faster you act and the less likely you will be hit.

-Constitution: This attribute measures a character's health and stamina. With a high Constitution, a character can take more hits than the average person, and keep active from dawn to dusk!

-Chakra: This attribute focuses on the character's chakra capacity. Chakra has many uses in this game such as casting jutsu, healing wounds, even enhancing weapons or your own body. The more chakra you have, the more power to you.

-Intelligence: This attribute measures a character's mental capacity. With a higher rating in this attribute, a character will have an easier time memorizing new information and sights, understanding new information, and be able to overall think faster. Remember, in the shinobi world knowledge is power. Note: Intelligence also measures how many attribute points a character gains per level up. For every multiple of ten, a character gains five points to distribute, ex: Int:10 = 5 points, Int:20 = 10 points, Int:30 = 15 points, etc. Plan accordingly how you distribute your points.

-Wisdom: This attribute measures a character's ability to work efficiently with what they have. A higher wisdom stat gives the character greater insight and better control over their chakra. Having options is fine, but knowing the right one to use can make all the difference.

-Luck: This attribute calculates how lucky the character can be. With a high luck rating a character can find better loot dropped from enemies, a higher chance of finding random items lying around, random encounters, critical hit ratios, and better odds at scenarios with chance or stat checking involved. Lady Luck may be a fickle thing, but in this game she's on your side.

Scratching his chin, Naruto thought about the information he'd just learned. Looking at the screen it seemed that some attributes gained bonuses for whatever reason, his luck and chakra capacity being the biggest two. He wasn't sure what caused the bonuses for his Constitution, but he was fairly sure all the attempts to poison him over the years contributed to its naturally high stats. In that same light, his Dexterity was probably high due to the number of beatings he'd taken too.

Shaking his head to rid himself of such memories, Naruto continued to examine the screen as he thought of how to distribute his points. Before he decided on anything however, he noticed several boxed words on the top of the screen: Bonuses, Skills, Inventory, Mission Log, Relationships. Now curious, he pressed Bonuses.

The screen changed, forming a new list of information.

-Jinchuriki Bonuses: You have a chakra demon in your gut, and your seal converts it's chakra to add to your own reserves. +500 Chakra. Demon Cloak skill available. Physical Transformation skill available. Prankster Nature skill available.

-XXXX Bloodline: You have the bloodline of the infamous XXXX clan. +25 Con. Health and Chakra regeneration boosted by 30%. Additional powers available through leveling of bloodline.

-XXXX Heritage: You are the son of XXXX and XXXX. +300% exp for seal skill learning, +25% exp for kenjutsu related skills.

-Devil's Luck: With all the misfortune you've experienced early in life, you have been blessed with the Devil's luck itself to compensate. +500 Luck

Naruto glared at the screen before him. He had a bloodline, a clan, and his parents were important enough to grant him bonuses by virtue of just being their son. Naruto knew the old man looked out for him mainly due to his holding the Kyubi inside himself, but now he couldn't help wondering if the Hokage was honest about his lighter half's inquires to his parentage.


A second screen popped up.

-Quest Alert: Who Are They?

-Objective: Discover your parentage and what clan you belong to.

-Reward: +10,000 experience points, +50 Int, +50 Wis, Unlock Bloodline Ability.

-Bonus Objective: Keep heritage a secret from the public.

-Bonus Objective Failure: Fire Nation Reputation increase, Iron Nation Reputation increase, Raised Ranking in Bingo Book's Most Wanted.

Accept Quest? Y/N

An increase in his reputation in the fire nation and iron nation for failing to keep his heritage a secret? Combined with the raised bingo book ranking, Naruto knew the mystery behind his heritage had huge implications for both himself and the world at large. He was a little irritated that this quest had no reward for completing the bonus objective, but hit the yes button regardless.

-Quest Accepted: Who Are They?

Looking over the four remaining untapped menu boxes, Naruto decided to select the skills box.


- Gamer Mind Lv. Max

- (Passive) Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through

- (Passive) Allows peaceful state of mind

- (Passive) Immunity to psychological status effect

- Gamer Body Lv. Max

- (Passive) Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a video game (No physical damage, pain lingers for seconds dependant on severity of damage received)

- After sleeping in bed, Restores HP, CP, and all status effects

- Physical Endurance Lv. 20

- Body durability increases, resulting in less damage sustained

- (Passive) 60% decrease in damage from physical attacks

- Skill Upgradable

- XXXX Clan Regeneration Lv. 15

- Bearing the XXXX Bloodline, the character gains a natural health regeneration ability

- (Passive) 3 HP recovered per second

- Skill Upgradable

- Intermediate Chakra Regeneration Lv. 2

- Upgraded from Chakra Regeneration, this skill allows faster rate of chakra recovery

- (Passive) 100 CP recovery per minute

- Skill Upgradable

- Poison Resistance Lv. 40

- Measures the body's resistance to poisons and other negative status inflictions

- (Passive) 40% resistance to poison damage

- (Passive) 20% resistance to Daze and Confusion status affiliation

- Skill Upgradable

- Gardening Lv. 6

- The ability to raise and care for plants

- (Passive) 5% bonus chance to save dying plants

- (Passive) 2% chance of bonus effects granted to grown food/herbs/poisons/powder

- Skill Upgradable

- Cooking Lv. 2

- The ability to make meals using proper materials

- (Passive) 2% bonus chance of producing edible food

- Skill Upgradable

- Prankster Nature Lv. Max

- Kitsune are tricksters and so are you

- (Passive) 40% bonus to Trap Mastery skill

- Trap Mastery Lv. 55

- Ambush or surprise others with traps

- (Passive) 50% bonus to trap likelihood success

- (Passive) 30% bonus to trap effectiveness (Confusion and Daze Status affiliations added)

- Skill Upgradable

-Stealth Mastery Lv. 30

- Sneak around undetected by others

- (Passive) Can remain hidden from High Chunin Level characters easily

- (Passive) 30% bonus to weapon damage when ambushing enemies

- Skill Upgradable

- Kunai Mastery Lv. 5

- (Passive) 8% increased accuracy with one throwing knife

- (Passive) 4% increased accuracy with two throwing knives

- (Passive) 10% damage increase

- Skill Upgradable

- Shuriken Mastery Lv. 4

- (Passive) 6% increased accuracy with one shuriken

- (Passive) 3% increased accuracy with two shuriken

- (Passive) 8% damage increase

- Skill Upgradable

- Observe Lv. 2

- (Active) Gain information on an object or person. More information available at higher levels

- Skill Upgradable

- Transformation Jutsu Lv. 12

- (Active) Using chakra, the character can mask their form with the image of something or someone else. 20 CP per minute

- Skill Upgradable

- Physical Transformation Lv. 3

- Jinchuriki ability

- (Active) Able to make any transformation jutsu of an object and person real. Cost 3 CP per second.

- Limited to less than character basic form's height and body weight.

- Skill Upgradable

- Substitution Jutsu Lv. 4

- Using chakra, the character can switch places with an inanimate object.

- (Active) 30 CP per use, + 10 CP per yard between character and object.

- (Active) User can switch places with other characters or animals, CP cost equals difference in CP + 20 CP per yard distance.

- Skill Upgradable

- Demon Cloak Lv. 1

- Summon the power of the Kyubi to enhance your power

- Tail One of Nine available

- (Active) +150% Str, +150% Dex, +150% Agil

- (Active) +20% damage to all chakra related attacks

- (Active) 20% decrease Int, 20% decrease Wisdom

- (Active) 50 HP damage per minute usage

- Minor reduction to Gamer Mind skill

- (Active) 200 CP cost per minute

- Skill Upgradable

Naruto couldn't help but gawk at his final skill; those were some major stat boosts, and it was only at level one! Looking over the rest of them, he mentally checked over what his lighter half had done when he was in control, and found himself partially agreeing with most of the skill levels displayed; he knew all the pranking done would have raised his Trap Master skill, but for it to be so high, especially when including the Prankster Nature skill...

He then had an epiphany; when he had absorbed his lighter half, he'd also gained his experience, skills, and stats. It explained why his basic stats were so high to begin with, and why some of the skills he had done next to nothing with had a level or two of experience. Naruto was literally twice the person he was before! Laughing quietly to himself, Naruto moved onto the inventory section.

The screen before him switched to a grid like pattern, several of the boxes had images in them. Clicking on the Ryo symbol, Naruto watched with wide eyes as 200,000 Ryo in bills spilled out from the screen. Picking one up, he noticed it had a ketchup stain in the corner; Naruto had gotten that bill just a few hours ago. Knowing the money was real, Naruto held the bill up to an empty box and watched as the screen rippled as his hand went through it. Withdrawing his hand, the bill was gone and the Ryo symbol had filled the selected box.

Taking the time to place the money back into the inventory, Naruto spent the next few minutes afterwards experimenting with what he could place into the inventory. As it turned out, it was a lot; anything Naruto could lift or move under his own power could be placed in the inventory regardless of size. That said, when he managed to place his couch in the inventory it took up three spots, so size apparently was a factor. Shrugging, he moved on to the mission log.

Looking over the mission log, he didn't find anything too surprising; aside from the two quests he'd accepted, Naruto only had a few other active missions. The first was paying rent for use of the apartment, failure of which would see him and his belongings removed from said apartment, while the other was to graduate from the Shinobi Academy. Only the second one offered a bonus; by graduating as the top student in the class, he'd gain the title "Rookie of the Year," a bundle set of kunai, shuriken, and ninja wire fresh from the package (and therefore untampered,) and 2,000 Ryo. To Naruto's annoyance, he could not find a description for the title's bonuses, but resolved to do his best to gain it regardless.

Moving to the final screen, Naruto examined his relationship stats.

- Konohagakure: 0/1000 Public Enemy

- Hiruzen Sarutobi: 200/1000 Beloved

- Ichiraku Ramen Stand: 500/1000 Role Model

- Iruka Umino: 800/1000 Neutral

- Mizuki: 0/1000 Hated

- Hinata Hyuga: 700/1000 Admired

- Sakura Haruno: 0/1000 Hated

- Ino Yamanaka: 0/1000 Hated

- Shikamaru Nara: 800/1000 Neutral

- Choji Akimichi: 50/1000 Friendly

- Kiba Inuzuka: 400/1000 Neutral

- Shino Aburame: 0/1000 Neutral

- Sasuke Uchiha: 900/1000 Disdain

- Tenten: 500/1000 Friendly

- Rock Lee: 500/1000 Friendly

- Neji Hyuga: 700/1000 Disdain

- Kyubi: 200/1000 Disdain

- Reference Scale: Individuals

- Worshiped: The highest level of relationships; a character with this relationship will do anything you say, and it will be hard to regress the relationship

- Beloved: Second highest level of relationships; this character cares deeply for you, and will go out of their way to help you, within reason

- Admired: This character knows a lot about you and looks up to you for whatever reason

- Friendly: This is a character with whom you have a decent relationship with

- Neutral: This character doesn't hate you, but doesn't like you either

- Distain: This character dislikes you

- Hate: This character wants nothing to do with you, or actively tries to make your life miserable

- Reference Scale: Groups

- Godly: To these people you are a Kami who walks among them and can do no wrong

- Legendary: The feats you've done for these people are the stuff of legends. You are highly respected and have accomplished much that the people around you have benefited from

- Hero: You have put your life on the line for these people and accomplished many amazing feats. You are a respected member in this group

- Role Model: You're not the best out there, but people use you as an example of something to strive for

- Average Jo: People are indifferent to you and what you do

- Undignified: People don't care to associate with you

- Menace: People have an intense dislike for you and may sometimes harass you

- Public Enemy: Mothers hide their children from you, and people will go out of their way to make your life miserable

Naruto was surprised by only a few of the relationship stats he had with people; to his memory he had never interacted much with Hinata, yet the girl admired him. He hung out with Choji, Shikamaru, and Kiba occasionally, and they all got along fairly well, but figured their relationship stats would have been higher. Did they just like feeling cool hanging out with a higher grade classman? Naruto also knew Sakura and Ino hated it when he targeted Sasuke, but to outright hate him over that? And what was Mizuki-sensei deal?

Shrugging it off, Naruto let out a yawn. Blinking in surprise, he checked the clock and found it was almost midnight. Given everything that had happened that day, he was surprise he hadn't notice his fatigue sooner. Stretching briefly, he closed the screen in front of him and started for the bedroom.

As he got ready for bed, Naruto began planning for the next day; he'd have to look more in depth into this Gamer ability he somehow acquired, as well as a way to explain any sudden shift in personality from his lighter half. He knew he could act like the idiot, but he didn't want to do it anymore then he had to.

Pajamas on, Naruto slid under the covers and stared up at the ceiling. He had a week before he had to return to the academy, having failed his final exam, and only two more chances to succeed. 'So much to do, so little time.' Naruto thought to himself as he closed his eyes. Tomorrow would be the first step towards his goals of becoming stronger, and towards the destruction of Konohagakura.


Glass shattering caused Naruto's eyes to snap open. Eyes widening, he barely managed to roll off the bed, avoiding the thrust of a kunai knife. Quickly getting to his feet, he turned to see two other figures leap through the broken window. All three were clad in black clothing, hoods over their heads, and light blue lensed goggles over their eyes. Judging by their height, they appeared to be around his age group, but otherwise there was nothing he could see to identify them.


- You have been ambushed by unknown assailants!

- Objective 1: Survive for ten minutes until Anbu arrive

- Objective 2: Defeat unknown assailants

- Optional Objective: Kill all enemy intruders

Naruto dived out of the way of a barrage of kunai and shuriken. Grabbing the pouch with his ninja tools, he quickly retreated down the hallway towards his living room. Knowing he didn't have time to finish reading the screen, he closed it as he pulled out a kunai knife. Reaching the living room, he skid to a halt as he spotted nine other black clad figures, each with weapons drawn.

The new Naruto let out a sigh. "Well fuck..."


That's all for the first chapter, I'll try to have the next one out within a month but I can't promise anything; the curse of being a slave to my muse.

Let me know what you think of this, and if anyone has any suggestions, be it quests or skills, feel free to submit them. I do reserve the right to say no though.

As far as pairings go, I plan to limit myself to a three way between Naruto and two kunoichi. One I've already selected, Kin Tsuchi of the Sound Trio, though she won't come in till much later in the story. So if anyone wants to give me arguments for your favorite girl to be a part of the three way, feel free to.

Till next time all ^^