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Konohagakure no sato, The Village Hidden in the Leaves, one of the five great shinobi nations, is a beautiful and serene place to live for both the people and the wildlife, the village itself being surrounded by a vast forest. Five years ago the village was attacked by one of the Bijuu, the fierce Nine tailed Fox. The fox reaped massive destruction to the Leaf destroying buildings and people with abandon before the previous Leader of the village, the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi managed to drive the fox out before the current Hokage Minato Namikaze managed to defeat then seal the fox into just born son Naruto with the Dead Demon consuming seal at the cost of his soul over the protests of his wife Kushina Uzumaki. Shortly after Kushina passed on from her injuries leaving Naruto an orphan.

Naruto Uzumaki a young boy of five years old was standing amongst the trees of a training ground found in one of the many forests in konoha, as he stood there watching the three chunin practice, he remembered what got him to this point.

(Memory Sequence)

Sitting in his apartment doing a large puzzle that Old Man Sarutobi had given him for his birthday, with only three pieces left and someone knocking on his door, (cliq cliq cliq) he swiftly finished the puzzle while getting up to answer it.

Opening the door he saw the old man, "Good morning Naruto-kun, how are you today?" Sarutobi asked.

"I'm fine old man want to come in?!" Naruto asked exitedly opening the door and stepping aside. "Yes, thank you." The old man said gratefully walking in and closing the door. As he stepped inside he saw to his consternation that it was filthy, with ramen cups all over the place, clothes thrown on floor and the large 1000 piece puzzle he had bought him complete in the middle of the room.

'Oh Naruto-kun what am I going to do with you.' Sarutobi said despairingly in thought, as he pulled out a chair and sat down before paying more attention to Naruto. " What have you been up to?" he asked.

"Oh you know nothin' really." Naruto replied as to sat down. "What about the puzzle hmm?"

"Oh I just finished it before you got here."

"Really how long did it take you?" Sarutobi questioned quite interested in the answer.

" Huh...oh uh about fifteen minutes." Naruto replied uncaring.

"HWUH" he said with eyes the size of dinner plates "really?"

"Yeah no big deal" Naruto replied.

'Naruto you have so much potential, yet no one to nurture it, all I can do is offer my advice.'Sarutobi said to himself in thought as he frowned.

"Naruto" he called for his attention, "yea?"

' I wonder what the old man wants.' Naruto asked in thought.

"Naruto-kun we only have so much time on this world before we die and you have so much potential, that to see you squander it by doing nothing bothers me to no end. I want you to reach your full potential, so from now on try harder at everything, clean your apartment, learn better grammar, learn history, the Ninja arts, everything so that one day you can achieve your dreams whatever they may be. Do you understand Naruto-kun?"

"Y-yes I understand Jiji er Ji-san." Naruto stuttered his reply as he thought about the advice from one of the only people to ever care about him gave.

'Can I really do that?' he thought as he looked into the concerned eyes of his grandpa.

'Yes I can' he replied to his own thought with resolve.

"I will Ji-san, I will learn everything." He said as strongly as he could.

"Good Naruto-kun good, oh look at the time I'm going to be late to the council meeting." He stated as he looked at the clock. "Goodbye Naruto-kun." He said as he walked to and out the door.

"Bye Ji-san" Naruto replied as he closed the door and looked around at his apartment. Feeling dread at all the work he was going to have to do. "Well I did promise." He said to himself he got to work. After spending most of the day cleaning his apartment, he thought it would be a good idea to go the library to see if they had any books that could help him.

As the building came into view he saw to his annoyance one of the meanest people he had ever met was the librarian on shift.

"Ugh why him? The back door it is I guess." Naruto said to himself walking around the building to the back entrance when he saw the door was locked. As he looked around he found a small window leading to the basement, so he popped open the latch and dropped in. Looking around he found he was in a storage room, looking closer at a shelf he realized it wasn't a storage room but a closed off part of the library.

Picking up a random book he saw that it was a history of the Elemental Nations. Debating whether to read it or not he suddenly remembered the talk he and the Old man had two days before. Looking down at the book he made his decision and put the book in his bag. Searching the shelves for anything useful he found to his delight books on Science, Math,geography, calligraphy, etiquette and a map. After studying for a while he went off in search for a teacher in the Ninja arts. But no one was willing to teach him. That was when he realized that Konoha was ninja village, shinobi train all over the place. So he took out his map found his location and went to the nearest training ground.


That's how he found himself here. As he watched the chunin train he started to feel something strange, as he tried figure out what it was he came to the sudden realization that it was their Chakra. He could feel its strength and potency, feel as it moved with their bodies as they did their taijutsu forms, feel how they molded their chakra with hand signs for ninjutsu. And he realized that if he could see them as trained he'd have the perfect teacher.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!." He said to himself as he smiled happily before starting to experiment.

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