The roar was what got to her, at first.

It was loud. It was was familiar. It was also most definitely not a Titan, something that confused everyone.

It had been over sixty years since she had heard that noise, and her body locked up as her mind went into shock.


It was Christa's voice that knocked her mind back into being.

"I need to get to the walls."

"Ymir, we don't know what that was." Mikasa was the one that cut off her path to the door. "And the attack on Trost happened just a few days ago. If this is some sort of trap, you'd be walking right into it."

Ymir's eyes narrowed. "I know what that is. I know how to talk to it. I know that, should I talk to it, I can prevent another incident from happening."

Mikasa eyes her for several seconds, and then just nods and stands to the side. "Prove that my trust in you is well placed."


"Sorry Christa. Things just got really complicated."