The portals showed up everywhere. Reality was bending in on itself, after the events that lead to the universe restarting, and time and space had decided to have a little fun.

Really, he should have expected it.

But this story isn't about him. He's just the one that caused it.

The real story, is about the ones that fell through.


The first to fall were royalty. A Snow Queen, her sister, the sister's maybe-boyfriend, the maybe-boyfriend's best friend, the queen's creations, and a man from a distant land that had once tried to kill her.

They fell from the land of summer's ice.


The second were lesser royalty, a princess with too-short hair and her husband, and two animals that had minds too advanced for reality.

They fell from the country of the sun.


The third were friends, six of them, all a little too magic, and one maybe-ally that hadn't always been that way.

They fell from the castle of stone.


The fourth were husband and wife, just the two, brought together through the magic of a man now gone.

They fell from the town of magic and music.


The fifth were warriors, with a horse, a dragon, and a cricket too small.

They fell from the middle kingdom.


The sixth were siblings, a girl and triplets, with their horse.

They fell from a land of green enchantment.


They fell through space, through time, and landed together...

In the land of Titans.

Chomp chomp.


A/N: Mega-crossover for this one. It'll be... interesting. You can probably guess what the characters are, but if not, feel free to ask.

Ja ne,