At first I expect Christian to grin and tie me up and start fucking me, but he doesn't even acknowledge what I've said. He places his hand on top of mine where it is on his chest. I take it as a sign that he's okay and I scoot forward and put my other hand on his chest. I move them up and down, caressing him, feeling him, loving him.

He closes his eyes and his breathing hitches, and I hope it's from arousal and not fear. I lean forward and kiss him between my two hands. "I love you, Christian." I kiss him again. "God, I love you." I kiss him a third time. "I love touching you, and I love kissing you, and I love playing games with you." I sit up and kiss his neck. "I love making love to you, and I love fucking you, and I love making you feel good." I sit up and he opens his eyes. I kiss his lips hard, running my hands through his hair and clinging to him. "And I love showing how you much I love you." Tears spill down my cheeks. Damn, we were just playing, how did it get this emotional? "God, Fifty, I love you so much."

He wraps his arms around me and squeezes me so tight it almost hurts. "Anastasia, I love you so much it consumes me." He nuzzles my neck and kisses my ear. "I love making love to you, and I love fucking you, and I love touching you and kissing you and worshipping you." He kisses me, hard. "And most of all I love that you love me too." And we kiss again.

At first I think he's going to continue, but he pulls me back. "Now, about my prize…you're not tired, are you? Never mind, you can sleep in while I go to my meeting tomorrow morning."

Holy Hell, what's he planning?

He moves me off his lap and gets off the bed. "Mrs. Grey, you have teased and tortured me all night. It is my turn to return the favor. Don't move." He goes to the dresser and rummages through it. He smiles at me mischievously over his shoulder. "We'll use these. As I recall you don't mind them." He shows me a pair of leather cuffs. His gaze softens. "I thought about the cable ties. But I don't want to hurt you."

I can't help but smile. Fifty's way of showing he cares. Then he pulls out a large triangle shaped pillow. Like a wedge. "And this." He turns and goes through the dresser again and comes back with…oh Lord…a vibrator. His smile widens. "And this."

I must looked shocked because he can't stop laughing. "Anastasia, you love kinky fuckery, I know you do. But this is all about pleasure, your pleasure. He approaches me and kisses my forehead. "I told you before I married you that I would worship you with my body."

I peer at the chunk of plastic in his hands, and he gives me a closer look. I don't want to touch it, though I know something like this would not have been used before he met me. Before I met Christian, I wasn't sure I'd ever use one. Kate has always had a pink one of her own, but of course I never really saw it. "What's that thing? It looks like a dolphin coming out of it."

I don't have the courage to point, but as usual Christian can read my mind. "It's a clit stimulator," he whispers, "all for your pleasure, Mrs. Grey. So be a good girl and lie back."

I do so, and he straddles me. He runs his hands from my shoulders to my wrists, and then pushes them over my head, strapping on the cuffs. This was how he tied me up with his special gray tie when we first met. Was that really only two months ago?

"Keep your hands above your head, or you'll get a spanking." He kisses me quickly and slides off. "Now, Anastasia, do you know what this is?" He holds up the wedge shaped pillow. When I shake my head and giggle, he says, "It's called a liberator wedge. I'll put it underneath your delectable behind, lift you up, and we'll get great penetration." He waits, and I nod. Carefully, he takes each of my butt cheeks in one hand, squeezes them, then lifts me off the bed and uses one knee to slide the pillow beneath me. It's a bit awkward at first, but I'm so anxious I don't think about that.

Christian kisses my left foot, then my left calf, then the inside of my thigh. He skips the best part, kisses my belly, each of my breasts, then my neck and lips. While he continues to kiss me, I can feel his fingers find their goal. He tortures me with his touch while he sears my neck and face with kisses. I'm overwhelmed and he's barely started. I want to play my part, run my hands through his hair, hold him, but my arms are bound. Unlike last time, though, I can stop myself from moving them. I try to bite his ear as he kisses my neck. I feel him grin but he doesn't stop.

It feels like forever. He touches my clit with his thumb and pushes two fingers deep inside me. With my butt in the air, it feels like all the blood is rushing to my head. He adds a finger and finds my g-spot. I can't help my deep groan, and he groans in return. "Oh, Anastasia. You're so responsive. I like that a lot. God, I love it."

I can't help myself. I wrap my legs around him, holding him as tight as I can and try to push him down towards me. Immediately he stops kissing me and sits up. "Oh no you don't. I won, I get a prize, and I said I'd torture you." In my frustration I wriggle around, sliding down the wedge slightly. He grabs my butt cheeks and pulls me right back up. "Oh, Anastasia, what did I tell you?"

With my butt on the top of the pillow, even though I'm on my back my cheeks are showing. His right hand smacks my left cheek. Oh, Hell. I throw my head back, moaning.

"Now, Mrs. Grey, I'm going to make you scream." And he rams the vibrator inside me. Before I can even react he turns it on and oh fuck! The damn thing is vibrating, the tip is spinning around inside me, and the stupid dolphin stimulator is…stimulating. I can't help my loud cry. And all of a sudden he pulls it out, leaving me wanting. I blink up at him.

"Ana, Ana, Ana," he says. He's trying his best to sound nonchalant, but I can tell by the look in his eyes that this is torturing him as well. I lick my lips then bite them. He sucks in. "No, no, no. You're not doing that to me, Anastasia." He proves his point by, very quickly, getting up, grabbing a blindfold from the drawer he pulled the other items out of, and sliding it over my eyes. My breathing becomes louder in my ears thanks to my lack of vision. I can feel every movement Christian makes on the bed. I can even feel the heat coming from his body. His erection touches my thigh and I squirm.

Without warning, the vibrator is inside me again, pushing me over the edge. I feel Christian straddle me and take my breasts in his hands. He kneads and twists my overlong nipples, and I feel him blow on one and take it in his teeth. My legs stiffin, and I come violently. But he doesn't stop. He keeps kneading, and twisting, and the vibrator is still pulsating, my butt is stuck up in the air, and I feel his hand smack against it.

Oh, God.

He's spanking me, over and over, the same way he did with the silver balls. Right, left down, over and over. But it's different because I'm right side up, and my whole body is shaking. But even then, with each thwack I can feel every nerve ending move one way or the other, a slave to his whim. God, it's bliss, it's torture, it's…

"CHRISTIAN!" I scream his name. No doubt it can be heard across the hotel, but for once I don't care. That orgasm was one of his finest to date. While I come from my high he pulls out the vibrator and takes off the eye mask.

I'm exhausted; a mind blowing and kinky orgasm will do that to a girl. But the look in Fifty's eyes tells me he's far from done.

Gently, he lifts me up and leans me against the headboard. I expect him to uncuff my arms but he looks around the room like he's confused. "Damn, I really want to fuck you standing up, but…" I understand. He knows my legs are like jelly, and there's nothing here for me to hold on to. Not like the grid in his…our…playroom at home.

"Another time, then," he says. "Come, let's go to the bath." Honestly, a bath? I can tell he wants more, and he's not one to give up. What is he thinking? I can never tell. He leads me into the bathroom and begins filling the tub, checking the temperature of the water like we're at home. "Christian, what are you doing?"