Dear reader/follower:

I know you were expecting another chapter of this story, the one you actually followed. And I am almost embarrassed to offer you a shameless plug instead - almost being the operative word.

I am starting another Fitzelsa story, which with Once Upon a Time In Arendelle as the first "book" and Queen's Rook as the second, will make a trilogy ... a quartology? (quarlogy?) if you count Happily Ever After.

This new story is Queen's Gambit, and the first chapter is here at fanfiction dot net /s/12579895/1/Queen-s-Gambit

I hope this brings joy to your heart. If not you have my humble apologies. More apologies if you follow more than one story of mine, then you're going to be inundated with announcements. I can only hope it's worth it.

All the best,

and I am,