TIMER – (*idea from Tumblr/ the movie)

MEgyn braley


The timer suggested I would find him in five years forty-nine days twenty-seven minutes four seconds. I've done the math, we will meet when I turn twenty-two, almost right on my actual birth time. When I imagine my twenty-second birthday I picture a bar party. I know that not everything is in place yet, but I am a strong willed person and WILL get his attention.

(five years forty-nine days twenty-one minutes seven seconds)

I'm getting just what I wanted, my bar party. I'm too excited about meeting my soulmate. My friends have planned to bring my cake out exactly on the time of my birth. I love how thoughtful they are 3. That leaves twenty-seven seconds left until my soulmate is revealed.

It's time! To spice things up my friends are having make strippers bring out my cake. I'm blushing so hard now, trying to look anywhere but their skimpy outfits. I close my eyes and wish. "I wish he is everything to make me complete and vice-versa." I blow the candles out. Everyone is clapping. I throw my hands into the air breathing in; ready to get my boy-toy. I hear the timer clank onto the ground, followed by four more clinks. I open my eyes and look around. There the strippers are all looking at their wrists. "Well I guess this works out for me." I smirk at them with a devilish grin.

*Soul mate is two words, but I feel it should be one. Sorry if this annoys you a lot.*

Most of the stories ended sadly, so being the happy ending girl I am I created these ones! AKA: HAPPY ONES! I might make one sad one, just to see if I can do it.