Chapter One - Something Old

Written from the perspective of Weiss Schnee

Summary: A direct sequel to 'Marriage Interview'. Weiss jokingly makes Jaune her fiance but when everyone thinks she's serious, it's up to her to sabotage her own wedding. If she fails, then she and Jaune will be forever joined in holy matrimony and live, supposedly, happily ever after.

Author's Notes: Please read Marriage Interview first. I'm trying to be serious with this one. ;_; because... oh my god... THIS HAS A PLOT.

"Madam Schnee and President Schnee

request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter

Weiss Schnee


Jaune Arc"

After Yang finished narrating the wedding invitation, she and Ruby couldn't stop laughing. Even gloom and doom oh-no-we-gotta-stop-the-White-Fang Blake threw in a giggle! Argh! I need to stop this wedding. At. Any. Cost!

It all started with a stupid joke!

An idiotic, ill-thought out, unplanned, and not-so-surprisingly unfunny joke! How was I suppose to know my parents would take it seriously? And so would everyone else? Especially Jaune… ugh! He did no favors when he would literally scream it to the entire world atop the dorms! I mean, come on! Can't I be the funny one for once and not have a joke get completely out of hand? Seriously. Yang gets away with telling jokes all the time! But the one time I get to play one I end up getting betrothed!

I never should of told him he could be my fiance at that stupid marriage interview…

Never try to be a jokester again, Weiss Schnee. Never again will I ever jokingly tell a gigantic doofus he could be my fiance during a marriage interview as a joke. Never, ever, again. Because now here I am stuck with a stack of wedding invitations I need to pass out. Invitations to my wedding because as my mother puts it, it is the bride's family duty to handle the invitations. I wish I had a secretary…

"So Weiss, finally tying the knot, eh? It's good to-to-... ah… see you…get married in the… prime… of your life-haha!" She just couldn't stop laughing. Yang was rubbing her belly with a smile smeared over her face. "My stomach hurts from laughing too hard. Oh… oh… another fit's coming… haha! It's still funny! Too funny!"

Yang… you could be a bit more serious…

"So the wedding's this Sunday? That's only a few days off." Blake asked as she analyzed the invitation. "Are we going to get new dresses sometime this week?"

"Hey! What happened to the 'we got to stop the White Fang' Blake?"

"It's just a weekend, Weiss. We can investigate the White Fang anytime we want. But you only get married once. Uh… hopefully?" Blake shrugged. "Well you know, divorce rates are high…"

Blake, how could you? What happened to the debbie downer personality? Where's my Blake? The one who wouldn't have been able to sleep at night over Torchwick. The one that's obsessed with stopping the White Fang? Where's that Blake?

Please, don't tell me you're getting caught up in all this too.

"Oh! Oh! I want a new dress! I want a red one! Blood crimson, yeah!" Ruby was still stuck on the idea of shopping. "I want something flashy but mature… you know like something that makes me look like a sweet and innocent girl with a thorny passionate side people would get disturbed by."

Okay. Ignoring Ruby.

"But look… guys… I have a problem…" I rubbed the bridge of my nose with my hands. How do I explain to them I just don't want to get married to Jaune?

"What's the problem?" Blake asked.

"Yeah? Don't have a wedding planner? Haha!" Yang went back to her fit with tears in her eyes.

"Wait! Weiss, you don't have a wedding planner? Oh… my… it's always been my dream to plan a wedding! Weiss! Weiss! Please, please, please, please let me be your wedding planner? Please, please! I promise I'll do a good job."

"Ruby… I don't want a-"

"Hey! My sis may not be qualified but she's pretty passionate about this! You should consider taking Ruby as your wedding planner."

"Please, please, please. please…"

I looked to Blake. I gave her a begging look. Help me out here… Please contribute something to help me diffuse all this nonsense and excitement about a stupid wedding and marriage I don't even want.

Blake thought for a moment.

"There will be cake, right?"

"I. Love. Cake!" Ruby screamed. "Don't worry Weiss! With your family's unlimited budget, my ideas, and with the support of Team RWBY, we're going to make Weiss' wedding the best wedding all of Vytal has ever seen!"

Oh please… no. No. no no no…

I took a seat on my bed. I lost the strength in my legs. Ruby, Blake, and Yang were discussing this like a war room full of strategists debating the in-and-outs and details of weddings. Plans were being made. Ideas being thrown around. Oh please no… is this really happening? This can't be happening… these idiots can't possibly think I actually want this wedding, right?

"Guys… Look… I don't want to get married!"

The three of them looked at me and I looked at them.

They were silent a while before Ruby snorted a laugh.

"Pre-wedding jitters!"

"Ah… I recall reading about that. Anxiety arising from the prospect of your life going in an entirely new direction with someone…" Blake rubbed her chin before taking a seat beside me on my bed and placed an arm around my shoulder. "Look, Weiss. I know what's like to be under a lot of stress. What with that White Fang… and evil-doers running amok… it keeps me up at night. But you… you should be happy. You're the first one of us in Team RWBY to get married! Aren't you happy?"

I wanted to cry.


Blake crossed her arms in thought.

"Okay. Tell you what… I read a few books on photographer and I happen to have a camera… I'll make you a wedding-planning scrap book. We'll take pictures of us shopping for our dresses… especially your wedding dress… picking out flowers…"

"And choosing the cake," Ruby threw in.

"Yeah! Exactly!" Blake turned her attention back to me and rubbed my back. "There's no need to feel so gloomy. I promise that when you look back on these days and they're bygone memories… you'll miss them." Blake faced to Ruby and Yang. "How about we give Weiss some alone time? I need to go check out those books on photography and scrap-book again for references anyways."

Ruby nodded.

"I'll head out and get some wedding catalogs and research the best wedding bouquets, flower shops, bridal stores… so we can have some fun in town and do efficient wedding shopping!"

Yang crossed her arms. "So does this mean I'm in charge of the bachelorette party?"

"Yes!" Ruby clapped excitedly. "Yes! Yes! Please!"

"Bachelorette party?" Blake's bow twitched. "Sounds… rather entertaining… Right Weiss?"

No! It doesn't!

"Well alright… doesn't take much planning though… I guess in the mean time I'll test Weiss' husband-to-be Jaune's fidelity." Yang took off her jacket, exposing her revealing yellow undershirt. "Let's see how Jaune reacts to these babies. Tata for now ladies," Yang said before closing the door behind her and headed to Team JNPR's room.

You could hear them from beyond the door..

"Jaune! Open up! Oh never mind." An explosive shock-wave caused the room to shudder. I think Yang just knocked Team JNPR's door down. "Where are ya lover-boy? Ready for some hard skinship?"

"Yang! W-What are you doing!? Stop undressing! Please!"

"I'm testing your fidelity, silly! Now come here and give a nice cuddle! Stop struggling, Jaune! This is for your own good! Now tell me, are you going to cheat on Weiss!? Well, bub! Are ya!?"

"No! Definitely not! Pyrrha! Save me, please! Pyrrhaaa!"

"Yang! Stop this inappropriate behavior at once!"

"Pyrrha!? Oh… Pyrrha… sweet little Pyrrha Nikos… You dare oppose me and my divinely-just mission to ensure a tranquil union between one of my best friends and her betrothed? Well then… so be it! Prepare yourself for the greatest battle of your life!"

"With pleasure, Yang Xiao Long! But please… can you put your shirt back on first…?"

Bringing my hands to my face, I can't help but think this is a huge travesty by the heavens. Surely someone up there must despise me for all this as Yang and Pyrrha continued their battle heading towards the arena. The sounds of their fight became softer and softer until it vanished but the embarrassment was still there. Why me-why? Blake was rubbing my back trying to comfort me while Ruby went on and on about wedding jitters.

"It's okay Weiss! Want some alone time?" Ruby plucked an invitation of the stack. "See? You delivered mine! Oh… let me take one for Yang too…"

Blake stood up from the bed and held up her invitation. "And you've delivered mine as well so that's one less thing right? Come on Ruby, let's give Weiss some quiet time," said Blake as she left the room. "I'll be in the library if you need me, Weiss."

"Yeah! Hey wait… that was my idea! Blake? Hey wait up for me!" Ruby followed. "I need to do some research on where to shop for weddings!"

And so, alone in the room, was a stack of wedding invitations mocking me and my misery.

The next day I went to each professor's office to personally deliver the wedding invitations and each professor made a comment. Professor Port ranted about the women he's married in his, ahem, adventurous lifetime. Then there was Professor Oobleck who offered some advice and sagely sayings from past philosophers and historians on marriage. Professor Ozpin simply wished me and my husband-to-be long life and happiness.

As if happiness came just by wishing it.

The last professor that needed their invitation was Ms. Goodwitch. She opened her office door when I knocked. In poise and diplomatic fashion, she offered me some tea and asked what was my business with her today. She seated me across from her in a comfy armchair I held the wedding invitation, engraved with fine print and a wax seal bearing the Schnee family emblem.

"Ah. So it was about this. I've heard Miss Schnee you've recently been betrothed to… Jaune Arc. Well. I won't comment on your decision but I wish the both of you will do well both in academics and life." She placed a cup and saucer before me and poured some tea. Pouring a cup for herself, she continued. "And knowing Mr. Arc, he will be needing a lot of support."

Goodwitch took a long sip of her tea.

"So the wedding… is this Sunday…" It was hard to speak. Nobody was listening to me and my friends were caught up in their roles for my wedding. Blake was taking pictures of me brushing my teeth and Ruby wouldn't stop bombarding me catalogs and pictures of wedding cakes. "Sorry Ms. Goodwitch, I'm just a bit exhausted from it all. Wedding planning… and other things…"

She took another sip and nodded.

"Understandable. Marriage is a milestone event in one's lifetime. No need to apologize for something natural. I imagine I would feel the same way if I ever married," Goodwitch said bitterly. "Although it does make me feel rather old to have a student be engaged before myself." She made a soft chuckle. "Ah, to be young. Enjoy your youth Miss Schnee. Though there's many hardships ahead of all of us and the world, at least you are not alone." Breaking the wax seal, Goodwitch read the invitation. "I would be honored to attend your wedding, Miss Schnee," Goodwitch said with a smile.

I wasn't smiling.

"Thank you. I am… greatly… um…" I couldn't get much sleep last night and I was fumbling the lines. "I greatly… am appreciate… I am appreciative… uh-no… glad you can come?"

Goodwitch narrowed her eyes.

"I imagine this has more to do than wedding planning exhaustion, Miss Schnee. Is there something the matter?"

When she finished the question, I nearly cried.

"I don't want to get married!"

There was an awkward silence. A painfully awkward silence. I said nothing and neither did Goodwitch. My eyes were stinging and watery. Tears were coming. And cometh the tears, came the lost of my voice. Was it so wrong to not want to be married?

"Truly? You truly do not wish to be married?"

Goodwitch finished her tea and placed the cup on her saucer. Setting aside her cup and saucer, she leaned across the table and touched my hand. Looking into her eyes, I saw my reflection in her glasses. My eyes were red and puffy.

"Yes… I don't… want to be married…"

Goodwitch sighed.

"As my student… no… as a woman, I'll help you… Miss Schnee," Goodwitch said softly. Her answer came like a wave of relief to my ears. Would she really help me? Help me out of this wedding I absolutely do not want? "Sometimes I forget even the brightest of my students are people as well. I was rather insensitive assuming your proposed union with Mr. Arc would be a happy one, even if arranged."

"S-so what do I do," I asked. Even if Goodwitch helped me, there wasn't much she could do against the wishes of my father and mother. And all my friends were too caught up in planning for the upcoming events to even listen to me… as if I could speak up to them at all. "I'm so lost… and alone…"

Her hands were still on mine and she rubbed them gently. It felt comforting, as if my mother were holding me or my sister was hugging me. It felt strangely warm.

"I suggest you talk to your parents and Mr. Arc," said Goodwitch.

"I can't!" I shouted instinctively. "My parents have been waiting for me to be married since forever… and they're sending invitations to all of our family friends and business associates and announcing it on every news channel… I can't just tell them I don't want it! And Jaune… well you know, he's Jaune…"

"They'll understand. As I'm sure Mr. Arc will as well."

"No they won't! I need… what I need… Ms. Goodwitch, what I need is a reason to stop the marriage. A reason better than 'oh Weiss Schnee has pre-wedding jitters'. I need something… an excuse! Yes! I need an excuse to cancel the wedding!"

"An excuse? What for? Isn't telling them 'no' fair enough?"

"I can't! I just can't! I have a reputation… and I don't want to disappoint my parents. What I want… what I need… is for Jaune to do something so outrageously offensive and insulting that my parents will no choice but to call off the wedding. It has to be something that would utterly devastate the Schnee family name if we went through the wedding… he needs to do something… something unforgivable to me… to my family…"

"Something along the lines of Mr. Arc being unfaithful?"

"Yes! That's perfect!"

Goodwitch looked at me and gave me a smile. "Then… I suggest you begin making plans. A deception must be built in layers, Miss Schnee and two plans are better than one." Rising from her seat and releasing my hand, Goodwitch walked to the window and looked out to Beacon. "An unfaithful fiance is a valid excuse to call off a wedding while saving face." Turning her back to the window and facing me, Goodwitch continued. "Is there anyone in mind?"

"Anyone in mind what?"

"Someone you could convince to be Mr. Arc's mistress."

Pyrrha Nikos, where the hell are you?

I ran the halls looking for Pyrrha. The talk with Goodwitch was instrumental in formulating my strategy over the next few days. Yang had already taken it upon herself to spend the week testing Jaune's infidelity, the success of which I doubted. Jaune doesn't respond well to teasing. But Pyrrha Nikos… they're close… and with Yang's aggressiveness it would push them closer together. I've had my suspicions about her feelings for him for a while now. Now it has to be confirmed.

I need to trust my instincts and find her.

Where would a famous tournament fighter be during the afternoon? The arena! Trusting my instincts. Running into the girl's locker room beneath the arena, I found Pyrrha undoing the straps and knots of her armor. Her chest was bare for me to see and she made no attempt to cover herself.

"Oh! Weiss? Hello," Pyrrha greeted me in a neutral tone. She continued removing her armor. "I was about to take a shower. Do you need something?"

Her tone was very formal. Terrifyingly neutral for Pyrrha. Her usual upbeat tone was gone and she made no attempts at modesty. Rather… it seemed like she was placing a large emphasis on displaying her chest to me as she continued to remove armor… her chest being visibly larger than mine. Maybe she was jealous?

Well. That's plus one point for the 'Pyrrha's in love with Jaune' theory.

"I came to deliver you this," I said handing her a wax-sealed wedding invitation. "You are cordially requested to attend the wedding of myself, Weiss Schnee, and Jaune Arc. I would be delighted if you would honor us with your presence," I finished with a short bow. If Pyrrha wants to play the aggressive brute that displays her might and assets, then I'll counter by being polished and refined.

"I'd love to attend… in fact, Jaune has already asked me to come."

My eyes narrowed. "So he has? Ah. But of course, he's on your team after all. But tradition requires that the bride and her family is the one to conduct the invitations. So it's not formal until I've given you an invitation." Pyrrha took the envelope from my hands, broke the seal and read. "If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or my beloved."

Pyrrha raised an eyebrow and in a slightly annoyed tone replied:

"Your… 'beloved?"

Plus two points for 'Pyrrha's in love with Jaune', please.

"Well is he not? We are betrothed after all… He was so charming during the marriage interview. I know I've rejected his advances before but he just… sort of grew on me?" Come on Pyrrha… take the bait… come on…

"He… grew on you?" Pyrrha folded her arms and covered her chest.

Plus three.

"Love works in mysterious ways, doesn't it?"

"Yes." Pyrrha agreed sharply before grabbing a towel from her locker and slamming it shut with her semblance. It caused the locker room to vibrate with an unpleasant, metallic sound. "Yes, love does work in mysterious ways," Pyrrha said sadly. "Sometimes love works wonderfully, as it has for you… and others less so. Like for me..." Pyrrha finished softly.

She wrapped a towel around herself and turned her back towards me. Now was the time to strike Weiss! I embraced her tightly from behind. Pyrrha gasped in shock. Good… good!


"W-Weiss? What are you doing?" I pressed my face against hers and I could the redness through the heat of her cheeks. "Th-this is… if someone walks in they might misunderstand! W-Weiss, please let go!"

Screw them, then. Let them misunderstand. You're going to play right into my trap, Pyrrha.

"If you love someone… you should do everything in your power to get them, as I have done. I was lucky in that it was easy as one-two-three to accept Jaune as my husband-to-be… but others may have a more difficult struggle ahead of them."


"Pyrrha," I said before turning her around to face me. My hands gripping her shoulders. Gone was her passive-aggressive posture from earlier but what replaced it wasn't the Pyrrha I knew. It was a bashful and shy Pyrrha. One that resembled a girl whose dreams had just been crushed. This Pyrrha won't work for my plans at all. The Pyrrha I know deep inside of her needs to be revived. "Pyrrha, do you recall what was your nickname from the tournament?"

"T-the 'Goddess of Victory'… that was what they all called me…" Her eyes went downcast. "It's a stupid nickname… and I don't deserve it…"

I smiled.

"Because you never lose?"


"So are you going to give up?"

" No. No! I am not going to give up!" Pyrrha looked at me with determined eyes slowly igniting with passion and confidence. "I'm going to fight! I'm going to win!" She bared her teeth at me, gritting together. They resembled fangs. I could see the fire was back in her eyes. So this is the famed Goddess of Victory that strikes terror into the hearts of any challenger?

Ha. I hope you win, Pyrrha!

"Women have fought each other for centuries. Since the beginning of time. We fight over silly things such as clothing or jewels… sometimes we fight for things we desperately need, like food or milk for our children… but it's rather shameless to fight over men, isn't it?"

"I will have to disagree on that," Pyrrha stated as she batted my hands from her shoulders. She straightened her back and stiffened her chest, taking in a large breath that enhanced their size. A tactic of intimidation? "I believe fighting for someone you love is a fight worth bleeding for."

It was hard to keep the delightful smile off my face.

"Then may the best woman win, Pyrrha Nikos. I do this because… when I marry Jaune, I want there to be no regrets between you and him. It'd be unfortunate if he were to be unfaithful to me due to some silly lingering affection between schoolmates."


"Excuse me?"

"Not 'when you marry Jaune.' If. 'If you marry Jaune.'"

"Haha. Okay. If."

Though I knew this was all a trick to get Pyrrha jealous and furious, I still felt fear in my heart. One hand clutched her towel to keep her shame hidden and the other was clenched in a fist. Her eyes were fiery and resolved. Only a fool would deliberately rile Pyrrha on like that… whoever would do so would be destined to lose. Haha! If I marry Jaune… if! As if it were a question!

Because I know I won't.

"One last thing, Weiss…"

"Hm?" I was giddy from how well this plan concocted by Goodwitch and myself was going. Undoubtedly, she was going to throw in some last second jabs at me before I left her to her bathing time. "What is it, Pyrrha?"

"Jaune also asked something of me."

"He did?"

"Yes… he actually didn't invite me to the wedding. On the contrary… I don't believe I was ever formally invited…"

"Really? Well you have been invited now."

"I don't believe I'll be needing it," Pyrrha said as she ripped up the envelop and invitation. She tossed it into the air like confetti.

"Why not?"

"Do you really need to formally invite the groom's best man?"

Tonight, all the stars in the sky fell perfectly into place.

I laid on my back on the school rooftop. A blanket was spread out as I began stargazing. My heart was thumping rapidly, excited at how well my plan was going. Pyrrha was to be Jaune's best man and will be taking an active role in wedding preparations. Undoubtedly, she would be using that opportunity to slowly close the distance between herself and Jaune. Friendship becomes romantic, infidelity occurs, and the wedding will be called off.

Someone up there loves me.

The air was cool and refreshing. I had finished a nice hot bath and scrubbed myself clean; I deserved it after all. I may be lonely, but I had the stars for company.

And footsteps.

"Huh? Who's there?" There was the sound of the rooftop entrance opening.

Ah. My husband-to-be, Jaune.

"Oh, hey Weiss. Fancy meeting you up here. You know I was just-uh-wandering around getting a nice night stroll and all that." Jaune's face was red and sweaty. His eyes kept darting around and avoiding mine and his posture was shaky. Still in his school uniform, he looked like a child that just got caught and needed a scolding.

But what's he hiding? His hands were behind him.

"What is it, Jaune?" I stood up in my nightgown and wrapped the blanket around me. As I approached, he took a few steps back. Oh… maybe the plan was a success? Perhaps Pyrrha had already succeeded in capturing his heart? This was going much better than expected. "So Jaune. Please, tell me what is it," I said with a hand on his cheek. "We are to be married soon, so you can tell me anything."

"That's… just the thing. The marriage…"

I forced a frown. I had to pretend something was wrong. But I wanted to smile.

"What's the matter?" I leaned in a bit closer. "Are you hiding something from me?"

"That's sort of it." Jaune fumbled for words. "It's kind of complicated, actually. Well, then again it could also be very simple… okay, okay. Long story short is… I… I-okay where do I even start?"

I smiled.

You start off by saying you are madly in love with your partner, Pyrrha Nikos, and today she approached you and you reciprocated her feelings but you were engaged to me. The short version would be the marriage is thus cancelled.

So simple.

"One word at a time, Jaune."

He took a deep breath.

"Okay. Okay. One word at a time. Here I go… Weiss Schnee. I… I…"


"I love you."

Ha! Marriage is over! The plan worked! Thank you Ms. Goodwitch! Your advice was invaluable. Thank you Pyrrha for being so jealous and holding an unrequited love for Jaune. Finally… this nightmare is ov-…er… Wait.


"Okay, one word at a time: I. Love. You…"

"No no no, I mean… what? You love me?"

Jaune tilted his head. "Of course I love you. Why wouldn't I love you? I'm marrying you, of course I love you. But I haven't gotten to what I wanted to tell you yet. It's just that my family has this thing. Now I know it's going to sound stupid..."

"Your family? A thing?"

Jaune revealed his hands. It held a small box.

"Yeah. A thing." He opened the box.

It was a simple gold ring.

"It's my ancestor's wedding band. My gran-gran was telling me how when she was a little girl they started putting jewels and stuff on them or having fancy engravings. But the Arc family has always used a simple gold ring. My grandmother's wore it before she gave it to my mom and then my mom handed it off to me… to give to you."

His hand slipped around my left from beneath the blanket and pulled it into the air. Gently slipping the band onto my ringer finger, he said nothing. His silence was strange and eerie. He bent a knee.

"Weiss Schnee… I promise on my ancestors that I will cherish you and protect you and lay my life down for you. I want us both to be happy."

This can't be happening. It can't.

"Jaune, you don't have to-"

"Yeah, okay with no script it isn't going to work." Jaune pulled out a sheet of paper with handwritten notes on it. "Glad I had Nora write me a script! Okay, so let's see: Weiss. You are one sexy beast you. I can't wait to rip that gown off you on… our wedding night… and take you to pound-town? Argh! Nora..."

Jaune looked up to me glaring at him.

"Try winging it," I suggested sarcastically.

"You're right. But… yeah. Weiss… I know it's a cheap ring and it's old but it really means a lot to my family. I promise when I get some money I'll buy you a better ring. Ya know, one that suits being a daughter of the Schnee family and all. But, if it's okay with you of course, could you wear that ring?"

I hesitated before answering.


Jaune smiled. "Thanks. Oh yeah, has Pyrrha been acting strange lately?" I shook my head. "That's funny. She's been really bugging me about the wedding. Asking me about details and stuff but I just told her 'Weiss was taking care of everything.' Maybe Pyrrha is one of those obsessed-with-weddings types."

"Oh. No, I'm just leaving the wedding planning to the rest of my team."

"Really? Huh. Didn't expect that."

Narrowing my eyes at him, I asked, "what did you expect?"

"You to be a bridezilla."

"A bridezilla? You mean one of those bimbos who get overly emotional and perfectionist about every single aspect of their wedding? You thought I was one of those people?"

"Well yeah. Glad you aren't though. Big relief actually."

"I… you… Oh never mind." My mother always said the trick to a long and joyful union between a man and a woman is tolerance. Well mother, I don't believe anything will last long or be joyful with Jaune as I desperately want to cleave his face in with an ax.

"Well, I'm going to get to bed. Tomorrow I'm going with Pyrrha to find a suit."

As Jaune turned to leave, I stopped him to ask a question. "Jaune, did you really make Pyrrha your best man?" Jaune turned and nodded happily. "Why?"

He shrugged.

"Who else was I going to ask? Ren? Pyrrha's a good friend and she's the closest friend I've ever had. I don't think there's anyone else I'd rather have. Ha. What about you? Pick a maid of honor yet?"

"No…" I haven't put a single thought into it at all lately.

Jaune rubbed his chin. "Three-way fight between Ruby, Blake, and Yang… I wonder how that'll turn out? Ah it's getting late. You look beautiful tonight, Weiss. But I'm going to head to bed. Sleep well."

And so he left as I waved silently back.

Once again, I was alone on the rooftop in the company of the stars. I held the blanket tighter as the wind began picking up and the breeze was chilly. Walking towards the rooftop entrance, I opened the door and saw the depths of the shadows to the stairs and the distant light at the end of the flight. The moonlight behind me, silvery and soft.

I turned around and raised my left hand. I eclipsed the moon with my ringer finger. The gold ring shined with a tinge of soft silver.

I'll admit, the ring was beautiful… but it's not the ring for me.

When I descended the stairs and returned to my room, I found the rest of my team in their pajamas and on their beds with reading materials of various sorts scattered about. Ruby had wedding catalogs and was looking up stores. Blake was reading on photography and had scissors cutting out pictures. Yang was flipping through magazines headlined with how to plan the perfect bachelorette party.

"Oh hey, looks who's back," said Yang. Putting down the magazine, she cracked her back. "I'm sure you'll be glad to know that even ambushing Jaune naked after he finishes a shower will not make him commit infidelity. Have to admit, I'm impressed."

"Thanks, Yang."

"Also these photographers are turning out well. Want to see?" Blake held up snippets of photographs taken today and yesterday of various people. "I think scrap-booking is going to be my new hobby."

"No thanks. Maybe later. I'm a bit tired."

"Good idea! You need your beauty sleep because tomorrow we are shopping for your wedding dress. Are you excited? Because I know I am," Ruby said clapping her hands. "Alright team, time for shut-eye."

"Aye captain, light's out then," said Yang as the lights turned off before mumbling, "man, who knew planning a bachelorette party could be so hard? I thought all I needed to do was find some male strippers…"

"No strippers," I said as I crawled into my bed. "Absolutely not."

"Whatever you want, Weiss" Yang ignored my request. "Blake, ignore what I just said to Weiss. The male strippers are still a go. I repeat. Still a go."

"Roger." Blake dozed off to sleep. Before long, it was quiet and everyone but me had drifted off to sleep. The moonlight still came through the windows.

I held my left hand up again. It shone in the moonlight.

Questions came to my head: what if this fails? What other plots can I hatch? I need a foolproof plan and I need insurance on top of that.

Marrying Jaune… I can't. I don't want it.

But what if Pyrrha fails?

My heartbeat quickened. What if it actually happens? What if this all goes through and I can't do anything to stop it?

What if I do marry Jaune?

Live together for the rest of my life with him? Is this real life?

Is this really happening?

Chapter One - Something Old Fin