Richard Elliot slams down the newspaper onto the table, the headline exploding like an expletive from the page:-

"Superstar Singer, Anne Elliot marries child hood sweetheart and long time love, Grammy winning Song Writer, Fred Wentworth, in private ceremony."

The news of his 'would be girlfriend' Anne's engagement hit Richard unexpectedly, he had suspected something was between Wentworth and her. The way Wentworth always scowled at him when he was with her, suggested something more than work colleagues. But this. This was his plan, his chance to be happy in domestic bliss. He could have actually been happy with Anne. It wouldn't have been a private ceremony either, but a lavish event attended by the worlds rich and famous. The photos adorning the covers of glossy magazines. The money, the recognition, it could have all been his, should have all been his, now he had to turn and flee with his tail between his legs, and come up with something new. It had crossed his mind to stay around, try and force them apart, but he wouldn't. Deep down he knew why, he had liked Anne. More than he'd liked anyone else. More than he should. She never did anything but treat him well. No, he would let her have this. She was happy and that's how she should stay.

But that Lizzie ...

Somewhere in a city, in an arena full of screaming fans, Anne Wentworth completes her encore, bows and walks off stage into the waiting arms of her husband. He steps back, allowing her growing baby bump to fit snug in between them, he had everything he'd ever wanted. He had her, and she had him. No one to persuade them otherwise.

The End


One And Only - Adele

I Told You So - Carrie Underwood

I Know How He Feels - Reba McEntire

Almost Is Never Enough - Ariana Grande

White Flag - Dido

I Know You're Gonna Be There - Luke Bryan

Dear Darlin' - Olly Murs

All We'd Ever Need - Lady Antebellum

Every Breath You Take - The Police

Over You - Reba McEntire

Back To December - Taylor Swift

Please Stay - Westlife

I Almost Do - Taylor Swift

This Is Me You're Talking To - Trisha Yearwood