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**The cold hands
The sad eyes
The dark Irish silence**

Ronnie sat at Harry's kitchen table. More than three hours ago, she had watched paramedics sedate Harry as he mumbled words that she couldn't understand. The paramedics told her that Harry would most likely be out for 6-8 hours.

After the paramedics had left, Ronnie sat and watched Harry sleep. He looked so peaceful, as if nothing was wrong in the world. Ronnie sat, stroking his dark hair and thinking. After she couldn't take the silence of the apartment, Ronnie called Steven.

Steven was shocked when Ronnie told him what had happened. Steven wanted come over to be with her, but Ronnie insisted that she could handle it alone. She couldn't.

**It's so late
But I'll wait
Through the long night with you
With you**

Ronnie was pacing through Harry's much to small apartment. She was going crazy, not having anything to occupy herself. Ronnie sat down on Harry's couch when she saw what time it was. 8 pm.

Ronnie sat there and thought. She was so worried about Harry. He was dealing with so much, Ronnie felt so helpless. She had tried to get through to Harry, but she couldn't. He wouldn't let her.

**The warm tears
The bad dreams
The soft trembling shoulders
The old fears**

Ronnie looked at her watch. It said 10:03, but to Ronnie, it felt about 12:03. She curled up under a blanket on Harry's sofa as she flicked through channels on the muted television. Suddenly, Ronnie heard Harry crying out from the bedroom.

Ronnie jumped off the couch and walked quickly to Harry's bedroom. She walked in to see Harry curled into a ball underneath the blankets, crying.

"Harry?" Ronnie asked softly. She sat on the bed and pulled the blankets away from his face. "Harry?"

Harry heard someone call his name. He lifted his head to see Ronnie's caring face looking down at him. Harry then put his head back down on the pillow and looked up at Ronnie, his eyes swimming in tears.

"Please don't make me go back."

Ronnie barely heard Harry say this, his voice was just a tiny whisper. Ronnie looked into his eyes. The sadness, hurt, and confusion that she saw was heart breaking.

**But I'm here
Through the long night with you
With you**

Ronnie lay down so that she was face to face with Harry.

"I don't wanna go back Ronnie." Harry whispered to her. "I can't go back, not now, not ever."

Ronnie looked at him with such sadness. The person that was always so strong and determined had turned into frightened and scared little boy. Ronnie pulled the blankets up to Harry's chin and wiped away a tear.

"I'm not going to make you do anything Harry." Ronnie told him, brushing some hair away from his tear stained face. She continued to stare at Harry as he drifted into sleep, comforted by her presence.

**Oh what it has cost you
I almost lost you
A long, long time ago
Oh you should have told me
But you had to bleed to know**

Ronnie made sure Harry was asleep before she got up and went into the kitchen. She wanted some tea, but Ronnie didn't have the energy. She ended up sitting down on the hard tile floor, leaning against the cabinets.

Ronnie began to cry as she thought about everything Harry has been through in such a short period of time. Being stabbed and losing Trina. Ronnie couldn't believe how Harry had handled it all.

Ronnie sat there, crying and wishing. Wishing that Harry had come to her before he broke down. She wished that she had been more supportive of his decision to help Trina. Ronnie thought that just maybe, if she had, Harry wouldn't be so shaken.

**All your past sins
Are since past
You should be sleeping
It's alright
Sleep tight
Though the long night with me
With me**

Harry woke up and saw that Ronnie was gone. He turned over and looked the ceiling. Harry's mind was in a fog. He couldn't remember why he was in bed, or why he was still dressed in his school clothes.

Then he remembered. He remembered Trina leaving. He remembered getting up after she left and he remembered getting ready for school. Harry remembered that he didn't go. That he was in a corner crying. That Ronnie came.

Harry sat up in his bed and he tried to shake the fog from his mind. He noticed that there was a light on in the kitchen. Harry thought that he had heard someone in there, so he got up, wrapping himself with a blanket off his bed. He walked into the kitchen and saw Ronnie sitting on the floor. Crying.

**No, I didn't start it
Your broken hearted
From a long, long time ago
Oh, the way you hold me
It's all that I need to know**

Harry looked at Ronnie as she hastily brushed tears from her face. She didn't want Harry to know that she had been crying. Ronnie needed to be strong.

"Hey." Ronnie said, forcing a smile. Harry walked over to her and sat down.

"I'm sorry."

Ronnie looked at Harry. He had his head bowed and she could see his shoulders tremble. Ronnie put her hand under Harry's chin and made him lift his head.

"Don't you dare say that," she told him. "This is not your fault Harry. You're not to blame for this."

"Then why do I feel so responsible?" Harry asked her.

Ronnie didn't have an answer. Instead, Harry reached up and pulled the blanket around Ronnie. She took the corner and pulled it tightly around herself. They sat there wrapped in the blanket for a few minutes.

Ronnie looked at Harry. "I didn't mean to cry." she whispered.

Harry didn't want Ronnie to think that she was part of his problem. She was the only thing in his life that was even a little bit normal. Harry released a sob and he began to cry. Ronnie pulled him close and she began to cry too. Ronnie cried for Harry. Harry just cried.

**And it's so late
But I'll wait
Through the long night with you
With you**