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Chapter Thirteen. The Second Dinner. November 1998

When Harry had got to work the next day he was flocked with questions from Marcus and Thea who had heard about the 'gas leak', the few minor cuts that had scattered his face were enough proof to place him at the scene. He'd explained as best as he could with a shrug, secretly hoping they wouldn't press him further about his night.

"So apart from that freak accident how was your night?" Or maybe not, with a sigh he looked up at Marcus who gave a chuckle. "That good?"

"Fantastic." Harry grumbled miserably as he paced behind the bar, Marcus exchanged looks with Thea who edged closer to sit in front of him at the bar.

"Harry what happened?"

With another sigh, Harry rubbed his face with his hands and looked back at Thea who thankfully looked more concerned than just her usual nosy self.

"We had an argument." Harry began, before falling into telling them about the argument surrounding them becoming public.

"It's nothing, I think I overreacted." Harry finished looking downcast. Marcus edged closer, looking at Harry with concerned eyes.

"But why won't he tell his family?"

"He's worried they'll disown him, because of their traditions, and because of Ginny, his sister. It could get...oh of course he doesn't want to tell them, it's so complicated and I've been such an asshole!" Harry exclaimed making Thea and Marcus exchange sympathetic glances before looking to the customer who had stepped into the bar.

"You're not." A familiar voice echoed and Harry looked up suddenly, looking at. Charlie who looked guilty and stared at Harry with apologetic eyes. "You're not an asshole."

"Charlie." Harry murmured, not really saying his name for any reason. Just saying it with a sigh, neither man noticed the girls and Marcus slope off to the other end of the bar as Charlie walked to the bar slowly. He placed his hands flat on the surface and let out a long sigh before looking back at Harry.

"I'm sorry"

"I'm sorry"

They both said in unison and looked up at each other with guilty eyes and flushed cheeks. Harry reached out to hold Charlies hand and he gripped it tightly.

"I was an asshole" Harry admitted and Charlie shook his head.

"I am a coward." He answered solemnly and Harry shook his head and tightened his hand.

"No you're not, I completely understand, I overreacted, I-"

"Can we talk? Properly." Charlie interrupted with serious and nervous eyes, making Harrys heart clench. He nodded and looked at Charlie worriedly, his lip between his teeth as he swallowed.

"This isn't 'the talk' is it?"

"What?...no! No! Nothing like that." Charlie corrected with wide eyes, Harry let out a sigh of relief, making Charlie smile softly. Harry looked around the pub then back at Charlie with a guarded smile.

"I finish in 10 minutes, you could sit and wait?"

"I'll be over in that armchair." Charlie announced pointing to the worn red armchair, Harry nodded and grabbed Charlie a beer.

"Have it on me."

"I want you to meet my family." Charlie said suddenly, looking at Harry who was still standing, his arm resting on the chair he was going to pull back. With a confused glance, his eyes still glued on Charlie as he sat down.

"Charlie I've met your-"

"Not that family." Charlie answered and Harry looked even more confused, Harry was about to question again when Charlie just smiled warmly. "My family in Romania."

Harry tried to hide his shocked expression, but by Charlies amused eyes he'd failed and smiled shyly, scratching his head nervously. "You want me to meet your colleagues?"

"I've met yours." Charlie said with a smile in the direction of the bar where Marcus was serving customers and Thea was trying her best to pretend she was working as she glanced in their direction every so often. Charlie looked back at Harry and smiled. "I think it's only fair."

"I'd like that." Harry murmured softly, looking down at their joined hands. "I'm sorry again."

"Me too." Charlie said quickly and stroked his thumb along Harry's hand.

"I know it's not the same." Charlie began and sighed, looking at Harry. "I know it's not the same as telling everyone else but I..."

"I get it." Harry admitted. "With everything with Ginny, and your mum pushing us together. It's not the right time."

"I do want to." Charlie assured and Harry smiled softly. "And I'm not ashamed of you, the very opposite actually."

With a shy smile, both men watched as their hands moved together slowly. Harry looked up and the older man and smiled softly. "So, our first fight."

Charlie let out a long breath and laughed softly, grinning at Harry who only smiled back. "Yeah, I guess that was."

"We should keep with tradition." Harry began, standing up and pulling Charlie with him, Charlie looked confused and he looked down at the younger man who looked up with a cheeky smile. "It's only right to properly make up."

Charlie let out a husky laugh and pulled the younger man against him and kissed his forehead softly, causing Harry to look up and steal a kiss from Charlies lips.

"I think you're right." Charlie grinned and allowed Harry to pull him gently towards the door, he gave a mock salute to Marcus and Thea as he walked past the bar and the only grinned back as the two men disappeared from the bar.

"Oh to be young and in love." Marcus joked, continuing to clean the glasses as Thea stood in front of him, her hands on her hips in mock outrage.

"Oh? And what do mean young?" She asked with narrowed eyes and Marcus swallowed before trying to look back with a cheeky smile.

"Any chance we can go straight to the making up?"

"The whole reserve?" Harry asked, stretching his head to the side as Charlie kissed and nipped across Harrys neck. He chuckled into the skin and pulled away to look at Harry happily.

"Not at first, we're going for dinner, so the main reserve will be shut. You'll see the whole house though."

"Well it'll beat apparating straight to your room, can we ring the doorbell?" Harry asked, running his fingers under Charlies shirt with a grin as he pulled the fabric over the other mans head who frowned once the fabric was pulled away.

"Are you taking the piss?"

Harry grinned triumphantly, pulling his shirt over his head and smirking.

"Only a little bit." he teased, leaning forward and kissing Charlie who was knelt on the bed. Harrys hands immediately sought out Charlies red curls as the kiss was deepened, at the same time Charlie had snaked his hands around Harrys waist. Falling back onto the bed Harry pulled at Charlies shoulders edging him closer, apologies were still being almost pulled from each other as they both pulled the other closer. Moans and pants echoing in each others ears as they kissed madly. From cheeks to lips to necks.

Harrys next night off fell on a Wednesday, a day he'd usually spend with Remus and Teddy, but as soon as he'd explained about the fight and the dinner Remus had urged him to go rather than spend time with him. It was nice in a way having a parent figure who was fully supportive of his relationship, it made his heart clench knowing that Charlie still didn't have that, or whether he would ever have that. The letters he received from Ginny were becoming so gushing and flirtatious it was almost worrying, as well as the supportive but overly worried letters he had occasionally received from Mrs Weasley. He knew Christmas was around the corner and soon the whole family would be around. So at the moment having this relationship to themselves was nice, for now anyway.

Charlie and Harry took a portkey to Romania, they usually apparated but it left Harry feeling exhausted as he was not used to traveling such distances. When they landed inside the reserve, the only lights on were the outside lanterns of the residential living of the camp. Following Charlie into one of the houses he was met with a large open kitchen with connected living and dining room. The whole place was open, 'Because of the heat' Charlie had explained. He looked around the place with a smile, bookcases were filled with any book you could imagine on reptiles, magical creatures and of course dragons. The room had a warm feel to it as most of the furniture and walls were either decorated in reds, browns and whites. Charlie watched Harry for a moment before heading to the kitchen to prepare to cook. As Harry followed him through the dining room he spun suddenly as the door opened suddenly.

"So you're the man Charlies been sneaking in on the quiet." The woman announced as she stepped across the room taking heavy strides to compensate for just how petit she was, she was a short woman with long black hair that was scraped back across her head and tied in a braid, similarly to the way Charlie always dressed she was stood in Dragon hide trousers that were fitted to her short yet muscular legs and a loose tanned vest. She stood also examining him head to toe, her hands fixed on her hips. With a final glace she smiled and smacked her hands together.

"You must be the famous boyfriend. You're a rarity when it comes to Charlie. He's so much of a closed book their may as well be a chain round it." She explained with a tight smile. Charlie shrunk against the kitchen counter with embarrassment, his head bowed over a large pot as he let out a chuckle and looked up.

"Sanda this is Harry Evans." Charlie addressed with a smile and Harry held out his hand. She looked at it briefly before shaking it tightly as she glanced across his face and his forehead.

"It doesn't take a name change and a make over to not see who you are Harry Potter." she teased with a grin as harry smiled shyly back, his hand throbbing slightly from grip of Sanda. Charlie chuckled and shook his head.

"Sanda is our location specialist, she see's nearly everything, and is one hell of a rider."

"Brooms?" Harry asked, excitement building in his voice.

"That and other things."

"You're not the only one to ride a dragon Harry. Sanda here has done it to."

"If they won't let me see their territory then I have to see it while they do, best way to do that? Fly with them." she explained with a matter of fact tone as she opened the wine o the table and began filling wine glasses. Harry hung on every word finally sitting back in his chair with a grin.


"Oh look a new person Sanda can impress with her stories." A man announced with a thick Scottish as he stepped through the door. His black hair cropped short to his head and piercing brown eyes that stood out against pale skin, he was followed by a man who looked the complete opposite. Long blonde shaggy hair pulled into a ponytail at the back, the style almost resembling Bill Weasley had it not been for the naturally tanned skin. Charlie stood up excitedly and hugged his colleagues.

"Harry, this is Sven and his husband Ross. They're both keepers at the reserve like me. Guys this is my boyfriend Harry."

"Oh we know who he is." Ross laughed sitting beside Sanda and grinning at Harry. Who could only smile back. "Anyone who's ever been to England knows who you are."

"Trust me, its not so great." Harry replied with a smile earning a soft smile from Charlie as he looked up from his cooking. Harry looked back between the two men. "Married?"

"Yup." Sven smiled, he looked to Ross who was looking at him with patient eyes and a smile. Sven grinned and pointed back to Harry quickly. "Wait...I can get this, seven years...October?"

"Close." Ross laughed with a shake of the head as he sat across from Harry.

"Close?" Harry asked with confusion as he looked between the men.

"He forgets out anniversary, all the time. Gets the month right 50 per cent of the time." Ross explained with a grin.

"Eh I loose track of time." Sven excused with a shake of the hand. "Whats right is I know we're married." he continued with a point of a fork for emphasis. He looked around the shared kitchen and frowned. "Who's cooking."

"Me." Charlie announced proudly looking up from the pot, Harry detected the flare of panic. He looked from his boyfriend to his work colleagues.

"Have we got time to go out again?" Ross teased and Charlie shouted in protest.

"I can cook!" Charlie protested and was met with deaf ears. "Oi, I can cook. Ross you loved that pasta I cooked."

"Saying 'well it just looks so colourful, probably isn't something good to go on." Ross laughed and Charlie sulked.

"I can cook." He grumbled defensively going back to stirring a pot.

"Has he cooked for you yet Harry?" Sanda asked over her wine glass. Harry shook his head, taking a gulp of his own wine and smiled.

"I work when he would be eating, he eats when I'm working. We've not really done it." Harry admitted with a shrug, Sven leaned forward and grinned.

"After tonight you'll keep it that way."

Charlie looked up with a mock scowl and pointed at the table with his spoon "After tonight I'm never cooking for you all again."

"Is that a promise?" Sven joked resulting in peas flying across the room which Sanda cleared away instantly with her wand, with a defeated sigh that almost resembled Mrs Weasley.

"No flying vegetables in the camp please." She ordered with a grin in Harrys direction as he watched the exchange between the three.

"Harry I've made you toast before in the mornings, and tea!" Charlie accused and Harry turned in his seat to smile warmly at his boyfriend.

"And you've done those so well." He mentioned with a smile.

"Hard to notice in bed though isn't it when you're probably more focused on your-mmpth..."

"Please excuse my husband his brain to mouth filter has malfunctioned." Sven interrupted, his hand pulled tightly around his husbands mouth. Harry chuckled and shook his head.

"Are we going to behave?" Sven teased looking at Ross' wide eyes and grinning, he suddenly let out a shout and moved his hand away quickly.

"Did you lick my hand?" Sven asked and Ross' response was merely wagging his tongue, with a snort of disgust. "Still not sure why I married you."

"We just got me off sexual conver-"

"Ross." Charlie said firmly, making Ross' hand gestures freeze up momentarily. Charlie smiled. "Enough."

"Charlie boy." Ross said picking his fork up, leaving a trail from fork to plate that dangled in the air. "This is by far your worse concoction yet."

"Really?" Charlie asked eating a forkful obliviously.

"It really is awful." Sven snorted moving odd shapes around his plate.

"I'm still trying to distinguish what it is." Sanda scrutinized, looking a little too closely at her plate and tipping it slightly, nothing moved. Charlie took another forkful and looked at Harry who avoided his eye for a moment before looking back and straight face which seemed too close to becoming a laugh.

"Maybe stick to toast." Harry offered and the others began snickering loudly. Charlie looked round in mock outrage.

"Is it really that bad." He protested with a pouting lip, making everyone laugh harder.

"It really is retched." Sanda laughed pushing her plate away with a grin.

"Shall we have pudding?" Ross suggested, beginning to clean away the abandoned plates with his wand. Charlie sat back in his chair, his arms crossed across his stomach in a sulking fashion.

"Charlie did you make this?" Ross asked with surprise as he peered at the cake intently.

"Harry did." Charlie announced tossing his head over his chair to look at Ross who carried the cake through. Once the cake was cut and passed around Sanda, Ross and Sven let out groans as they tasted the cake.

Sven looked up with a grin and pointed his fork at the cake. "Okay, now I get why you're with this man."

"Now you get it?" Charlie asked with wide eyes. He tucked in to his own cake and let out his own groan which sounded way to sexual for Harry who looked up suddenly.

"Oh my god this is like sex."

Ross laughed and looked between Harry and Charlie. "If this is how sex is like with you two I..."

"Don't finish that sentence unless you want to explain it?" Sven addressed suddenly and Ross swallowed his cake and looked between his husband and Harry.

"It's good cake." He mumbled looking back at his cake. "We should take some home for Madi."

"Madi?" Harry asked.

"Our daughter." Ross said through cake with a smile.

"Wow, I didn't know you guys had kids." Harry said with a hopeful smile, really he hadn't through somewhere like this could be appropriate for kids.

"Yeah, just the one. She's three in May." Sven said happily and Ross let out a chuckle and shook his head.

"June." He corrected automatically and Sven let out an embarrassed groan before grinning.

"Dammit so close."

"Seriously, you and dates." Ross laughed leaning over to brush the crumbs away from his husbands bottom lip and beard.

"Eh, one endearing think about me." Sven suggested with a shrug and Ross grinned a dopey smile and leaned forward for a soft kiss which Sven happily returned. Harry smiled over his wine glass at the kind moment between the two men, it was clear they were still very much in love with each other.

Harry looked at Charlie who was still eating his cake happily. He turned his head, the fork held in his fingers as he caught Harry's eyes and grinned. He turned his fork towards Harry and offered him the piece which he took, his eyes glued on Charlies. Harry smiled around the fork until Charlie pulled it away with his own cheeky grin. They were oblivious to the audience that had built up and looked slowly around into the grinning faces of his work mates.

"Get a room you two." Sven teased with a grin. Harry tried to slink away from Charlie but Charlie pulled his arms around Harry.

"Not a bad idea." Charlie murmured quietly and Harry flushed before looking around the table and nodding.

"It was lovely to meet you all." Harry admitted with a genuine grin as he stood up. The others waved automatically and Sanda smirked up at the new couple. "Now you won't have to apparate straight to his room." She assured pointing a finger at Harry who nodded with a blush.

"Especially if you bring more cake." Ross added, grinning. "Definitely bring more cake." He added causing Sven to roll his eyes and swat at his husband fondly.

"You know what they say, a way to a mans heart is through his stomach." Sven mentioned with a smile.

"Or through his-" Ross began, but was cut off by a piece of cake being practicality forced into his mouth by his husband who looked back with a grin. "Through his stomach, goodnight guys."

"Night." They both murmured before Charlie took Harrys hand leading them to his bedroom. It hadn't been the first time he'd seen his bedroom. He'd heard about his home at the burrow through Ron and the twins in the past. They moaned about how he kept wild snakes, and his walls were covered in dragon posters instead of witches and Quiddich like them. Now he realized that his room here was very similar and if anything was simply the more mature version of the one at the burrow. Instead of the dragon drawings and posters there were framed expensive paintings. Instead of the worn childhood books about beasts and monsters there were expensive looking volumes of all the mythical creatures there may be. Although there were still snakes in cages in the corner. The room oozed of Charlie, that's what Harry liked about it, it was just him.

"I can see why you never used to leave." Harry admitted as he sat on the bed calmly, Charlie clambering up and sitting at the back, his own back resting against the wall. He looked around the space with a smile and grinned.

"It's just home." Charlie admitted with a sigh and Harry grinned, moving closer so he was sat opposite Charlie, his legs either side of the dragon keeper.

"More than the burrow?" Harry asked, his hands moving to stroke the calved of Charlies leg softly. Charlie moved his head to rest against the wall and seemed to consider the question for a moment.

"Im not sure, maybe? I love my family, but theres always been a part of me that liked my own space more than the others. When we were all there I was usually in the garden trying to tame the gnomes."

"Taming the gnomes?" Harry asked with a snort and Charlie looked back at Harry with a embarrassed smile.

"Yeah, trust me. Those kids that always found injured birds, bugs, snakes and kept them. That was me, always was. That's why I didn't get why mum never really liked me going here. It was obvious from the start it would happen." Charlie explained with a smile at the memories, ending in a frown as he thought of his mother. He sensed Harry move closer and looked back down to see Harry practically sitting in between his legs, Harrys legs stretching and bent across his own outstretched legs. Harry smiled softly.

"I bet you were an adorable kid." Harry teased, running his fingers through Charlies long curls as Charlie wrapped his arms around the younger man, his hands teasing at the jumper that had rode up Harrys lower back.

"Bill and I both were, but I think Ginny took the title though, Percy was a whiny kid and always told on everyone else, Ron was always covered in something, mud, food, you name it, and the twins, well you can only guess what the twins were like, they haven't changed that much." Charlie explained with a laugh.

"No I can imagine." Harry laughed, his laughter trailed off quite quickly as Charlies eyes became more darker, the laughter behind them gone and replaced with something else.

In and instant they lurched together, falling across the bed frantically, jumpers and shirts pulled and stretched over heads as they tried to remain locked together. Charlie managed to crawl over Harry, his hands running up and down the younger mans chest that was heaving in anticipation, Harrys hands moved to Charlies neck, pulling him into a needy kiss, their limbs winding together as the kiss deepened. Charlie rolled his hips slightly groaning into Harrys mouth as he sought out the friction they needed. Pulling away with a grin he cast silencing charms around the room before looking back at Harry and looking between their bodies.

"You're wearing far to many clothes."

Grinning up at the older man, Harry tried to hide his blush and instead sat up to lean on his elbows before retorting. "That makes two of us."

Charlie pulled his trousers down successfully and attempted to help Harry out of his and instead was met with trying to pull his legs out the trousers. Without much giggling, because they definitely didn't giggle, Harry was finally free from his trousers and immediately wrapped his legs around Charlie, practically forcing Charlie on top of him and rolling Charlie onto his back. With a groan at the forcefulness Charlie pulled Harry into another heated kiss, one hand teasing the hairs at the back of Harrys head as he tried to deepen the kiss further, the other hands teasing between their bodies. Just as he slipped his hand between Harrys boxers a strong hand tightened around his own length, letting out a muffled surprise gasp he felt Harry grin around the kiss and pulled away to look at Harry who simply grinned back innocently.

"What?" He asked innocently, wrapping his hand quickly around Charlie and pumping slowly. Charlie almost forgot he was meant to be doing the same thing and let out a gasped chuckle and looking down.

"You sure are a..ahh..Fast learner." He teased rolling his hips in time with Harrys hand. He looked back at Harry who was watching him intently, his brow furrowed as he let out another hushed groan as Harrys hands moved into a rhythm. "What...you staring.." he tried, words failing as the pleasure built around him. He laughed huskily as he heard his own garbled questions.

"Just watching you." Harry murmured, his free hand reaching out to brush the now very sensitive nipples of Charlie who arched at the touch, his own hand frantically trying to grip at Harry but he was slowly loosing all bodily movements to pleasure.

"Don't." Harry whispered softly, shuffling slightly from Charlies wandering hands. Charlie looked up with wide confused eyes and Harry just smiled and moved his hand a new direction causing Charlie to bite back a groan and throw his head back into the pillow. With a triumphant smile, Harry set to work moving his hand in a rhythm he knew would get Charlie to a quick, yet intense release.

"Just enjoy...this is for you." Harry murmured. God knows what was in that wine, he'd never been with dominant in bed before, in their past experiences Harry had always followed Charlies movements, still feeling far to innocent to make any decisions himself, but tonight was different, tonight he wanted to make Charlie come undone, and know that is was just him. He was doing this to Charlie. As Charlies pants and keens grew louder so did Harrys confidence in how he moved, his hand moving steady as he drew Charlie closer and closer to release, his eyes fixed on Charlies face as his eyes were screwed shut, his mouth gasping silent breaths and pants, a flush on his cheeks stretching down across his neck to his chest. As he felt Charlie tighten against him he moved his free hand to the back of Charlies neck, pulling their foreheads together, Charlies eyes flew open at the closeness of their position and let out a final dragged out groan as his release spilled violently over his chest and Harry's hand, his eyes fixed on Harrys who was watching him with almost primal eyes. Coming down from his high, Charlie pulled his mouth eagerly against Harry who could only kiss back just as vigorously.

Pulling Harry to the side of him he let out a hushed chuckle and grinned, his fingers stroking over Harrys cheeks.

"You're amazing."

"You're not with it." Harry teased and Charlie tightened his grip on Harry as he laughed.

"I think I had an out of body experience, I swear I went somewhere." Charlie admitted, kissing Harry again softly. His hands brushing over Harrys sides and suddenly coming close to Harrys own hardness.

"Do you want me..."

"Sleep." Harry murmured rolling over and snuggling his back into Charlie chest as the little spoon. Charlie kissed Harrys neck softly before burrowing into his pillow. Murmuring finally. "In the morning..." Before they both fell asleep.

When Harry woke, he could tell Charlie was awake, his breathing was even and the one similar trait he shared with his younger brother, he wasn't snoring. He suddenly remembered a conversation he'd wanted to have before hormones had taken over.

"Charlie?" He whispered, causing Charlie to shift in his sleepy state.

"Yeah." Charlie mumbled into Harrys shoulder, sleep almost overtaking him again after their very heated session a few hours before.

"Do male pregnancies happen?" Harry asked suddenly and Charlie sat up slightly and leaned over Harry who had rolled over to look at Charlie who looked back with a confused face before trying to look serious.

"Harry I think that's a little bit ahead of our relationship." Charlie teased and Harry swatted him with his hand.

"I meant in general you idiot." Harry laughed. He looked at Charlie. "So it can happen?"

"Sure, it takes a while. You have to apply through the ministry for the potion, and it doesn't always work, and it's really expensive." Charlie explained. "That's what Sven and Ross did." Harry nodded as the pieces fit together, although he still looked confused.

He looked at Harry with raised eyebrows. "Okay I know you weren't thinking about us. But why the question?"

"Morbid curiosity." Harry shrugged. He then smirked at Charlie making the hairs on Charlies neck stand up. "That and I wasn't sure if it just happens, wasn't sure if we should be being careful."

"Worried I'd knock you up when It comes to the deed."

"What about me knocking you up?" Harry observed leaning up on his elbows and staring at Charlie confidently.

"Oh is that how it'll work?"

"I think we can be flexible."

"Oh I'll show you flexible." Charlie flirted leaning forward and knocking Harry back against pillows. He felt Charlie grab his legs and pull them up to his chest. His legs resting comfortably over Charlies shoulders, his ankles crossed over as he held his balance though the quickly deepened kiss. Charlie began his usual rutting of his clothed dick over Harrys entrance. The sensation of being so close yet so far make Charlie huff out a groan and breathe out.

"Urgh, I'd love to be inside you." In that instant he regretted saying it as Harry froze.

"Charlie." from Harry made his still his own movements and look down at his young boyfriend. He looked down and kissed his lips softly.

"Ignore me, I didn't mean that." Charlie mumbled softly.

"Charlie..." Harry sighed, moving his legs off his shoulders and laying them either side of Charlies body. Charlie shook his head trying to smile and Harry gave an embarrassed smile; "I'm sorry."

"No, no no, don't you apologize." Charlie muttered shaking his head as he lent his head on the pillow in the embarrassment. "I didn't mean anything by it."

"I want to." Harry murmured into Charlies ear, his hands running through his hair in a soothing way. Charlie looked back at Harry cautiously and Harry gave a warm smile. "Just not right now."

"And I understand that." Charlie smiled stroking Harry's leg softly. "I like what we're doing."

"What are we doing?" Harry asked coy-fully as he wiggled his hips with a smile and Charlie let out a laugh mixed with a moan. As their erections brushed teasingly. Charlie looked down at Harry trying act shy and innocent and laughed as he pressed himself closer to Harry.

"I think you're pretty great at what you're doing." Charlie teased with a smile as he burrowed his head in Harry's neck, nipping and kissing wherever he could reach, attempting to pull those temptingly glorious sounds harry always made. Harry groaned low in his throat and wrapped his legs tight around Charlies hips, the heels of his feet resting temptingly close to Charlies ass. Within moments they had returned to shameless rutting against each other for release, they're awkward conversation left buried for another night.

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