I scream/ ice cream for love

– (*idea from Tumblr/ the movie)

MEgyn braley


I hear that when soulmates meet they connect, even if it's just little things no one notices.

I walked into my favorite of all time ice cream shop. I managed to have the hot guy take my order, usually he's never here when I am. I ordered my usual, "Cotton Candy with Sprinkles please." Mental note: I'm such a little kid. "Actually, if you could put ice cream in a cup then some sprinkles then more ice cream then more sprinkles that would be awesome." I gave my best cutesy 'please, for me' smile. "I mean if not…." I started to look super sad, giving my puppy pout face. "….but if you could!" Another big grin was directed his way.

He gave a handsome lopsided smile and started to fulfill my order. Gosh I wish he would ask for my number, I thought. He interrupted my thoughts by saying, "Maybe you should give me your number and we could meet up sometime?" I grinned so big my mouth hurt, but suddenly I remembered I no longer lived in that area. "I'm kind of visiting home again from college… but it's only thirty minutes away if you don't mind that?" He explained that it would be no problem because we could always meet up in the middle. I started to go set my stuff down on a table beside me so he would have my full attention. Expect then a family came in. "I'll talk to you after I deal with these folks." He then started to get their orders. I calmly sat down, not in a rush to go anywhere. Sadly more people kept coming in and eventually he made a wrong order. It was chocolate coconut in a sugar cone. I had already finished up on my ice cream; thinking it was just a chocolate in a sugar cone; so I offered to eat it and would pay later. I took it from him and said "I hope there's no coconut in this." His eyes got huge. "Relax I'm not allergic, I just hate the taste, so I'll still eat it." He was about to say something, but by then I had already licked it…. and started to feel 'green'.

Turns out my soulmate connection was being allergic to the taste of coconut. Luckily it wasn't an allergy you could die from, but my stomach did upheave everything from that day. The ice cream boy did hold my hair for me though. I mean it was because of him that I was sick to begin with. Stupid soulmate getting me sick before a date even happened, at least he's a keeper and can give me free ice cream. No coconut! ;D

*Soul mate is two words, but I feel it should be one. Sorry if this annoys you a lot.*

Most of the stories ended sadly, so being the happy ending girl I am I created these ones! AKA: HAPPY ONES! I might make one sad one, just to see if I can do it.