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The normally polite and dull tone was quite audibly flustered and vivid blue eyes seemed to glow even brighter as the dark-haired male stammered uncharacteristically, "Good morning, Kiku-chan~" Kagome cheerfully hummed, sitting up on the futon.

"W-what..." Japan awkwardly cleared his throat, desperately trying to sound like his usual stoic self. However, this situation was much too improper for him to regain his composure (no matter how much he secretly yearned for said situation), "What are you doing in my futon?"

Kagome smiled happily, seemingly not noticing his utterly embarrassing state or was ignoring it completely, "I got lonely in the guest room," She shrugged, "I'm just so used to sleeping close to others now. I hope you don't mind that I joined you."

Japan knew his pale face was probably an obscene shade of red as he had to literally wretch his eyes from straying to the Miko's bared slim legs, seeing that she was wearing a pair of sleeping shorts, "I-It is most indecent, Kagome-sama."

Kagome pouted, crawling a bit closer and grinning like a certain little fox when she heard her nation let out a choked noise from his throat, "It's just me, Kiku-chan," She bit her lip, resisting the urge to laugh when she noticed he was drawing up the blanket his chest as if he were actually undressed, "Or did I really overstep my bounds?"

Japan panicked internally at the now sullen tone of his (favourite) citizen, "O-of course not, Kagome-sama!" He quickly went to reassure the teenage girl, "You may share my bed with me anytime!"

Kami-sama, did that sound as perverted as he thought it did?

"You're still so cute, Kiku-chan~" Kagome cooed, patting his black hair down as he stared at her wide-eyed with an even brighter flush if it were possible, "Is there anything you want for breakfast? I'll make it especially for you!"

Japan tried to regain his dignity back as swiftly as possible and muttered what he wanted, feeling as though his heart was going to burst from his chest from beating too fast. He immediately looked away when Kagome stood up, though he couldn't help but to glance at those slender legs that he secretly dreamed were wrapped around his–

Oh, Kami-sama help him!