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Set after the manga—meaning, Tsuna is still as awesome as ever.

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Reborn was as subtle as an atomic bomb.

Hell, that was probably the understatement of the century.

The now de-cursed man in an infant's body was as subtle as the Big Bag, and even that comparison, Tsuna felt, did not completely satisfy just how un-subtle the hitman was.

So when Reborn entered his classroom, disguised as an infant sized female with overly thick eyebrows, introducing himself as 'Resu-sensei', 'Robiyama-sesnsei''s never heard of wife, Tsuna couldn't help but wonder why the hell he was busy choking on his own spit. He also couldn't help but wonder why in God's name he turned an unhealthy shade of white when the hitman said the following in an overly annoying squeaky voice, the sun choosing this as the perfect opportunity to filter in through the classroom, casting a dramatic effect over the bushy browed infant's frame and causing said infant's fake pacifier to glint quite dramatically at the effect the rays created:

"Congratulations! Your class, along with a few selected members from 3-B have the wonderful opportunity to go to Italy for a Once In A Lifetime Field Trip!"

Tsuna could literally hear the capital letters.

Tsuna had been freely gaping at Reborn. He shut his mouth, since the previous activity of gaping was not going to help him, anyway, especially not since panic was taking over him. It might have been his Hyper Intuition or whatever, but he knew what his tutor's next words were going to be.

"It is being sponsored by the Vongola!"

Why Reborn sounded so damn excited, Tsuna did not know, and a part of him decided that he frankly preferred it that way.

Curiosity kills the cat, after all.

Was he surprised at hearing the name of the world's richest and most influential (not to mention freaking powerful) Family in Reborn's sentence?

Of course not.

What did surprise him, however, was the sudden murmurs of the further excited teens which broke through the classroom at the mention of the—the thing which would definitely lead to his death in the (very near) future.


"As in like the ultra expensive company which sell those top quality shit I would give my life away to buy?!"

"You have got to be kidding me!"

"What's Vongola doing sponsoring a trip for us of all people?"

Actually, Tsuna thought glumly, narrowing his eyes at Reborn to form a glare, annoyed to see how he was blatantly being ignored, that is a valid question whose answer I'm sure I can provide.

"My husband's"—Tsuna choked—"friend has very close ties to the Vongola. It is he who had requested them to allow the students of Namimori Middle to visit Italy. It is crucial for you, certainly, and for those who do not agree to go for the trip, the repercussions will be… unsavory."

It was funny how Reborn made the word 'unsavory' sound very much like a death warrant, coupled with five days of torture session before being finally stabbed repeatedly with a knife. It probably had something to do with being, well, Reborn.

The class clearly noticed the underlying threat, because they, except for Yamamoto (who was grinning wildly in excitement), Gokudera(who looked pleased at the thought of visiting Italy) and Chrome (who was smiling lightly, sweet that she was), went very, very still. Silence ensued till one courageous soul by the name of Tanaka Yamada decided that breaking the silence was the best course of action.

He raised his arm to catch Reborn's female get up's attention, "Sensei, when will we be going?"

"Five days from today. The trip was rather sudden. That is why it has been given at such a short notice."

"I don't have a passport—"

"Kusume-kun, is it? Do not worry; the passports have already been created for you."

Hinata blinked, "Created? The signatures—"

"They are done."

"Done? But how—"

"I have my methods. Besides, you forget, this is the Vongola. The methods are completely legal—"

That's a load of bull, Reborn.

"—and the Government helped to make it faster. There is no need to worry."


"At all." Reborn insisted sweetly, authority and promise of torture leaking into his voice, "Any more questions? No? Good. Nezu-sensei will be passing out some applications to you. Fill them and, if your parents do not agree to the trip, ask them to call the number written at the bottom. It is necessary for your future, very much so, so some people will convince your parents. Nezu-sensei, please do the honors. I need to announce this to the other classes. If you will excuse me."

Reborn left as abruptly as that, and the applications were handed out.

Tsuna did not bother looking at the two sheets of paper, convinced that the papers would somehow blow up in his face.

Knowing Reborn, his fear was completely legit.

Due to the presence of two teachers during the announcement of the unfortunate news, the reactions and the verbal excitement of the students had been subdued. As soon as the break started, the exuberance leaked out of the students in the form of words and sentences and squealing and lots and lots of jumping and hell lot of chatter.

Tsuna did not like it. It made him want to bang his head against a wall, and get into a temporary coma and wake up after the trip was officially over. His friends—Chrome, Gokudera and Yamamoto—were excited. Tsuna envied them. A lot.

Tsuna, never the voluble one, preferred not announcing that thought, turning his attention towards Enma.

"Please tell me you're coming."

Enma, sucking onto chocolate milk from his straw, said, a touch of a smile on his face,"We have decided to visit our Family. It has been a long time since we last saw them."

"It would've been nice if you came." Tsuna groaned softly.

"I'll visit the mansion sometime later, then."

"You better." Tsuna told him seriously, "You're the only normal person. Knowing Reborn, I will have to go and considering, well, everything, keeping my identity…" he groaned again, "Ugh. Hate this."

Enma patted his back in sympathy.

"Reborn!" Tsuna all but shrieked the moment he saw the ex-Arcobaleno drinking a cup of coffee, perched on a mini couch, "What's with the field trip?!"

Reborn glanced at him and—painstakingly slowly—placed the cup down and blinked at Tsuna. Tsuna kept his bag down, and comported to glaring at Reborn.

"You want answers?"


Reborn sighed and jumped down from the couch, which methodically got swallowed by the floor.

"Over the past two weeks, how many assassination attempts have you had to go through?"

"Nineteen. No, twenty one." Tsuna replied immediately, wondering where this was going.

"That is a lot."

"Stop changing the subject."

"I'm not, Dame-Tsuna. Twenty one is a lot. And you're not the only one."


"Your classmates. They've had to go through the same thing. Thankfully, the Vongola's men intervened at the correct moment and prevented unfortunate deaths. Your classmates won't always be lucky. I know what you are going to say next, so don't bother. We have to work on you not showing your emotions so easily, Tsuna. It's ridiculous. Nobody knows what the Decimo looks like. They only know your class and your school."


"The Inheritance Ceremony, yes. What did I say about hiding your emotions? Really you're pathetic—"

Only Reborn can make a simple explanation so insulting.

"—no, I'm pretty sure that Lal can do, too, but probably not as well as me."

"Stop reading my mind, Reborn!"

Reborn ignored the protest, "Anyway, we wiped all the Bosses' memories of you clean. Allies, they may be, but the can harm you. Only Dino and a few others know what the Decimo looks like."

Tsuna remained silent for a while. He started, "It is to protect me, then."

"And your classmates."

"And my classmates." Tsuna groaned and flopped onto his bed. Reborn made a dissatisfied sound at the ungraceful way in which Tsuna did the act, but the brunette ignored it, turning the information in his head.

If it were only his life that was being targeted, he wouldn't have cared that much. He knew he was more than capable of protecting himself, but his classmates were a different matter entirely. He already felt guilty at having involved them, and he was pretty sure that the guilt would have been worse if someone were to really die. His eyes narrowed, mind having recognized a flaw.


"Hm?" The couch had returned.

"3-B. Why 3-B? There was no point for them to—"

"More people. Confusion. Pandemonium. Distraction. Take your pick."

"But why 3-B?"

"Why not 3-B?" Reborn shot back.

"I saw the people who have been chosen, Reborn," he started slowly, "They're all my bullies! They hate me!"

"Well, then," Reborn smirked over his coffee, "It will be amusing to see their reaction once they get to know who you are, won't it?"


That day he called Enma over the phone since the redhead was the only one who understood how desperate Tsuna was in not becoming a mafia boss, and repeated the following line over fifteen times in twelve minutes:

"I'm so screwed."

Strictly speaking, seeing that Ryohei and Hibari were high school students and not middle school students, the two weren't supposed to be going for the field trip. But they were, and Tsuna could not find it in himself to be surprised. He had seen worse, frankly.

The only reason why Hibari's presence was not questioned was because they feared questioning him (of all people), and since it had been announced by Reborn in the female get up that Ryohei was to accompany them, nobody bothered to ask the reason why.

Two weeks after Tsuna had become a third year, a Namimori High building had been built in the same grounds as Namimori Middle. How the creation of a building was possible in two weeks was a bit of a mystery to everyone, but Hibari was not complaining because: one, it increased his 'hunting ground', and two, it prevented him from remaining a Middle School student forever. The appearance of the building had made Tsuna sigh and not question anything.

He had learned that going with the flow was always the best course of action when his friends or families weren't being killed.

On the twenty fifth, Tsuna found himself standing in front of a private airplane owned by the Vongola (its symbol painted cheerfully on the metal), gaping.

"That," Tsuna muttered forlornly, "is mine. Shit."

He vaguely registered the other students in front of him and behind him gaping in awe, since the plane somehow managed to look not at all like how a normal plane should look like, their emotions spectacularly contradicting Tsuna's.


Some stared at Ryohei, bewildered at the declaration.

"Sasagawa-san, you've gone to Italy before?"

Ryohei grinned broadly and nodded with excitement, "I did! With my extremely amazing family!"

They had. Gone to Italy, that is. It had been for two weeks, though, to celebrate the upliftment of the Arcobaleno curse. Even Bermuda had visited—only to see Tsuna in the middle of the night, because the Vendice member hadn't—still wasn't, Tsuna suspected—wanted to startle anyone. He had come to thank Tsuna for what the brunette had done for them, leaving Tsuna flustered because I didn't do anything, Bermuda-san!

"Haha, Tsuna I can't wait to go back and meet everyone!"

Tsuna smiled faintly.

Gokudera mistook it for worry.

"Tch, do not bother the Tenth!"

"What about I-Pin-chan, Lambo-kun and Fuuta-kun, Boss?"

Tsuna turned to glance at Chrome, smiling. It was good to know that his female Mist Guardian had taken a liking to the kids. He glanced at Kyoko who was waiting for him to answer the question.

"They left before we did." Tsuna replied, "Mom won't be there, though…"

He trailed off when his eyes caught the arrival of Riccatto. The pilot. Who was heading in his direction. And who was shining like thousand suns when their eyes met.

"Good day, Decimo."

Tsuna could feel the gaze of the students on him. Even Nezu-sensei was confused as to why Tsuna was being greeted by a stranger in what he guessed correctly to be Italian.

Tsuna pointedly looked at the other direction and, pointedly, ignored the hand placed in front of him. He vaguely wondered if he could hide behind Chrome. Or Kyoko. In fact, Yamamoto was the best option—the baseball fanatic was tall.

He tried and failed at not feeling guilty when the man's cheerfulness dropped abruptly and the pilot slinked away in a very depressed manner. Tsuna hoped Riccatto wasn't crying. The sniffs he heard happily disagreed with his wish.


"Get inside." Reborn in his female get up ordered, his exiguous frame perched on top of the plane.

"You should get down from there, Resu-sensei." Nezu-sensei said, feigning worry.

Reborn huffed and ignored the man.

While people were gaping at the plane, Hibari, having had enough of breathing the same air as useless herbivores, darted out from the crowd and entered the plane. And Tsuna's Intuition tingled.

"Shit!" with a startled cry, Tsuna flung himself toward the plane, climbing the flight of stairs and disappearing in the interior of the metal tube.

"Get inside," Reborn warned the remaining students, "or I will shoot you."

The students stirred, blanching at how real the threat sounded, despite not having sighted a gun in the nearby vicinity. They hurried in with their luggage, and gaped. Not with awe at having noticed how the plane looked more like the interior of a house rather than a plane. But with fear. And terror.

Because Hibari Kyoya, tonfas brandished, was having an ongoing death match with a person whose hair resembled a tropical fruit (pineapple?), mismatched eyes a striking characteristic. The stranger's fingers were clasped firmly around a trident, which was being gleefully stabbed around in the prefect's direction and what the hell?

Nezu-sensei decided that he, being a teacher, should probably intervene. So he tried, "Now, now, Kyoya-sa—" Hibari glared and Nezu-sensei immediately altered his choice of words, "Hibari-dono, calm—"

A knife which appeared out of no-freaking-where was dodged by Hibari, embedding itself firmly on the plane's wall, grazing a child's ear. Hibari hissed in annoyance.

And then all hell broke loose.

Screams ensued because Hibari was still fighting and sending chains of something spiky from his tonfas, and the teacher, who was meant to calm everyone down and not dive for cover, like a serenading seal, was doing just that. Tsuna barely managed to dodge the chain which was fucking propagating, preventing his head from being cut off.

Somebody screamed and pushed him, and he found himself licking the floor.

Tsuna spent the next few seconds to choose what emotions to feel, choosing to recall what he had been doing for the past five days.

After his conversation with Reborn and then eating dinner and sleeping, the next day he had woken up Reborn's new, inventive torture methods. This was nothing uncommon, but in the past five days, he had had to escape and save himself from nineteen more assassination attempts, complete the paperwork that he, as the (never to be) future Decimo, needed to complete courtesy of the trip, fly to Italy because of some political reason, save his own life from Reborn and… well, the past few days had been horrible.

So, it wasn't very difficult to choose what emotion to feel.

"Will you two," Tsuna started coldly, rising up and somehow managing to look as if he hadn't been licking the floor just a few seconds back, "stop destroying the goddamn plane, and sit the hell down?"


There were two reasons for the above silence.

One, that was the scariest voice the students had ever heard (Reborn chuckled at how awesome of a job he was doing at making Dame-Tsuna less, well, dame) in their lives, so they (and Nezu sensei, who looked just about ready to pee in his pants) were busy shivering. Second, Hibari Kyoya, who epitomized cruelty and violence and defiance, and instilled fear in people's hearts with a simple and a seemingly innocuous glance, stopped, glanced at Tsuna and lowered his tonfa, so they were, unabashedly, too preoccupied with gaping at the brunette.

The prefect's death match partner lowered his weapon and gave an odd laugh which informed to people of his diabolical nature.

"Ah, Tsunayoshi-kun."

"Mukuro," Tsuna greeted, mood taking a one eighty degree turn (from frigidness to panic), "What are you doing here?! You aren't supposed to—"

Mukuro raised an eyebrow, "Are you really that surprised?"

Tsuna paused and facepalmed, muttering something about 'evil babies with guns'.

"Sit down, students!" Reborn interrupted, popping beside Tsuna abruptly.


His shriek was cut off by a cylindrical silver being slammed into his face.

"Shut. Up. You're noisy, herbivore."

Gokudera immediately came to his precious and ethereal Tenth's timely rescue, the heat behind his glare capable of melting diamond, "What the hell do you think you were doing Hibari?! Apologize to the Tenth! NOW!"

Hibari 'hn'ed.

"NOW, YOU BASTARD!" dynamites came, "Or I'll blow your face from the Earth's surfa—"

"U-Uh, Go-Gokudera-kun, I think it's alright," Tsuna interrupted, cradling his bloody nose, "I-I—"

"THAT WASN'T EXTREME AT ALL, HIBARI!" Ryohei exclaimed, grabbing Tsuna, intending to heal him. With his Flames. In front of everyone.

"I'm alright—Onii-sa—"


"I'm fine—"

"Apologize, you—"


"Sit EXTREMELY still—"

"Unhand me herbivore," Hibari threatened Gokudera, now really interested at the prospect of having a fight. No wonder he wasn't even trying to be evasive, "or I'll bite you to—"

"Fuck biting—"

"'Dera, leave him be, I'm sure—"

"You shut up, base ball freak, and DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT!"


"I hate being interrupted by herbivores like—"

"I'm fine, onii-san, so please don't use your Fla—"

It has to be mentioned that the moment Gokudera, never the one to sit back and let his boss get any kind of physical, mental or spiritual hurt, had chosen to pick a fight with Hibari, Reborn and the pilot, Riccatto, had been busy guiding the students and one teacher out of the plane.

Which was exactly why when, three minutes later, dynamites exploded inside, a laughing baseball fanatic sliced the plane into three halves, a certain prefect tonfaed everything in his vicinity, a boxing captain blew punches and created huge holes in the planes for reasons unknown, a certain someone stabbed at whatever plane parts which came flying at him and a very unfortunate and unwilling to be Decimo decided that crying in one negligible corner of a now-useless plane was the only option available, there were no unfortunate casualties.

Colorful lights glowed ominously and students gaped.

And then they learned that the plane journey (considering that the plane was now a pile of scrap) to Italy was going to be replaced by a ship trip, so they cheered, still a bit stunned.

(It would be sometime later that Tsuna would learn that the Varia would decide to grace the ship with their presence.)

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