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Tsuna sighed for the umpteenth time that day, looking morosely at the students seated at the breakfast table of the Vongola Mansion. Their gazes were fixed on their laps, discretely yet not-quite-so giving him covert glances which, frankly, made Tsuna just a little bit sad. The sigh had made them flinch violently, but Tsuna had chosen to ignore that. A part of him was a bit relieved at the fact that they were going to head for Namimori in two days.

Resisting the temptation to sigh again, he took the pair of chopsticks and commenced eating. He noticed how the students immediately jumped up at that, grabbing their chopsticks; they, however, took the first morsel of food only when Tsuna had taken his first morsel of food. Tsuna felt like sulking, and he figured that he had unconsciously begun doing so when Gokudera's gaze flew to him in worry. Tsuna gave a tight smile and shook his head. Gokudera's attention went back to his food.

"Don't sulk, Dame-Tsuna," Reborn chided from his position on the table. The tiny hitman was still dressed up as a ridiculous female, and though it looked a bit disturbing, Tsuna said nothing regarding Reborn's disconcerting fashion sense.

"I'm not," Tsuna murmured.

The silence of the students was disconcerting, too. They weren't chattering and speaking like they were supposed to, like normal, un-terrified humans did.

"Of course you are," Reborn continued, "And it's pathetic."

"Like I said, I am not sulking!"

Tsuna had not screamed, he had simply exclaimed. There was a difference—screaming meant, well, screaming. Exclaiming did not mean screaming since people screamed when they were afraid or angry, and people usually exclaimed when they wanted to get a point across and Tsuna couldn't help but wonder who the hell he was trying to explain the difference between 'scream' and 'exclaim' to, especially since no one really cared (or could read his mind, except for Reborn).

Reborn said nothing, merely smirked at the students' reactions. Tsuna's exclamation had made them flinch violently, choking pitifully on their foods, reminding Tsuna of the blatant truth: they were afraid of him.

Okay, now, the sun rose from the East, settled in the West and pretty much everybody Tsuna knew was hell bent on making him the Vongola Decimo but what the hell?

Tsuna stared at himself in the mirror the morning they were meant to head back to Japan, frowning to himself. Ryohei, after having finished packing his belongings, was lying on Tsuna's bed, with Lambo jumping exuberantly on the boxer's stomach and I-Pin dutifully berating the five-year-old boy.

"Onii-san?" Tsuna called, glancing at the Sun Flame user reflected on the mirror.

Ryohei grunted when a giggling Lambo's feet harshly came in contact with his abdomen again. He managed to somehow calm the boy down, exuberantly promising to extremely play with him after some time, before diverting his attention to the brunette.

"Is there something extremely bothering you, Sawada?" he asked worriedly.

"Nothing's exactly worrying me but…" he glanced at the real Ryohei this time, "But—this might be a weird question—but am I scary?"

"Yes, you extremely are scary!" Ryohei exclaimed, his tone holding not even an ounce of hesitation; Tsuna wanted to mope.

"When?" Tsuna asked, a little horrified and completely incredulous, "How? What did I ever do?"

"Well, the whole thing with Byakuran was extremely scary! And the video of you fighting with the Marcini Famiglia was also extremely sca—"

"Wait, what? Video? What video?"

"The video of you fighting with the Marcini Famiglia," Ryohei explained, confusion coloring his voice lightly, "You mean nobody told you about it?"

"Excuse me?!" Tsuna shrieked, "There was a video of me—oh God, why?!"

Ryohei, apparently not having caught the fact that Tsuna's stress level had literally spiked up to a very worrying height, said brightly and a little dangerously, a huge grin on his face, "To show the students how extremeyou are, of course! You should have looked at them; they were so extremely scared, it was hilarious!"

Tsuna paled and had no idea how to respond to that. So he kicked the wall somewhat petulantly, clutched his toe when pain blossomed, whimpered and then graciously accepted Ryohei's offer to heal.

They were given a day's break after their arrival from Italy—sadly, though, the small break had done nothing to mentally prepare Tsuna of what was to come the next day.

Which was why, when he entered the classroom already filled with students, flanked by Gokudera and Yamamoto, he couldn't help but groan and then sigh at the sudden silence which immediately took over the room. Students had paused at their actions, heads whipping to the shorter male anxiously. Eyes watched him cautiously as if they were expecting him to suddenly launch an unexpected attack on them and, perhaps, murder them on the pretense of wanting revenge.

"Tsuna-kun!" That was Kyoko's voice. Sadly enough, not even her voice could somehow destroy the tension like it usually did.

Eyes were still fixed on him, but this time they were trying to be discrete about it. His Intuition gave him a rather bizarre explanation for that: apparently, the students had this utterly ridiculous notion that Tsuna could shoot out fire from his eyes and that if their eyes met, they would be incinerated.

Tsuna didn't want to ask. He seriously didn't.

"U-um," Arashi bit his lips clenching his clammy fists in order to gain some ounces of courage.

Sawada-sama was looking at him, expression that of mild bewilderment as he waited for him to continue. Arashi couldn't get himself to meet his eyes, so he stared, fixatedly, at the ground, then his own shoes, and then Sawada-sama's. He tried opening his mouth again and then inwardly cursed the fact that he had been made to be The Devil's partner for their Biology class. Arashi stopped his mind from cursing—there were rumors that, apparently, Sawada-sama was capable of reading minds and the last thing he wanted right now was to make Sawada-sama angry.

"Um, Arashi-kun?" Sawada-sama asked, "Is there something you want?"

Sawada-sama's voice, while asking the above question, was soft and mild, but Arashi could feel chills running down his spine. He looked at the brunette's hands, sickly reminded of how easily said hands had snapped bones three weeks ago. He could feel bile rising up to his throat. These hands, something whispered into his ears, were easily capable of snapping his bones. Like twigs.

"Can you—um, please pass me that notebook, Sawada-sama?"

There was a little pause from the brunette, and Arashi tensed. He looked displeased, thoroughly displeased. This wasn't a good sign for Arashi's physiology, and he noticed how the other students in the classroom stiffened, their eyes darting towards the duo, faces paling. A displeased Sawada-sama was a bad thing for them since the majority of the students present knew what Sawada-sama was capable of. In retrospect, Arashi should have probably not asked Sawada-sama to pass the book; Arashi was regretting the action greatly right now.

Sawada-sama passed him the book instead of burning him to death, and Arashi blinked.

He bowed down deeply and said, "Thank you, Sawada-sama!"

Sawada-sama flinched and then sighed, "Can you please stop bowing?"

Here, Arashi hesitated. Not bowing would mean disrespecting the other, but, then again, not listening to the other's request would also mean disrespecting the other. He slowly rose up, and his eyes clashed with brown. Arashi could feel his nervousness spiking up. He tried to calm himself down. Something about how those eyes stared made him nervous.

"And please stop calling me—"

Something in Arashi snapped; he shrieked and darted out of the room, not noticing how Sawada-sama looked almost on the verge of tears.

"Welcome home, Tsuna!" Was the first thing Tsuna heard when he entered his house.

"I'm back," Tsuna said, a little wearily. The weariness soon disappeared from his face when he saw a beaming Alessandro looking at him excitedly, suspiciously like a puppy waiting for his master's arrival.

After the whole trip to Italy was over, Tsuna had, as promised, talked to Nono. It had been surprisingly easy to convince the Vongola's Leader to make Alessandro a part of Vongola; however, the suspicion in his grandfather's eyes had still remained. But Nono respected Tsuna's opinions, so he had agreed to make Alessandro a part of Vongola on the condition that Alessandro would have to stay with Tsuna for at least four years, just in case.

It was merely a precautionary measure; incase Alessandro did try to harm the Vongola in any manner or form, there was always Reborn—the tiny hitman's presence and reputation was enough to discourage anybody from trying to harm Tsuna, especially Alessandro. Though, frankly, Tsuna knew that Alessandro wouldn't harm him in any manner or form. If his Intuition's inability to ring warningly whenever the dark-skinned Italian was nearby was not enough of an indication, then it was definitely how the other's eyes sparkled in a very Gokudera-esque way whenever Tsuna was in his peripheral vision.

Needless to say, Gokudera and Alessandro always tried to outshine each other regarding their level loyalty towards Tsuna, and Tsuna couldn't help but finding it amusing.

High School had started two weeks ago and, frankly, Tsuna was sick of it.

He may have graduated Namimori Middle by ranking fifth, but, seriously, he was sick of having people staring at him in school with awe and blatant fear in their eyes whenever he so much as passed by. He was so goddamn sick that the only action that felt safe was to curl into himself in a random, unknown corner whilst invisible and cry like a little girl. Needless to say, the fact that Namimori High was built in the same grounds as Namimori Middle did nothing to make Tsuna feel better.

He had expected things to die down a few weeks after his arrival back to Namimori—logic had helped him come to that conclusion. After all, only one teacher and a handful of students had been aware of his connections with the Vongola—in a school of a few hundreds, that was, unmistakably, a very low number. Tsuna had very optimistically believed that things would eventually turn back to normal; it was a known fact, however, that except in situations where he was busy protecting someone, his optimism only tended to make him very, very sad in the long run.

Apparently, now that he had gone and done something stupid like pretty much destroying the Marcini Famiglia, as far as the entire world was concerned, Tsuna was nothing but the Vongola Decimo/ Neo Vongola Primo/ someone Tsuna was still reluctant to become. Apparently the Marcini Famiglia had been a thorn to various other Famiglias for quite a long time: Tsuna's not-on-purpose destruction of said Famiglia meant that the other Famiglias felt indebted to Tsuna or something.

Maybe it was just Tsuna, but, seriously, Dons were far too easily moved by every little action Tsuna performed for all that they were supposed to be a part of the Mafia.

Their feeling of appreciation was shown blatantly in the form of sending him extravagant gifts. In the middle of the class.

These gifts ranged from flowers, chocolates, cars, marriage proposals to guns, tanks, swords and even more marriage proposals. The sheer variety of gifts he received on a regular basis was really overwhelming: the sheer number of thank you letters he had to write on a regular basis was far worse.

Tsuna had once complained (whined) that in this day and age, nobody in their right minds wrote letters, but Reborn had claimed that sending thank you notes online was considered to be rude, and Tsuna hadn't bothered to ask why.

The random people who arrived regularly, wearing expensive suits and sunglasses indoors, bowing respectfully whenever he passed down the halls of the school did nothing to help.

Tsuna leapt to his right, bringing down Takahira along with him. Takahira shrieked something along the lines of, "Please don't kill me, Sawada-sama, I am too young to die, SHIIIII—", but Tsuna ignored that in the favor of staying down and making sure that Takahira did, too.

He felt a sharp pain blossoming in his shoulder blade, and concluded that the bullet had pierced through his flesh. He thanked the Heaven's above that the window had been open—a closed window would have meant the glass shattering, and that would have only reduced the chance of him being as uninjured as possible. He felt exasperation bubbling up and then blatant annoyance. After the whole Marcini fiasco, unfortunately, the number of assassins after his head had increased —revenge and fear was a terrible thing, Tsuna concluded.

"Are you alright?" he asked the trembling boy under him, not really caring about the bullet in his body.

He couldn't find it in himself to care about the assassin, either. He could sense that the entire Shimon Famiglia, Chrome and Kyoya were already out of their respective classrooms in search for more assassins surely situated in various parts of the building, while a cursing Hayato and a silently fuming Takeshi had left their (Tsuna's) classroom in search of the poor assassin responsible for hurting Tsuna after Tsuna had requested them to do just that.

Tsuna was glad that none of them—even Kyoya, after Tsuna's unbreakable insistence—would end up killing their respective targets.

Takahira nodded after a good two seconds, looking a little sick as blood dripped from Tsuna's shirt and soaked into his. Being one of the few people in the mafia who cared about general people's sanity, Tsuna got up immediately, helping Takahira up almost unconsciously. Tsuna could feel Ryohei heading for his class.

The students in the class had their eyes fixed on both of them, unmoving and a little pale—they were bound to be since, over the course of a few months, they had been stuck, three times, in the middle of a warfare with Tsuna at its center.

"People are scared of you, Tsuna-kun," Enma said, smiling brightly. His eyes were bright, too, conveying the amusement he was surely feeling.

It was during times like these that Tsuna realized that no matter how sympathetic Enma was towards Tsuna and Tsuna was towards him, the redhead was a sadist. The stuttering boy had his hands rested on the railing of the school roof, staring at the students having PE lesson below.

"Don't I know it," Tsuna murmured, "But you're having a blast, aren't you?"

Enma laughed a little sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed at having being caught so quickly, "A bit, yes. Sorry..."

They were skipping their PE class and the thing about it was that nobody was there to stop them. Nobody was brave enough to stop Tsuna, rather, and since Enma hanged around with Tsuna most of the time, nobody could stop the redhead, either. More importantly, thanks to his recent training session with Reborn, Tsuna's entire body, starting from his head to the tip of his toe, was throbbing with a dull ache—even if somebody did try to force him to run a few miles, Tsuna wasn't really sure what he might end up doing to said somebody.

People fearing him aside, it was actually a little convenient.

Tsuna woke up to feeling ruffled.

This was immediately followed by his Intuition sparkling and spiking happily; he paused in the action of getting up from the bed and looked, pointedly, around him.

Reborn was nowhere to be found. The little cot he had been sleeping in last night wasn't there, either. Warily, he proceeded, an anxious boy fearing the prospect of having a baby run after him with a mallet. Cautiously, he took a bath and donned his clothes (not before making sure that they did not have the ability to shrink upon wearing thus strangling him to death) and then, with equal cautiousness, climbed down the stairs and had breakfast.

"Erm, Mom?"

Nana looked at her son with a smiling face like she always did; though usually such an action helped him to calm down, this time it didn't. It really didn't, but he knew it should have.

"Yes, Tsu-kun?"

"Where's Reborn?"

"Reborn-kun had something to do," she told him, placing another pancake on his plate, "When I asked him what, he said that he needed to prepare for something."

'Prepare' for 'something' had never been a good thing for Tsuna's mental health when Reborn was concerned, so he could feel panic bubbling in his chest. He tried squashing it down.

"Where's Alessandro?"

"Reborn-kun took Alessandro-kun with him," Nana said, placing a pancake on Fuuta's plate with a smile. She looked at Tsuna and her smile slipped a bit, eyes concerned, "Is something the matter, Tsu-kun? You look a bit pale."

Tsuna shrugged hastily, "No, I'm fine. I was just wondering where Reborn was…"

After he had heard that Alessandro was with Reborn, Tsuna knew Reborn wasn't plotting Tsuna's death—Alessandro would not allow Reborn to, and Reborn knew that (and sometimes lamented over it in a I'm-not-lamenting-or-anything way). Or maybe Reborn had killed Alessandro, in which case Tsuna would never forgive Reborn, but since his Intuition was busy denying Alessandro's death, Tsuna could feel a little bit of relief flowing into his mind. Just a little bit.

The bell rang, and Tsuna, quickly shoving the last bit of breakfast left into his mouth, left the house to join Takeshi and Hayato. His exit was immediately followed by worried gazes from said people.

"Is something bothering you, Tsuna?" Takeshi asked.

Tsuna shrugged a little and admitted, "My Intuition's going a bit crazy right now."

Green and hazel eyes sharpened immediately, so Tsuna immediately tried to refute his claim, "It's probably nothing! And I don't think assassins are nearby or anything…"

Despite the above statement, Tsuna found his eyes involuntarily observing his surrounding, anyway. They finally reached school (Tsuna was jumpy the whole way)—nobody was injured, thankfully. They weren't attacked either, thankfully. Tsuna hadn't spotted a single assassin in his vicinity, either, thankfully. So why the hell was his Intuition still ringing?

His arrival to his classroom was again followed by a deafening silence that made Tsuna more than a little bit depressed, but today Tsuna tried concentrating on the reason behind his Intuition refusal to shut up and stop being a pain in the neck. He belatedly noticed that Enma's desk was empty, and so was Kyoko's.

Just to assure himself, he allowed his senses to fan out, cutting out the noise of the chattering students in the class, choosing to concentrate on his precious people.

Haru, who had joined Namimori High, was nowhere to be found. The entire Shimon Famiglia was absent, too. His Guardians who were just his friends, really, were present, however. Tsuna glanced at Hayato and Takeshi only to find their gazes fixed solely on him. Giving a strained smile, Tsuna shook his head and mouthed, 'Nothing.'

The bell rang, the teacher entered and by the time break had started, Tsuna was pretty sure that he was going to become insane in the near future.

He heard the familiar sound of a helicopter, and realized that his prediction was going to end up being true. How the hell was this his life?

"I can see the kid from here!" Takeshi exclaimed happily, leaning from the window of the class. He waved his hand at the helicopter in the form of a greeting, a big, wide grin on his face.

The other students of the class were staring at the flying machine in awe. Tsuna couldn't blame them—the helicopter was clearly aiming to land on the roof of Namimori High. Children exited the classroom in order to reach the roof, but Tsuna, Hayato and Takeshi stayed behind.

"You guys can go," Tsuna said, "I'll be joining you in a minute."

Like hell I am.

"Are you sure, Tenth?"

"It might be important," Tsuna reminded.

Surprisingly, that was all it took. The duo left Tsuna alone and Tsuna jumped out of the window. Not to commit suicide as one would have expected, but in order to escape. He landed skillfully, adding just a little bit of Sky Flames to the soles of his feet to prevent his bones from cracking. He looked at the sky, noticed the lack of a helicopter and promptly concluded that it had already landed.

"Now all I have to do is hide," Tsuna murmured, readying himself to run.

It was then that something green and vine-like wrapped itself around Tsuna's waist and Tsuna, shrieking, tried to escape its hold.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Let go!"

The green thing didn't oblige to his request/desperate shrieking, and pulled him up. Tsuna's feet left the ground, and despite the number of times he was used to not having his feet on the ground, Tsuna began panicking.

"Why does this always happen to me?!"

The ground became further and further away with each second. He glanced up, squirming, noticing that the green rope led to the roof: this meant that, of course, he was being dragged to the roof. He contemplated burning the green vine thing, but concluded that he was too much of a chicken to actually hurt Leon. But, he had learned over the past one and a half years, perseverance was a great thing, so his desperate struggle against a chameleon and a baby hitman continued.

"Why are you doing this to me?!" Tsuna asked the air since nobody was near him, hanging from the school thanks to a shape shifting chameleon, "I mean, what have I ever done to you?!"

In retrospect, to anyone else, he was probably overreacting—he couldn't care about that: his Intuition was ringing strongly and alarmingly, and that was enough to send him sobbing.

He finally landed on the roof on his butt, but he did not let the pain distract him.

"Let. Me. Go!"

He could see the entrance of the helicopter. Reborn looked annoyingly smug from inside. Students were gathered around the scene, some looking a bit startled. Their expressions of surprise quickly morphed into resignation once they saw Tsuna—it was a known fact, after all, that weird and violent things happened whenever the brunette was around. They safely inched away, not wishing to be anywhere near the machine since dynamites were, ostensibly, something High School kids carried.

It was almost depressing, though, how no one—not even a teacher—was coming forth and helping a hapless fifteen year old screaming for dear life.

"Stop struggling, Dame-Tsuna," Reborn's voice rang sharply.

Like an embarrassingly obedient child, Tsuna immediately obliged.

By the time he had turned ten, Tsuna had pretty much planned out his life. As an innocent child, he had expected to live a relatively normal life, have relatively normal friends, grow up and be a relatively normal adult, have a relatively normal wife and have relatively normal children. He had also expected to die a relatively normal death, preferably before his wife's death and definitely after his grandchildren's marriage. That was what he had planned his life to be: simple, easy, peaceful and very, very normal.

Frankly, he had never imagined finding himself being tied by a chameleon, being kidnapped by baby hitman and then riding a helicopter with his friends who, apparently, were fine with watching Tsuna struggling haplessly on the floor of the currently flying helicopter.

"This seems extremely exciting!" Ryohei exclaimed happily.

Kyoya shot the Sun Flame user a look, but said nothing. Takeshi was looking out of the window along with Chrome, while Hayato was giving Tsuna worried glances but doing pretty much nothing to ensure Tsuna's freedom.

"Where are you taking me?" Tsuna demanded.

Reborn turned to look at his struggling student. Tsuna noticed that the pilot was Alessandro.

"To a Mafia school in Italy, Dame-Tsuna," he explained, "Seeing the number of people after your life, the Ninth decided that keeping you in Namimori High is not a good decision. Besides, normal schools won't exactly be of any help to the Decimo. And stop gaping like a stupid fish out of water, Tsuna, you embarrass me," Reborn chided, clicking his tongue in annoyance.

Tsuna shut his mouth, opened it and then tried protesting, "But—"

"The Shimon Family, Haru, Kyoko and the Kokuyo gang are already there, in case you were wondering," Reborn continued brusquely, "And remember, Dame-Tsuna, no one must know your identity. Being the Leader of Vongola is a very big deal. In rank, you are far superior to everybody else, even the future Dons of other Famiglias—even the teachers, if they ever get to know your identity, will be reluctant to treat you as another normal student. That will be detrimental to your growth as the Neo Vongola Primo. If they do get to know…" Reborn allowed the threat to hang ominously in the air.

Tsuna swallowed thickly, and then realized something, "But I've not agreed to anything!"

Reborn gave him a distant, unacknowledged, bewildered look, "Does that matter?"

No, Tsuna realized morosely, apparently not.

"Exactly," Reborn agreed, "What did I say about being stoic?"

"But i don't want to be—"

"You're loud. Keep quiet. Stop repeating the same thing over and over again- I clearly recall you mentioning, and I quote, 'I am the Decimo'."

Before Tsuna could tell the hitman that that declaration was due to nothing but temporary insanity, he was sucked into darkness.

Five hours later, Tsuna would wake up to a Mafia school in the middle of a top secret, not-present-in-the-map forest whilst trying to pry a python from squeezing him to death and come (again) to the cold realization that nothing in his life would ever be normal, relative or not.


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