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Timeline: ?

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Lioness of Stormwind: War of Kings


***** Six years since Humans encountered Orcs****

Fifteen year old Varian Wrynn looked at his father's corpse, stunned and unsure of what to do. His father had just been killed by someone he had viewed as an aunt, Garona Halforcen. He had been hiding when she stabbed his father through his heart but she had seen him. Yet she did not finish him, instead leaving him alone in the throne room as she walked out with his father's heart in her hand.

He wasn't sure how long he had stood there, but the next thing he knew, a figure hugged him tightly.

"There you are lad!" Regent Lord Anduin Lothar breathed in relief. He stared at his friend's dead body and nodded to the soldiers he brought with him, telling them to take the King's corpse with them.

"She killed him Lothar... she killed him," Varian whispered as tears flooded his eyes.

"I know lad, I know," Lothar replied comfortingly. He angrily thought of Garona. Her betrayal was foul beyond measure. Already, news was reaching the men, and the will to fight simply left them. King Llane was dead, the Archmage Medivh also dead, even the Lioness of Stormwind was dead. She, who had been the light when he had been held prisoner for two years in the Deadmines.

"What am I to do now, Lothar?" Varian asked in a small voice.

"You will live lad, live and rule Stormwind again, I swear it!" Lothar declared, holding the boy's gaze with his eyes. "But first we have to retreat, the others are already at sea, and we'll catch up with the main armada soon enough."

"We're abandoning the city?!" Varian exclaimed in shock. He could already see the edge of the city going up in smoke, probably from the filthy Orcs.

"Only for now, we will return lad, we WILL," Lothar promised as he place a hand on the Prince's shoulder and walked him out to his war stallion. Putting the boy in front of him he nodded to his aide to sound the all retreat.

Stormwind was lost to the Orcs, everyone was to fall back to the harbor and to go north, to Lordaeron, to warn King Terenas of the impending invasion. He had discovered what they truly were when he slew Medivh. The Orcs were a bigger threat than any could have imagined, a threat that Medivh spent years protecting them against before unleashing it on Stormwind.

At least many of their people were still alive thanks to the young noble Arturia. In a moment of foresight that surprised even him, she had set about building ships and training sailors. Many had called her foolish at the time for wasting resources. The Orcs where on land, not at sea. Many owed their lives to her, and more people were able to be saved now thanks to her.

Though they had scored victories, the Orcs proved too numerous for them to hold back. Medivh had imprisoned him during the war so that Stormwind would have been disorganized. For two years during his disappearance, young Arturia Pendragon held the line against the Orcish horde, stopping them in their tracks. That girl had proven to be much more than some simple country peasant girl.

The young lass not only took over at the behest of his successor, Lancelot, she put together a string of impressive victories that halted the Orcish invasion. She had truly earned her title of Lioness of Stormwind during his absence. After Lothar had been rescued by Lancelot, Khadgar, and Garona in the Deadmines, the girl simply stood aside to let him lead again. Lothar could have taken the reins of leadership right there but he had seen the looks in the men's eyes, the generals, even his own successor. They would follow that blonde girl to the very gates of the Twisting Nether if she so commanded.

Arturia was a proven leader and in the year that he got to know her, she reminded him of their late King, Adamant. It was no wonder the late King had spent so much time with the girl. Her mind was fascinating, her dedication to duty unshakable. It was hard to believe she was a raised a peasant. The girl had been relentless in her campaign against the Orcs and together with him, she had wreaked havoc on the battlefield. Soon she had become the most favored daughter of Stormwind and many slept better knowing that Arturia Pendragon was defending them despite the fact that the enemies had invaded over half of their lands.

All of that changed when she died. The people had faith in King Llane and Lothar of course, but the death of Grand Marshal Arturia Pendragon and Knight Commander Lancelot was a demoralizing blow. Her entire unit of twenty thousand was completely wiped out during an engagement right by Stonecarine River. The Orcs had flooded through their open lines and proceeded to leave nothing but devastation in their wake. It was about that time when King Llane began to entertain the thought of abandoning Stormwind. Slowly the war became less about winning but instead about escorting their civilian populace into to safety of the city while they built more ships to flee the oncoming darkness.

Taking one last look around the Throne Room, Lothar saw the little carved wooden lion figurine that Arturia had gifted to Varian seated on the Prince's throne. The young Prince had named it Arthur, the masculine variant of Arturia's name. Smiling, he took the carved animal and put it into his pouch. He would return it to the Prince after they have gotten to their ship. The sound of explosions in the distance made Lothar furrow his brow in sorrow.

"We will return Llane, Adamant, we will take back your country and your son shall rule. This I vow," Lothar declared to the now empty room before turning around and walking out.

++++Ruins of Stormwind City ++++

Doomhammer swung his great maul down onto the head of the Human on the ground and grinned as the blood splattered onto his armor. Looking up, he saw the once great city of the Humans burning just like those of the Draenei. Around him he could hear the Orcs torturing the captured survivors before ending them. Foolish Humans. There was no resisting the might of the Orcish Horde. Not when their 'Saber' had been lost.

"Warchief!" Varok Saurfang of the Blackrock, came up to report. "The pathetic Humans have escaped on ships out to sea."

"Is that so?" Doomhammer, new Warchief of the mighty Orcish Horde, asked. His new position was due to him taking it from Blackhand's corpse. They should have never killed Durotan. He owed Gul'dan a visit after this but first he pondered on what to do. He could leave the Humans be, but they could come back in greater numbers. After all, weren't there more Humans in lands to the North?

More sections of the city caught fire as the Orcs looted the abandon houses and buildings. Others took the armor off the dead Human defenders to see if it would fit on them. This was their reward as they sacked the city. Varok looked at it all, pleased with the destruction as he waited for his Warchief's orders.

"We will go after them," Doomhammer finally replied with a savage grin. "We will follow them and wipe out the very last of them. All of their lands belong to the Horde."

Varok had to smile at the proclamation before looking anxiously at his Warchief. He wanted to be among the other Orcs and let loose his bloodlust on what few defenders still remained.

"Go, tell our warriors to raze this city to the ground, I do not want to see a single stone left standing, this shall be our mark on this world!" Doomhammer gloated as he heard his warriors cheering in reply. The only thing that could have made this moment perfect was if he had the little golden demoness' head. Now that would have been a worthy trophy, but if his men's reports were to be believed, great dragons had saved the Orcs that day. To think they had dragons here; Zuluhed's clan will have their work cut out for them.

"Die MONSTER!" A teenage Human boy screamed, tears streaming down his face as he charged the big green Orc with a shortsword.

"Not today young warrior," Doomhammer said in respect. It took courage to try and attack him, even more so against someone several times your size. Even Rend and Maim, Blackhand's children, did not dare fight him. "Your race was doomed the moment it met ours."

The teenage boy's sword was batted away by Doomhammer's mighty maul before he grabbed the boy by his neck. Lifting the defiant Human up, he swung his hammer down on his head causing it to burst like a rip melon.

Dropping the corpse, the new Warchief of the Horde walked around the burning city, savoring their victory. He really, really, wished that he had Saber's head.

++++ Weeks Later, The Great Sea++++

This was the largest Exodus in known history as the survivors of Stormwind, comprised of old men, women, and young children under fifteen, all crammed into thousands of ships of all sizes to flee north to the nation of Lordaeron. They had started their evacuation process months ago but their first ships were slower because of their sheer size. They had to travel in groups slowly lest they be picked off by pirates. Though the people of Stormwind had lost their homes, their families, and their loves ones, they were not yet broken, they would band together and if any pirates dared attack them, they would regret it. It was here that the final group, Lothar's group, caught up with them.

Lothar watched as the Prince sat on the ship deck, gazing out at the sea once more. In his hand was the familiar lion figurine. It had not once left his side since he had gotten a hold of it.

"Are you hungry, Your Majesty?" Lothar asked kindly.

"Lothar, I am not a King. You don't have to call me Your Majesty anymore," Varian corrected as he looked down at his lion.

"And why would you say that lad?" Lothar inquired kindly once more as he took a seat next to the boy.

"A King has a country. I lost mine," Varian replied sadly. His blue eyes downcast at his admittance. "I am not worthy to be King."

"That fault lies with us, not you," Lothar told the prince. "You are still King, your people love you and when you meet King Terenas you will have to do it as a representative of your people."

"How can I, Lothar? How can I face another King when I have nothing?" Varian spoke softly.

Lothar smiled, the boy was well versed in politics, more so than Llane or Adamant, but that did not make him weak. He also excelled at combat and proved to be better than most boys his age. Still, the boy had doubt.

"Well, lad, do you remember young Arturia Pendragon?" Lothar asked and saw Varian head perked up at the name.

"Yes..." Varian replied as he turned his blue eyes back on the wooden carving in his hand.

"Do you remember how she commanded the banquet hall's attention when she was called before your grandfather?" Lothar asked as his eyes smiled at the memory.

"Yes," Varian answered with a nod. He had only been nine at the time, but he still remembered how the Lioness of Stormwind presented herself before everyone. How she moved, how her eyes gazed at her surrounding as if weighing their worth with but a glance. And how he desperately hoped that she wouldn't find him wanting.

"Well look at all she did! A mere peasant girl from the Black Morass stared down another king, and she had less then you now," Lothar reminded his future King. He then looked at Varian's face. "I believe that she would have expected you to be a King worthy of your father, Prince Varian."

Varian's eyes widened and he nodded firmly. Even though she's dead, the thought of her looking on from the afterlife judging him, made him strengthen his resolve. "I won't let us down."

"Good lad, we're all depending on you," Lothar finished and ruffled the boy head affectionately. Squinting in the distance he could already make out the shores of Lordaeron. They needed more men to fight the Orcs. They needed an Alliance of kingdoms to stop the Horde.

*********** Quel' Thalas, Silvermoon City ***********

"Gawain! Gawain!" Alleria Windrunner, sister to Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner shouted to the ever mysterious handsome brown haired Elf. The reason for Gawain Sunseeker's mystery was because of his status among the High Elves. Even after over a hundred years of service to Quel'Thalas he had never sworn loyalty to King Anasterian and had refused all posting to be in the High Elven courts, yet his distinguish service to the people of Silvermoon was unquestionable. Once when she was but a young Elfing and smitten with the handsome short haired Elf, she asked him why he did not swear fealty. His reply had been cryptic and confused her to this day. Gawain merely told her that his loyalty lay elsewhere and he was waiting for his master to call upon him.

"Yes, Young Alleria?" Gawain Sunseeker asked the pretty long haired blonde Elf. He had been reborn on this world over two hundred years ago and still he waited for his king. The Lady of the Lake had said he would not keep his form, and she was right. Yet, if that was true then her promise to let him serve his King again would also hold true. He would just have to be patient. Looking at the young Elf before him, he saw her blush at the way he addressed her. Gawain couldn't help it, he remembered when Alleria was a mere Elfing, lost in the forests. She and her sister, Vereesa, would forever be young to him.

"The Humans sent an envoy to King Anasterian! It's causing quite an uproar!" Alleria announced excitedly. She was curious by nature, even more so then her sisters.

"He will probably turn them away again," Gawain ruefully commented. The fact that his race did not like Humans was no secret. Yet because of who he had been in his past life Gawain found he had a soft spot for the Humans. In fact, though he lived longer as an elf then a human, he found that his desire to return to his King's side was as strong as ever. His Human King he mentally corrected. Thankfully, somehow, the Lady of the Lake sent Galatine, his trusted sword with him to this new world. That was why they called him Gawain Sunseeker, his sword was empowered with its magic.

"He could not, they invoked the Thoradin Pact, he is honor bound to send aide to the Human kingdoms!" Alleria said excitedly. Because of what King Thoradin did for her people, King Anasterian had promised aide whenever the Arathi royal bloodline called for it. They had all assumed the Arathi royal line was wiped out, yet it appeared there was one left. An Anduin Lothar. She had read about Humans and while they were viewed as just a step above Trolls, her people HAD allied with them. She had wanted to see one but her sister, Sylvanas, had forbidden her from going to the Human lands to see what they were like.

Now that did surprise Gawain. "Thoradin's Pact? Really? I thought the Arathi blood had all but been expended," he mused while looking at the pretty elf.

"Apparently not so! The Arathi bloodline has called upon us to honor our debt, and King Anasterian will honor it by sending a fleet of elven destroyers to aid them along with any who might volunteer," Alleria said in awe before looking at Gawain conspiratorially. "I plan on volunteering and bringing my rangers with me. According to the Humans, some creatures called the Orcs destroyed one of their kingdoms to the south and threaten us all, but King Anasterian is convinced the Humans are exaggerating."

Gawain had to blink at that. Naturally all Elves underestimated Humans, as they viewed Humans as infants and toddlers with their short life spans. Yet Gawain was once a Human and his perception of Humanity was not so biased. If the Humans were threatened and they were banding together for it and requesting help, then it was something serious. Especially since he knew how big the Human kingdoms were. He ventured out into the Human kingdoms every ten years to look for news of his king. Still,if the humans lost a kingdom then he would need to go see the threat for himself.

"I will join you then young Alleria," Gawain said as he looked at the ranger who looked back at him in surprise.

"Then where you go we will follow Lord Gawain," an older female High Elf, who had kept silent thus far, said from next to Gawain. Her name was Andria and had been Gawain Sunseeker's right hand for over three decades. "I will go gather the others."

Gawain nodded as his second in command set about her duty. His numbers were few, no more than a thousand, but they were some of the finest Elven knights in the land.

****** Kalimdor, Deep within Ashenvale *****

"Guardian Lakesong," a pretty Night Elf apprentice approached the beautiful Night Elf woman that was guarding the Night Elves most revered relic.

"What is it Kalrian?" Bedivere Lakesong asked in the musical language of the Night Elves as she opened her crystal blue eyes to look at one of the Guardians of the Sacred Sword.

"I had a vision, I think," the young druid answered. Unlike most of the males who chose to walk the emerald dreams, she stayed back. She was in the presence of one of the most mysterious Night Elves in all of Ashenvale.

"Please tell me what you saw," Bedivere prompted. It had been almost three hundred years since she began waiting for her King. The Lady of the Lake had not been lying when she said she would not be as she was in the new world. She had become a legendary Fae creature, an Elf. Yet these Elves were different from the ones from her legends. Sure she was a forest dweller but there was a magic and beauty to everything the night Elves did. Even the whimsical wisps were quite amusing to talk to as they told her about their day.

Bedivere had been born a man in her old life but now in this new life she was a female night elf. She wondered what her King would think of her now. Was her King reborn as a Night elf too?

"I, I am not sure, I saw war, death, destruction, and a golden haired female from a race I have never seen before battle another cloaked in red," Kalrian said as she could still recall the sensation of being on that battlefield. "But that was not what was strange. In my dream, that female clad in blue was holding Elune's sacred sword!"

Bedivere's eyes widened. "What did you say?" she said sharply as she grabbed both of Kalrian shoulders.

"It was such a strange warlike dream but why was it filled with so much death and regret," Kalrian wondered sadly. However, she saw the Head Guardian unveiled a rolled up cloth parchment.

Bedivere wanted to know, she had to know. Taking out her private painted collection she unrolled the cloth painting for the Night Elf to gaze upon. She was excited when Kalrian appeared to look at the figures in the painting with recognition.

"That's them!" Kalrian said as she saw the painting of the golden haired armored female in blue wielding Elune's Blade in her left hand dying at the hand of the figure in red. The red figure had run her sword through the blue one but the blue one had rammed a spear through the red one. Both were locked in combat, both were fated to die. The two stood there over a sea of blades and bodies.

"My King..." Bedivere whispered softly while she looked at the portrait she drew of Camlann. Does that mean she was closer now? Was the time nearing when Bedivere could serve her King once more?

First War Timeline:

New Calender system implemented. From now on the new age would be refereed to as the Age of Chaos or AoC for short.

AoC Year 0: Orcs Open the Dark portal and invade. Their forces were crushed at Three Corners. Forced to sue for peace until they could build up their forces, they sent the Half Draenei -Half Orc, Garona to do so with Durotan as their spokesman.

Began the buildup of New Marshal's Keep

Lioness of Three Corner, later crowned "of Stormwind", made her debut.

AoC Year 1: Orcs takes a different approach to the war. They began a massive buildup of forces consisting mainly of Blackrock clans. Wolf Riders are ferreted over through the Dark Portal to counter the Knights of Stormwind.

New Marshal's Keep was rebuilt under Commander Arturia Pendragon of the new noble House of Pendragon. Estate in Lakeshire bequeathed to Igraine Pendragon by Governor General Lady Mara Fordragon.

Courtship of Squire Gawain and Cleric Tiffany begins in Earnest.

A0C Year 2: Archmage Medivh ambushes Lothar and holds him captive in the Deadmines.

Orcs broke the peace treaty and launched strikes at Stormwind in three different directions. With Archmage Medivh's help they flood into Sunnyglade through Deadwind pass.

Commander Arturia pinned down at Marshal's Keep by Orgrim Doomhammer.

King Adamant died in his bed.

Prince Llane was crowned King.

Lancelot became the defacto leader of the Brotherhood of the Horse.

Stormwind halts the Horde invasion but not before losing half of Sunnyglade and half of Redridge to the Orcs. Still no communication from Marshal's Keep.

Orcs began terror campaign of wiping out farms and villages

Medivh began assassinating mages to cripple Stormwind's magical abilities.

AoC Year 3: Orcs gained more ground and threaten both Sunshire and Grand Hamlet. They build bridges from Sunnyglade to Elwynn Forest, threatening Goldshire.

Sunshire siege begins.

Commander Arturia breaks from Marshal's Keep but suffers heavy losses. Is forced to abandon the Keep and goes to link up with Sunshire garrison to break the Orcs' siege there.

Lancelot goes to assist Lakeshire with a force of fifteen thousand Knights but is ambushed by a large force of Wolf Riders. He's forced to turn back as more than half of his forces are killed. Squire Gawain killed in combat.

Orcs threaten to overwhelm Stonewind Keep. Defenders are whittled away and townsfolk are moved into the Keep.

Bronze Dragons heads to the continent of Azeroth having found the source of the disturbance.

Arturia Pendragon break the siege of Sunshire and routed the attacking force. Forms a strike group of knights to hit the Orcish horde's weak spot behind the lines.

Blackhand the Destroyer pushed into Westfall ignoring Grand Hamlet and razed Moonbrooke. The De Luc family is killed with all their retainers.

In the summer of the fourth year, Commander Arturia breaks the siege of Goldshire and burned the bridges leading into Elwynn Forest. Lancelot turned over command to Arturia and, with his full support, began a counter attack.

In the Fall of the fourth year, Governor General Mara Fordragon broke the siege of Stonewind Keep and destroyed the Orc encampment forcing them to retreat.

Medivh continues to assassinate mages, further crippling Stormwind's magical forces.

Grumblings of discontent arose from the Orcs due to their string of defeats and being pushed out of Elwynn and Westfall.

AoC Year 4: Lothar is found in the Deadmines and freed. Command of Stormwind Forces is returned back to Lothar by Arturia. Arturia is promoted to Grand Marshal of Stormwind.

With a new Commander General in place, Arturia begins her counter offensive to wipe out Horde forces with Lancelot and an army of thirty thousand.

Lightning raid on Orcs settlement in the Black Morass makes the Horde concerned for their family. Rockard, a new settlement near and staging point near Redridge, is razed by Arturia's forces.

Bronze Dragons arrive in Stormwind to find the source of the disturbance.

During the Fall of the Fifth Year, Grand Marshal Arturia Pendragon's forces were assumed to be wiped out at Stonecarine River by three separate Orc forces. No bodies could be found, the corpses of her forces are commonly believed to have been desecrated, as is Orcish custom.

AoC Year 5: Lady Mara Fordragon abandoned Redridge and evacuated the town of Lakeshire. Fought a running retreat all the way to Stormwind but not without incurring horrendous losses.

Medivh's treachery is discovered and killed by Lothar, Khadgar, and Garona at Karazhan.

Truth about the Horde is found out, King Llane decided to abandon his kingdom to save his people, recalls all his force from across the land to start the Exodus to the North.

Grand Hamlet falls, the De Luc brothers die.

Siege of Stormwind begins while ships are being constructed for the populace. Wood is taken from the buildings of Stormwind to create more ships.

Lord Barrington died during a siege engagement.

King Llane was betrayed by the Orc hybrid, Garona and was assassinated.

Lothar, last of the Brotherhood of the Horse abandons Stormwind City and flees North. Named Regent Lord to a force of little more than a couple of hundred veteran soldiers.

Stormwind Kingdom fell.

AN: What the fuck right? :D Lioness of Stormwind was just Saber's Prologue, now her real story begins. ^_^ If I was able to make people even lament the Fall of Stormwind and the death of my O.C Character, then I am pretty happy. That meant they were in the reader peripheral vision, so to speak. If not, then In all likely hood I sucked as an author.

Gawain- Yeah, I went there! High Elf? Excalibur Galatine? Fits perfectly. As for how he got there before Saber? Recalled to the very first chapter of Lioness of Stormwind. Vivian and Elune combine their power for Lancelot and Arturia. Gawain and Bedivere was sent via Vivian solo. Magic is not perfect ^_^

Bedivere- He had the VA of a woman in FSN, and after looking up his legend a bit more, since his FSN iteration was kind of vague. Turn out he is considered a pretty boy and know magic. He is also presumed, in real arthurian legend to be the origin of Lancelot and might have been Guinevere original lover. In editorial, they made Lancelot that one and regulated Bedivere to a handsome pretty boy but faithful to Arthur. Using creative control he's now a Night Elf Female. Booya!

Warchief Doomhammer- That's canon, reports on how he attain his Warchiefy status is up for debate. Some said he killed Blackhand when he least expected it. While other say he fought the man in an honorable duel. We may never know. Doomhammer is also not influence by demons of any kind. He never drank the demon blood, that's why he's so clearheaded.

Durotan- Unfortunately by this time he is dead, he was pretty much sick of his race thrist for conquest, he left to find a place in Lordaeron to live in. Gul'dan had him assassinated. That prompted Doomhammer to clean house.

After this, all the dead bodies of the Brotherhood Knights will be raised back from the dead and use to house Orc souls. They will later be known as death knights. ^_^

Garona- She been a sleeper agent all this time! She was magically brainwashed and didn't realized she cut out Llane heart until she did the deed. That is why the human racial ability is "Perception" It allowed them to stealth people. An interesting fact, after Garona gave Guldan Llane's heart. Gul'dan ate it.

As for what actually happen with Saber, well. Bronze dragons gonna do what bronze dragon gotta do. Open the Dark portal for Medivh? Check. Help cull Stratholme with Arthas? Check. Raid a human settlement and help the Orc get free? Check. All of these boil down to one thing. They want to do what is right for Azeroth, and they will ensure the best possible future for Azeroth. Stormwind needed to fall for them. Saber was standing in their way.

Now, I said before that it would probably make a lot of people angry or shock. Well, I had to, it has always been my intention to do it this way, not make people angry or purpose but to go this direction. Stormwind part was the set up, needed to establish Saber^_^. The changes she caused was threatening to snowball out of the Bronze control. They nipped that in the bud. As for what happened to her? Well. Read the next chapter, you will see ^_^.

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