One Last Chance


A Dying Wish

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ and all its characters were created by Rumiko Takahashi I in no way take credit for them don't sue, this is just a story for entertainment purposes and I am making no money off it, and even if I was trying too as this falls within the realm of parody there is some grey area about what I can and can't take from her Intellectual Property. None of this really matters however and most people don't even bother with reading disclaimers anyway.

AN: To avoid confusion the pronouns he and she will be used as appropriate, depending on which gender Ranma is at the time. I.E.: female: she/her, male: he/him.

I know I left this story alone for a long time, five years, and didn't update, but I have always intended on finishing the story. The reason for the hiatus was because I had become less than satisfied with the story and thought I had taken several cop outs. There were things I just didn't like about the story and wanted to change. Over time I made a note here and there about problems in the story as well as issues that should be addressed. After five years Ranma ½ is still my favorite anime and I have decided I need to finish what I started. I will mark chapters that have been revised with an R to help distinguish.




Scene Change/Flashback

Streets of Nerima

"" Akane gasped, reaching for the pig tailed martial artist's hand with her own. She knew she was dieing. The demon that Happosai sent had been too powerful. The deep wound in her stomach had blood and bile seeping from it, staining the grass around her a dark red.

"A... ka... ne" Ranma choked out, blood seeping from his mouth. He was in no better shape then his fiancée. His lung had been pierced by a claw; he could no longer feel his legs and one eye was swollen shut, but somehow he managed to drag himself the rest of the way too her. Finally coming to rest beside her body the wounded boy put his arms around her.

"Akane, I'm. Not.. Not going to get. The chance to say this again. I. I... love you.. my. uncute tomboy." Akane turned her head and placed a kiss on Ranma's bloody lips, ignoring the coppery taste of his blood. She shed tears, tears of pain, tears of loss, and tears of joy.

"Ran. ma.. I love you too. my perverted. baka." For once Ranma didn't hold back his own tears. It wasn't necessary to appear manly now.

'What's mom going to do, have me kill myself.oh wait the demon beat her too it.' Ranma was deeply saddened, not because he was going to die, but because he hadn't been able to protect his Akane.

"I wish we could do this all over again." The couple tightened their grips around each other as darkness began to close in on their vision.

"So do I, but at least you know I love you." Ranma replied as they shared their last kiss.

"I love you too." A few moments later they lay still. Their bodies cooling in each other's arms, ignorant of the screams and cries from the nearby friends, fiancées, family, and rivals.

Happosai left the scene quickly, leaving the dead demon and his pupils where they lay. He had never meant for that to happen to Akane, she had been an accident. Ranma on the other hand had finally gotten what he deserved for stepping on and ripping a beautiful new bra that the old man had so selflessly rescued.

Distracted for a moment so he could pick up a new 'pretty' from the ground, he never even sensed the approaching projectiles. A thrown spatula took him in the arm, practically severing it while a bonbori smashing into his spine paralyzed him from the waist down. The old pervert cried out in pain and rolled over to see a large collection of martial artists gathered around him with murder in their eyes.

"What did you do that for, why can't you just leave a poor old man alone?" Happosai bawled.

His words and crocodile tears only seemed to make the group even angrier.

"That was just starters for what you did to Ranchan and Akane." Ukyo growled pulling her combat spatula out of its sheath.

"The ungrateful brat had it coming."

"Why Airen deserve that?" Shampoo asked, retrieving her weapon from the ground.

"He tore one of the centerpieces in my beautiful collection in two." The street glowed blue from the combined battle aura that was given off.

"And what did the fair maiden Akane do to incense your wrath, that she deserved such punishment?" Kuno queried, drawing a steel katana.

"Well she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." The entire block was now covered in the expanded aura. Even Kasumi was contributing to it. Happosai was a tough old lecher, and the group made sure it took a long time for him to finally die.

With a little persuasion from Kuno and Nabiki, the Neriman police ruled the entire incident as a training accident. Long ago they had learned not to get involved with the strange circumstances in Nerima. Without any witnesses coming forwards to offer a different account this was accepted as the truth.

The amazons left shortly afterwards although no one saw them leave. Around her throat Cologne carried a strange amulet with her. If anyone listened carefully to it, they would hear what sounded like the screams of an old man.

Ukyo and Ryoga were both suffering from severe depression and began relying on each other for support through the difficult times ahead. They left quietly on a training trip one night, disappearing out of the city. A week later balls of blue energy flying into the sky before returning to earth could be seen in Okinawa, lighting up the night's sky. The two began dating shortly after having poured all their depression out in a brilliant light show.

Everything began to quiet down and go back to normal. Without Ranma and Akane though things just didn't seem to be nearly as interesting for anyone.



"Akane." The two embraced each other tightly.

"Umm Akane, is this the afterlife?"

"Not quite." An unfamiliar feminine voice replied. The two swung around to see a woman standing before them. She had strange blue tattoos on her face and was dressed in flowing robes.

"Who are you?" Ranma growled, moving between Akane and the new person.

"I am the goddess of the past. For your brave actions your wish has been granted." The goddess replied with peaceful smile.

"What wish?" asked Akane.

"For the two of you to have the chance to start over again."

"But won't all the same things just happen over again?" Akane asked the woman standing before them, staring suspiciously at this so-called goddess.

"Only if you let them happen the same way." The goddess replied, seemingly ignorant of their suspicion..

"So why are you doing this, I know Ranma has done plenty of brave things, but what have I done?" The goddess blushed slightly under Akane's scrutiny.

"Well it partly has to do with your joint defeat over Saffron." Akane quirked an eyebrow at her words while Ranma's eyes widened.

"And the other part." Ranma prompted.

"Well quite a collection of gods, spirits, and demons enjoy watching you two and decided they didn't want the entertainment to stop just yet," Now Akane wasn't the most trusting of people, in fact as Ranma could attest to from the beatings he's received she was far from trusting. So when Akane thought this goddess was still holding back she went with her instincts.

"Oh, just that reason, anything else?"

Clasping her hands in front of her and looking at her feet the goddess refused to meet here gaze.

"Well Ranma and you happen to be favored by several of the chaos gods and demons, so in exchange for not enacting an apocalypse that could destroy most of the world, you both will receive another chance." This time neither Ranma nor Akane had any response to the goddess, "Umm okay then, enjoy your re-life and don't mess it up this time by denying what you feel. You've given enough love gods and goddesses nervous breakdowns as is."

The mortal couple could only stare open-mouthed at the goddess, still not sure how to what to say. "Bye Bye then." The goddess said waving at the two.

Before either could respond they fell into blackness once again.

Tendo Dojo

"These friends of yours daddy?"

Rather then respond verbally, Soun jerked his head from one side to the other.

"Oh so a Panda just decided to drop by?" Nabiki yelled.

Said Panda pulled a red-haired girl off its shoulder and put her down facing the Soun and Nabiki.

"You wouldn't be?"

"Saotome Ranma, sorry bout this."

"Oh he is cute." Nabiki chipped in.

Soun threw his arms around Ranma pulling her into a bear hug, Ranma stiffened in response. Ahh just great, here we go again, this time let's see if I can avoid some of the mistakes I made last time I was here

Soun discovered much to his surprise, that there was a small physical discrepancy with the 'boy'. Actually it was more like two not so small abnormalities with the 'boy', abnormalities quite normal on a female. He released the 'boy' and stepped backwards. Nabiki looked from her father's impression of a board to Ranma. She stepped forwards and poked Ranma.

"Umm...could you stop that?"

Nabiki turned to her father. "He is a girl." Soun promptly fainted.

Yep, just like last time, oh well at least I know what to expect this time round. Ranma inwardly smirked.


Any comments are welcome, positive or negative.

Ranma ½ is a comedy, each character has flaws and issues that make them unique. Rather than try and fix those flaws I have decided to try and keep the characters as true to the original as possible. Something that I didn't quite manage as well as I wanted too in the original version of One Last Chance.

One of the reasons I couldn't continue the story any further as I wrote it was because the characters were drifting too far from their original versions to be recognizable anymore. I didn't like what I had done with them and it was ruining the story for me. Plus I was allowing gods and other characters too much say in a story that is meant to be about the original characters.

I like comedy, comedy is what attracted me to the series and comedy is what keeps me here. I enjoy reading dark fics, Waffs, and the like, but when it comes down to it I will chose comedy such as Black Dragon6's Guardian over other types any day.

Revision Notes:

This chapter merely had some spelling and grammar errors that I fixed. I changed some of the dialogue for ease of reading as well. The last time I wrote this story I was trying to go with a mixture of ambiguity, humor, and drama. This time around I am going to focus more on the humor and drama than on ambiguity.

Finally, my original formatting is no longer compliant with so I am using a new formatting method.