Sundays were a rather peaceful time in the team RWBY dorm room, a time to relax and forget about all the troubles of the week. Even with the recent investigations into Torchwick and the White Fang the team took this time to try and unwind and be lazy before the school week started up again on Monday. To this effect each member of team RWBY were caught up in their own methods of relaxing. Yang was busy playing a game on her school, something involving zombies and a ninja sword wielding individual. Weiss was brushing up on her ancient Remnant history while listening to music, one earbud off in case someone needed to get her attention. And Blake was laid back on her bed with an adventure novel that she had read a thousand times but had gone back to in order to catch up before the next book in the series came out. For once, everything was peaceful.

Ruby pushed open the door and walked in, a bright smile on her face and a piece of paper in her hand. "We have a new mission everyone!" she exclaimed with all her usual youthful joy.

"Torchwick?" Blake asked, becoming serious and looking toward her. When Ruby shook her head Blake went back to reading.

"Grimm?" Yang guessed, but was given the same negative shake of the head. She unpaused her game and continued.

"Extra credit?" Weiss asked hopefully. The other three girls looked at her for a moment. "What? Have you seen our grades lately?" the team shuddered for a moment before Ruby waved her arms.

"No, our mission is this, we are going to get Jaune and Pyrrha to become a couple!" Ruby exclaimed, saying the words in the same manner she would declare one of their missions or group exercises.

The other three girls in the room suddenly froze in their actions as Ruby made her declaration. A defeated noise rang off from Yang's game, Weiss dropped the ancient Remnant text on the ground, and Blake reread the same sentence three times before reality took place over fiction. The various members of team RWBY looked toward their leader, who wore a bright smile on her face and at the same time declared a flat "What?"

"Well over the past two days I have been hard at work earning this!" Ruby held up a document that had been printed on normal paper which declared 'Ruby Rose: Registered Matchmaker' surrounded by a number of hearts and stars.

"So that's where you were all weekend." Yang mused; only now realizing that she hadn't seen much of her sister for the past two days.

"Yep!" Ruby looked down proudly at the certificate and stroked it lightly. "And I figured with this new found power I could bring happiness to all of my friends and loved ones, and I figured I should start easy so Jaune and Pyrrha."

"Start out easy?" Weiss raised an eyebrow and looked at Ruby like she was insane. "They have no interest in each other romantically."

The other three members of the team looked toward Weiss and raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you…" Weiss's eyes suddenly grew to the size of dinner plates as a crashing wave of realization slammed down on her, opening her mind to things she had either not noticed or intentionally blinded herself to. "Oh."

"She gets it," Yang said before looking toward Ruby. "But anyway why not, game was getting boring anyway and this sounds like a hoot."

"I for one want nothing to do with this." Weiss said, picking up her text and trying to return to her studies.

"But Weeeeiiiiiisssss" Ruby put her hands in front of her and put the puppy dog eyes on maximum power, trying to get her partner to go along with it.

"No." Weiss said, turning the page of her text.

"Buuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt Weeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss!" Ruby's bottom lip started quivering, which held sway over even her Uncle Qrow, who might have been able to face down giant Grimm, but relented and gave her ice cream with breakfast when she broke it out.

Weiss felt her hands begin to shake as she tried with all her might not to look up at her partner. "No."

"It would probably get him to stop flirting with you." Yang pointed out.

"And like that I'm in," Weiss put her book aside and nodded toward her partner. "What's the plan?"

Ruby rubbed her hands together and an evil grin came over her face. "Well it won't be easy, but with the four of us…"

"I am not getting involved." Blake said while calmly reading her novel.

"But Bla…" before Ruby could get the puppy dog eyes on, a pillow was thrown directly at her face from Blake's bed.

"I don't like the idea of meddling in other people's business, especially when it comes to their love lives, its not our place." Blake spoke with a sage sort of wisdom, the kind that normally could even get Ruby to calm down and think.

"Fine you won't go for the request so I am making this an official team RWBY mission." Ruby crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue at the cat Faunus.

"Only Ozpin or a member of the staff can actually authorize missions," Blake pointed out with a small smile. "You don't have that power."

Ruby hated to admit that she was right, but she knew when she had been out gambited. She scowled to herself, Blake was supposed to be the one that just went along with the crazy plans with a shrug and a joking remake about their sanity, not the one who declined the plan and stayed in the room! "Fine, then we get Ozpin to make it a mission."

"There is no way he is going to agree to that." Blake countered, looking at Ruby with a frown. "We should really just drop this." before she could continue to voice her objections Ruby flashed over and grabbed her hand, dragging the taller girl out of the room and toward Ozpin's office.

"Bet you twenty Lien this goes horribly wrong." Yang said, looking toward Weiss.

"I don't know, Ruby has this odd sort of way of making things that seem impossible happen, you are on." Weiss shook the blonde's hand.

This was going to be an interesting week for Beacon.

So this is just a little funny fic that I am going to be working on, just something cute and nice to build up my ability to write comedy. Hope you guys enjoy.