To be clear, and answer one of the review that asked, this fic will have TPLinkxMidna as a couple and NOT TPLinkxCia.


Link stepped out of the portal, looked around to find himself back in the basement of his house, the portal lighting the room around him.

It had been a while since he had used something that teleported him and though this portal wasn't quite the same as the one his imp friend had used during their adventures, he did experience a similar dizziness, it felt very nostalgic to him.

He thought about how he should prepare for what had to come and that maybe he should have asked a bit more details of what exactly would be needed.

Laying on the floor was a large sized bag he had never used before, Midna's ability to store everything he gave to her had come quite handy during their travels to the point where it had become necessary especially when they found items as heavy as the Spinner or the Ball and Chain. Therefore, any bag was utterly useless and thus he threw what was not needed in there, thinking he wouldn't ever need it.

Of course, everything had been lost to him after the Twilight Princess had departed. The hero wasn't sure of what had happened to nearly all of his weapons and armors, only a single item had remained on his belt on that day: one of the Clawshots.

Everything else was with Midna. Had the entirety of his weapons been destroyed? Maybe she kept them with her or perhaps she even just threw everything away.

"I'll have to ask her once we meet again…" He muttered, lifting the empty bag and climbed the ladder. He took a glance at the portal behind him, it didn't move and didn't look like it would until he used it again.

Once he got out of the basement, the hero of light started to wander around the room to see what he'd need, trying to make sure his bag would stay as light as possible.

Food and water? He doubted he'd need any and if he did, he would just hunt like he has done before. Then again, what else could he take? He already had everything on him, from his tunic with a chain mail equipped under to his sword and shield and his clawshot ready on his belt, the man was already good to go.

He had been ready to go on another adventure as soon as his first had ended and it hadn't been just because he wanted something to keep his mind occupied to not think about his best friend leaving his side for eternity but also because the man had learned to love adventuring.

The sights he had seen and the fields he had explored, the battles he had fought and the thrill they had given him, the relief he felt after facing and winning against death itself… It was an unique and addictive experience.

The hero tossed the bag aside, deciding that it could wait until he actually finds something he needs to bring with him later on. For now, he needed to get to Hyrule Castle as soon as he could.

Opening the front door and going outside, Link jumped down before noticing that Epona had been waiting for her master patiently.

Link had not taken her with him for that trip to the Mirror Chamber as he had wanted to be completely alone. Not a very wise decision from the hero of light as it had made the trip much more longer but also because his thoughts ended up making him feeling worse than when Epona wasn't near him.

He wasted no time and after checking that Epona was ready to go herself, he mounted his horse before going at full speed toward Hyrule Castle Town.

Being recognized as the hero that saved Hyrule saved Link a lot of time to enter the castle. The guards let him in without even a second thought and the hero had free access to nearly every single room of the castle, aside from the royal bedroom for obvious reasons.

Two days after his duel with Ganondorf, Zelda had asked for Link to come so that she could announce him as the champion that defeated the demon king.

Link at first didn't want to come, he honestly didn't care if people knew about him or not and at that time his mind was completely somewhere else. After the princess of Hyrule insisted enough, the hero decided that he might as well do it for her and be done with it as fast as possible. And so, with a fake and sad smile, the Hero had followed the princess to the town.

That's when he appeared in front of all of the citizens he had saved and helped, a few already knew him, some recognized him when they saw him pass the streets running… It ended fairly quickly, Zelda giving him an absurd amount of privileges and him receiving a lot of praises from everybody around him, praises he couldn't hear as the only voice that reached him was his companion's last words repeating over and over in his mind.

Now the man was heading to the royal library where Zelda was currently according to one of the royal guards.

Opening the doors of the library, the hero found himself in a very large room surrounded by an enormous quantity of books.

After walking down the path created by the bookshelves around him and soon enough found the princess of Hyrule, her nose deep in a book. He cleared his throat in hopes it would catch her attention but it failed, the princess too focused on what she was reading to even notice his presence.

"Princess." Link called out, making the girl jump slightly in surprise, startled by the sudden sound that broke her concentration.

"Oh, Link it's you! I apologize for not noticing you earlier, I was caught in those legends about a kingdom sunken underwater. I'm sure you're not here to listen to me talk about my books now, are you? Tell me friend, what can I do for you?" Zelda said with a smile, happy to see somebody she could act more naturally with rather than having to act as a proper monarch.

"I need answers." Link replied.

Zelda nodded. Having gotten used to Link's small and blunt sentences, the princess already knew that the hero was troubled by something. "Ask away."

Link hesitated a few seconds before talking, trying to make sure he wouldn't let any unwanted information slip out of his mouth by mistake. "What would happen if there was no more darkness?"

"That wouldn't be good, darkness and light need to be in balance, neither should overpower another. I'm afraid I don't know the exact consequences about light recovering the world, all I know is that many lives would be lost, just like if darkness completely recovered the world." The princess explained, wondering why Link needed to know that.

'That sorceress was telling the truth.' He thought, crossing his arms and trying to find what he could ask next. "I assume the Goddesses keep that balance in check?"

"Not exactly, they gave that duty to another being of pure heart they chose, an extremely powerful sorceress called The Observer of Time. Legend says that she watches over the past, present and future all at the same time and notifies the Goddesses if the balance starts to break at a point in time."

'She really is the Observer of Time then…' That cleared any doubts the Hero previously had, he was now sure he could trust Cia, at least to an extent. "Thank you Princess."

"Please Link, call me Zelda. Why the sudden interest in old legends? I'm sure you did not come all the way to my castle to have a history lesson."

"You're right, I didn't. I came here to tell you that you don't need to bother anymore with trying to find a way to the Twilight Realm without the mirror."

Zelda raised an eyebrow, confused at Link acting so oddly. "…Why? This is not like you to give up Link. I know I haven't made much progress on the subject but if you give me more time, I might find something."

"I'm leaving Hyrule."

The blunt statement surprised Zelda. "Where are you going?"

"I can't tell you where, I don't know for how long either, all I know is that we won't be able to see each other for a moment."

The look in Link's eyes was not one of a man running away. No, those were the eyes of a man that had found something to fight for again, the flame of the hero was lit up once more.

Zelda could see and as such couldn't object to his decision. For three months she had to endure his fake smile, unable to help him even though she tried to, nothing had managed to bring his real smile back, the one she had seen after they had defeated Ganondorf and had seen that Midna was actually alive.

The princess didn't know what exactly had suddenly motivated the Hero again but she was secretly thankful for it. If he wished to keep his destination secret from her then he must have a good reason as well, she decided that she wouldn't bother him about that.

"When will you leave?" Zelda asked.

"Tomorrow I'll go back to Ordon to say goodbye before moving."

"Then how about staying here tonight? I believe you and Epona both need some rest before tomorrow."

Link smiled, knowing better than refusing a favor from the princess as she could become quite persistant. "That would be nice, thank you Zelda."

"Good, I'll ask a few maids to prepare your room as soon as possible." Standing up from her seat, Zelda grabbed the book that she had been reading before putting it back in one of the nearby shelves. "Let's go to the dining room, it's almost time to eat."

Link nodded and followed the Princess, thinking that he should later check the markets to see if he could find some more weapons to bring with him if he had time. For now though, his stomach needed to be filled and he definitely wouldn't refuse an offer for free royal food.