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Since the moment she had decided to bring a Link back with her, Cia had prepared herself mentally for this moment in particular.

She had taken care of hiding every single sculptures and portraits of her beloved as it would only scare this Link away, which made one of her ally very happy.

Ghirahim, the pale demon had told her multiple times that she had terrible taste in men and while she honestly couldn't care less about the opinion of a demon, she knew the moment she reached for the Hero of Light that he would be a problem.

And here they were, Link and Ghirahim were already glaring at each other.

The demon stood up from his chair before advancing toward the Hero who kept his eyes on his natural opposite, wary of every of his movements. Link put his long bow next to a wall behind him to free his sword and shield in case he needed to use them.

"Cia, my dear Cia, I had honestly hoped that your condition about loving that foolish hero was getting better, it seems that I was mistaken." The demon started, he had stopped a few feet away from his nemesis and was now slowly walking around him. "To think that I'd see a near perfect copy of that cursed sky child and that cursed blade too… It makes my blood boil in anger."

The witch sighed internally, having foreseen this situation easily she had even prepared to talk the demon out of the situation and if he wouldn't cooperate then she would force him to. Immediately making Ghirahim submit was not good because Link was with them but she didn't really want to talk with someone like him as after all, questioning her taste about the Heroes she loved was something the witch found very infuriating.

For the sake of her plan, she couldn't do much to him, at least not yet.

Cia was about to say something but the Hero of Light spoke up before she did.

"Take one more step and I'll erase your existence, demon." Link coldly said, his tone clearly stating that he wasn't joking around while oddly enough having a very relaxed stance, his weapons sheathed and his arms on both sides of his body.

Cia was very slightly surprised at the hero's intervention, it had been a possibility she had taken into account, albeit it had had a very small chance of happening. She had not expected this to actually happen.

Ghirahim brought the sword he held to his lips before liking the blade with his unusually long tongue. "A step? Shall we test this out then?"

The demon dared to raise his foot forward and put it down, a mocking smile on his face.

Link's expression changed the moment Ghirahim had put his foot down. The demon, looked in the hero's eyes and knew he had made a mistake.

Those eyes were not the eyes of the sky child he had previously met.

Link drew out his sword in an instant and sliced down at his opponent. Ghirahim managed to block the strike with lots of difficulty, to the point that he had to step back.

The hero took his shield out and got into his usual fighting stance, his eyes locked on the demon in front of him.

"Is he important?" Link asked to Cia, obviously meaning if it would matter if he got rid of the demon right now.

The witch smirked, thrilled to be able to witness such a rare sight from so close. A Link fighting so seriously was something she had seen everyday from every angle through her crystal ball, but to see it live gave her a whole new sensation.

This Link in particular… Such a powerful and fearsome aura radiated from him, it made the witch tremble in anticipation. Ah, if only she could have this Link too… that was impossible though as it would go against her plans.

Well, at least this time it wasn't the Princess Zelda that had taken his heart.

'Oh right, my plan.' Cia dropped her smirk and replaced it with her cold, uncaring face. "Unfortunately for us, he is."

Ghirahim's face was distorted in anger as he pointed his sword toward the swordsman and the witch. "You…! I won't tolerate you mocking me like this, both of you!"

"Silence!" Cia suddenly stabbed the tip of her staff on the ground, causing a large shockwave of purple energy to rise from the ground and spread into the room, surprising everyone inside. "You do remember why you're here Ghirahim, yes? Or would you rather rot at the deepest part of hell just like before?"

The demon gritted his teeth, knowing full well that it was thanks to the witch that he was standing here as of today. "…Tch." He dematerialized his sword before walking back to his seat, his fists clenched hard in frustration and his hateful stare still locked on the hero clad in green.

From the corner of the room came the sound of clapping, the knight in red armor was slowly clapping his hands together, an amused smile on his face. "As expected of our mistress, shutting up that guy is a feat only you are capable of."

This earned him a death glare from "that guy". "Might I remind you what happened during our last duel practice, Volga?" Ghirahim taunted back, getting a scowl from the proud knight.

Volga decided to ignore Ghirahim entirely, not having enough wits to talk back to the demon. Instead, he walked toward his new interest, the Hero of Light.

"And you… Where did you learn how to execute the Mortal Draw?"

Link's eyes locked on Volga, his sword still in hand just in case he would try anything funny. "…How do you know about the Mortal Draw?" The hero asked, wondering how someone else than him would know about a technique that is supposed to be secret.

The amused smile came back on the half man, half dragon's face. "Answering a question with a question? Should I just beat the real answer out of you?"

"Enough." Cia said, her tone clearly indicating that she was irritated now. "I have not come here with him to watch you three fight meaninglessly. The Hero of Light will join us in our quest, you will have to work with him."

"I hope this is some sort of terrible joke, my dear Cia." Ghirahim growled, feeling like he would vomit if he stayed anywhere near the hero he despised for too long.

"My decision is final, neither you, Volga or Wizzro have a saying in the matter. If we want to be successful, we need him."

Ghirahim's fist smash on the table near him. "…Are you serious?! Why do we need him, in what way will he help us?!"

"The Hero of Light is unbelievably strong, he also has his very own reason for helping us which means that he cannot betray us."

This time, it was Volga's turn to frown, his pride hurt. "Hold on, mistress, are you implying that we're not strong enough by ourselves? I can take on an army by myself."

"As you are now, you cannot win against Link. Nor can Ghirahim."

The demon gritted his teeth harder, angry to hear her talk about him like this. "And what makes YOU think this Link can, or that he won't turn traitorous? Those heroes keep going against demons, there is no reason that he wouldn't ally with your Link and give us even more troubles."

"Oh but there is a reason, isn't that right Hero?" Cia smiled as she turned to Link.

The Hero of Light's face was stoic and his voice was silent. He had many questions he needed to ask but for now he was going to listen carefully to every word they were saying.

After all, Link was still suspicious of the witch, even though those portals she had created were proof that her powers could help him reach his goal, he still felt like something was amiss.

Volga crossed his arms, still not able to believe that the witch would bring one of light here. "What about his strength then? What proof do you have that he could beast our version of the Hero?"

An evil grin spread across Cia's face. "The Hero of Light killed the strongest incarnation of Demon King I have observed so far. The killing blow was so great that the Demon King became the weakest kind of wandering soul."

The room became completely silent and the last, uninterested individual now turned his gaze on the hero clad in green. The demonic wizard approached carefully, making sure to have a nice, large of distance between him and Link. "This guy… did that?"

"Do you wish to see the proof through my crystal ball?"

Volga smirked, a bit of sweat dropping from his face, excited to hear that such a strong fighter was standing right in front of him. "No mistress, your word is enough. If you say that he is that strong then it can only be true." Volga walked to the door behind Cia and Link. "If we are done then I'm taking my leave, it was nice meeting you, swordsman." He said before leaving the room completely.

Ghirahim stood up from his seat and headed for the door as well, casting one last glare at the hero before leaving silently.

Cia, Link and Wizzro were now the only one left in the room.

"Did you do as I told you about our attack plan, Wizzro?" Cia asked.

"Yes mistress, I've already added our… newest ally position in the plan, just as you asked." The monster said as he took the map he had been studying before and gave it to the witch. "For this mission, he will act alone and sneak into the castle after Volga-"

"I'll inform him about the details myself Wizzro, you may take your leave now."

"…Yes mistress." The monster bowed and casted a glance at the hero just before he left.

Once the large door finally closed, the witch walked to the large table and put the map on it.

"Have a seat, I'm sure that you have a lot of questions to ask. If I predicted correctly, your first question should be "What is your goal?", isn't that right?" She said, a playful smile on her lips as she knew she was right.

'I don't even need to speak.' Link thought as he sat down in front of her and nodded. "It's about time I heard what you're going to do. If you're looking to destroy the goddesses, as much as I hate them for tricking me, you can count on me to fight against you." Link said menacingly.

"Now now, Hero of Light, my goal is far from destroying the goddesses or conquering the world, I will tell you everything about it."

This was it, the moment where Link would decide on the path he would walk, if he was going to help the witch or not. It would all depend on what she was about to say and how she would word it.

Of course, her trump card was the Twilight Princess the hero liked so much and if she gave him absolutely undeniable proof that she could make him see his beloved companion again then that would seal the deal completely.

'It is time to "officially" recruit my dear Hero of Light.'