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Everyone is 14 years old. They have a new teacher named Mr. Applebee but, everyone calls him Mr. A. Everyone is sitting in the classroom waiting for class to be over.

Mr. A: Remember to get your permission slips signed for the trip. When you pack your clothes for the trip remember to bring one pair of dressy clothes for the dance. Also bring a bathing suit for the swimming hole.

Libby: I can't wait! How 'bout you Cindy? Girl, what's wrong?

Cindy: Nothing really. it's just I have no one to ask to the dance since * you know who * hates me.

Libby: Oh, puh- leeze you're the most popular and hottest girl in school. You think you're gonna have trouble finding someone to ask you to the dance?

Cindy: That's easy for you to say, you have Sheen.

Libby was right. Cindy was very pretty (not that she wasn't before) She was now wearing her hair down and had SHORT jean shorts. She also had a baby blue tank top. Libby was pretty too, but nowhere near as pretty as Cindy. She was wearing a jean skirt and a light purple turtleneck with short sleeves.

Libby: I bet Nick would ask you if your Jimbo doesn't. She started to giggle.

Cindy: Cut that out! (she was blushing)

The bell rang.

Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl were all on there way home walking on the sidewalk. Jimmy was staring at the ground.

Sheen: uh, oh. Jimmy, Ultra lord has a question and so do I. What's wrong.(even at 14 he is still hopelessly obsessed with Ultra lord).

Jimmy: well, I really wanna go to the dance with Cindy, but she hates me. I just wish that one day she would grab me and kiss me or something.

Carl: Stop it you're gonna give me nightmares!

Sheen: Why are you so sad though?

Jimmy: She hates me! I wanna go to the dance with someone too. Namely her.

Sheen: Then why don't you ask her?

Jimmy: For the last time SHE HATES ME!

Sheen: whoa, I get it now..

Carl: that's cool Sheen, could you tell me?.

Jimmy kept going forward but Sheen and Carl turned. Cindy was on the opposite side of the street of Jimmy. They were both on the opposite corner of there own house. They kept walking and looking down at the ground. They started crossing the street to get to their house and. BOOM. They ran into each other. They were both on the ground looking at each other. Jimmy stood up and reached his hand out to help her up. He did help her up and neither of them lost eye contact.

Cindy: Thanks, but , you know I still hate you right. Jimmy: I know.

They were still staring at each other's eyes Cindy into Jimmy's deep blue eyes and Jimmy into Cindy's sparkling green eyes. Cindy couldn't help herself anymore. She grabbed his shirt with both of her hands and kissed him. They both hoped the moment would last forever but Cindy eventually broke the kiss. They stopped and stared at each other again then Cindy broke the silence.

Cindy: remember I still hate you.

She started walking home.

Jimmy: yeah, I hate you too.

He started to walk home. He staggered all the way home.


I hope you liked it. Don't worry the story will get better like when Cindy and Jimmy get lost together. ^.^ oops I wasn't supposed to say that. Remember R/R.