Hi guys. Well, here's part 5.when we last left off Libby and Sheen were helping Cindy and Jimmy out of the river.


Libby: well, I guess we better get back now right?

Cindy: yeah, let's go.

They turn around and start heading the other the direction.

Libby: uh, oh.

Jimmy: what's wrong?

Libby: I think we're lost.

Cindy/Jimmy: not again! Though.. it was pretty fun.

Libby: I don't wanna be lost! Can't you ask your stupid doll where to go!?!

Sheen: He's not a doll he's an action figure and, yes, I can.

Sheen pressed the button and Ultra Lord started talking.

Ultralord: You're out of luck Sheen..


Libby: That is still one smart doll.

Cindy: I'm still uneasy about why you think me and Jimmy. did..something..

Libby: Your dress is ripped.. you're not wearing the top jacket that you were wearing at the dance..

Sheen: You were kissing in a lake I mean one romantic movie looking kiss..

Libby: and you guys seem really embarrassed.

Jimmy: no we aren't see?

Jimmy grabbed Cindy, dipped her and kissed her.


All of a sudden there was a rustling in the bushes.

Libby: What is that?

Then Nick popped out of the bushes.

Nick: I found you. That's great!

He went up to Cindy and Kissed her.

Jimmy Sheen and Libby stood back watching trying not to laugh. Nick let go.

Nick: These nerds, excluding Libby. Haven't been bugging you have they?

Cindy: What Nerds? All I see over there is My best friend, my Boyfriend, and my best friends boyfriend.

Nick: WHAT!?!

Cindy: You heard me.

Cindy slapped Nick.

Cindy: That was for kissing me, and calling my boyfriend a Nerd.

Nick: b..b..

Libby: awww.. look.. he's speechless..

Jimmy: You don't happen to know the way back do you?


Jimmy: hello!?!


Cindy: Nick!

Nick: What?

Cindy: Jimmy is asking you a question!

Nick: oh, is he?

Cindy: YES!!!

Nick: What was your question?. Jimmy.

Jimmy: Do you know the way back?

Nick: Maybe..


Sorry it was kinda short. This is not the end I repeat this is not the end.