Love Is Patient

She would wait for him. She wasn't the type of girl that would desperately beg God for a boyfriend. She wasn't one of those girls that constantly clings to playboy types…Constantly clinging to him.

She would wait for him. He needed to look after that adorable like cousin of his. That little girl needed someone to give all their attention to. That little girl needed someone to stay with her…Someone like Kippei.

The two of them, Kippei and Yuzuyu, had a special bond together. Kippei had instantly been attracted to the little girl just as Yuzuyu was towards the teen. Like it was destined for them to meet and form such a bond. They had helped each other overcome life obstacles, and it wasn't going to end over something silly like Kippei having a girlfriend on his arm.

She would wait for him. She would wait till Yuzuyu wasn't so dependant of Kippei and when the little girl was comfortable around her.

"Oi, Kippei!" Kokoro nudged the sleeping teen with one of her books. "You're gonna be late."

School had ended about thirty minutes ago, Yuzuyu's kindergarten ended about ended about fifteen minutes ago. Kippei was late, taking a nap on his desk while Kokoro.

Kippei made an unintelligent grumble under his breath. "Five more minutes~!" he mumbled.

Kokoro let out a huff. "Yuzuyu-chan's gonna be mad at you."

"Yuzu? Yuzu will~Yuzuyu!" He jolted up from his seat, running out the door.

Kokoro sighed. Third time this week, she thought.

A few seconds later, Kippei walked in slowly, making his way over to his desk. Putting his books away, he slipped his bag over his shoulder and glanced over to Kokoro who was heading out already.

"Hey, Kokoro-chan, wanna walk home together?" he asked.

"You have to go pick up Yuzuyu-chan," she answered. "You'll be late."

"C'mon Kokoro-chin," Kippei whined, following her out of the school. "Yuzuyu wants to go to the park with you today."

Kokoro stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Really?"

Kippei nodded. "Yeah."

A small smile appeared on her face as Kokoro turned back around. "Okay," she said quietly. A larger hand slipped into hers, interlocking their fingers together.

Her brown eyes glanced up to Kippei's eyes. He was smiling down at her. "Let's go then!" Gripping on her hand, Kippei started running on the sidewalks, dragging his girlfriend behind him.

"Oi! Oi Kippei!" she yelled.

"Sorry! But we're late Kokoro-chan!" He glanced over his shoulder, smiling at her. "Besides, I wanna play with my two favourite girls!"

Kokoro couldn't help but smile. She started keeping up with Kippei. "Yeah."

Her love for him was patient. She would wait for Yuzuyu to grow up and for Kippei to be ready for a relationship, Kokoro would wait until the time was right.

His love for her was kind. He brought her out of a lonely place and made her stay by his side. But that's another story.