Author Note: This chapter's beta is once again 8D SerenityCrystal Tear 83, who helped me make this chapter enjoyable to read.

Later that evening, after the awkward silence of breakfast, Kuronue was surprised to get a letter from Gringotts about his inheritance, and that the letter was a Portkey that would take him to the bank at eleven the next morning. The letter also told him that he was allowed to bring one person with him.

After showing the letter to Kurama and both agreeing that it was important that they go, they went on to discuss the plan on how to change the Wizarding World for the better. It was decided that they would take the summer to research, would come up with a tentative plan during that time, and then would see if they could go to Hogwarts. Since it had the largest library, they could find allies there. But first they had to deal with today.

Kuronue was halfway through finishing the reading of the folder when Kurama called out that dinner was ready. The black-haired demon set the folder down on the table in front of the loveseat that he had been sitting on, and then walked to the dining room. He paused outside the door leading to the dining room and saw that the table was set for two, with the plates filled with food on either ends of the rectangular table fit to seat ten.

Kuronue moved toward the seat that had no direct sunlight, and sat down to wait for Kurama to come in to eat. A few moments later, the silver-haired kitsune demon entered the room, sat down, and they both began to eat in silence.

The sounds of chewing and two hearts beating was all that Kuronue heard as the two of them ate, and it was slowly driving him insane. There was enough tension in the room that he could almost see it in the air and feel it pressing down on him.

Kuronue set his eating utensils down carefully and stared at his food in silence. Everything was silent. It was too quiet and too loud at the same time. He glared at his food for a moment before the silence became too much. He stood up, pushing his chair back loudly; this caused Kurama to glance up from his food.

Kuronue stalked over to Kurama as his mate's golden eyes watched him warily. With a snarl, the bat demon pounced on the yoko as he moved to stand up. The black-haired demon grabbed the back of his mate's head and pulled his mate toward him in a bruising and biting kiss. A moment later, Kurama returned the kiss just as angrily, and soon, they were tearing at each other with sharp nails and blood flowing.

Only minutes after the fight started, Kuronue was shocked to feel tears run down his face, and the beginning of sobs to start. They both stopped fighting as he wrapped his arms around Kurama's body and started crying openly in a way that was embarrassing to anyone.

"I'm sorry. Sorry. I'll try not to do it again. Please, please…" he kept repeating over and over again between sobs, not even knowing what he was pleading for. 'Maybe forgiveness, maybe for Kurama not the stay cold toward him, or something else entirely different, maybe it was all the above' – Kuronue just didn't know. He just had enough of tip-toeing around the big elephant in the room. He had enough.

The sobs settled into hiccups and the tears dried up as he clung to his mate with Kurama's hands rubbing soothingly up and down his back.

Kuronue tightened his arms even tighter around the silver-haired demon as Kurama sighed, picked him up, carried him bridal style into the living room, and then sat down on the loveseat with him on his lap.

"Are you calm now?" Kurama asked soothingly as he rubbed his hand up and down Kuronue's back like he was a child that had just finished having a temper tantrum.

The bat demon nodded and struggled to get off of his mate's lap and on to the loveseat properly. He then leaned his head against Kurama's shoulder, suddenly feeling tired. Kuronue fought a losing battle to keep his eyes open as they closed, and that was the last thing he remembered.

The next day, Kuronue woke up to Kurama shaking him and telling him that it was nine in the morning and that they should start getting ready for the day. He then glanced around him and noticed that the room he was in was the guest room. Kurama must have carried him in there. Next, he noticed that there were new clothes on the chair across from the bed.

Kuronue was struggling to put on the wizard robe over his non-magical clothes that had been in the guest room, when Kurama came over and took the robe from his hands.

"We need to talk," Kurama told him.

"We don't have time," Kuronue said as he turned to face his mate and tried to gently take the coat back. "The letter said that we need to be ready by eleven," he continued, glancing at his watch.

"Then you will finish preparing, and while we wait, we will talk," Kurama told him sternly. "I will not have our relationship issues endanger us at the most inconvenient moment, got it?"

Kuronue nodded, then held still as Kurama turned him around to help him put the wizard robe on.

"Do we need to bring the folder?" he asked after running through everything he might need through his head. He froze and cursed as he remembered that all of his other stuff was back at Hogwarts. He turned to ask Kurama for a pad of paper and a pen, and after receiving it, he wrote down all of the stuff he needed to get – not just from Hogwarts, but also from Number 12 Grimmauld Place, also known as the Black ancestral home.

"I already have it," Kurama said, holding up a leather, shoulder-strapped, computer bag. "And before we go, we can't be in our yokai forms; because from what I have read, magical beings are prejudiced. Can you change back into your previous human form?" the silver-haired yokai added as his form seemed to blur, and soon, in his place, stood a human with red hair and green eyes.

Kuronue stood for a moment, just staring, before accidentally blurting out that Kurama looked like a male version of his mother. This caused his mate to scowl at him fiercely.

"I don't care if my human form looks like your mother, who is female." His scowl proved otherwise, and Kuronue had thought that his mate had gotten over their first meeting by now. After all, he calls Kurama a vixen as a nickname, 'and he did not seem to mind it' Kuronue's mind drifted to the first time he had seen his mate.

Kuronue had been in the middle of a heist when he had ran into the most beautiful woman he had literally ever seen. The woman had fox ears, golden eyes, and long, silvery, flowing hair. After a brief conversion the two of them ended up working together, because of their similar goals, to get to the treasury.

Once they had gotten out of the fortress, he had stopped her from leaving and declared that he was going to pursue her as a mate. He ended up leaving with a broken nose and jaw, and an even stronger desire to have her as his mate. It was not until a couple of meetings later that the beautiful vixen,told him the she was not a 'she', but a 'he'. By then, he had gotten used to calling him a vixen, so that nickname stuck – along with the decision to continue to try and court Kurama. After all, in the Makai, the demon world, love was rare, so you were happy to get it wherever you found it, no matter what gender.

"Well, can you…" Kurama prompted as he interrupted Kuronue's chain of thought. "All you have to do is concentrate on what your previous form looked like."

In answer to his mate's urging, Kuronue closed his eyes and concentrated on black hair and green eyes. In the few short seconds that he concentrated, the air around him seemed to get warmer, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was shorter, and that his clothes had shrunk to fit his new body size.

A beeping sound surprised Kuronue as it came from Kurama's pocket. The now redhead moved his robes out of the way to pull a black phone out of his pocket before opening it. He then closed it, put it back in his pocket, and looked up to Kuronue.

"It is 10:30, and it's time that we talk," Kurama told him as they moved into the living room to sit on the loveseat, which was also where the Portkey for Gringotts was…