This is just a random story that I decided to write. It's a crossover between Fairy Tail, the anime, and Elsword, the game. (The Elsword characters can change their classes at will, and the Fairy Tail characters are the same.)

Elsword, preferred Infinity Sword, age 17

Aisha, preferred Elemental Master, age 16

Rena, preferred Grand Archer, age unknown, looks 18

Raven, preferred Reckless Fist, age 20

Eve, preferred Code Empress, age unknown, looks 15

Chung, preferred Tactical Trooper, age 19

Ara, preferred Asura, age 17

Elesis, preferred Blazing Heart, age 20

Add, preferred Lunatic Psyker, age 19


"Aisha, is it done yet?" Rena asked, jumping up and down.

"No, I still need to add some El Essence in it…" She trailed off, and transformed into another class that she has, Dimension Witch.

Add then walked out from inside the thing they were building as Diabolic Esper, and brushed his hands off on his clothes. "The inside's done," he said.

"Good. Raven! Did you get the screwdriver?!" Aisha yelled. I saw a toolbox fly at her, and blocked it with a Conwell.

"Don't throw things Raven!" Eve scolded.

"Then why don't you yell at Els? He throws swords! They're much more dangerous than toolboxes!" The Reckless Fist yelled. Eve just stared at him after that.

"What does this have to do with me?!" I yelled.

"Elsword! Shut up!" Rena yelled. I rolled my eyes, and continued to stare off into space.

"It should work now," Add said, and changed back into Lunatic Psyker.

"What is that anyway?" Chung and Ara asked at the same time.

"It's something that will transfer us into another dimension!" Aisha exclaimed.

"As long as we can get back, I'm fine with it," Elesis said, and walked towards the beast of a machine.

"Where will it take us?" Eve asked. Aisha and Add were silent.

"I'm guessing they don't know," Raven spoke up. Aisha slowly nodded.

"I think we should try it," I said. "I'm up for an adventure!" The machine started to boot up, with a loud whirring sound. A flash emitted from the top.

I was lying down, on hot gravel, and I felt blood trickle down my leg. I struggled to get up, and saw that we were in a town of some sorts. I summoned Conwell, and used him as a cane to get up, as my leg cramped. I heard coughing, and struggled to run to help whoever was there. I saw glowing orange, and it was Raven. "Raven! You okay?!" I asked, looking at a metal rod that went through his stomach.

"Something like this won't kill me," he gasped. He held the rod with his Nasod arm, before yanking it out. Even that was enough to make me cringe. He said. "Els!" I heard Rena scream. I saw her on a tree, and she jumped down as Aisha teleported behind her. "Where are the others?" She asked. I shrugged.

"We have to find them!" Aisha yelled.
"I know!" I yelled back, and we all went in our own direction. Raven was behind me, and I saw that his wound was closed up. Probably used fire or something. People started staring at us as we ran around the town screaming our lungs out.


I ran towards a field as Wind Sneaker, and I saw Chung floating face-down in a river. I helped him up, and saw Eve trying to reboot her drones, with Add trying to clean his clothes. I dragged Chung over to them, and asked if they've seen Ara and Elesis.

"No, I just got here," Eve said. I looked at Add, and he just shook his head. "I'm sure that Aisha and Els will find them…" I said quietly.


I ran in a marketplace or something, looking like a maniac as I screamed out Ara and Elesis' names. I knew from telepathy that Rena found Eve, Chung and Add, and she's looking after them. Raven was fine, following Elsword ran towards the forest. Running around blindly, I was then on the ground. I jumped up, and looked at who I bumped into. Elesis and Ara. "You're fine!" I exclaimed, and helped them up.

"Of course we are!" Ara pretended to be hurt. "Where are the others?" She asked.

"I think they're in the center of the town," I pointed in the direction I came from, and we started running there.

We saw the others, and Chung was coughing up water. "Everyone here?" Elesis asked. We all nodded. "Good. Now to figure out where we are…"

"Who are you, and what are you doing here, causing a ruckus?!" Someone behind us yelled. I turned around, and saw a group of five. One with an ice sword, a flaming fist, another with a golden key in hand, a girl with red hair like Elesis that had winged armor, and a little girl with light blue hair.