Author Notes:

The wording will look similar to the wording from the book because almost nothing will change until later, the only thing different from the books right now is that Harry is female and all the things that go with that, her name is Madison Lillian Potter and Madison's thought process is different from Harry's. Along with that as you can tell if you have read the book this starts on chapter 11 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and if you don't know anything about Harry Potter at all you might want to learn the important stuff from before this chapter and also I might not get some of the facts right or twist them because I like them so if you see a wrong fact you can tell me and if I think that fact sounds better I might change it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Naruto.

Madison let out a sigh of relief as she got out of the crowded taxi with Ron and Hermione squeezing out behind her. They turned back got their trunks and quickly made their way across the the busy street and into the station with the rain soaking them to the bone along the way. They walked into the brick wall of platform nine and three-quarters as subtly as they could.

The scarlet train leading to Hogwarts was already there, so Madison, Ron, and Hermione went to go find seats and put their trunks away before coming back to say goodbye to Mrs. Weasley, Bill and Charlie, who had ridden in a different texi than them.

"I might be seeing you all sooner than you think" said Charlie as he grinned and hugged the youngest and only female Weasley, Ginny.

"Why" Fred asked, suspicious of what was going to happen.

"You'll see" answered Charlie. "Just don't tell Percy I mentioned it ….it's classified information, until such time as the Ministry sees fit to release it,'after all".

"Yea, I sort of wish I were back at Hogwarts this year" said Bill with his hands in his pockets, looking almost wistfully at the train.

"Why" asked George, glaring up at him, daring him to not answer.

"You're going to have an interesting year" Bill told them with his eyes twinkling. "I might even get time off to come and watch a bit of it….."

"A bit of what" Ron asked glaring.

Before Bill could answer in what would probably be no answer at all, the trains whistle blew and Mrs. Weasley ushered them to the train doors.

"Thanks for having us to stay, ," said Hermione as they climbed onto the train, near the window and leaned out to talk to her.

"Yeah, thanks for everything, Mrs. Weasley" agreed Madison.

"Oh it was my pleasure, dears," said. "I'd invite you for Christmas, but….well, I expect you're all going to want to stay at Hogwarts, what with… one thing and another."

"Mum!" said Ron irritably. "What d'you three know that we don't?"

"You'll find out this evening, I expect," answered Mrs. Weasley while smiling. "It's going to be very exciting- mind you, I'm very glad they've changed the rules-"

"What rules" asked Madison, Ron, Fred, and George in unison.

"I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will tell you…. Now, behave, won't you? Won't you Fred? And you George?"

The trains pistons hissed loudly and the train began to move.

"Tell us what's happening at Hogwarts!" Fred bellowed out the window as the sped toward Hogwarts. "What rules are they changing".

Mrs. Weasley did not answer only wave and smile.

After the train turned around the bend Madison, Ron and Hermione went to find an empty compartment while the twins told them that they were going to go and see if they could find anything about what was going to happen. They found one in no time and Madison sat down. She looked out the window for a moment as Ron got his maroon dress robes out of his trunk and flung them over Pigwidgeon's cage so that it would muffle his hooting.

"Bagman wanted to tell us what's happening at Hogwarts," Ron grumbled as he sat down next to Hermione "At the World Cup, remember? But my own mother won't say. Wonder what-".

"Shh" Hermione whispered suddenly pressing her finger to her lips and pointing toward the compartment next to theirs. Madison and Ron listened, and heard a familiar annoying male voice drifting in through the open door.

"...Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore - the man's such a Mudblood-lover - and Durmstrang doesn't admit that sort of riffraff. But Mother didn't like the idea of me going to school so far away. Father says Durmstrang takes a far more sensible line than Hogwarts about the Dark Arts. Durmstrang students actually learn them, not just the defense rubbish we do….." Hermione got up, tiptoed to the compartment door, and slid it shut, blocking out Malfoy's voice.

"So he thinks Durmstrang would have suited him, does he?" she said angrily. "I wish he had gone, then we wouldn't have to put up with him."

"Durmstrang's another Wizarding school?" Madison asked already knowing the answer, but wanting to see if Hermione could give more information on it.

"Yes" Hermione said stuffily,"and it's got a horrible reputation. According to An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe, it puts a lot of emphasis on the Dark Arts."

"I think I 've heard if it," said Ron vaguely. "Where is it" What country?"

"Well, nobody knows, do they?" answered Hermione raising her eyebrows."

"Why not" asked Madison as she stared at Hermione, intrigued.

"There's traditionally been a lot if rivalry between all the magic schools. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons like to conceal their whereabouts so nobody can steal their secrets," Hermione said matter-of-factly.

"Come off it," said Ron, starting to laugh. "Durmstrang's got to be about the same size of Hogwarts - how are you going to hide a great big castle?"

"But Hogwarts is hidden," said Hermione looking at him in surprise. "Everyone knows that….. well, everyone who's read Hogwarts: A History,anyway."

"Just you, then," said Ron making Madison scowl at for his tactless remark even though he did not notice. "So go on - how d'you hide a place like Hogwarts?"

"It's bewitched," answered Hermione. If a Muggle looks at it, all they see is a moldering old ruin with a sign over the entrance saying DANGER, DO NOT ENTER, UNSAFE."

"So Dumstrang'll just look like a ruin to an outsider too?"

"Maybe," said Hermione as she shrugged, "or it might have Muggle-repelling charms on it, like the World Cup stadium. And to keep foreign wizards from finding it they'll have made Unplottable-"

Madison raised an eyebrow "Come again?"

"Well, you can enchant a building so it's impossible to plot on a map, can't you?"

" If you say so," Madison said eyeing her.


"But I think Durmdstrang must be somewhere in the far north" Hermione said thoughtfully.

"Somewhere very cold, because they've got fur capes as part of their uniforms."

"Ah, think if the possibilities," Ron said dreamily. "It would've been so easy to push Malfoy off a glacier and make it look like an accident ..;. Shame his mother likes him…"

The rain was getting heavier and thicker as the train moved north toward Scotland.

Several of the other Gryffindors of their year stopped by to talk though Neville Longbottom stayed the longest. A round-faced, sweet, extremely forgetful boy who from what Madison heard was going to become Lord Longbottom on his seventeenth birthday though she could not see it, still he was sweet.

After a half an hour Hermione and Madison got sick of listening to Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas and Ron talk about Quidditch with Neville watching jealously so they both took a book out, Hermione The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4,and Madison a Japanese for Dummies which for some reason was a language that Madison felt a connection to. The rest of the train ride went smoothly except for a visit from Malfoy.

Soon though the train slowed down as it stopped in front of the Hogwarts gates and let the student off, the first years going toward the lake and the rest of the years going to the horseless carriages that stood waiting for them. Ron, Hermione got into the carriage and just as Madison was about to follow them Neville held his hand up for her to grab onto to help her up which earned him a bright smile, making him blush. After all of them were in the door slammed shut and they started toward Hogwarts Castle.