Kushina woke slowly and feeling tired. Sighing she dragged herself up into a sitting position and stared at the door across from her bed with droopy eyes, as her brain slowly unfogged. Reaching up Kushina ran a hand through her hair and flared her chakra in order to see if she could sense any people from her past life, only a few feet away from her was as she had noticed yesterday was Uchiha Fugaku, she pushed her chakra to go even farther and after about ΒΌ of a mile it hit someone familiar. Pausing she examined the signature closely and smiled as she recognized that it was Mikoto, her best friend.

Kushina then flared it even wider so it could reach where she guessed the Durmstrang ship would be. Sweat ran down her face as she pushed her chakra to cover the distance and promptly cursed in surprise when it hit two very familiar people, her husband Minato and Hyuuga Hizashi. Frowning she drew her chakra back fast as she felt the itchy feeling of her chakra telling her that she had pushed it too far for the moment, only to fall back on the bed as she got chakra whiplash and then without her permission her eyes closed.

The sound of shouting jerked Kushina rudely out of sleep and instinct had her reaching under her pillow for the knife that was not there. When her fingers did not touch a knife handle she jumped out of the bed wildly and cursing dragged the curtain down to the floor with her. Wide awake now she disentangled herself from the fabric and scanned the now silent room. On the other side of the curtain that she had pulled down were three wide eyed figures. Two of the figures, male, were wrestling with Madame Pomfrey standing in front with her wand pointed at them.

"Fugaku-kun" she chirped to one of the wrestling men as she recognized him. The other man she placed as her Potions Professor Snape from this life.

Fugaku-kun as she had called him frowned at her for a second, before she felt a searching poke from his chakra. His lips curled for a split second before he scowled at her again even deeper than before.

"Don't be so familiar, Uzumaki-san" He told her darkly as he tossed Snape off of him with a quick twist and toss of the arm.

"But we're family, Fukgaku-kun" Kushina told him her lip trembling and her eyes filling up with tears.

"Where are we and what is going on, Uzumaki-san?" Fugaku told her in a no nonsense tone as he sent a quick piercing glance at the two magicals warning them to not come any closer.

"You're no fun Fukgaku-kun," Kushina told him pouting, before straightening up and letting the smile drop from her face. "three allies have been reincarnated into witches and wizards from our world it seems, along with us," she told him in the Universal Elemental Countries Language and to be even more cautious just in case the two magic users watching them knew their language, she used ANBU hand signs to tell him who had been reincarnated.

Fugaku sighed as he spoke next, "I assume you have your memories from this life," she gave him a quick nod. "Would you happen to know how I will receive these memories."

"Yes, though I think it would be it will be easier if you activate the Sharingan, I assume you still have it?" she asked.

In answer Fugaku's eyes turned red, causing Madame Pomfrey to gasp and Snape's eyes to widen slightly in horror.

"Good, now just think the name Draco Malfoy and concentrate on his memories and I assume you will remember."

After a few second Fugaku's eyes turned back to his normal black, than his body shifted into that of Draco's, and after a few seconds Kushina followed and turned into Madison.

Draco turned to face her as he looked her over and with a slight smirk said "You annoy me in this life as much as you did in the the last life."

Madison scowled at him and opened her mouth to retort only for the sneering voice of Snape to speak up from beside the bed.

"Even after you obtain memories of a past life you still act like your dunderhead father Miss. Potter."

"At least I'm not a childish bully who picks on people younger than themselves," Madison threw back, glaring as she turned her attention away from Fugaku.

"Now, there won't be any insulting in this infirmary, do you hear me, or else." Madame Pomfrey threatened before Snape could say something. Madame Pomfrey then turned to Snape.

"Professor Snape, can you please you get Headmaster Dumbledore and tell him that both students are up and coherent," she asked in a you have no choice tone.

Snape simply sneered at Madison, turned and glided out the door with his robes flapping behind him. Once Snape was gone Madame Pomfrey turned back toward them. "You two have best behave while I go treat the other students." she told them as she walked closed the curtain on the way out.

"You know that was pretty careless of her to leave us alone together, because for all they know we could have been enemies in our past life and try to kill each other or we could have been lovers and while she's gone go on to have passionate and angry sex." Madison said as turned toward Draco with a smirk on her lips and a teasing glint in her eyes, only to see that he had shifted back into Fugaku's form.

"Hnnn" Fugaku grunted was he stared at her with a sneer.

"Don't you Hnnnn me you Uchiha bastard," Madison barked at him as she shifted in Kushina. "You know what, there are only four good Uchiha out there and not one of them is you."


"Fugaku-teme" Kushina screamed at him.