"Hello Republic City! This is Shiro Shinobi reporting live with a Beifong Family Recap! After running into a six-year-old street kid named Bolin, Chief Lin Beifong, otherwise known as the 'Iron Maiden' took the boy in simply to keep him alive and out of the gutters. After a few months of bonding, the two began to look at each other as mother and son.

Meanwhile back on the streets, Mako, Bolin's older brother, mistakenly thought that he'd been sold out to the cops and hid from the family search party under the assumed name 'Ash'. Eight years later, and nearing full-fledged Triple Threat membership, he received word that his little brother was trying to find him. Not to put him in jail, but to bring him into a home. Mako took his chances by going to the police in search for his brother and was immediately brought into the family.

The three had their ups and downs, but that was nothing compared to the problems they faced during the Equalist Movement. When Bolin was wrongfully captured as a triad member with Lightning Bolt Zolt, his adopted mother came to his rescue, but was forced to sacrifice herself in order to save him. Amon equalized and imprisoned her in a secret underground prison, prompting Bolin and Mako to join Tarrlok's task force to find her. But bad luck followed them as they were wounded in the raids, leaving them vulnerable and an easy bargaining chip for Amon to use for Lin's complacency during her weeks in incarceration.

After being betrayed by long time family friend turned enemy, Hiroshi Sato, Bolin, Mako and their friend Avatar Korra found themselves in equalist custody with Chief Beifong, but soon escaped with the help of loyal friend Asami Sato. Having nowhere to go, the young heiress was welcomed into the Beifong home, becoming the third teenager in the Chief's charge. Together, after taking a few hard knocks, this ragtag family helped in the extraction of Amon and his equalists.

Amon and his bloodbending brother, former Councilman Tarrlok were put behind bars on various charges. Hiroshi Sato escaped in the chaos and sought refugee in the city of Zaofu..."

Bolin couldn't see a thing, but he could hear people chanting his name. Or was that his opponent's name? There was no way to tell. He could feel the ground beneath him and the heartbeat of the opposition. It was slow and steady, like there was never a doubt who would win this fight. And that may be the case, but he was going to go down swinging, like any Beifong should.

He felt a chunk of earth rise and come sailing towards him. He ducked and rolled away, quickly bringing up a barrier between them. It was destroyed in a millisecond, so he was forced to jump to the right to avoid and onslaught of small rocks speeding his direction. Punching the ground, he caused several pillars to trap his opponent in a makeshift cage. They were broke into to pieces and sent back. This was no use. Whatever he threw at the woman, she just dodged, blocked or used for ammunition. Then, the noise he feared the worst, the one he knew would be coming at some point, was heard. It was the sound of metal scraping against metal.

"Guess earthbending practice is over." Bolin moved one step to the left and they planted themselves into the ground right behind him. Now that the real training had begun, the teenager tore off his blindfold, "Whoa!" He hit the dirt as the cables shot back at alarming speed, moving upwards and narrowly missing his head as they did, "Mom!". He almost called 'misconduct' as she clearly wasn't fighting fair, but what was the point? She'd just remind him that no criminal was ever going to put up a 'fair' fight, and she wasn't training him to play, but to survive.

He extended his arm blades and ran towards her, dodging one cable, jumping over a newly created hole, using the earth to propel himself upwards and coming down to swing at his adversary. Her blade extended to meet his in the air, and she let gravity pull him to the ground. Landing on one knee, he used his other blade to try to get at her stomach, which she blocked again.

The chanting grew louder as their sparring match turned into a sword fight. A fight of youthful-stamina verses age-earned experience. Each took turns attacking and blocking, his mom kicked his shin to make him stumble and went for a match-calling move, so he used the cables on his belt. Wrapping the metal around her arm and flinging it upwards. Not only did it stop her attack, it sent her flying in the process. Unfortunately for Bolin, she used this to her advantage as well. Kicking off the metal ceiling, the chief dove downwards, using her body as momentum and bawling up her hands. When her fists made contact with the earth, dirt and rocks went in every direction, covering the crowd as well as throwing Bolin against the wall. He fell down, but he wasn't ready to give up yet. The dust hadn't settled yet, whether it naturally hung in the air or his mom manipulated it so, no one knew. He closed his eyes, using his feet to see once more.

All blades were still extending, all cables at the ready, both combatants knew that the match would be over within the next few moves. Bolin remembered what his Grammy Toph used to say, 'wait and listen, Rhyolite, let 'em come to you for their butt whooping', but apparently his mom remembered the earthbending proverb as well, because she was waiting as well. The stand off was tense, the crowd was quiet. Bolin rushed forward. Getting almost in arm's reach before ducking back in a fake out, missing a cable by an inch. Earth and metal moved at amazing speeds, made all the more dangerous by the fact that neither could see much and it took many years to develop seismic sense enough to be a proficient replacement for eyesight.

Finally, in one earthbending move, the dust settled to the ground, and the victor stood over the beaten. From his position, Bolin started to laugh at his accomplishment.

"What are you laughing about, Boy? You lost." Lin asked her son with a raised eyebrow. Sitting up, he smiled his cheekiest smile.

"You broke a sweat!" He pointed out the few beads of liquid coming down from her brow, "You actually had to break a sweat to beat me." There was a murmur in their audience. Some seemed to wonder if the kid had a death wish, some acknowledged the teenager's small achievement. He was getting stronger. With arms crossed, Lin went to defend her pride.

"Just remember that I'm standing and you're not." if not for the laughter of the police officers, they may have heard Asami as she leaned over to Korra and her boyfriend Mako,

"The alpha badgermole establishes dominance over the young male..." and they would've heard more snickering.

"No, I'm sure not standing.", Bolin admitted, "Not yet."

"Keep dreaming, Boy." she sneered. It'd be a while before he could beat her, if he could at all. As much as she'd love to encourage him, she wouldn't set him up for failure, "All of you get back to work. Mako! You're next." The young man in question gulped. His bother damaged her pride, now to...well to 'establish dominance over the young' as Asami so accurately put it, she was going to give him a serious beating...um...workout.

"Well," Asami said very sweetly, as she started to back away, "I'll see you guys later."

"And where do you think you're going?" The older woman asked with a sneer

"Oh, I was going to," she nervously played with her hair, "take Tǎoyàn for a walk?" They all turned to look at Tǎoyàn for second. From his designated spot in the corner, Lin's pet sealhound sat stiffly while awaiting a command from his master, like any well trained police animal, and seemed content to stay there for the time being.

"Nice try, but you're not getting out of it that easily." She really thought these kids would be better liars by now.

"So, you're an inventor?" It hadn't taken long for Hiroshi's talent to be noticed by the city's highest citizens. Now all he had to do was establish good relationships with those in power to live a comfortable life. So, with a humble smile, he turned to a man who was admiring his work.

"That's right." Hiroshi told the matriarch's husband, Baatar, pleasantly. After all, he had almost no reason to be anything but pleasant...almost. Zaofu was nothing like Beifong described it, the 'pretty city for liars, thieves and murderers' was actually a beautiful city for artisans, engineers and people who generally wanted to be left alone by the outside world. The only downside was...Zaofu was full of benders. Why, he'd already seen several statues of Toph Beifong. The leader of the Metal Clan was an excellent metalbender, and at least one of her children would probably grow up to be. So his stay here was turning out to be both easier, and much more difficult than he imagined.

"We could certainly use one. We have a position open, if you want it."

"Well, I'd be honored."