Ren looked down as he was forced backwards on the wooden plank; as he was pushed to the end. "You are truly in a bit of a sticky spot there boy!" called out Ioz. Ren could now see the sharks in the water snapping their jaws waiting for him below.

"Ship to port side!" cried out a member of Bloth's crew from up high in the crows net.

Bloth turned to his left and took out his telescope, he turned the scope lens to put the picture into focus and sure enough saw the royal ship Acent-Warrior heading right in the direct of the Maelstrom. "Looks like troubles a brewing." whispered Ioz to Niddler.

Bloth heard his whispered, but didn't want to let on to his crew that he was truly concerned by the ships presents. "Look just take the boy back below and lock him in his cell. Oh and Ioz just make damn sure he doesn't run away, if they wanna fight then we'll hand it to them before they have the chance to strike!" he replied addressed Ioz.

Bloth then turned to look at a tell muscular man, who skin had been golden by the sun's rays all these years at sea. "Lugg my faithful gunner bring out the cannons, if these royals want a fight then like I've aid they've bloody got one!" snapped the pirate captain.

"Yes captain, time to get the beasts a blazing Gulla my brother." stated Lugg running to the cannons, followed by his younger brother Gulla.

Ioz then stepped forward it looked as if he was about to aide his captain. "No moving now boy, I'd much fancy seeing you walk." Ren thought he saw the pirate wink there for a second, but was too drawn into the events around him to be one hundred percent sure.

The Acent-Warrior had pulled up fast along the port side of the Maelstrom; the captains of each ship gave the order to open fire. Joat didn't fancy fighting and ran to the back of the ship and claimed down the rug and out into his ship the Wraith.

A Octopon soldier came running to Lugg and put a hand on the pirates cannon; he gave the soldier a sharp look. "Bad move soldier!" stated Lugg's brother Gulla and she smiles as his brother grabs hold of their victim and slammed him down into the wooden ground of the Maelstrom.

In the commotion Niddler dives right at Bloth's face to attack him. "You should take more clear of your creature Ioz, I wouldn't want to have to kill him with my own boot." as the spider monkey leaped on the shoulder of Ren, rather than going back to Ioz.

"Sorry captain, it appears that I only took my eye of him, but for just one measly second. The fells got a mind of his own as of late!" said Ioz, as he turned around and actually clocked Bloth with the back of his sword hilt. "My advise here boy is to run." Ren turned to face Ioz he truly didn't know what to make of this, but without thinking Ren followed Ioz to the ship that had been lowered into the water by Joat.

Bloth looked around to his right, he just couldn't comprehend what he was seeing as he realised that Ioz was actually helping Ren to escape. "Stop them!' roared out Bloth point to Ren and Ioz. 'Bring me that sneaky traitors head, I want everyone of you to put an end to the both of them, I will not stand for this treachery."

"Bloth, you'll have to do better than that to catch me!" cried out Ren in return.

"You heard our captain get those blighter's!" roared Konk. Bloth's pirates didn't need to be told twice; they immediately came ran forward and as ordered Bloth's crew moved in close on Ren.

Bloth's crew were able to quickly block their path. Ren stated. "Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to boast..." as he saw Bloth standing with his hands placed on his hips and a wide grin on his face.

Lugg and Gulla continued on with fire cannon fire and were still trying their up most to defend the Maelstrom from the royals cannon fire. Konk and the others moved in forward and started to surround the two, with their weapons at the ready. Ren and Ioz backed off until they felt the main mast; the pair immediately found themselves trapped by Bloth's pirates, but then Konk shoved his way through the crowd. "Yeah look around you boy, you're as trapped as a fish in a net." said Konk as he charges right at Ioz and Ren his thick wooden club high in hand; the circle of pirates closing again behind him.

However Ioz wasn't about to through in the towel just yet. Konk swings his club hard right at Ioz hoping to make the final hit. Konk's club misses flying straight by and then got itself tangled up in the ship's ropes that are holding the main sail up. Ioz manages to shove the nearby pirates out of the way, so he can get clean away and Ren jumps over the small peg-legged pirate.

Some of the crew from the royal ship Acent-Warrior had managed to come on board the Maelstrom. "Come on now boy we haven't time for this!" shouted Ioz. But Ren knew that he couldn't leave the ship without the sword nor the compass that Bloth had taken from him.

Bloth standing tall in front of the prince, Ren grabbed hold of the rope tightly with both hands, kicked off the wooden deck and swung right over Bloth's head and into his cabin. "You can run no further," shouted Bloth, then letting his voice lower into a growl. 'Son of Primus."

Bloth then throws a number of star-shaped cutters at Ren, but he was moving to fast for any of them to have hit him. "Damn you, I wont rest until I have you on my plank and begging for me to spare you!" he shouted in anger, as Ren landed and runs straight inside.

Ioz continued on and had made it to the back of the ship and down into the Wraith, Joat looked up and saw Ioz. Still believing that Ioz was apart of Bloth's crew he asked. "Hey there Ioz old friend; help us out here and then we'll both be able to get out of here.' Joat didn't really know how to judge Ioz's face. 'Come on you know it makes sense!" Ioz however shook his head and actually throw Joat over board and the pirate splashed down into the water below.

Back on board the Maelstrom Ren was inside Bloth's cabin, he then sees in the far corner the locked glass case. 'No doubt Bloth as locked them up inside there.' Ren then quickly smashed the glass and carefully grabs the two pieces of treasure that will lead him on his path.

Bloth stood in the door way hoping to block Ren's path. "Like I said no where to go boy, just hand them back and I'll take you over the crossing, then soon enough you'll get to see your father!" snapped the captain, drawing his finger across his throat.

Ren kicked back the captain and ran through the open, Bloth tried to get back to his feet when he was caught by a royal soldier's blade. "Sorry captain I've got to go, there's treasure to be found and I intend to be the one who finds it." laughed Ren heading back to Ioz.

Ioz saw Ren with the two pieces of treasure in his hand. "This way me boy, time to set sail. Things are just getting a little to close to call for my liking!" cried out Ioz with Niddler on his shoulder.

Ren manages to weave his way through the fight, jumps over the side and down into the Wraith ship. "This wont be the last you see of me Bloth, I will come after you in the end and make you pay for your murderous actions." shouted out Ren at the top of his voice, taunting the captain as the Wraith sailed away from the Maelstrom.

"Rhaaaar!" called out one of the pirates, slamming his hand hard into his other.

"Quickly now Ren, get to the sails you'll need to pull them up to full sail, I'll steer us out into clearer waters! Hurry now, we have to get the power so that we can sail with the tide if we wish to keep our head." Ren quickly jumped into action and pulled hard on the ropes. He looked to see the sail flow with the wind.

Bloth stood tall stirring at the ship as it sailed away, Konk saw that his captain had a grin on his face; as his pirate crew had started to gain the win in their fight against the royal soldiers.

Ioz turned to face Ren and shook his head in disbelieve. "I definitely need my head read damn it, after this foolish move."

"Your actually have saved me Ioz?' spluttered Ren. 'I am truly grateful I owe you my life, you have my deepest thanks."

"For now at least you can keep your thanks till later boy. You are clearly someone good my pet here saw that in you, after all I have need seen him react to anyone like that before. Niddler truly hates all who comes near him, but you were somehow different he see something in you."

"Then Niddler I am truly grateful!" stated Ren bowing to the redish-brown monkey

"And so Ren that means something to me; for you he would simply come to you like no other. I can tell now boy I've never seen him act that way since I save him from a slaver and that in my eyes means something.' addressed Ioz. 'So then my captain where are we sailing off too?" stated Ioz not acknowledging Ren's thanks.

Ren looked back over his shoulder he could see the flag of Octopon waving in the wind on the royal ship and then he looked out at the sea; deep down he knew that he should have done his duty and returned to the Acent-Warrior, but as the wind blow through his blonde locks something told him to go onwards and be free. "The future of Octopon rests in my hands! I was given only one clue from the trader back on Octopon and that where we should start our quest Ioz." replied Ren answering Ioz's question, hoping that he could trust Ioz; after all he did just leave his entire life behind for the boy.

"And what is that?"

"If you know all of Mer Ioz I need you to help me; I need to find the one they call Aliwere, the trader Renn Bloth was after said that I can seek him where the fire and smoke house is, but to be honest with you Ioz I truly have no idea what he meant." Ren replied, retelling what the trader had told him on where he could locate Aliwere.

"Mmmmm the house of fire and smoke, well I know these oceans kid and that sounds much like the Abbey of Galdebar, no doubt the one you seek dwells within the abbey."

"Galdebar? Hmm... That doesn't sound very appetising..." addressed Ren.

"But that is where the priests step forth and worship the ones of the fire and smoke." stated Ioz meeting Ren's green eyes.

"Then Ioz that's where we are heading, Aliwere will have the information I need to save my home and this planet from the dark water!" 'I shall fulfil my father's quest.'

They travelled for a further three days, the sails full in the winds of Mer in hopes to keep Bloth and his crew behind them, Ioz took the trim sailing vessel swiftly through trouble waves and stormy oceans of this vast world. Ren liked the feel of the ship and stated his feelings to Ioz. "She sails most beautifully Ioz, what's her name!?"

Ren waited a few second for a replied from Ioz. "Uh! Oh the Wraith, she truly is wonderful; used to be Joat's ship before he lost who he was to Bloth. I've had my eye on her for sometime now. Always wanted to sail her!' replied Ioz caught actually off guard. 'Now hurry with those line; we must sail fast or we will have to wait for second tide into the Island of Bournombe."

Ren could tell that Ioz had purposely changed the subject and even though he had more questions Ren kept them to himself. Ioz soon pointed out to Ren the island up ahead that had come into view on the horizon. "Is this the place?" questioned Ren, turning to Ioz.

Ren's thoughts turned back to the trader and his clue as he surveyed the coast like of Bournombe. 'The Abbey of Galdebar, the house of fire and smoke; I hope what the trader told me is to be trusted. This is where I said I would be able to found Aliwere.'

The men nodded and answered. "Oh yes this, this is Bournombe alright. The location of the Abbey of Galdebar, there's no doubt about it Ren and no doubt your Aliwere resides there!"

"I hope you are right our break out would truly be for nothing if he isn't.' replied Ren casting Ioz a slight doubtful look. 'So the Aliwere this is where you've kept the secrets of my father for so long; I hope you are willing to tell his son them now!" They pulled into the harbour, Ioz jumped ashore and tied up the Wraith on the side of the old wooden port, it looked to Ren that no one had tied their ship to it for a very long time.

The pair made their way to the abbey Ioz led the way; Niddler his spider monkey not moving from his owners shoulder, the small monkey looking left and then right at every sound or movement; he was truly alert. They came to great temple building; the temple was set high on a rock pinnacle thousands of feet above the water, with pools of acidic water surrounding the walkways. Ren looked around the abbey at first sight in almost appeared to be deserted, he looked at Ioz. Niddler hooted. Ren placed a firm hand on Ioz's other should and spun him around; looking him right in the eye Ren cried. "This place is deserted Ioz, you've lied to me!"

Ioz didn't take kindly to this and cast him a nasty look. "I brought you to the abbey, I was going on that your trader had told you boy. The clue would have led you to no where else." he snapped back.


Then out of the silence the abbey doors suddenly opened, there was a sharp creek as the door was pulled and there in front of Ren and Ioz stood a figure stepped out of the shadows. 'Aliwere.' Thought Ren upon hope as the figure approached them from out of the shadows.

"Who dares come to the Abbey of Galdebar, who dares place their worship into the hands of the fire and the feel of the smoke?" asked the priest in a demanding tone; he was a tall, well-built male, dressed in a robe.

Ioz looked over the priest and noticed that he was carrying a blade, Ioz went for his sword; however Ren stopped him. "We haven't come here for a fight.' he whispered. Ioz nodded back at Ren and he saw the boy step forward to answer the priest. 'I have come here to the abbey of fire and smoke to talk with Aliwere; the trader Nerr Borim told us that we could find him here, are you him great priest?" Ren replied hopingly.

The figure stood in the door way of the temple, he took a second before asking. "Who is asking young one?"

"I am Ren, the son of King Primus, Aliwere was once a member of his crew." explained Ren.

"Ren son of Primus. Why do you seek this man?"

Ioz looked tired of all this towing and throwing and clearly wanted some clear answers. "I intend to fulfil my father's quest of ending the terror of the dark water."

"You must be a brave man Ren." stated the priest.

"Are you Aliwere or not priest!" snapped in Ioz.

"Sorry no that I am not young fellow, I am Nichoach." responded the priest, Niddler panics, but to his owner seemed that it must be over nothing.

The priest of the abbey saw the look of let down in Ren's face. "But please now don't be downhearted young one as Aliwere is here on Bournombe." The man continues, he then suddenly stepped forward grabbing hold of Ren by the arm and hauling him forward.

"Oh great the fun continues." stated Ioz, stroking Niddler under the monkey's chin.

"In darkness and light, this will be your guide. Aliwere awaits." The priest casting his hand for the companions to enter. Ren recalled that Benigan stated a similar type of sentence when he was handed the compass.

The priest led Ren, Ioz and the monkey Niddler to the far end of the temple; Nichoach then placed his hand over the gold circle crest with four points on it, which was built into the wall. Nichoach pushed the crest into the stone wall, there was then a rumble, dust fell from the cracks as the entire wall started to slides back, revealing a descending staircase.

The priest stepped forward and took the first few stair down, Ren walked on and they followed Nichoach down the stairs. "Aliwere came to the abbey at the end of the great departure, the dark water broke some of our members spirits and the abbey full to ruin. Aliwere and I all that remain of the holy order of Galdebar." explained the priest, his voice echoing slightly in the tight space of the stair case.

"Aliwere came to the Island of Bournombe with your father by his side. The great priest of the abbey once the important of your father and I recall like it was yesterday our head giving King Primus the third piece of the treasure Priest Chakyl's calendar hat. We priest's had hoped that it would guide your father to victory and end the dark water, but Bloth saw an end to our hopes." The old priest continued to explain the history.

"I am sorry great priest of Galdebar." said a saddened Ren.

"You were just a boy then Ren, far away from this war none of this is any of your burden." addressed the priest.

At the bottom of the stone staircase Ren saw that it came out into a gigantic hollowed out cavern in the rock, with pools of bubbling water all around; the water must have followed the momentum down through the ground into the cavern. Ren wonders, 'Just what kind of man could actually live down here for so long in this kind of place.' As he stepped down into the cavern. Ioz too was even look rather concerned as he looked around the dimly lit cavern.

"Sir your visitor as come to you at long last." The priest stepped back and guided Ren forward. A figure emerged from a corner opening to the left.

Ren nodded to Nichoach and the young prince stepped forward in front of the old man. "Aliwere!"

Ren smiling as he nodded in response. "Yes that I am son of King Primus; I have been expecting you for such a long time." he declares, recognising his great kings figures in the young scruffy face of Ren.

Ren noticed that the soldier stood to attention; chest out and shoulders back, he also noticed that Aliwere had the Octopon royal crest on a chain around his neck. "Expecting me? How could you know that I would come?"

"You have a lot to learn it seems young Ren. A lot to learn indeed!" expressed Aliwere, casting a look of judgement over Ren.

Ioz looked across his shoulder at Niddler at his quiet uncharacteristic behaviour. "My wait in anticipation as been a long time coming; no doubt your path have crossed with the one who calls himself Nerr Borim!"

"Er yes yes it as, but Aliwere please forgive my ignorance. I know of the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, but how do I go about finding them? And once found Aliwere, what do I do with them to end the dark tides?"

"All will be revealed in time young one that I promise you Ren, the circle is almost complete!' stated Aliwere pulling back his hood. 'A lot of great people served your farther before we met our double cross, the fate of this great world is an important one for many aside Ren."

"The thirteen treasures are ancient items from different kingdoms of Mer; types of items that the rulers of this world hold dear and sacred to them. Your father was a good man and was able to bring all these treasures together, however like I said we were double cross. Evil came and stopped his path before he could complete his quest.' Ren listened and took every word in. 'You Ren must get the map from Siarge; with it you can follow its path and place the treasures into the hands of the creatures that rule over the dark water." Aliwere finished his explanation.

"Then Aliwere I will keep fighting until these treasure's can stop the dark waters." replied Ren sounding noble.

"A new day is dawning for Octopon I can start to feel it, but Ren if they fall into evil hands then darkness will be controlled and no doubt then darkness will descend on all the lands of Mer!' stated Aliwere to Ren. 'Thirteen Treasures of Rule must full into their hearts. Use what you know to find the treasure's in secret of places. Follow your path around this world on the point of an arrow and the crest of the wave!"

"What does that last part mean?' asked Ioz at the end of Aliwere's rhyme. 'Why Aliwere all this mystery?"

Aliwere brushed his hand up against the rock wall, then turned to answer the former member of Bloth's crew, as a knowing look. "You know what it means pirate you were a young one when we last meet, you know that there is another seeking the Treasure of Rule. Don't waste another moment Ren; please you must sail on to Andorus before they come here to stop you! Bloth will not rest until he as stopped the royal blood line." Just as Aliwere explains that there is another person seeking the Treasures the priest was kicked down the stairs.

The friend and soldier of Ren's father pulled out his blade; Ren and Ioz turned quickly around to see Bloth and his group pirates standing in the centre of the entrance way of the cavern. "Thank you for your co-operation your Holiness, so this is where you ran off to Ren."

"Ren we have ran out of time, please that the treasure of the Priest Chakyl.' He pulled out the hat out from under his thrown. 'Flee! I will see that you're safely away!" said Aliwere as he helped the priest back to his feet.

Ren took the hat, Aliwere stepped forward and looked up at Bloth, pointing up at the towering pirate captain Aliwere called out. "Your evil will not win this day, your dark heart will break in time Bloth! I wished my blade could have tasted your flesh you blackard all those years ago!"

Bloth laughed, Ren heard the captain offer his crew. "I will give fifty gold pieces to the swab who takes the boy's life. I need that treasure!' ordered Bloth directing his pirates. 'So then Aliwere do you still own the hat or does the boy now own the Priest Chakyl's calendar hat!"

The pirate crew start pouring down the stairs into the cavern after Ren and Ioz. "You'll have to earn the gold pieces before you can spend them you dogs!" called out Ren taking the fight to the pirates, forcing two of Bloth's crew into the pools of bubbling liquid below.

"Just save your breath boy! Your no killer, but we sure are!" called out Mantus.

"Yeah I want Ioz, you took my ship and I will see your head on the ground to have it back!" called out Joat moving in to fight.

Aliwere did his best to hold the pirates off. "Aliwere! Look out!" cried out Ren, ready to charge up the stairs to meet him.

Aliwere however stepped forward to fight and holds him back. "Please now like I said you should run, while you have the damn chance!" suggested Aliwere, has he runs at the pirates and kicks several into the bubbling liquid below the stairs.

Niddler let out a worried screeches as a member of Bloth's crew came running in, Ioz calls out. "Ren you know that he is right, we must go now while we've got the chance!' he however saw Ren hesitate; the young prince truly wanted to stay and fight. 'By the sea come on boy now, we have to get back to the Wraith!" Ioz punched out his former crew mate.

Ren nodded and turned to make his way to the stair; he sees that an archer who has a fire-arrow aimed right for Aliwere. "I just can't leave him Ioz, I just can't leave Aliwere to Bloth and his blood thrust dogs."

However as Aliwere tussles with a number of pirates the archer could get a clean shoot; as he took his sweet time getting the perfect aim, this gave Aliwere long enough to charge in and tackle him down and hard into the ground. The archer dropped his bow and grabs Aliwere by the throat.

That gives Ioz a chance to grab him by his quiver of arrows and toss him into the wall. He came running to Ren's side and pulled him back from the fighting. "Now Ren please look around you damn it see sense, we must leave!"

Ren looked around the cavern in mixed emotion and responds. "Ioz I can't just yet!"

"No doubt Aliwere would want it that way. Its my duty to get you out of arms way. We can not fail here!" And with that said Ren and Ioz run on making their escape up the stairs.

Bloth moved in to stop them making a gap in the entrance. "Pretty nice marksmanship there, eh Ioz?" grinned Ren back at Ioz with the bow still in his hand.

"Now's our chance! Come on!" Ioz calls to Ren; Niddler screeched at Bloth showing his teeth.

"Go boy go! The prophecy must be fulfil you will see Octopon raise again!" Aliwere picks up the archer's bow and arrows and fires an arrow at Bloth pinning him to a wooden beam by the arm, which startles him into dropping his sword. Bloth roared in anger and frustration as the pair run by.

Aliwere stands strong in front of Bloth's pirates and Aliwere does put up a truly good fight, but as Ren leaves the temple behind him there were just too many for the solider to handle and he was overwhelmed. They swarmed over him pull Aliwere down to the ground beating and stabbing him. Aliwere fell to the floor dead. Konk turned to face his captain and asks. "Shall we go after them, Bloth?"

"No, curse you.' Bloth snarls, Joat hoped that he would say yes any chance to get his hands back on to the Wraith again. 'We will find him on the water soon enough! For now let him have this day, as this war will be mine, this is only half the battle." roared Bloth stepping forward and fatally wounding Aliwere.

Back on board the Wraith, Ren punched the side of the ship. "Only a few days ago I know none of this darkness; I am now to learn I am the son of a king and there is an entire world counting on me.' he mentioned to Ioz. 'We must sail out fast to Andorus and find this map; if my father had all the treasures then the map will no doubt lead us to the treasure."

Ioz didn't look as victorious as Ren did about the quest's future. "But Aliwere never told us where on Andorus find him and I can tell you Ren Andorus is truly a hard island!" stated Ioz.

"Yeah, but Ioz we do know that we have to find Siarge; so far

the trader gave me the clue to find Aliwere and now he's given us the name; nothing here is going to be simple."

"Mmm... So I guess we better set course before Bloth and his crew come after us.' Ren nodded to Ioz. 'To get news on anyone we better head to the Island of Andorus." recommended Ioz. Ioz knew Andorus very well and guided the Wraith through the water to its harbour.

Captain Perlman had returned to Octopon, his ship scarred by his battle with Bloth's might Maelstrom. The captain called for a meeting with the royal adviser. "Sir I called after him, but to my utter dismay Ren turned his back on me and just left in another ship the Wraith." he reported back to the royal adviser Benigan.

"Well that is very interesting indeed.' he stated after hearing that Ren willingly left in the ship. 'I don't fully understand it at all!" 'Ren what is your game?' in reflection upon the resent events.

"We were heavily hit in the squeamish with the Maelstrom, I will need a few days before my crew and I will be ready to sail again." explained the captain.


Benigan thought it through, mulling over what little he had see and knew of Ren and give the captain his wishes. "No, if Ren felt that he needed to do this alone then we must honour his wishes, there is further piracy here in the waters around Octopon. If Ren succeeds in his quest to stop the course of the dark water than I'd rather see a better world without pirates in it! I have trust in you Captain Perlman that you and your crew can set in motion our five laws and take care of these dark threats. "

The captain nodded in agreement. "I will set in motion work on the Acent-Warrior ship and get provisions together for our new mission Benigan."

'Ren I truly hope you know what you are doing and that I have made the right choices here to protect you decision here. I just have to trust him!'

Ren and Ioz walked through the market place of Andorus Niddler eyeing up all the meats, fish and food on sale on each stall, they were dressed in robes from head to toe so not to draw the wrong attention to themselves. "Me must find Siarge. The map he has is very important." he mentioned to Ioz.

"I have never heard of Siarge, but I know this place where people who wish to stay on the down would hang out." he laughed in reply.

Ioz led Ren walk through the little market, the boys attention was caught by a argument. He turned to see a composition between to him what looked like a father and his young daughter arguing amongst themselves. "Father please why don't you listen to reason? It isn't right telling someone who they should marry or not!"

"Please sweet Tula I had hoped you would realise I have done this for your own good, Lord Alvaro will provide for you long after I'm gone."

Tula held back her sorrow, she didn't want to let her father see her cry. "Marriage shouldn't be about money and to tell you the truth father Alvaro isn't that much younger than you are and a lot older than I am. Beside I truly don't know just how long the old ships merchant as left."

Tula's father had different view's than his young daughter and has he watch Ren was taken aback on what he was hearing. "You will be happy, the seed for love will be planted and will no doubt continue to bloom after the marriage." stated Tula's father warmly actually believing his actions were for the better.

"I want to find the people who I am eventually going marry myself one day father; I wish to date him first and get to know that person before saying I would marry them."

"Your relationship is part of something bigger than just the two of you Tula why can't you see that."

Tula bushed her black long her over her ear, Ren saw her anger growing. "Father I want marry that man, I see what he as given you and that is no just reason to force me into this!"

"Please now my daughter sweet Tula you are drawing attention to yourself and people are looking."

Tula had looked around, she had spotted the new comers in town and cast a welcoming smile at Ren. "We will continue this later insider my daughter." stated the old gentleman catching the eye of Ren, who blushed and quickly looked away.

"To tell you the truth father I no longer care whose looking, we won't talk about this I can see that you have clearly that your mind is made up. I've only met Alvaro once and I feel he's nothing more than a dirty old man looking for a girl to pleasure him. That will never be my life."

Tula's father was losing his temper. "Damn you Tula, you will see sense soon enough. Marrying Alvaro is the best all round..."

"No father, I will never love Alvaro. I will never see this your way." snapped Tula running pass her father's guards.

Ren was ready to run after her when he saw that the girl's father had ordered his guards after him. "Someone should help her, I can't believe her own father can't see how she feels."

Ioz shook his head. "Ren remember why we came here! I know you mean well, but it is not our place. The Andorians are there own people with there own believes and beside we have no time for further troubles. We must mind our own business here in Andorus to attend to." stated Ioz rushes him on his way. Ren looked about over his shoulder he truly wanted to help Tula, he received a nasty look from the girl's father as he walked back into his grounds. 'There's got to be something better than this, I wish it would go away...' Thought Tula, looking back at eyeing up Ren's amazing ship.

A little while later, Ren and Ioz sitting in a tavern just off the market square; Niddler eating a piece of fruit on Ioz's lap. Ren looked downhearted at the table. The tavern serving girl comes over to them all smiles at charm and starts to clear up the table, with a full tray of empty glasses and plates she asked. "Perhaps I may be of some assistance to you two gentlemen?"

"I don't think we asked for any!" snapped Ioz turning around to see the lady dressed in white linen in front of him.

She crossly asked. "Well come on now you two; you've been sitting here for over an hour now. Either you're going to order some drink or a bite to eat, if you're not then please show yourselves to the door as I will have to ask for you to leave!"

"Look there lady we have had a bad day...' snapped Ioz as he caught the serving girl's gaze. 'I'll be up to the bar in my own time!"

"Uh; my friend is having some trouble selecting from your finest of things." chipped in Ren making up a lame excuse to buy them sometime; hoping that one of Ioz's contacts may just show their face soon enough. He looking up at her; she smiled warmly at Ren.

"Well call for me if you need anything soon okay!' she informed them, totally not buying it at all for a second. 'I don't know why the innkeeper tolerates pirates in his bar!" the serving girl commented under her breath as she turned on her heels and walked away.

The serving girls comments caused Ioz to look up from the table and glare at her. "Maybe we should you know order a drink as long as we're here!" stated Ioz.

"Please no don't start that now! We can't lose sight of our..."

Noticing that she had walked away Ioz and Ren had continued talking, he stopped as the door of the tavern swung open; he made eye contact with a pirate as he walked through the door, but Ioz whispered. "You have nothing to fear Ren, he's no part of Bloth's crew."

A few minutes later the serving girl surprisingly returned back to the table, this time she was carrying a tray full of drink and food. Ren looked up at her confused and stated. "Uh, wait wait wait; we didn't order anything."

"No however she kindly did!" she replied gesturing to the lady in white. Ren happens to make eye contact with the lady across from them.

"A gesture of friendship." the lady stated from her table.

"What makes you so sure we need a friend?" asked Ioz untrusting.

She replies smoothly, lowering the covering from off her mouth. "These eyes can spot people who could use Sirah's guidance. And these ear's heard your chatter, you are in search for Siarge.' The lady paused and looked up a the serving girl. Ren deep down wants to smile at this great fortune, but took the decision not to react until he was sure she was trustworthy. 'Ahh, please now leave us if you will, we are in need of privacy."

The girl walked away and Sirah stood up casting a shadow over Ren and Ioz. She informed Ren that she could take him to speak with Siarge if he so wishes. "So Sirah if you take us to Siarge what is in it for us!" inquired Ioz, brushing a hand through his long black hair.

Sirah didn't raise to his flirtations, she knew that Ioz's companion must be who her mentor had talked about the past five years of her life and knew that the boy must speak with Siarge and that there was definitely no more time to waste. "I ask for nothing that I promise you. Siarge has asked me to bring you to him, I am merely following his wishes." she replied.

"Fine if that is the case then Sirah please take us to Siarge, he as something I truly require." stated Ren putting his empty glass down on the wooden table before him.

Sirah going back to the bar and pays her bill, Ioz leans in and whispers. "Do you think we can trust her Ren? Do you believe that she can take you to Siarge and not lead us into a trap?"

"With every second Ioz the dark water grows stronger more dominate; if she is a cone please keep your sword at hand. We will see soon enough what her intentions really are!" replied Ren stepping away from the table.

Ioz called for him spider monkey, who was still filling his month up with left over food from Sirah's tray. Niddler looked up at his owner snatched up one last peace and jumped up onto his left shoulder. Not to the right which was the one Ioz happened to he tapping. "Always trying to show me up hay little one!" joked Ioz, as side Ren hadn't seen of Ioz as the followed Sirah out of the tavern.

Sirah led them across the market and by now Ren saw no sign one the girl nor her forceful father as Sirah takes them down into the harbour and to an amazing white harbour house. "This is where you will find Siarge Ren."

Sirah led them into the grounds of the harbour house a white spider monkey came into the lush garden to grate them and Sirah stroked her. Niddler actually lowered his head in respect, something that even Ioz was shocked to have witnessed. "Zeflite is seen as a goddess among her kind.' stated Sirah. 'She as brought me many a good fortune in the years that she as been with me."

Ioz looked down at Niddler. "You see that you little bliter, good fortune where as you've only brought me nothing but trouble haven't you Niddler. He showed your kindness to him oh didn't you my friend and now I'm helping out a landlovers find some lost treasure and I've actually gone and choosing to go up against Bloth." he stated looking over at Ren.

"Maybe he as brought you good fortune after all. You pirate are just where you must be." stated a tall man standing on the porch.

Ren turned around and faced the old man. There was a tear to his eye as he stated welcomingly. "Oh your face, it so reminds me of the king, Oh Ren my boy I served him as well as I could!"

Siarge stepped towards Ren and hands him an old piece of parchment. 'The map.' he though to himself, his heart up lifted.

He unrolled it and scanned it would his eyes curiously. "Your father was a great ruler Ren, I used to be one of the seven. You have a hard task ahead of you, but I know you have Primus' blood flowing through your vines and you will achieve it no question about it."

"Aliwere warned of others who were after the treasure's for themselves; did Bloth kill my father."

Ren turned to face Ioz, there was no where for the former crew member of the blackard to look away, Ren truly wanted his answer. "Bloth is an evil man and sailed in our wake ever step of the way. I didn't see Bloth kill your farther Ren, but please watch your back. I, Aliwere and the other's were lucky enough to get away and able to help you on this day."

Siarge placed his hands together and bowed to Ioz in thanks. "The journey ahead will be long and hard Ren, but I sense that you can do it. I believe you will be the one who will resort this world and its waters to its former glory. Fulfilling you father's legacy."

"The dark water must be stopped, it will not devour any more of Mer! I only wished I could have sailed along side my father." replied Ren with sadness cracking his speech.

"He sails inside of you now Ren." responded Siarge showing his faith and placing Ren's hand over his chest so he could feel his heart.

Sirah came back into the home. "And what of you strong pirate will you see to it that Ren completes the task ahead?"

"I will watch his back Siarge!' stated Ioz. 'I have left my life on board the Maelstrom, it was Niddler that sensed the truth within Ren and I promise you now that I've got his back and will travel with Ren under the very end."

Sirah and Siarge felt better after hearing Ioz's reply. "There is a crate of previsions that as been made for you. Ren read the map and it will lead you to were your father had placed the thirteen piece of treasure." said Siarge signalling back to Sirah and she smiled, stepped forward and pulled pulled out the map.

'She had it all ago, truly the crew of my father know now that I am coming I only hope all are willing to help!' though Ren as he gladly too the map from Sirah's hand, he unrolled it and look over it curiously.

"If you could now leave us for a second I must speak with the prince alone." Sirah turned to Ioz and led him away.

Ren turned to Ioz the pair nodded back at each other. "Ren I will leave with Sirah to take the crate back to the ship, please say your last goodbyes we must leave."

"Good journey Ioz, you are clearly a good man..." smiled Siarge warmly at the pirate. Ioz nodded in respect to the soldier and followed Sirah out to the kitchens.