...CHAPTER 20...


"what do you want" Zeus said as loudly as he could, "YOU" was all Percy said as he gave an evil smirk.

Zeus's POV

I can't believe it, Percy Jackson was alive, standing before me in fact. He was taller since we last met, he was broader, more muscular and had sharp calculated eyes. Percy was definitely angry it practically radiated of him, he sent glares at everyone in the room, and what he said next sent shivers down my spine,

"Hi I'm Percy Jackson, you may remember me from times as when I retrieved Zeus's lightning bolt, killed the Minotaur, slew Gaea, got the golden fleece, saved your lives like 10 times, escaped Tartarus and oh yeah when you betrayed me, tortured and murdered my family and sent me to Tartarus. Percy said calmly with a hint of sarcasm.

I couldn't believe this, three figures lay in a pile behind him and they were Annabeth, Jack and Thalia no doubt, at his side stood that traitor Artemis, my once daughter, although I should have seen this coming as Hades had informed me of her visits to hell.

"well are you going to say something because once you do I can start killing you guys" he said venomously, Why was I scared I thought to myself, he is just a demi-god it would be him vs. all us gods and all our children he was pathetic how could he even hope to win against us, I was about to tell him that he was a fool but Poseidon beat me to it.

"Your a useless fool, a disgrace to my name how did you even believe to comprehend that you could defeat us it's unfathomable you are nothing but a filthy demi-god a mere mortal to think you a weakling against us the mighty gods". This was ridiculous how did he think to beat us.

"well as you said father" he said the last word venomously "It's not just me, there's my brothers Atlas and Hyperion, my sisters nemesis and Eris, my mother Nyx your dear niece Artemis and let's not forget me, and then again I am 100% confident that I could kill you all on my own" he said with a smirk.

This is obscene he couldn't kill us on his own, sure the primordial pose a threat but we can destroy them as we have before, I can't believe that he even scared me at all, I was going to put him in his place,

"you think you can defeat us you are a weakling a fool an idiot a moron a disgrace to our blood, you think you can destroy me, feel my wrath, feel the power of my lightning bolt" everyone gasped at my proclamation, I threw it towards him. My eyes widened as he did the impossible he caught the lightning and twirled it between his fingers.


Percy's POV

This was hilarious, most of the gods were twisted in odd shapes, well I supposse I would to if someone had caught Zues's lightning bolt.

"well I suppose you want to cut to the chase don't you well, ok then" I said with sarcasm dripping from every word, they just stood there silent, their eyes wide and jaws gaped,

"how did you do that" Zeus said, he was afraid definitely afraid, his hands shook violently, his eyes wide, stuttering to himself as he thought, I almost felt sorry for how I was going to kill and torture him, key word 'almost'.

"well I just caught it, did I forget to um mention who I was, um I'm Percy Jackson" I said honestly with a smirk, they were still speechless, well lets get this party started I thought to myself.

"um do you want these losers I found them in Tartarus" I said as Atlas pushed them over to their parents, Annabeth, Thalia and Jack had taken a beating after they killed Alice and I can't say it was nice.

"where is Jake" Poseidon said, god he was an idiot, "oh yeah did I forget to mention I was Jake the whole time" they once again were awestruck, "did you think that Jake would kill me and then you would kill him, yeah that one really came back to kick your in the backside didn't it", I was getting bored, "ok then well lets get this party started, you guys" he said as he pointed to the primordial "go kill some demi-gods" I was smiling, I couldn't help it.

"you, you, you" Hades tried to stutter out, "you what" I said as I laughed, "you fool", I was sick of getting called a fool, so what was said 'fool' going to do, stab him in the leg of course, he laughed at me "I am a god you can't kill me"

"well" I said, I flicked my wrist and bye, bye went hades immortality, a nifty trick I learnt of chaos. He screamed in pain "enjoy being mortal", the other gods cringed back, I spotted Aphrodite, Hestia, Hermes and Apollo. "can you four move aside and stay out of my way" I said, the only four gods that I didn't want to kill besides Artemis.

"you aren't going to kill us" they said in quick succession, "why would I, I'm not trying to takeover the world or anything, I'm just hell bent on revenge" they immediately calmed down and stepped towards Artemis.

"uh and now to deal with you bunch" I said like we were talking about the weather.

not wasting anytime I tied Hades up and laughed at him as I broke every bone in his hands then arms then body and then his legs and feet. I'll be honest I looked like a maniac as I laughed while his bones snapped, he kept screaming until he passed out, well on to the next one. Poseidon tried to stab me with him trident but I grabbed it with my hand and twisted it, I flung 50 ice shards that hit him and then I took his immortality away as they embedded themselves in his arms, legs and torso and he to passed out.

I turned my attention to Athena, "well hello" I said, she didn't bother to reply, she just tried to stab me and I threw Annabeth at her, Annabeth cried out as she was impaled on her mother's sword. I then took her immortality and she impaled herself also onto the sword in a feat to commit suicide. Then there was Hephaestus, Dionysus, Ares, Demeter and Hera. I made it so Hephaestus stabbed himself repeatedly, I made Dionysus choke on wine, then I flayed the skin of Ares right arm and put it in salt water, and then made him do it himself repeatedly, I smiled as they screamed. I turned to Demeter, plant coiled up her body and I made them turn into thorns and they shredded her skin. At this point I had removed there immortality and only Hera and a few remained she tried to jab at me with a sword, but I twisted it and gouged her eyes out, she screamed and held her hand to her face, I sent rocks flying at her and upon impact starting leaving bruises.

I turned to the last three, Hecate, Iris and Zeus, I sent spiders that ate at Hecate's flesh, that oozed green poison that acted like acid although her immortality was intact. I sent a light coloured mist towards Iris that made her cough, shake and cry uncontrollably, the mist was like a bunch of bees and every time she breathed sharp knifes cut her on the inside. I finally turned to Zeus,

"well, well, I'll deal with you later Uncle, right now I must tend to your children.

I touched jack's arm and it started turning blue and slowly began to spread up his body and he screamed and coughed blood, he twisted and turned as he tried to get rid of the pain. I turned to Thalia with a smirk, what I did next I can't say wasn't twisted even for me.


Thalia's POV

I looked up at Percy, I tried to stagger back but he was to strong, he pushed my head back and gave an evil smirk he tilted a metal bowl down, I could see from over the top that it contained something silver but a liquid, I immediately recognised it, it was liquid silver. He began pouring it on my arm, I screamed out it was burning my flesh, he continued to pour it all over my body, I felt it burn as it began clinging to my skin I tried to roll around but it was useless, Percy grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and I winced in pain, he began pouring it on my face, I tried to wipe it of but it burned my hands it seared my flesh and then that's when I felt it, the liquid went into my eyes, I tried to cry but I couldn't, I couldn't even open them. I now knew why I should have been afraid of him, he was right he would kill us, he was stronger, he wasn't a fool, he wasn't a weakling, he was Percy Jackson. I thought I was like that for hours but I wasn't sure I believe he took mercy on me because I felt a blade impale me through the chest, hitting me exactly in the correct spot to instantly kill me. For that I owed him, he gave me a quick final death.


Eris's POV

Finally, today was the day I thought to myself as I ducked another sword and impaled the owner, I felt the wind rushing through my hair, my blood boiling and my head throbbing but it was a good kind of pain, it made me feel alive, I was finally happy, the bad guys would win for once and it was all thanks to Percy. I looked over at where he was, at the moment he was making Annabeth drink something, probably poison, I watched intently for a bit trying to figure out what she was doing, I was about to walk of to kill another camper when she began screaming, she began bleeding out her eyes, and the crimson liquid also began dripping from her ears, nose and mouth. I would have loved to watch, but Atlas called me over and told me a wicked plan, sure it might piss Percy of but hey anything to see Dad right.


Percy's POV

Today was going well and exactly according to plan, I stared at the gods that were still alive, hell some still had immortality and they were crying like three year olds, time to show them real pain, I flicked my wrist again and they all lost there immortality. I might sound twisted but I enjoyed this, plus they deserved it, especially those three and not just for me, for Alice, no don't Percy, don't think about her, as I was trying to get my mind of her I heard a 'pop'.

I turned around ready for a fight, and who did I see, Chaos, my father. He wore his black and gray vertical stripped suit, he was staring at me with a smirk.

"now what have you been up to, hmm" he said as he circled me, I shot him a scowl, I didn't reply, "nothing to say" he said accusingly. After a sigh I decided to answer anything so I could get back to killing Zeus, "just killing those gods I told you about, you know the Olympians" I said as I death glared him. "cool can I join in" he said like an excited child", "really" I said as I raised my eyebrows, "nah, by the rules I made eons ago and stuff I have to witness any of the big three's execution" he continued to circle me. "fine do it yourself, killjoy" I murmured the last word, "I heard that" he said with a grin. Suddenly a bright silver sword materialised in his hand, "lets begin shall we" Chaos said with a grin and an evil glint in his eye.

He raised the sword above Zeus's head but before father could let it hit the mark I quickly flung to blades at him that lodged themselves in his right eye and knee cap, sure I wanted to do more but I was mostly satisfied, Zeus's cried out "please, I'm begging you send me to Tartarus" the blade separated his head from his body, father repeated the same action with the other two, I sent the rest into society, lets see how they fair as the freaks they are. Father turned to me,

"that wasn't very formal" he raised an eyebrow at me, "so" I said and we both laughed. I called of the primordial and what was left of the campers were ruled over by the four remaining gods as well as the primordial. I was finally whole again, sure I did some barbaric things but they choose the wrong guy to cross.


Artemis's POV

When my fathers head rolled to the ground, I felt no pain, no guilt, no sympathy and no remorse. I looked over to Percy, despite all the blood spilled by him today, I still loved him, he looked happy, he had a real smile on his face, I walked over to him,

"hey" I said with a grin, "hi" he blushed, we had an awkward silence, so to break it I kissed him. "ewe gross" Eris said from across the room, everyone looked at her. "lets celebrate" I said as I uncontrollably blushed, "where better than hell itself "Percy yelled out, and everyone cheered.


Percy's POV (again)

I was happy finally happy, I took over Hades old job, no one oposed, this way I could see my family and Alice. "Hi Percy" I turned around shocked, there standing was my mother, sister and step dad, they all smiled. At first I thought that they were ghots and souls but when I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around to find Alice, I gave her a big hug, "no need to crush me" she said. "I'm glad your back" I said, "me to" she replied, we all had a group hug and I was overjoyed. My revenge finally over.


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