Fandoms: Big Time Rush, The Covenant

Couple: Reid/Kendall

Important Story Note: For the Big Time Rush fandom there is no Katie or Mrs. Knight in existence. The BTR boys live as roommates, but in their own separate rooms and are home schooled. For the Covenant fandom this takes place 9 months later in May after the events of the movie. And as always, the Covenant boys don't have that stupid limitation on their magic and can therefore, use their magic however much they want without any harm to themselves. Thank you and enjoy. ^ - '

The Brother of Kendall

A Covenant and Big Time Rush crossover

Chapter 1: The Brother


The BTR boys came out of the back doors of the huge building that held their huge concert of around 18 thousand people and loaded back up on their tour bus. They just got done doing a concert in Bakersfield, California – the state they live – and they were exhausted; happy, but exhausted. Once they got inside their comfy bus, they all simultaneously plopped straight down on the couch. They laughed when they noticed they all collapsed on the couch at the same time. Once they enjoyed the few moments of silence after hours of hearing all the screaming fans, they began to convers about things to look forward to that month.

"Our new album's coming out in two weeks. I'm so looking forward to that." Logan started off.

James nodded. "Yeah, that's a good one Loge. What I look forward to this month is…..that new version of Cuda hair spray with double the benefits to the one I have now."

Logan, Carlos, and Kendall rolled their eyes with a knowing smile. Of course…they expected something beauty related to come out of James' mouth to that.

Carlos perked up. "I'm looking forward to trying those new rollerblades I saw."

Logan chuckled and shook his head fondly. Of course Carlos would look forward to something he could turn dangerous in seconds. James looked over at Kendall who was last to go.

"What about you, Kendall? What are you looking forward to this month?"

Kendall drew his bottom lip in his mouth and spoke softly while fiddling with a loos thread on his jeans.

"My brother's coming to visit."

Right as soon as those words left Kendall's mouth, the other three members of BTR's dropped. They were floored by what they just heard.

"What?" Logan questioned in shock and confusion.

"Brother?" Carlos mussed right after.

Kendall looked over at them with a sheepish smile and kept darting his eyes from them to the floor and back again nervously.

"Yeah." Kendall confirmed.

James blinked in disbelief. "Kendall…you never told us you had a brother."

Kendall shrugged. "Didn't ever ask. And I didn't know it was that important to tell, sorry. But hey, you know now." Kendall smiled.

Logan smiled. "Yeah, you're right. We just assumed you to be an only child this whole time, so we're kinda shocked. But that's cool that you have a brother."

"Older or younger?" James asked out of curiosity.

"Older." Answered Kendall

"Age?" Carlos asked.

Kendall laughed. It was amusing how eager they were to know such little things about his brother. It was a very new thing to them. And as with anything new, you wanted to curiously know things about it, so he could see why.

"18." He answered again.

"Same age gap as me and you. Cool. Not that much older then." Carlos mused. Kendall was 16 while Carlos was 18, Logan and James being 17. Yep, Kendall was the baby, and that was no secret.

"Name?" Logan asked.


"When is he coming?" James asked wondering when they're going to meet him.

"This Friday."

"Oh, so only two more days. Well, it'll be exciting to meet this brother of yours." Said Logan.

"Yeah, this'll be cool." Carlos said in a smile.

Kendall smiled nervously. "Yeah…"

To say Kendall was nervous about this was an understatement. Why would there be a reason to be nervous about your friends meeting your brother? Well, it was because they're relationship isn't the regular brother relationship and he's afraid his friends will be sicked out by him and not associate themselves with him anymore, that's why. That's the whole reason why he never loosely mentioned his brother to his friends, because mentioning him will lead to them meeting him. And them meeting him will lead to them hanging around the two of them, which will lead to them figuring out what they really are to each other. What he and his brother have between them is not publically accepting. They're not just strictly brothers….they're….they're lovers; boyfriends; partners. They were in love with each other. They've been each other's true love ever since they were born.

They've always felt a stronger bond then brotherly between them, even in infancy to toddler and on. That strong, overwhelming love for each other never diminished. They first thought it was brotherly since that's what they're actions towards each other were passed as by others all they're infant to toddler to early elementary school life. But as they grew older and more aware, they realized themselves that it wasn't only brotherly love. When they figured it out together, Kendall was 9, Reid being 11. That's also when their romantic relationship officially mutually started. Kendall remembered it well…as if it happened recently.


Kendall and Reid were in their shared bedroom upstairs, they're mom – who was a widow, making her a single mother – just downstairs. The brothers were sitting on their carpeted floor across from each other, sitting so close that they're knees were right up against the other's. One hand was tangled with the other's fingers holding hands. Reid looked at Kendall with that overwhelming love that he always did when it came to him.

"What everyone says doesn't make sense, does it, what they say is between us?" 11 year old Reid said softly. Kendall shook his head. He was awfully shy back then.

"I think I know why," Reid continued, putting everything together in his head. He was quite smart and aware for an 11 year old.

When Reid said he knew why, Kendall perked up with eagerness. He really wanted to know for sure on this since he was so confused by what others say about them and what he feels.

"If what they say doesn't match what we feel then…..what they say isn't true. I've always heard that saying 'follow your heart'. I never knew what it meant before….but now… I do. The way I feel about you….it's different than how I feel about others. Nothing compares to what I feel for you. That's how adults identify love, I think. No other feeling can describe how I feel about you other than love, not brotherly love like everyone says it is, but real love. The love mom had with dad."

Kendall's heart felt like it was going to burst. To have their feelings confirmed finally….it was amazing…and freeing. Kendall blushed at the mention of Reid feeling the same love for him as their dad did for their mom.

"Really?" Kendall said softly.

Reid's eyes shinned with love. "Mmhmm."

Kendall's eyes widened by how much Reid felt for him and his feelings being the same as what he's felt for Reid all this time.

"But…mom and dad were married…a-and…kissed."

Reid smiled tenderly. "Mmhmm."

Kendall slowly broke into a big relived smile. "So that means…you want to…kiss me like that…and marry me?" He said with pure childhood innocents. Reid's grin widened as well by how happy his baby boy was getting.

"Yes," Reid replied meaning it wholly with every piece of his heart. "I couldn't picture wanting those things with anyone else,"

Kendall was smiling so big, it looked as if it could crack. Reid just declared that he wants to spend the rest of his life with him…as more than brothers. Kendall leaped up into Reid's lap and wrapped his arms over his shoulders to bury his face in his neck. Reid chuckled and held on to Kendall as soon as he was in his lap and embraced him as passionately as Kendall was. During the embrace, Reid soon felt wetness seeping into his shirt at his shoulder that Kendall's face was in. He didn't feel too concerned since he had a good feeling of why. Reid leaned back so he could see Kendall's face. When he saw tears streaming down that gorgeous face, Reid's eyes softened to two pools of the softest blue velvet and reached his hand out to cup the side of Kendall's face gently.

"Oh, baby….happy tears?" Reid asked having a good feeling that's what it was.

Kendall nodded in a teary smile. Reid's heart melted and he brought Kendall back against him in the embrace, kissing the side of his face of which was in Reid's shoulder once again. Reid ran his hand in a soothing vertical motion as his other arm held him. The tears stopped and they just enjoyed the peaceful hug. After a while, Reid turned his head to whisper in Kendall's ear.

"Want me to kiss you? The way I've always wanted?"

Reid whispering to him in that husky, breathy voice he just used made Kendall shiver, not a bad one either. It was a good shiver. Kendall nodded his response. Reid then met his lips with Kendall's and they kissed long and deep and passionate. That was their first kiss ever...and it was amazing.

'''''''''''''''''''End flashback'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

After that they've been together as boyfriends ever since. He wasn't as shy anymore now as he was then 7 years ago. A little bit still stuck with him, but it wasn't as prominent as before. Kendall still grins like crazy at the memory of Reid saying he's going to marry him. Of course that wasn't just an empty childhood promise. It was a real promise, one that hanged true to this day.

They aren't married yet since they're not ready for that huge step yet, but they will make it there one day. If people hear they've been going out for 6 and a half years, they'll surely flip when they find out they're not engaged yet. That is…..if they're accepted at all by the people they care about. When they got home they immediately got ready to go to bed, it being so late, almost 11pm, plus they were beat tired from the concert.

"Night, guys." Logan said before going into his room for sleep.

The others greeted him a good night. Before going to their own separate room to turn in for the night. When Kendall finally got into bed, his mind raced with anticipation at the things he was looking forward to doing in two days time when his brother got here.

Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Sons of Ipswich along with Sarah and Kate were laughing in the hummer – Tyler driving – after a long night out on the town and were driving back to their houses for the night. It was almost 2am, they weren't worried, though, since it was spring break.

"So boys, wanna go down to the lake on Friday?" Pogue asked Tyler, Caleb, and Reid.

"Sure, dude." Tyler agreed with a smile.

"There." Caleb also agreed.

Reid lightly winced in disappointment. "Can't." The guys looked at Reid, Tyler flicking from the road to the rear view mirror for a sec.

"Why?" Pogue asked in curiosity.

"Got somethin' planned? You never mentioned to me about it." Tyler mused.

"Yeah, I got something important planned that day…and the 6 following days after that." All of the people present in the car were surprised by that.

"That's a week." Sarah added up.

"What are you doing for a week?" Caleb asked raising a brow.

"Visiting someone."

Tyler grinned. "You might as well give up. He's not gonna budge on details right away, as usual." He said and rolled his eyes fondly.

The rest of the curious teens sighed in defeat, Reid smirking seeing that they finally gave up. Once Tyler dropped everyone off to their houses – mansions more like – they all headed for bed. Reid was bummed out that he would miss out on the fun at the lake with his best friends, but it was so worth missing if it meant he could see his little boy. Though, he wasn't so little anymore, he was still going to be his little boy; his cute, beautiful, sexy baby boy. And he was going to see him for a whole week. He was happy about that, so, so very happy. Only his boy could make him so happy. If his friends saw him this happy, happy enough to slide along the floor from one action to the other and twirling things in his hands with a huge grin…like he was doing now…...they'd ask if he was sick. Yeah, they weren't used to that kind of happy from him.

They were only used to the kind of happy-Reid that smirked mischievously when he was up to something or act like a smartass. That was his happy antics when his baby wasn't around. But when his baby was around, he did those same antics plus some extra, antics that only came with the love bug. That and the fact that his emotional walls are down when he's around. He allows himself to since there's no reason to hide his emotions from his love that has known him literally since birth. Hell before that; since in the womb. His love for his baby boy is so powerful and overwhelming that he can't help but have his emotions flow, the softer side of himself flow. Reid didn't want to cut himself off emotionally with his brother like Reid did to others. Not just anyone got to see that side of him. Only extremely important people got to see that in him. Extremely important people like his baby.

He got under the covers of his bed, his mind an excited jumble of ideas and pictures of what's to come out of his visit with his brother and boyfriend as he drifted to peaceful sleep.

End Chap. 1

And there's the first chapter. How you liking this new story so far? Was everyone you know in character? Let me know. I always like to portray the character's personalities as they are portrayed in it's fandom. I like to change the character's personalities a little bit, just to adjust things to the genre I want, but I still like them to be themselves, so I hope I achieved that. Thanks for reading! The next chapter will be out very soon, so check back often. Here's a sneak peak on what the next chapter is about: Kendall and Reid finally see each other face to face again after 4 months - since the last time Reid was off school during winter break - and embrace passionately in the airport. Reid finally meets Kendall's friends, and then more fluffy fun times with Reid and Kendall. Till next time. ^ - '