The Brother of Kendall

A Covenant and Big Time Rush crossover

Chapter 4: Two Reids?


Kendall's plane just landed at one of the airports in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It was four weeks later, Reid already being graduated from high school, and finally the time for the brothers to see each other again. Kendall steps off the plane with his backpack of luggage over his shoulder and walks into the airport to see Reid in the waiting area. They met eyes and shared a big grin as they walked to each other. They enveloped each other in a hug once they were right in front of one another.

"So good to hold you again." Reid mumbled in the hug.

Kendall smiled lovingly. "Same here."

When they backed out of the hug they held hands and didn't let go until they got in to Reid's sleek black mustang.

"Ready to see home?" Reid asked.

Kendall smiled in joy. "Yeah, I'm so excited to be able to be here again."

It's been quite a while since Kendall has been able to come to Massachusetts. With concerts, producing songs, and school work, he hasn't been able to visit home for a year and a half which he always felt sad and disappointed about. So finally being able to see and experience home now made him overjoyed.

"Yeah, that's right. You haven't been home in a long while, huh?" Reid recalled as he started the car and began driving.

"Yeah, how's mom doing?"

"She is like she always is; carefree and living life happily with the help of her sister and friends. She still brags about us to them like we're still little kids. It's embarrassing."

Kendall laughed. "She's still going on about that?"

Reid smiled. "Hey, you know her; once her babies, always her babies."

"No doubt." Kendall stated.

Once they got home, they went inside and saw a beautiful long blonde haired woman in the living room, their mother. When she turned her head to the ones who entered, her face broke out in the widest grin.

"Oh, Kendall, honey!" Their mom said as she quickly came over and enveloped Kendall in a hug, Kendall hugging her back.

Kendall chuckled. "Hey, mom."

"Oh, Kendall, it's so nice to finally get to see you." She said as they ended the hug.

"Same here, I missed you. Sorry it took so long this time." Kendall replied.

"No need to apologize, sweetie, I know you have a busy career that demands a lot of your attention at times and school on top of that." She said with a gentle smile.

The family of three sat in the living room and chatted for a while and caught each other up on some things. An hour and a half later once they got done and their mother left, Reid's phone rang. He looked down at the screen to see it was Pogue.

"Hey, Pogue, what's up?"

'Hey, dude. Me and the guys are going to hangout and catch dinner at the Country Road House. We were wondering if you wanted to come.'

Reid looked at Kendall then an idea struck him and smirked. "Sure, yeah, I'm there."

After exchanging meet-up info and saying their goodbyes, Reid hung up then turned his smirking face towards Kendall. Kendall smiled as he looked at Reid.

"Oh, no, I know that look. What are you plotting now?" He said in an amused grin.

Reid laughed. "Love how you know me. My friends are gonna meet and have dinner at Country Road House in 20 minutes and want me to join. I was thinking…..we spook em with you."

Kendall's face slowly broke out in a grin. He knew where Reid was getting at. He wanted to spook his friends out with him since they look alike.

"I love that idea." Kendall replied happily.

Reid smiled and wrapped his arms around his waist. "Knew you would."

The brothers entered the restaurant, Reid beginning to look around for his friends who already had a table. He spotted them on the far left side of the restaurant. Before walking over to them, Reid turned around to meet Kendall's eyes.

"My friends are over there," He said as he pointed to them. "When we walk over, stay directly behind me, so they don't see you right away. When it's time to introduce you, I'll pull you out from behind me and it will look to them like I multiplied or something." He said in an amused grin.

Kendall giggled at the last part about the multiplying. "Okay."

With that, Reid started walking over to his friends, Kendall following close behind like he wanted. When he was right at his friends' table, they looked over at him with pleased smiles.

"Hey, dude," Tyler greeted happily. Tyler then turned to Pogue who was next to him in the circular booth. "Scoot over and make room for Reid."

Reid smirked. "Ya might want to make room for two there, Tyler."

Tyler and the other two boys looked up at Reid in confusion since they only saw him there.

"What do you mean?" Tyler asked.

That's when Reid grabbed Kendall's hand and pulled gently to tug him in to view and stand next to him. Tyler's, Pogue's, and Caleb's jaws dropped.

"T-t-there's….there's two Reid's!? My worst nightmare has officially come true." Caleb said in fake drama. Tyler and Pogue laughed.

"Oh, shut it, ya dim-wits." Reid said in an eye roll.

"Who's the kid, Reid?" Tyler asked in wonder as he stared at Kendall.

"And why does he look exactly like you?" Pogue asked after.

Reid smirked. " 'The kid', Tyler, is my brother and boyfriend Kendall. And he looks like me 'cause we're twins even though we weren't born at the same time. He's visiting."

"Whoa, whoa, brother? You never said you had a brother." Tyler mentioned in confusion.

"And we've been to your house many times over the years and never did we once see him." Caleb stated as the brothers sat down next to Tyler.

"He left to pursue his dream before I met you guys." Reid stated.

"Wait you also said he's your boyfriend." Pogue pointed.

Here we go, moment of truth. "Yes, I did." Reid replied without hesitation.

"But….you said he's your brother." Caleb stated in confusion.

"Yep." Reid replied again.

"Huh…that's unusual," Tyler stated. Reid practically held his breath. "That explains why you never paid attention to girls."

"It's unusual as in you have a problem with it?" Reid asked all of them.

Tyler rushed to clarify. "No, no, just unusual as in interesting. I never knew that could actually happen, but now that it's confirmed, it's intriguing."

Reid relaxed a bit. "So you don't have a problem with us?"

"No." Tyler answered. Reid looked at the other two.

"We don't either. It's just surprising since it's not that heard of." Caleb answered.

Reid relaxed completely then. "The bond between me and Kendall is special… you're all really okay with this?"

"Yeah," Pogue gave a comforting smile then turned it to Kendall. "Nice to meet you Kendall. It's cool knowing that he has a brother."

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you. I'm Tyler, this is Pogue and that's Caleb."

Kendall gave a shy smile. "Hi."

"So where are you from Kendall?" Caleb asked.

"California." He answered. After their waiter came and gave Reid and Kendall their drinks and took their order, they continued where they left off.

"Wow, California? That's on the opposite coast clear across the country." Pogue said in surprise.

"Yeah." Kendall responded.

"Boys," Reid said proudly throwing an arm over his brother's shoulders. "My boy here is a world famous singer." He said in explanation of why he lives so far as California.

The sons were impressed by what Reid just told them. "Oh wow, no doubt?" Tyler said.

"Yeah, my friends and I are a band named Big Time Rush."

Tyler's eyes widened. "No….that's you? The 'Big Night' and 'Big Time' and 'Till I Forget About You' is you?" He said in pleasant surprise.

Kendall giggled. "Yeah, that's us."

Caleb and Pogue looked at Tyler in interest. Tyler saw this and explained.

"I've heard them before on the radio. I've bought some of their songs. They're really good."

Kendall blushed at that. Reid saw and smirked proudly as he rubbed his shoulder.

"Yep, one of the hottest bands right now." Reid stated.

"Wow, that's pretty cool." Pogue said in a smile.

"Oh, guys, also….he's the same as us." Reid said softly.

Caleb, Tyler, and Pogue gave a lost look at that at first. Reid raised an eyebrow.

"As in a witch." Reid clarified. They were shocked by that.

"What, really?" Caleb said in disbelief.

"Yeah." Kendall replied.

"This is so awesome." Pogue said in a smile.

"Well…welcome to the group. How old are you, by the way. You look really young." Said Caleb.

"16." Kendall answered.

Caleb, Tyler, and Pogue were amazed by how much younger he was.

"Wow, that's young. Where are you at with your magic?" Tyler asked curiously.

"Oh, he's good at it. He's almost to our level already." Reid replied.

The boys were impressed even more by Kendall. "You are really somethin' there, kid." Caleb said with a pleased smile.

Kendall smiled at all the kind words of praise. "Ain't he? That's why I love em. He's so damn perfect." Reid lightly bragged. That got Kendall to blush. He liked Reid's friends. He can tell he'll have lots of fun with them during his stay.

Later that night, the brothers now back home and up in their room. Kendall made a decision.

"Hey, Reid?"

Reid looked over at him from his place at his dresser, organizing the stuff on top of it.

"Yeah, pup."

"I'm ready to tell my friends about my powers and being a witch."

Reid stopped what he was doing and walked up to Kendall, rubbing his younger brother's arms soothingly.

"You sure? Are they trustworthy of that?"

Kendall thought about it for the longest time ever since Reid visited him in California a month ago. And yes, he believed his friends were able to be trusted with this. He knew them so well, and never would they react so negatively toward something, let alone someone they cared about, so he was sure they would be able to handle this. It might be hard at first for them to get used to, but they would never shut him out or tell anyone.

"Yeah…I'm sure. I know them really well, and….I have confidence in them that they'll be able to handle something like this."

Reid analyzed him for any hesitation or unsureness. There wasn't any, so he agreed.

"Alright. I'll be right here with you watching."

Kendall nodded. Then he got his laptop out. Once it was started up, he Skyped his friends and bandmates. It was around 9pm, making it around 12pm in California.

Kendall knew his friends were up, though, since tonight was movie night at that time. And he was right. When the webcam came on, on the other side, he saw his friends gathered in the living room muting a horror movie. They all smiled at him.

"Kendall! Hey, man, what's up?" Carlos greeted.

"How is it down there in Massachusetts?" Logan asked curiously.

Kendall smiled. "It's great. Got to see my mom finally and finally met Reid's friends that he talks about."

James spoke this time. "That's great that you're having such a great time. You deserve a vacation with all the hard work you do,"

James paused at seeing Reid in the back behind Kendall, leaning against a dresser with his arms casually crossed.

"Hey, Reid." James greeted.

Reid gave a small smile. "Hey."

Kendall got right to the reason of the call. "I want to tell you guys something. It's important."

"Kay, what is it?" Logan replied, all three of them with open ears and peeked interest.

"I'm uh…..I'm more than you guys assume. The world has many unexplainable mysteries and… family is one of them,"

The three band members stared at him with questioning eyes but said nothing. They held their breath and waited for Kendall to just tell them what was going on.

"We're witches." Kendall said finally.

His friends blinked and looked at him, struggling to believe what he just said.

"We?" James asked.

"Me, Reid, and most of our family. Reid's friends are also."

"Your mom?" Logan asked wondering why he left her out.

Kendall shook his head. "She's not. She's a human,"

Kendall knew his friends were looking at him like he was reading from a movie script, so he went to the next level.

"I know it's hard to believe….so how about I show you. Is that okay?"

His bandmates looked at each other with contemplative looks then turned back to Kendall.

"Yeah, go ahead. I we want to see if what you're saying is true." Logan replied.

"Okay, don't freak out, but I'm about to do some things on your side in the living room." He warned so as to not give them a heart attack. Reid observed the exchange, making sure everything went well.

Kendall's eyes flashed black for a second, too fast to be detected by the human eye – he didn't want to scare his friends with that right off the bat – and used his magic to unmute the movie they were watching. His friends flinched slightly, feeling startled by the sudden sound from the TV without them controlling it. They stared at the TV in amazement. None of them touched the remote and yet the movie was set back to play. Logan was the first to move to the remote that was sitting on the coffee table and muted the movie again.

"T-that could've been a glitch in the player." James said, trying to think of possible occurrences that could happen that were normal but could seem like supernatural happenings. He was just thinking logically.

Kendall thought James was right. That does happen. He needs to do something better that doesn't mimic normal occurrences. He stared at the remote on the table and decided to do something with that.

"Okay, let me try something else."

Kendall's eyes flashed black a quickly again and focused on the remote. He began to levitate it right off the table and at eye level with his friends, spinning the remote slowly. Now, that didn't mimic any normal happenings, and his friends knew that. Logan was smart in the ways of how things on earth worked and yet he couldn't come up with anything normal of how it could be done. They stared at the flying object in shock, especially when Kendall stopped spinning it and levitated it over to them, holding it out for them to take.

Logan did something funny in an attempt to prove a theory of his. He held out his hand and swung it over the top of the remote, then did the same thing under it and at the sides of it. He didn't come in contact with anything but plain air. Kendall giggled at this.

"Here….just take it." Kendall said, amusement coloring his voice.

"Y-y-you're really doing this?" Carlos asked in amazement.

Kendall smiled. "Yeah."

James then bravely stuck out his hand and took the remote from midair. Kendall let the remote out of his control and let James have it.

His friends stared at him and the remote in awe. "That's cool." Logan stated.

Kendall grinned. "If you think that's cool, check this out."

Kendall then delved into their minds.

'This is so crazy.'

He heard Carlos think. Kendall then spoke to Carlos mentally.

'Imagine how I felt when I found out about it.'

Carlos flinched a bit from suddenly hearing Kendall's voice answering his thoughts. James and Logan looked at him in confusion.

"You okay Carlos?" Logan asked.

Carlos nodded then looked at Kendall.

'Are…..are you in my mind? Can you hear my thoughts?'

After a few seconds, Carlos heard Kendall in his mind again.


Carlos' eyes widened. "Oh…my…God…that is so cool!" Carlos gushed loudly.

Kendall laughed while James and Logan looked confused.

"Uh, Kendall….what's going on? What's Carlos going on about?" James asked.

Carlos turned to him with big excited eyes. "He talked in my mind! He can read my thoughts!"

James and Logan looked at him strangely. "What?" They both said.

Kendall grinned and spoke into Logan's mind then James' right after.

'He said that I talked in his mind and can read his thoughts.'

Logan and James' eyes widened then. "Whoa!" They exclaimed.

Carlos smiled. "He did it to you too? Isn't it so cool?"

Logan and James stared at Kendall. "You're…." Logan began.

"…Really a witch." James finished.

"Yep, I am."

Logan and James paused, then looked at each other and then….

"This is so cool!" They both exclaimed.

Carlos grinned excitedly. "See, see! I told you."

Kendall laughed at his silly friends. Behind him, Reid even laughed along as well.

"I love you guys." Kendall said happily with such relief.

His friends smiled. "We love you, too, Kendall." They said in unison.

Reid walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around Kendall and sat his head on his shoulder and gazed down at the three boys on the webcam.

"We're trusting you with this little secret of ours, so make sure not to tell anyone, okay?"

James, Carlos, and Logan nodded exaggeratingly and gave a salute in unison.

"Yes, sir." All three stated.

Kendall sighed happily. He was so lucky. He had the greatest friends, the greatest boyfriend, the greatest brother, the greatest family, and the greatest life. What more could he possibly want.


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