It was late into the night, around two AM to be precise, and the three Yamis were gathered together in the basement of the Turtle Game Shop. Now the fact that the three were together at all should suggest something was in the works.

"Alright Pharaoh, why the heck did you call us here so late?" Yami Bakura asked with an annoyed voice.

"I have a proposition." Yami Yugi replied.

"What kind of proposition?" Yami Malik asked in a tone much like his white haired friend but with a touch of curiosity.

"A challenge." Yami Yugi smirked as it seemed like he'd sparked Yami Bakura's curiosity as well.

"A challenge to see who can behave the longest," at this both of the other Yamis started looking disinterested so Yami Yugi had to hurry up and regain their attention "But the winner has the losers as his servants for a day." They both focused on Yami Yugi again.

"Before we decide to do anything, what are the rules?" Yami Malik asked and Yami Bakura nodded his agreement.

"We must be well behaved for three days. Any mistakes, such as breaking things and angering people, especially upsetting the Hikaris, is a strike against you. At the end of the third day we shall be judged, and our Hikaris will have input to make sure everything is counted." Yami Yugi explained.

Yami Bakura didn't look thrilled at having to be nice but having the Pharaoh as a servant for a whole day? It would be worth it so he agreed.

Yami Malik also agreed and so this is how the story begins...